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The Christmas Hangout: AWESOME POST in "Horrible gifts you/others have given.", by CmdProm

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Tis a great short story
Forum: The Christmas Hangout
Post: Horrible gifts you/others have given.
Posted by: CmdPrompt

Original Content:
For Christmas I got my two little brothers this helicopter.
Note that it is actually pretty badass, but what follows is the terrible gift giving part.

I took them and my cousins out to actually use the thing. As my brothers are 12 and 9, I figured I should probably fly it first so I could teach it how to use it. After all, wouldn't want them to break it, right?
On the first flight of its short life, I flew the helicopter right into a brick column, breaking the top prop and one of the wheels.

Their true gift was irony

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  • DubhDubh Utini! Sand CrawlerRegistered User regular
    edited December 2008
    For some reason, my parents insisted on giving me toys that fly for Christmas four years straight. Every time...


    My brother or father would thinks it's coolest thing ever, demand to try it first, and subsequently break the damn think or get it stuck in an impossibly high tree. I spend the next three years telling them to stop giving me these gifts. Seriously, I never even asked for the first one!

  • L|amaL|ama Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    I got a remote control helicopter last year, crashed it first flight, and this year they bought me flying lessons in a real plane. This is either going to help me or I am going to die.

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