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Pure Adrenaline Wrestling - (IC): Impulse up

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Welcome everyone to the new IC thread for PAW, Pure Adrenaline Wrestling. Now that I'm running this thing, I figured this would be a good idea, so I can keep the thread title and OP up to date and keep people from getting confused.

This is the in-character thread. For out-of-character discussion, please use the "locker room" thread.

For those who are just checking this out, PAW is an e-fed. An e-fed involves creating a pro wrestling character and doing a series of roleplays starring them. The voting commitee then decides who wins the matches based on the rps. Feuds are generally put together by the members themselves, either over PM, or just evolving naturally through rps and happenings on the show.

PAW will follow a pretty standard format for mainstream American wrestling. 3-4 TV shows and one ppv per month. Shows will be every tuesday night unless otherwise announced. Usually, the deadline for rps will be late sunday night/early sunday morning. Basically, I will post an announcement in the OOC thread when there are 8 hours left to rp. There are no rp limits, min or max. If two people want to make a specific limit for their match, they are free to do so.

Current Title Holders

PAW World Championship: Andrea Hill
Lady Luck Championship: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson
PAW World Tag Team Championships: NAFWA(Connor Mackenzie & John Bowski)

Next Show - PAW Impulse. Mar. 21st. RP DEADLINE, Friday night.

Non-title: "The Punisher" Paul Jameson vs. Andrea Hill
Sean Masaki vs. James "Roadster" McNeil
Non-title: Connor Mackenzie & John Bowski vs. Guvna & Boris Nikitin
2 vs. 3 Handicap Match: Draven & Manik vs. "The Massacre" James Powers, The Reaper, & Mike "The Hammer" Johnson

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    In-Character PAW Information

    PAW is based out of Las Vegas. The weekly show is named PAW Impulse. PAW Magazine is run by Dorian Starr, and features wrestler interviews, articles, and photo shoots. hosts wrestler videos and blogs.

    Here are some of the important staff characters in PAW. For the most part, feel free to use them in rps. But don't get too physically abusive towards them without getting my approval first.

    Eddie "High Roller" Hayers - Owner
    Hayers is a huge wrestling fan, who always wanted to run his own company. His dream came true when he struck it big in Vegas, becoming a millionaire overnight. PAW is funded by his lotto winnings, and Eddie takes a direct approach to running the shows, making the matches and dealing with the wrestlers himself. he is generally a nice guy, but is willing to get tough when he feels he needs to. He believes that every man and woman on the roster should get an equal chance to make it in PAW, and believes that on any given night, with a little luck anyone can be a star.

    Dave Robertson - Play By Play Commentator
    Dave's the commentator. He's an old school type of guy, former amateur wrestler that fell in love with pro wrestling at an older age. He got in a few good years at various federations, but never really made a name for himself in the ring. Strangely enough, this hasn't left him bitter, as he found he enjoyed calling the action far more than actually being part of it. His favorite wrestlers are the technical, no nonsense, but he does enjoy the entertainment value of everyone around him. He tries to be fair to everyone in the ring, and for the most part is careful to keep his opinions to himself. That is, unless Cary goads him into it.

    Cary Gray - Color Commentator
    The yang to Dave's ying. Cary is the heelish color commentator. He's actually never wrestled a day in his life, but that doesn't mean he doesn't have wrestling in his blood. He's grandson of Gregarious Gray, a face wrestler back in the fifties, and while Cary doesn't seem to have inherited an ounce of wrestling skill from his grandfather, he does have all the knowledge Gray Sr. passed down. Which includes such tidbits as "eye rakes and low blows are perfectly acceptable ways to win a match.

    Alison Rose - Interviewer
    Alison has always loved wrestling. She started off just watching with her brothers because hey, what girl doesn't enjoy watching muscular guys move around, but she stayed put on the couch when her brothers moved on to other pastimes. She knows she got hired mainly for her looks, and cause Mr. Hayes thinks of her as her good luck charm, but she's adamant in showing the world what she can do.

    Lane Richmond - Interviewer
    Lane should have been an anchorman. That was, after all his life goal. And yet, he's here, in what he considers a circus of freaks who like to hit each other. It's in his contract that he can't get hit.


