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Identify a music video fom my childhood

minirhyderminirhyder NYCRegistered User regular
edited December 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
This has been driving me absolutely crazy for years now. YEARS.

Back when I lived in Soviet Russia (or maybe Soviet Russia lived in me, I'm not sure) I remember seeing this music video on MTV (because in Russia they showed actual music videos on MTV) that involved some guys (the singers) get into a closet and the closet at one point wound up in a sea, and floated away, with the guys in it. During all this they sang. That's all I remember. I'm about 95% sure that the music video was in English. Oh, and this was like early to middle 90's.

And I have absolutely no idea what or who these people are, and I really want to know, and revisit my childhood.

I tried researching, but it yielded nothing.

So I'm hoping someone on the interwebs maybe knows what I'm talking about.

Do you?

minirhyder on


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