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Sketch Dump McCraw - PA Contest WIP (page 2) - NSF56K



  • crawdaddiocrawdaddio Tacoma, WARegistered User, ClubPA
    edited March 2009
    I dunno, you guys, I'm kinda losing steam on this one (good news for you, though, I suppose); it's becoming increasingly apparent that I haven't the skill to pull this off to the extent I was hoping, and given the other entries already posted, and the other forumers who haven't put anything up yet, if there's anyone not going to win this, he's put up a two-page thread with 9 progress paintings, two underpaintings, and 7 composition sketches (can we say flood?). The nail in the coffin was my figuring out that the ribs just aren't going to work with the spacing, curvature, and width they've got right now, so no matter how I do it, I'm going to have to make some pretty major changes. Kind of weak to give up over something like that, and with so little (relatively speaking) work having gone in this, but coupled with the realization of my dubious rendering abilities, even a successful change wouldn't do much in the long run. So, maybe the last one of these for a while.



    (First "full-sized" detail)

    crawdaddio on
    Try putting your donger in a dishwasher and see how that comes out.
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