    1.) Always keep kayfabe. In other words, stay in character at all times. The wrestlers are really competing, feuding wrestlers really do hate each other, etc.
    2.) Keep it fairly realistic. For the most part, what happens should be something that could happen in real life. Taking some things a little over the top is okay, and if you're not sure about something, just PM me and ask.
    3.) Quality over Quantity. Fewer, better rps are more effective than lots of mediocre ones. Also, don't bombard people with words, and filler for the sake of filler. Rps that drone on for too long can get boring, and you're not going to win a match just for typing more than your opponent.
    4.) there is no required setting for rps. You can do standard wrestling stuff like promos on the show itself, backsage skits, magazine interviews, website blogs, and so on. But you are also free to do other skits that take place outside of the normal context, if you wish. If you want to have a rp where a wrestler is going out with his girlfriend, go ahead and do it, even if it doesn't make much sense to have the cameras there. Rps like this will be assumed to be broadcast over the PAW website.
    5.) There are no rp limits. You and your opponent can set one if you both agree on one.
    6.) If you want to get involved in someone else's match, or do a backstage attack, or just otherwise do something on the show itself that you can't do during the rp period, then PM it to me. It might be a good idea to run it by me before you type it up, just in case it will conflict with something else. Please note though, that writing some segment for the show won't count towards your chances in the voting. However, attacking a wrestler or interfering in his/her match has a chance of costing the attacked wrestler the match, if the voting is deadlocked or otherwise extremely close.
    7.) You're encouraged to start feuds and storylines with each other. Just let me know what you want to do.
    8.) If you and your opponent have a specific, planned way you want the match to go, just PM me with the details. In these cases, there will be no voting, the match will end how you want it to.
    9.) Feel free to send in a strat for your match. A strat is basically your thoughts and ideas for the match. How you want your wrestler to approach it, how he/she will react to the opponent, a suggested spot, or even a suggested ending. I can't guarentee everything will be used, but I will try my hardest to include as much as possible. For now, strat deadlines are the same as the rp deadline.
    10.) Most of all, have fun!

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    The Roster
    Red = Currently Inactive

    Wrestler name followed by forum handle

    Ken Yoshiro - NOCREN
    Ring Name: Ken Yoshiro
    Height/Weight: 6'5" 425lbs
    Theme Song: E. Honda Theme Remix(

    Finisher: The Two Cuts. The First Cut is a open hand, palm up jab to the mid-section where the opponent doubles over onto their knees. For The Second Cut, Ken steps to his opponet's side and delivers a hammerblow to the head/neck area. He prefers to finish matches with this move, and if they are already down will pick them back up and perform The Two Cuts before getting the pinfall. Also uses this move in hardcore matches with a kendo stick, pipe, mop handle, or any other stick-like object with the The First Cut being a sideways slash instead of a jab or thrust.

    Signature Moves: Sumotori Tsunami - Frog splash off the top rope.

    The story: Ken is a westerner raised in Japan. Having competed in Sumo for a number of years before signing on
    to a King of Deathmatch tournament and finishing well. During this tournament Ken caught the eye of a promoter looking for new talent. Ken fancies himself a warrior and tries to act honorably towards his opponent. He feels that his finisher is symbolic of the seppuku ritual of the samurai.

    Ken's style is a mix of sumotori (heavy handed thrusts, chops, and slaps) and "Big man" wrestling (anything that lets him use his weight to his advantage). He has little regard for his own body and does many things that most heavyweights would never attempt (including a few lucha moves).

    The Immaculate Impact" Alcander Ravios - SNAKE GHANDI
    The Immaculate Impact" Alcander Ravios
    5'11", 204lbs
    Finisher: The Sudden Impact, a slingshot suplex into a jackhamer.
    Signature Moves: The Superspinal (a spinning spinebuster from the top rope, usually used as a counter when someone goes for a top rope move.) The Aegean (a very deep texas cloverleaf)

    Born in Greece, Alcander spent his formative years studying under his father, the great Grecco wrestler Leonid Ravios. Learning all he could, he spent his late teens and early 20's spent bouncing between Tokyo and Mexico City, broadening his arsenal. Alcander is small for a wrestler, just under 6 feet and barely 200 pounds, which has led to him being a force in lightweight divisions in various organizations. Alcander has olive skin, as is common in Grecians, along with coal black hair he keeps very short, and a well trimmed goatee. Alcander wrestles in simple crimson shorts, and outside the ring prefers designer jeans and silk button down shirts.

    Alcander is a born technical wrestler. However, his years bouncing between the New Japan and Lucha Libre styles have introduced him to the 'high flying' concept. He's pretty disdainful of it in general, as there's little tactics involved, just high risk move after high risk move, and eventually you either hit big and win or miss and lose. But Alcander took to the speed and variety, and incorporated them in to his own style. He's not a brawler, and refuses to be pulled down to that level, to the point where he will not throw a punch, only forearms and kicks.

