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Need help/ideas on my wireless network setup

ToneLoc777ToneLoc777 Registered User regular
This is what I'm working with:

2 PC's running XP (1 pro, 1 home).
*XP pro = Netgear WPN311
*XP home = Dlink DWL-G520
Xbox 360 w/ Dlink DWL-G820
Wireless router: Netgear Rangemax WPN824

I have both PC's at the same desk in a room downstairs from the router. The 360's wireless bridge is only on when I'm using the 360, and in those times I usually disable the wireless on the XP home PC.

I'm trying to optimize my setup to get the best performance I can, so I'm wondering if anyone who's had similar setups has any tips/suggestions to offer. Before this I was lucky enough to be the one controlling the router so I had everything wired. Dropping a cable down through the wall from the floor above has already been shot down.

Due to a combination of my lack of real understanding of how wireless networking works and my brain's inability to think clearly at this late hour, I'm wondering if it would be an improvement to just have one PC connected wirelessly and share its connection with the other PC (or even the 360 too).

Is this just wishful/delusional thinking? Sorry if any of this is incoherent...

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    wunderbarwunderbar What Have I Done? Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    you won't find any difference with how the computers are connected. Assuming all devices are connecting at wireless g speeds, that gives you a maximum bandwidth of 54mbps, or in realitiy probably in the 30ish range. unless you have internet speeds at, or close to 30mbps you won't notice any difference in speeds simply because the wireless network is still going to be faster than your internet connection.

    I'm just going to guess at random and say that you have a 5mibt internet plan, because that's what I have at home, that means that all PC's on the network share that pipe out to the internet, it's not 5 each. so if you're just using it to attach to the internet, 30mbps on wifi is 6x faster than your internet is anyway.

    now, if you have something like 50mbps fios internet, then we're talking something completely different, and you pretty much need to be wired to get the full bandwidth. But assuming a standard cable/dsl connection, it's pretty much assured that your internet connection is the bottleneck, not the wifi network.

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