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Div's requiem for Circuit City?

OndenOnden Registered User
edited January 2009 in ClubPA Library
I'm not sure if this post is in the right place; I apologize if it is not. Is there forum to generically discuss the comic and its characters?

Anyway, I just thought it be funny if Div had a little requiem in reference to Circuit City dying. Pour a little out for his estranged and now fallen father. :)

I guess it's a whole lifetime away for Mike, but I'd be interested to see if he had any comments on it.

Onden on


  • slacktronslacktron Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    I'm not sure if this is the right place either, but since a mod hasn't smacked you down I'm going to run with it.

    Are you thinking of an SNK-style epitaph as per the November 5, 2001 comic?

    Except Gabe becomes Div, SNK is Circuit City, and the Tanqueray is... hey, shouldn't that be a fou'ty of 8-ball?

    I guess the tattoo would have to become an applique. Maybe Gabe could "mod him up":

    Oh, hell yeah!

    Just slap an "R.I.P. Circuit City" on that thing and you're golden.

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