    Alcander has a very high opinion of himself, and enjoys when the crowd gets behind him, but he certainly doesn't require them. And despite being fairly selfish and a bit of a jerk, Alcander refuses to cheat, as he finds such behavior beneath him

    Andrea Hill - LOCKEDONTARGET
    Name: Andrea Hill
    Hometown: Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
    Weight/Height: Cruiserweight, 5'11"
    Style: Speed, High Flyer, some striking
    Entrance Music: "Stronger" by Kanye West
    Finishers: The Phoenix Splash(see a clip at, and the Shooting Star legdrop( Can also do springboard versions.

    Appearance: Tall and slim, but very toned and athletic, with some muscular definition. An athlete's body, with very strong legs. Long, straight, pitch black hair. In the ring she often pulls her hair back into a ponytail. Her ring attire includes long, tight black pants with deep purple flame designs running up the sides. A black spandex top with her gym's purple Phoenix logo across the chest. Black wrestling boots, and purple elbow and knee pads. Finally, she wears black, fingerless fighter's gloves.

    Fighting Style: Andrea is extremely well-conditioned, and very fast. Her style is very hit-and-run, her offense made up of high-impact, high-risk, speedy moves. She has an extensive gymnast background, making her prone to spectacular high-flying stunts. The turnbuckle and the ring ropes are her friends, and she loves to jump, springboard, flip, and spin her way to victory. She can also be very aggressive, especially if she's lost control of her temper(which doesn't take much). Her moveset is composed of fast, stiff strikes(especially kicks), and luncha-type flying moves. She very rarely uses any kind of hold, and stays away from grappling. She is not technically sound, and is not a ring strategist. She just tries to hit hard and fast. As a side-effect of her background, she is also very flexible, and can worm her way out of predicaments to escape a hold or get a surprise rollup. When she has the advantage, she tends to start showing off, and loses her focus playing to the crowd.

    Background: Andrea's been a scrapper her whole life. From bullying kids in middle school, to getting in barfights in college, she's always loved a good brawl. An unusually tall tomboy, Andrea got used to being able to hang with most of the boys. She soon grew an inflated opinion of herself, and a brash, aggressive attitude. Not to mention a hell of a temper. She's dedicated herself to being in the best shape she can be. Always the athlete, she's been an accomplished gymnast, swimmer, and martial artist. Athletics is her life, and eats up nearly all of her free time. But her dream has always secretly been to be a professional wrestler. Since she was a little girl, she found the sport to be absolutely captivating. She's been to a couple of local wrestling schools, but has never really gotten much of a chance to pursue her dream. The local indy feds are few, and the ones that come by aren't looking for female wrestlers.

    Leaving her dream behind, she became a personal trainer. She had been born into wealth, and financed her very own gym in downtown Saskatoon, Phoenix Fitness. With her harsh training regimen, she promises her customers the ability to rise from the ashes of their flabby, disgusting selves and be reborn into a fantastic physical specimen...just like her.

    Unfortunately, her lack of business sense, combined with too much competition, combined with her less than pleasant personality, is taking it's toll. Barely anyone ever comes in, and only one person has enlisted Andrea's services: Devon Duncan, a slob who never seems to lose any weight no matter how hard she pushes him.

    But just when things seemed to be at their lowest point, hope arrived in the form of PAW. A brand new wrestling federation, with financial backing and a lust for talent...and they wanted Andrea. It took about half a second for Andrea to sign on. The opportunity to show the world what she's made of was too much to pass up. She would become an international wrestling superstar, she would become the best she could be.

    She would not accept failure.

    Personality: Confident, abrasive, and focused. Andrea believes she's as close to physical perfection as it gets. People who aren't as tough and aren't as fit are weak, and deserved to be mocked and picked on. She loves to pick fights, because she usually wins, and nothing makes her feel better than the rush she gets in the ring. She is overconfident, and loves to gloat and show off. This attitude has led to a lot of success in her life...but it's also made most people around her despise her. She has few friends, can't maintain a relationship, and scares away customers. But she doesn't care...she just wants to win. She doesn't need anyone else.

    She seems to have picked up a nasty addiction to energy drinks.

    Accompanied By Devon Duncan: Devon is Andrea's failing pet project and her only customer as a personal trainer. He's in terrible shape, and Andrea has promised to make him into a real man. She makes him carry her on his shoulders on the way to the ring, and on the way back after the match. She forces him to run laps around the ring during the match, among other workout routines, and always stops to yell at him when he eventually tries to take a break. He also carries around her seemingly neverending supply of energy drinks. Why he puts up with her abuse is anyone's guess.

