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[GAME ON]Alien Shooter Vengeance, hella fun on the cheap.

safetakesafetake Registered User regular
edited January 2009 in Games and Technology
Alien Shooter Vengeance is top down shooter in which you kill tens of thousands of aliens. It's pretty fun. It has three different game modes each of which are eye bleedingly addictive. The game is pretty similar to Shadowgrounds except more frantic and you kill about a hundred times more shit. It's got some simple RPG mechanics that make replaying the game interesting. I've already beat it a couple times over.

Let's talk about how awesome this game is.

The official website is here:

A demo is available on steam.

But let's get right down to what made me buy this game.

It's five fucking dollars. It's the best five dollar's I've probably ever spent. But be sure to buy the game on steam, however, because on the official site the game still costs 20 bucks.

Also, there's a good Let's Play:

This game has really blown me away. IMHO the metacritic score of 67 is a crime. A lot of reviews said the game was too short, but you'd have to be a soulless bastard to only want to jaunt through this game once. The higher difficulty give this game a real challenge.

safetake on


  • solsovlysolsovly Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    "Free" on gametap too.

    solsovly on
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  • LanrutconLanrutcon Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    Wow, somebody besides me play Sigma-Team games. This was their best offering so far, Zombie shooter was disappointing (but the sequel to that will use the Alien Shooter Vengeance tilset/engine, so that may rock). Found this game to be pretty tame on the harder difficulties if you min-max your stats, abuse the implant system and find all the secrets. The secrets give you absurd amounts of dosh to throw around.

    But yeah, it's almost gun Diablo. Just needs some more replayable levels and respawning badguys. Plus you don't often get to walk around in power armor toting a gigantic minigun messily mowing down dozens of aliens in an abandoned mine.


    Lanrutcon on
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  • safetakesafetake Registered User regular
    edited January 2009
    Also, I find myself rocking out to the sound track. I need to rip those tracks somehow.

    safetake on
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