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Warhammer Fantasy - Help a beginner (questions answers tips)

oakloreoaklore Registered User regular
edited December 2008 in Critical Failures
I didn't want to put this into the existing Warhammer thread, as to not bog it down with my newbishness.

Just some questions for anyone who can pipe in They're gonna be pretty basic, as today was practically my first game. I do not have the rulebook, sorry..... but, I did get to peruse it a quite a bit. I have the Dark Elf army book in my hands.

1. Firstly, Wheeling, and just basic Turning during your move. Basically, is it true that no matter what turning it does, a model can't end up further away from where it started than its move stat, or in the case of marching, double that? What is wheeling then? Or can you just describe the difference? And to further sway you from even answering, can't they just spin 180 degrees in place? Like, turn around guys....!

2. OK, now about the Attacks stat. Dark Elf Witch elves have 1 in there attack stat, but, they weild two daggers, and are frenzied, so do they get 3 attacks at their basic cost?

3. Another quick one (more to follow probly, depending on answers). On the unit costs of models. It says here: witch elves cost X points, but you can spend Y more to make a witch elf a "Hag." Can I give this hag a magical item?

oaklore on


  • MorskittarMorskittar Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    I'll take a shot, but this would probably be ok in the Warhammer thread.

    1. Wheeling and Turning are distinct. In all cases, a model can never move more than its maximum.

    Wheeling is the more common form of changing direction. You literally pivot on one corner of the unit, measure the turn from the other side (up to that maximum base move, or march if possible). This means some models will move more than others, but the entire unit will pivot in the same direction. Marching is usually allowed while wheeling.

    Turning is each model individually turning in the same direction. Less commonly used, this basically changes the facing of the unit. If the entire unit turns 90 degrees to the right, no model moves their position, but all change their facing. This is most commonly used to step backwards; turn 180 for 1/4 of your move, step back 2", turn 180 forward. Units cannot turn in place and march.

    2. Yep; 1 base, +1 for a second weapon, +1 for Frenzy. These stack.

    3. A model only gets the options listed in the army list itself. If hags do get the option (and I'm not sure they do) the army list will say something like "...may take magic item of up to XX points."

    You can probably hit follow up questions in the existing thread and have the mods close this one.

    Morskittar on
  • oakloreoaklore Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    Ok. Thanks for clarification on those. I will do so.

    oaklore on
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