    John "The Bomb" Bowski - PREACHER
    John "The Bomb" Bowski
    6'5", 275lbs
    Entrance Music: Styx - Renegade
    Finisher: Shock and Awe, a double-arm sitdown dominator
    Signature Moves: Turnbuckle Powerbomb, Ahmed Johnson Style Spinebuster

    Born and raised in Alabama, The Bomb was a huge wrestling fan as a kid and was an all american wrestler for the University of Alabama. After the start of the Iraq War Bowski signed up for the army and completed two tours in Iraq before retiring as a Sergeant first class.

    Cold and calculating, Bowski made a name for himself in the amateur wrestling leagues as a man to fear. His strength and tenacity made him a force to be reckoned with. Is said to have a notch on his belt for every man he knocked unconcious with his Shock and Awe finisher.

    The Guvna - ASTROBSTRD
    The Guvna
    6'8" 345lbs.
    Finisher: The Landslide - A jumping Burning Hammer (An upside-down Death Valley Driver)
    Signature Moves: The Filibuster Buster - A powerbomb/backbreaker (used by Roderick Strong), The Veto - A running kick to the back of the head of a seated opponent.
    Theme Song: "Hail to the Chief"

    A giant of a man, dressed in a fine suit any time he is not in the ring, and in a "fancy suit" full body spandex when he wrestles. It is unknown what he is the "Guvna" of, but his manager, Cletus Jefferson, says that he acts on the will of the people. The Guvna himself communicates only in unintelligible grunts, but his frequent kissing of babies (and sometimes other wrestlers) and constant handshaking (sometimes leaving people with broken fingers) suggests that he is somewhat aware of his "office". Picture a muscular Kamala in a suit, being managed by a delusional James Carville.
    The Guvna's real name is Ron Cale. He has bounced from promotion to promotion playing a variety of gimmicks. He has been The Mogul (a Suge Knight based character), Monster Monroe (A frankenstein monster gimmick), and The Nigerian Dream (A Kamala-like gimmick). He is known for his wide variety of power moves, his likability backstage, and his reputation as being very safe to work with (very few people get injured against him. He isn't completely sold on The Guvna gimmick, but he has been over very quickly on the indy circuit with it. He is sort of in the Kane position on most cards (monster heel in the upper card, but not usually a serious title contender).

    Cletus Jefferson has also been in a lot of promotions, usually managing "freak of the week" competitors. He draws instant boos wherever he goes, and most of his clients feuds end with him taking a bump. He is a southern lawyer who has reemerged as a "campaign manager". He takes a gavel with him wherever he goes. Several wrestlers have been hit with this gavel. Cletus is 57 and has a uncanny knowledge of the business. He was a ref for several years before becoming a manager.

    Joe "The Hobo" Thompson - MOJOJOEO
    Name: Joe Thompson
    Hometown: Atlanta, Ga
    In Ring Name: Joe "the Hobo" Thompson
    Height/Weight: 6'5 250lbs
    Age: 29
    Entrance Music: The Roots - Here I Come
    Finisher: Welfare check (death vally driver)
    Signature Moves: Powerbomb, Ankle Lock, Leg drop from the top rop.

    Bio: A hobo who worked his way into the big time by starting out in underground "hobo fights" posted online by idiots with too much time on thier hands. From those "sucesses," He then moved into the Boxcar championships, defeating many a tramp, a scamp, and a hobo on his way to their title. He left undefeated and moved into the East/west Georgia Championship Federation. His many excellent bouts in the EWGCF earned him the cash he needed for booze and food.... and a new hunger. No, not a hunger for food, but to be the best in the buisness. The champion of the PAW.

    the penultimate underdog, he brings his bindle to the ring ready to fight all comers.

    Personality: Secretly a college grad who was homless due to his .com going under (, "your one stop shop for all things socks"); he is smarter than the average hobo. General happy for work.

    Fighting Style: A brawler, but he has ring skills.

    Louann McCoy - LONELYHAVA
    Name: Louann McCoy
    Height: 5'10
    Weight: 165lbs
    Moves: High Kick, Low Kick, Drop Kick, Irish Whip, Russian Leg Sweep, Cross Face Crippler, Figure 4, Boston Crab, Uppercut, Chest Slaps, Body Slam, Belly to Back Suplex, Belly to Belly, Hurincarana, Roundhouse Kick
    Finisher w/ description: Sweet Tea—Spinning high side kick to the face of Opponent, and when the opponent is downed or dizzied, a belly-to-back suplex into a bridge pin.

