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What Hath Mine Hands Wraught?

ACsemperfiACsemperfi Registered User regular
edited January 2009 in Artist's Corner
I thought I would plop some of my "art" in here as I could use the advice. Unfortunately I have very little work I would call "finished" but I was hoping to get a but more critique than in the doodle thread. Unfortunately, a few things I actually DID finish I gave to my gf beofer I scanned them and then she dumped me. (I guess I deserved it considering I'm more concerened about the loss of art than of her :P )

Some of this stuff I think has gone up in the doodle thread in the past. I go in and out of phases for drawing. I'll do it every do for weeks then not tough a pencil for a month. Anyways, since I got a new Wacom Pad for Christmas I'm in a drawing phase. Im at my folks house now so I don't have a lot of stuff to share atm but I hope to put more on in the following days.

Too much talking? Yeah. Anyways, here goes.

This is my first Wacom painting. I did a bit more to it since i posted it in the doodle thread. Its a tiger tank

this is my second wacom painting and I went about it in a different way than the first. It's a Panzer IV

I guess, technically, this was my first Wacom painting (i did it on my Dad's Bamboo fun before I got my Intuos 3 at Christmas)

These two were concept designs for a sculptor (sci fi wargames stuff) My scanner wasn't up so I had to use a camera. There were notes all over them but it appears I edited them out (top secret stuff)

This was an attempt to draw a comic. I never got past the cover as the main character was based on my gf and ya'll know how that turned out. Here you can see my feeble attempt to color it in with a mouse using OC

this is a doodle I did instead of taking philosophy notes last month.

Thats about all have have that I can get up tonight. Oh, and Happy new Year!

If you wait til the last minute to do something, it only takes a minute to do.
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  • chowder_monkeychowder_monkey Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    I really liked your first one, I like how you use much darker shades, which contrasts nicely with the white space you left for the sky.

    If I were to critique anything about it, it would be that the barrel of the tank looks like it is curving slightly upwards. It's hardly noticeable.

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