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DVD RW issue

bowlofpetuniasbowlofpetunias Registered User regular
edited December 2008 in Help / Advice Forum
So I have an AOpen DUW1608/ARR DVD RW drive and I was just trying to update the firmware for it and I received this lovely message a sixteenth of the way in.

"Fail to update.

*** NG ** NG ** NG ***

Turn OFF PC and Reboot it."

I do what it says--because who am I to argue--and then XP does something wonderful. It claims that my DVD RW drive is it's standard RICOH CDRom drive which doesn't allow it to do a goddamn thing.

I've tried running several different firmware from AOpen and it's all given me the same response.

I've contacted their support but god knows when they're going to get back to me.

Does anyone have any ideas?

bowlofpetunias on


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    pacbowlpacbowl Los AngelesRegistered User regular
    edited December 2008
    I would say the drive is toast since the firmware update didn't take and crashed after partially updating. Kind of like crashing a bios flash.

    Then again I have never in my 25 years of computing experience ever had a reason for or have even tried to update DVD/CD drive firmware. YMMV.

    pacbowl on
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