    Character Background: Not much is known about LouAnn, except that she was raised in the swamps of Louisiana and she takes her Southern Heritage very seriously. She’s not an advocate of the Southern past, but she can’t hide the drawl in her voice any more than she could hide the swing her hips when she walks. She is your modern day southern belle. Well versed not only in the wiles of feminine ability and that most of them rely on innocence, feigned or not, but she knows her way around a car’s engine, oil tanks, and fuel charges, not to mention those of a cycle. Not afraid of a little grease, but she'?more than happy to put on a gingham dress and sing "G-d Bless America" and "Dixie" at the top of her lungs for a Sunday tea.

    Appearance: Tall, lithe, graceful, she wears painted on blue jeans and black cowboy boots. A black mid-riff tank top is cut off and under a tied off men’s white work shirt. A simple gold cross, locket, and a teddy bear charm hangs on a chain around her neck. She has a cream, black, white and brown cowboy hats. Her hair reddish gold, and falls to just above her waist. The back left pocket of her jeans has the Stars and Bars patched on. A small tattoo of an Alligator encircles her left ankle. She drives an orange Pontiac Firebird, doors welded shut with the Stars and Bars on the roof, a black racing stripe, and the number ?9?on the sides. And yes, the car sings Dixie. And so does she. With all her heart, soul, and fire-breathing Southern upbringing.

    Michael "The Fundamentalist" Gideon - SAINT2E
    Name: Michael Gideon
    In Ring Name- The Fundamentalist
    Height- Midweight
    Signature moves- "Rising from the dead" - similar to Undertaker's "sitting up" or Hulk Hogan's seemingly miraculous boost of energy to turn the tide of the match.
    Finisher move- The Crucifix


    Michael Gideon was born in Abilene, Texas and raised a devout Baptist by his mother and father. He was a huge fan of the WCW/WWF during the Attitude era, and had his father build him a wrestling ring in the backyard where he spent a good portion of his childhood. Now all grown up, he is weary of all the smut and sinfulness of of the world, and of the Wrestling world especially. He is taking on a personal crusade to show people the error of their ways the only way he knows how: by beating the crap out of them! Repent! Or be pulverized!

    Dorian Starr - THE_REFLECTION
    Name: Dorian Starr
    In Ring Name: Dorian Starr
    From: The ten mile zone
    Signature moves: The Spotlight - Spear into the turnbuckle, then into a Northern lights suplex, TMZ Twist - Cutter into an inverted neck crank submission
    Finisher - Defamer - Vertabreaker or Super Defamer- Vertabreaker off the top rope.
    Background - Ex-Paparazzi Dorian Starr got into profession wrestling after an altercation where after taking a picture of Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore, he ended up power bombing Ashton right onto Bruce Willis' star on the walk of fame. The sudden press was enough to get Dorian a contract in PAW. Dorian excells in psycological warfare he learned in his paparazzi days, and know how to get into his opponent's head.

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    Roster Part 2
    Red = Currently Inactive

    "The Canadian Dragon" Connor Mackenzie - GONNUM
    Name: Connor Mackenzie
    In Ring Name- "The Canadian Dragon" Connor Mackenzie
    Height- Midweight, 6'1 215 lbs.
    Entrance Theme: "War" by Sick Puppies
    Signature moves- Double knee backbreaker, kip up from
    laying down, missile dropkick
    Finisher move- The Dragon's Grip (Dragon Sleeper hold on a sitting opponent, normally following the double knee back breaker)

    Connor started his training in small time leagues like the CCW and MCW of Canada. Learning a great deal about the technical side of wrestling, Connor would make a small name for him in both circuits but decided to venture to Japan to see about trying to learn more of how to capitalize on his size and speed as opposed to the other larger wrestlers he faced off with.

    Spending 5 years in Japan, Connor would be put through is paces early on as he learned the ropes (and various other parts of the ring that could be used) while wrestling overseas. Coming to gain valuable experience he would work on a hybrid style similar to the styling of Owen Hart which would have a technical aspect to focus on body parts, in particular the back, while maintaining a quick offensive that could capitalize on his strengths of speed and technical training.

    Learning the finer points he came back to the States with the name "The Canadian Dragon" that was given to him after numerous matches that showed a resiliency most attributed to him having the scales of a dragon by some of his Japanese announcers, though he still has a few scars to prove he is far from invincible.

    His name, when heard, is associated with a hard worker who puts forth his all in a match and someone that can cause a great deal of pain because of his willingness to take to the top rungs and ropes to ground someone when necessary if he doesn’t do so with grapple and submissions.

