Best program to draw with?

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Ok so in my entire life all my experience with drawing is hand and ink and such. I've never used the computer for that stuff in my life. I want to learn to draw through the computer (I grabbed a tablet and everything) but I don't know where to start.

What's the easiest program (Illustrator? Photoshop? Corel Draw?) to start using as a newbie?\

I was debating whether this should be in H/A but I thought I'd get more responses here (if mods wanna move it that's fine).

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    There is a questions and answers thread at the top of this forum that this would be best in.

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    illustrator is a vector program better suited for graphic designers, not much to really draw other then laying down paths.

    Main programs to use are photoshop or corel painter, both can do same in terms of drawing or painting, but done in different ways. Photoshop is considered an image editor while painter simulates traditional media, however, photoshop is more commonly used by digital artist as it requires less of a background in traditional media, though the same rules in art applies, like laying down color etc. The brushes in photoshop are more or less as transparent stamps while in painter it feels like your gripping an actual paintbrush. As far as which to use, it comes down to your own personal preference and workflow. I use both interchangeably, mainly dictacted upon which type of 'look' or style I'm hoping to ultimately achieve or element I'm needing to add. Normally, I do most of my heavy rendering via painter, because of its blending tools can allow me to work alot faster by blending the colors already blocked in instead of constant color dabbing required in photoshop. After the brunt of my rendering is complete, I employ photoshop for editing, manipulations, texture, and additional rendering that only photoshop can provide through its exclusive use of the plethora of custom brushes already available. If you want to see an example of how my work turns out employing both programs simultaneously, check out my deviantart.


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    It's easy to find a tutorial for anything with Photoshop.

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    NotACrook wrote: »
    There is a questions and answers thread at the top of this forum that this would be best in.

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