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Music Suggestions of a certain type

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Hey guys. So I've always loved French music, but never really listened to much of it. By French music I don't necessarily mean French, though--I mean stuff that sounds stereotypically French. Like, whimsical, smooth, etc. An example of a French artist that kind of fulfills the criteria is Carla Brunni, but she's a little boring.

I like the Triplets of Belleville's soundtrack, for instance, and songs like Peter Sarstedt's Where Are You Going, My Lovely?, even though it isn't French, just screams Paris to me. But this is all in my imaginary view of Paris. If this music has a name, please feel free to inform, but if you know anything that might fit, throw it in here for me.

TLDR: Basically, I'm looking for any music that would fit in Amelie. Accordions and other such fun instruments welcome.

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