    Riktor Drake - JONNYBOT
    Name: Riktor Drake
    Hometown: Boston, MA
    In Ring Name: “The Machine” Riktor Drake
    Height/Weight: Midweight
    Age: 25
    Face/Heel: Heel
    Entrance Music: More Human than Human by White Zombie (Techno Remix)

    Finisher: Shining Wizard (modified with a weapon when available, otherwise done to an opponent in the corner)
    Signiture Moves: Enzuiguri, Front Flip Leg Drop (standing or from the top rope), Springboard Dropkick

    Bio: Riktor Drake believes he is destined for greatness. Raised in a competetive sports environment, he was often put to the test by his four brothers in everything they did. At the age of seven, Riktor began studying Taekwando at a local school, inspired by the cheesy kung fu flicks he saw on television. Young Riktor had a natural proficiency for it, learning very quickly. He participated in several tournaments and even won a few. By the age of sixteen, he earned his first black belt rank.

    Feeling as though he accomplished what he set out to do with Taekwondo, his focus shifted to learning Kendo, where he trained until he was nineteen. From there he participated in several MMA contests, making a name for himself as an up-and-coming rookie with big prospects. Dubbed “The Machine” for his ruthless, sometimes mechanical, efficiency in dismantling and destroying his opponents, he quickly rose to the top and got his chance at a title.

    The fight would later be described as the worst in his career. His opponent, Franky Maddigan, made short work of Riktor, winning by knockout in the first 30 seconds. Proving he rose too quickly, he dropped from the American MMA scene. He traveled to Japan and found a new start in professional wrestling. He wrestled for several years as The Machine, attaining mid-card status wrestling hardcore style matches, but he wanted more. He wanted to be the best. Sensing little opportunity in Japan, he traveled back home where he heard about an upstart promotion looking for fresh talent…

    Personality: As noted in his bio, he wants to be the best. Disillusioned from his title match loss, he will now do so at any cost. He is cold and calculating, often displaying little emotion towards his opponents.

    Fighting Style: Riktor utilizes his martial arts background, employing quick punches and kicks to his opponents head, throat, joints, and pressure points. Thanks to his training in Japan, he also employs a few high flying manuevers as well. While he doesn’t resort to illegal manuevers, he will often employ the use of weapons to gain the upper hand.
    The Reaper - MANALEAK34
    Name: Terry Keay
    In Ring Name: The Reaper
    Height: Midweight
    Face/Heel-Starting with Heel but willing to change based on initial crowd reactions
    Signature Moves-Kiss of Death (Cutter Move such as the Diamond Cutter)
    Finisher: Choke Slam


    After having a good run in the indie circuits, Terry managed to get picked up by the PAWWA(Pure Action World Wrestling Association, possibly the original name of PAW before the ‘re-establishment’ if we want to go that route.) Terry started mainly as a face and focused on the smaller titles. While he had the moves he didn’t have quite the stage presence in his original angle. Worried he would become a jobber Terry knew he needed a new angle. In his final match in PAWWA he faced Tony “The Jammer” Jakes(or some other PAer if we want to start a feud early) which ended with Terry thrown off the entrance stage into a pile of tables and finally locked within a casket. Played off as Terry’s “death” he took a 2 month hiatus to train up and get ready for his return.

    Now with the angle of having returned from the dead and hells new knight, The Reaper is ready to make his return in the newly formed Pure Adrenaline Wrestling to take revenge and strike fear into the entire Association.

    Fighting Style: Slow and powerful, often played up as a monster-like character.

    "Thunder Dragon" Phillip Chan - WHEEZER
    Name: Philip Chan
    Ringname: Thunder Dragon
    Height / Weight: 6' 191 lbs
    Entrance Music: Tang Dynasty – Choice

    Signature moves: Orient Express - A modified chokeslam (as Philip is too small to chokeslam bigger opponents he will start with a low blow and go from there)
    Dragon Leap: A top turnbuckle somersault legdrop
    Finisher: The Great Wall - The Walls of Jericho

    The now 23 year old Philip lived a year in Japan during an exchange program visit from his Beijing University. During his time he became enamored with the Japanese pro wrestling scene. He was forced to return to Beijing, but kept following Japanese Wrestling. As he couldn't actually practice wrestling he continued his earlier Tai Chi studies.

    At 22 Philip found an opportunity to move to USA. His uncle ran a successful tailor business in California and with the help of his family Philip moved to live with his uncle. Then Philip found his opportunity. He found a small-time local promotion who took Philip in to teach him the basics - Philip was hooked and to the dismay of his family he spent more and more of his time in the gym and in the ring instead of in the tailor shop.

    From his initial performances Philip quickly settled in to his current style. He flagrantly plays up his Chinese heritage and upbringing. He's quick to point out how weak his opponents are based on their US or Japanese heritage. His moves are acrobatic and quick as he is by no means the biggest wrestler out there.

