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[WoW] To the creators... Plz Read

McPudgyMcPudgy Registered User regular
edited January 2009 in MMO Extravaganza
So... I know that the WotLK just came out... but you can be sure the kids over at Blizzard are dreaming up the 80-90 exp. as we relish our time just getting into this new set of adventures within the game.

In hopes that this thread will not be relegated to the past-tense, I would like to establish a running dialogue about what we as players want to see in the new expansion. Anything from story, to new playable races would be of interest, not to mention classes or edits to the current game play system.

Just run with it.

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  • McPudgyMcPudgy Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    As the beginer of the thread, I would like to throw in my two cents (you can throw them back if you like =).

    I would like to see Humans able to choose Factions from the begining starting off as either nuetral or given a secondary spawn point for Horde play.

    Also, Wargen would be a fun race to play... fist weapons specialization; beast traits like growl and claw... Give them a shadow magic affinity and a sweet origin story and your set.

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  • KartanKartan Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    I doubt that anyone from blizzard reads these forums.

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  • GrundlestiltskinGrundlestiltskin Behind you!Registered User regular
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    This is really better suited for the chat thread. Nominated for "most likely to be locked" thread of 1/12/09.

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