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Reccomend Me A Credit Card

YamiNoSenshiYamiNoSenshi A point called ZIn the complex planeRegistered User regular
edited January 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
I'm looking to get a new credit card, preferably one that's better than the do-nothing one I have. I'm pretty much looking for a card that does cash-back rewards, the more/more applicable purchases the better. The card I have now, which I use pretty rarely, doesn't give me anything of value. I've got between good and great credit, and I'm responsible with my money, so that's not an issue. I pay my balance in full every month, so I wouldn't even be too worried about whatever APR they charge. (I'm assuming most cards are like mine, which don't charge interest for the first billing period of a charge). Also, not having any monthly or yearly "You have a card!" fees is pretty important.

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  • SixSix Fat Apollo Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    My main card these days is the Costco Amex. $50/year covers your costco membership, and the card gives cash back in the form of a rebate check you get in february that can be redeemed (for cash) at Costco. It pays 1% on everything, 2% on travel, and 3% on restaurants and gas.

    Edit: This advice is predicated on the notion that there's a costco near you and you're interested in being a member. Also, I wouldn't be comfortable having an amex as my *only* credit card, simply because it's not taken everywhere.

    Six on
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  • Akilae729Akilae729 Registered User
    edited January 2009

    There used to be a non college one. Maybe you could find it. But this card is awesome. No annual fees or anything, just straight cash back. Really good cash back for the first six months too. They just sent me a check for $120.

    My boss has been using the regular version of this card for about 3 years and they just wrote him a check for $750 over the summer.

    It's free money for spending money you would spend anyway

    Akilae729 on
  • HypatiaHypatia Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    Discover card has good cashback rewards but might not be accepted everywhere. I'd avoid citibank, they have crap customer service.

    Hypatia on
  • SzechuanosaurusSzechuanosaurus Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited January 2009
    Amex Blue.

    This is the credit card I use to fend off credit card sellers. Once they know I've got Blue, they know their card can't compete so they back down.

    No annual fee, up to 1% cashback on purchases for the first $6,500 annually, and then up to 5% cashback on purchases once you exceed $6,500.

    Short term, cards like the citicard might look better, giving 5% cashback immediately, but that's only an introductory offer which expires after 6 months and then you're down to 2% flat rate. Which may still be better if you don't expect to spend more than $6,500 a year. In fact, you could work out pretty easy how much you'd have to spend in a normal year for the Amex to pay off better than the citicard and then make some estimates as to how much you do spend on regular purchases over the course of a year to figure out which would be best for you. If you spend a substantial amount then it might even be worth considering a card with a fee which gives even better rewards so long as the additional cashback you are going to earn exceeds the annual fee on the card.

    Szechuanosaurus on
  • spasticsisspasticsis Registered User
    edited January 2009
    DO NOT get Credit One or HSBC. Those 2 are the ones I know about, but I used to work at a collection agency. Basically, there's different types of credit card you can get, but the ones I'm talking about are the "last chance" ones or whatever they're called. They're just credit cards that they offer to just anyone so they can rebuild their credit after they mess up. In reality what happens is that they go into collections and their credit gets worse, but that's a different story. Anyways. The ones I know for sure are Credit One and HSBC. I think Capital One is also one. My suggestion is get the credit card with the lowest interest rate that stays. Most places try to get you with the introductory rate so be careful.

    spasticsis on
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