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Bloodstone Saga

RobchamRobcham Registered User regular
edited February 2009 in Singularity Engine++
Check the Wiki because I don't

RPG game. click here, love

It's storytime once again folks
This is the continuation of our boredom killing as well as yours
Orik as the Big Bad, Orik
Cardboard Tube as Tube the White
I win Swordfights as Orik's son Sword Fights
FAQ as evil red dragon FAQ the MAGIC DRAGON
Cnob as the Goblin King
Teefs as Swordfights love lady Teefs
Rane, Bearstranaut, Fari, Lawinator as Rane the Bard and his 3 Bear Band
Koshian as the Invisible Knight, Damascus as Damascus the Centipede
ChicoBlue as a Blue Baby Ogre
Seizure orbs as Orby the Bear Potato and Seizure the Bird thing
TDOT as Theodore the time wizard and Sara Lynn as his time ward
Shankusu as Kusu the Butcher and Shankill the Owl
Campion as Camp the Hero of our story
Robcham as Rob Rabbit
Mully as Mully the Philosopher Dragon
YAYA the child molester as well as peasant
and Fletcher as Fletcher the insane

Here's to us trying to make a Fantasy epic plausible using people we know

here are the first 2 pages

Robcham on


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