    However the small promotion didn't cater to Philip's taste for fame and money and he's now looking to move up to PAW. Philip is intent on winning matches, or should that fail, defeating his opponent. You can see this in most of his matches where he will do anything short of getting himself disqualified and often beyond. Philip is quick to anger at judges should they punish him for his foreign objects or low blows.
    James "Roadster" McNeil - LIBRARIAN THORNE
    In Ring Name- James "Roadster" McNeil
    Height- Heavyweight (6'5", 265 lbs.)
    Signature moves- Figure 4 Leg Lock, The Big Clothesline (whips oppoenent against the ropes one way, then the other, then hits them across the chest with forearm)
    Finisher move- Cross-Country Ride(Grabs opponent by the throat, runs them back into the ropes, then uses the momentum to spin him around and it a chokeslam)

    Profile: McNeil was a struggling heavyweight in smaller federations before he was discovered by Jim Haynes in a Texas regional show. Haynes, seeting some potential in the big man, gave him a new gimmick and invited him into his organization.

    McNeil, from Lima, Ohio, was always a fan of motorcycles and racing. He's taken on a Hell's Angels-esque attitude and adopted the moniker Roadster. He rides to the ring in a custom-built Harley Davidson chopper, the sound of which frequently drowns out his entrance music (Ace of Spades by Motorohead). A fan favorite, he always fights fairly, eschewing even the use of chairs or other weapons. His style is based around his own durability and power, with his finisher usually providing an explosive end to a match.

    However, thanks to his time spent in the smaller federations, McNeil has a good grasp of submission holds and locks. One of the reasons his Head On Collision gets such a pop from the crowd is that he doesn't use it to finish every match. Many are the matches he's won with his signature Figure 4 Leglock, but he's also known to use the Fujiwara Armbar, Cobra Clutch, and Texas Cloverleaf.

    "Amateur Ace" Eddie Swan - MRSNACKROAD
    In Ring Name: "Amateur Ace" Eddie Swan
    Age: 24
    Height/Weight: Heavyweight (6' 3"/260 Lbs)
    Alignment: Heel
    Signature Moves
    - Jumping Knee Butt (a la, Jumbo Tsuruta)
    - Front Suplex Whip
    - Back Drop


    Eddie Swan was born and raised with wrestling in his blood - this big man on campus holds an amateur wrestling championship for every year of his high school and college career, and (on a lark) decided to pursue what sort of success he could have in pro wrestling.

    In ring, he uses exactly what made him successful in the amateur world: throws and mat prowess - both skills have been useful in facing people his own size, but he hasn't quite mastered how to use his size against opponents smaller than him yet.

    He's the kind of guy who hasn't seen too much failure, the guy who's had things come easily to him with practice - and he knows it, and isn't shy to tell you about how great he is.

    "The Punisher" Paul Jameson - WILDPANTHA05
    Name: Paul Jameson
    Hometown: Fayetteville, NC
    In Ring Name - "The Punisher" Paul Jameson
    Height/Weight – 6’2” 225 – Middleweight
    DOB – 6/7/1986
    Face/Heel – Face
    Entrance Music – Remixed version of “Dance with the Devil” by Breaking Benjamin
    Ring Attire – White stretch pants with green lightning bolts up the sides and “Punisher” written on his rear
    Signature Moves - Flying Elbow Drop (puts left foot on the top turnbuckle and raises his left fist to the air and looks out to the crowd and smiles before going to the top and jumping)
    Finisher move- “The Dead Eye” - a sharpshooter
    Paul came from a typical family background; mom, dad, and an older brother. From the outside, everything was “typical,” but to the wrestling world, the Jameson’s were anything but ordinary. Paul’s father Robert “The Natural” Jameson, later to be referred to “The Psycho,” was a historic champion in the, now defunct, American Wrestling Association. Eventually though, the pressure of being on top took a toll on Robert’s sanity until he was deemed unfit to continue the profession that he devoted his life to. One fateful evening in October of 1988 he was scheduled to have a match with his arch rival, “The Duke,” who had been taking pot shots at his family and lifestyle during promos. For reasons still unknown, Robert Jameson snapped and repeatedly rammed “The Duke’s” head into the steel stairs outside of the ring causing irreversible brain damage. Robert Jameson was given a lifelong ban from the AWA.
    Seeing his father shamed by the profession he devoted his life to, Paul realized it was his destiny to remove the stigma that was attached to their family’s name in the only way that he knew how. Since high school, under the tutelage of his father and some of his father’s remaining friends, Paul trained and studied the masters of the sport. In his basement, he was taught the intricacies of every hold and every submission maneuver. He became fluent in mat maneuvers and reversals. Through constant practice, grit, and determination, he was able to become a master of ground submissions. His constant training and perseverance also helped him to achieve a body that would rival the most athletic in the sport. While he always realized he may never be the strongest, he would always be the one of the most fit. The most important lesson that he learned from the stories of his father’s friends though, was that to succeed, you must have an undying love and respect for what brings you to the top. Through this, Paul has a reverence for the sport and the unspoken rules that govern the interactions between fellow competitors. No matter what, he will always respect the game and his competition. At the age of 22, Paul Jameson leaves his home, not only to purge the vileness that beseeches his last name, but to blaze his own trail towards leaving a legacy that no one will forget.

