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geeeeoffffgeeeeoffff Registered User
edited December 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
hey guys,

i bought a book on yesterday. about an hour later i was told that someone else actually had bought that book for me as a gift. So i tried to cancel it.'s support page told me to click cancel next to the order number. There was no cancel button, maybe a couple hours is too long to wait?

later i found a customer service email form for my specific item number. it had a drop down menu for me to pick my 'subject' and one of them was 'cancel my order'. must be a common problem :|

today i got a notification saying that they've got my customer service letter, and another notification saying they've shipped my book. fantastic.

so what should i do? do you think i can just refuse delivery? or what?

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  • Magus`Magus` Registered User regular
    edited December 2008
    Ask them what their standard procedure is. Since it's their fault, then they should be more than willing to help you.

    Try phone service, faster.

    Magus` on
  • VeeveeVeevee WisconsinRegistered User regular
    edited December 2008
    If can't help then return the book after you receive it, and when you send it back make sure you get proof that you did send it. Then contact your bank and file a dispute with them and they can usually get a provisional credit on the account within a couple days of receiving your dispute information.

    Some banks will just take the information over the phone, others will need a written letter from you with all the details.

    Veevee on
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