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I am sure this has been discussed before but I wanted to point something out, I just started reading CAD from the very start recently and I am late into 2007 now, but I often can't help but feel Cad is just a second rate PA, I mean Ethan is just a more stupid version of Gabe, with Lucas being Ethan's Tycho, and with characters like Xbot, I can't help but think of Div.

The Comic that really sealed the deal on this feeling for me though, were the 2 comics takes on the Eye of judgement. I understand with certain topics there are only so many angles you can take, but the similarity of the 2 comics concepts are kind of rediculous. PA's Judgmental Eye Comic

And then 2 months later, to the day CAD's Judgemental Eye

Heres my qualm, PA is one of the biggest Web Comics online, and if I was the creator of another very popular I wouldn't want to even come close to "ripping off the big boys" so to speak, this was just to close for comfort.

Anyhow just wanted to share that, see what people thought.

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