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Some fundamentals stuff

GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
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So i'm going to be coming home for the holidays, but won't be bringing any of my art that I did at school for the semester home because of space issues. I thought i'd make a thread to showcase a few of the things we've been doing at MTM.

Granted, this stuff is extremely basic, so I have no shame in saying that this stuff is stupid simple and a little boring to look through to be honest. However, the basics are important, and I need to put my work somewhere so I don't lose track of it, so here goes.

Sorry for the crappy pictures.

A few point-to-point studies:



Same thing, only we cut out the PTP and glued it on some Mi-Tonne instead


Flipped values of the same drawing

A few planar analysis:



Same banana, only a model drawing instead


Which brings me to my next subject; model drawing. These are easily my worst subject, but I thought i'd represent them anyways:




I'm hoping my new teacher will explain it to me better than my older one did, cause I really didn't get it at all.

Some angle figure studies:




My favorite exercise we did was gestures. Our gestures are a tad bit different than most schools. I like to call them smoke gestures, because if done correctly they, well, look like smoke figures. I'm only going to show a few of these, even though i've burned through more than I can count:




I'm sure there are some better ones, but I thought these were the coolest looking.

Here's some very simple perspective exercises:




I had some more but they were either too ambitious and incomplete or I lost track of them.

There were some other works that I wanted to post here, like examples from my painting class, but I never got them back from my teachers or I had to leave them at the school. Also some exercises we did in class are purely technical, and I cannot in good faith post them because it's absolutely pointless (hale egg exercises and blind contour for example). Ironically, the teacher said that my blind contour was one of my strongest exercises, which is...odd.

Overall this year was pretty cool. It was a lot of work, but to be honest I never once felt in over my head, and if I ever got behind in my schedule it was because of my own damn fault (procrastination and all that jazz). If I had any problems with the school, it was with the group that I was unfortunately paired up with. I'd be more than happy to discuss it with anyone if interest is shown but for now i'll let sleeping dogs lie.

Anyways, just thought you'd like to see some of the things that i've been working on these past three-ish months.

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  • rtsrts Registered User regular
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    It is interesting how many different ways they have you approaching drawing. I am curious to see how that affects your progress, positively or negatively in the future. Please keep updating! Your perspective exercises are great, and I love the planar studies though I doubt I would have the patience for something like that. Your 'angle' figure studies are what I can most closely associate with, and I think it they could be improved by actually focusing less on the contour with the angles. I can sort of understand that such a suggestion may conflict with the core of the exercise, but I feel you would be better served to look for the large rhythms in those poses rather than the small.

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  • GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
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    Well I was going to just dump my work here and leave it at that, but I suppose it wouldn't hurt to add to or buff up a few of the pieces that I have represented here. I'd like to create a better perspective piece, because I know that I can do better.

    The angle study critique is appreciated, because that's another exercise that my teacher thought I was weaker in. Hopefully you can let me know if i'm on the right track!

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  • ShiboeShiboe Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    IMO there's too much outlining and not enough form building. Granted these are probably things they are making you do, but I find working on learning how to create form much more rewarding and satisfying than learning how to line a silhouette.

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  • LoomdunLoomdun Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    It is very apparent that you have a very strong understanding of demensions and where a line is. You should try taking this to Line shading, where you literally do each line measuring the objects curve, It's my personal favorite shade style currently. and since that probably made little sense.

    It's a sloppy example, but thats what line shading is.

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  • GodfatherGodfather Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    Shiboe - Yeah we hardly if ever worked on values/form building. In fact, we didn't touch that until the very last two weeks, in one class, on one project. When I say two weeks I basically mean two class periods, not two actual weeks. I think this is something we're going to touch up on next semester.

    Loomdun - I think that is a tactic that we'll be implementing during our second half. One of the exercises we did was cross contour, which is supposed to help up grasp the depth of an object via line pressure. Although i'm not sure if this is what you're talking about, from the results i've seen it's basically describing the form with a bunch of lines.

    There's a lot i'd like to try once I get home, because that's where all my art and photography books are, and there's the added bonus of having an actual desk to work on for perspective/anatomy/values/etc.

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