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lois-1.jpg Hello, folks, and welcome back to BWTV’s ongoing coverage of this thingie that Son of Beyonder is running. I’m Lois Lane.

wonderman-1.jpg And I’m Simon Williams. Insert sarcastic comment here.

lois-1.jpg Insert snarky rebuttal here!

wonderman-1.jpg …

lois-1.jpg …

wonderman-1.jpg Well, now that that’s out of our system, let’s get on with the show, shall we?

lois-1.jpg Indeed. Tonight we’ve got recaps of the quarterfinals, as well as an introduction to the new rules for the Semifinals. Let’s get right down to it and send it out to Ben and Snapper who are standing by. Guys?

BenUrich.jpg Thanks, Lois. We’re going to get going right away today, with Match A, which really was over before it started, despite the strong showings Magneto and Bigby had earlier.

carr.jpg Right you are, Ben. Magneto tried to take Superman down early, launching anything he could at the Man of Steel, but Superman didn’t even seem to notice, and put the Master of Magnetism down easily. Meanwhile, Captain Marvel removed the Vorpal blade from Bigby’s hand before the Fable even realized he was there before finishing him off and sending Superman and Captain Marvel to the finals. Jessica Jones is-wait, it seems Jessica took the night off because she was tired of standing around waiting for nobody to talk. So we’ll move right along.

BenUrich.jpg Match B lasted a bit longer, mainly because nobody knew where anyone else was at. Blink tried to get the drop on Spider-Man early, but the webhead ably dodged the blast before knocking the Exile out. Although his victory was short lived, as he was quickly met by Lockheed the dragon, who kept him at bay long enough for Shadowcat to extract a forfeit out of him by threatening to phase him into the ground. Shadowcat, apparently thinking the match over, rose to ground level and phased back in, only to be slammed to the ground moments later by an invisible force. So Invisible Woman and Shadowcat advance.

carr.jpg And with that we’ll move on to Match C, which was probably amongst the greatest fights in this entire tournament. Namor started things off early, or at least he tried to.

BenUrich.jpg Right, Namor made a critical error making J’onn his first target. The Martian Manhunter easily avoided the attack before slamming the Atlantean with a massive uppercut before catching him and throwing him out of the arena.

carr.jpg But J’onn’s victory was short-lived, as Thor arrived in a tremendous thunderstorm, raining lightning down on both J’onn and Hulk. This apparently made the Hulk angry, as he jumped at the two flyers. The Manhunter, still reeling from Thor’s initial assault, managed to phase out moments before Hulk would have slammed into him. He seemed to disappear, seemingly leaving Thor to face the Hulk. However, his goal became clear rather quickly, when a second Hulk appeared.

BenUrich.jpg But Thor was not so easily tricked, and filled the area with lightning again. J’onn was ready this time, however, and managed to avoid the blasts. J’onn and Thor then engaged in a massive aerial battle, with the Hulk jumping at them whenever they came in range again. Finally, Thor connected with a massive blow from his hammer, sending J’onn flying…to the feat of the Hulk. The Hulk smiled before ending J’onn’s run with a massive shot to the forehead as a battered but still standing Thor touched down nearby.

carr.jpg With Thor and Hulk moving on, it’s time to look at the final match of the round, which saw Shade manipulating the arena to his benefit. Captain America quickly ended Rogue’s run in the opening stages of the match by slamming her with his shield. Meanwhile, Shade hid in the shadows nearby, surrounding Cap and Wonder Woman in darkness as the two struggled to find him. Unfortunately for Captain America, he found Wonder Woman instead, and proved to be little challenge for the Amazon. And with that, Shade and Wonder Woman became the final qualifiers of the round. Back to you, Lois and Simon.

lois-1.jpg Thanks for the hard work, guys. Well here we are: the announcement of the rules for the Semifinal round. Take it away Simon.

wonderman-1.jpg With pleasure, or something like that:


The arena changes every fifteen minutes. The different types of terrain in the arena will be detailed in the fight threads.


Contestants are limited to one hour of prep time total. This includes time spent watching video, consulting with advisors, and general preparation.


Contestants may only bring their standard equipment. No sidekicks or pets allowed.

lois-1.jpg Thank you, Simon. On behalf of BWTV, I’m Lois Lane.

wonderman-1.jpg And I’m Simon Williams. See you after the Semifinals.

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