    Stirling Davis - MOLEFACE
    Name: Stirling Davis
    In Ring Name: Stirling "The Red Back" Davis
    Height/weight: Middleweight (6'0", 220 lbs)
    Signature Moves:
    - Bounce off ropes, drop on to back and uppercut a doubled-over opponent (ala Gold Dust) - "THIS is a knife!"
    - Sleeper hold
    Finisher Move:
    - Tornado DDT - "Howzat!"

    Background: Born in Brisbane, Australia, Stirling Davis is your typical aussie bloke. After getting into a couple of fights at school, he discovered early he had a talent for fighting. At age 9 he began practicing Judo and at age 17 he started to learn kickboxing. At age 19 he decided to study abroad and spent 3 years at the University of Colorado where he learned how to wrestle. After finishing study in Colorado he moved back to Brisbane and to work full time. To pay off his schooling debt he took up pro-wrestling for a local promotion on the weekends to earn a few extra dollars and put his well rounded combat skills to use. He found out quick that he had a knack for professional wrestling and soon moved up the ranks in Australia. At 28 now looking for bigger things in the sport of pro-wrestling and has come here to find it

    Stirling Davis is a well rounded fighter with a good mix of technical, brawling and high flying skills. He typically wrestles in baggy jeans and a dark green tank top. He stands 6'0" and 220lbs. He is well cut and tanned. He maintains a scruffy appearance though. He constantly looks like he hasn't shaved in 2 weeks and his short light brown hair is always in a mess. He has the Australian Coat-of-Arms tattood on his upper right arm

    He is always accompanied to the ring by his girlfriend Tanya. She is well tanned, has long red hair and bright green eyes. She usually wears low cut jeans and a short tight shirt. Typical eye candy who doesn't say much but always stands by her man

    Stirling Davis comes out to the ring to "Lost Control" by Grinspoon and comes out with Tanya. His in-ring trademark is to yell "OZZY OZZY OZZY" to which the crowd scream back "OI OI OI". He uses this when he enters the ring and occasionally during a match when momentum has swung his way in order to get a pop from the crowd

    Zack Hunter - REZNIK
    Name: Zack Hunter
    In Ring Name: same as above
    Height/Weight: Midweight - 6'0, 180 lbs
    Signature moves: Diving and/or leapfrog leg drop (depending on match type), Rope-aided corner dropkick (opponent seated in corner, grabs ropes and jumps/swings in to give double dropkick to chest), 'Jaa Smash' (a massive leaping elbow to the top of the head, sometimes with a step-up variation like an enziguri if the opponent is too tall, see 3:01 in this video: he often uses this as a setup for his finisher), Whisper in the Wind (almost like a second finisher but it never keeps them down yet for some reason people still mark out when he goes for the pin afterwards)
    Finisher move: Hunter's Chance (Shooting Star Press - he delays the rotation as much as possible to give it a 'just barely made it' look)
    Hometown: Smithville, Ontario. Billed from Toronto because according to wrestling the only cities that exist in Canada are Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Edmonton and Calgary.

    Background: As a kid his days involved working for his father on the family farm and his nights involved sitting with his brother, watching wrestling and kung-fu movies. Much to their father's amusement, Zack and his older brother Shane would constantly wrestle on everything from trampolines to snow to their own ring made from whatever spare wood was left at the side of the shed. As soon as they were old enough, they began driving out to any indy show they heard about, making connections and hoping to get work. They embarked on an unspectacular indy career, though it gave them both much-needed experience. They continued to hone their own unique style of wrestling, a combination of tips from the more experienced indy wrestlers, flash from watching the pros, and in Zack's case a bit of movie martial arts. Once Zack hit 18, he and his brother managed to find work in the big leagues as nameless jobbers, squashed in seconds by guys who would go on to win championships. Their persistence and reliability lead them to be booked as a mid-card tag team for a few months until their contracts expired, at which point PAW picked them up. They have all the potential in the world and long careers ahead of them...

    Appearance: Basically? Jeff Hardy.

    Wrestling Style: Zack is the flashier of the two brothers, relying on speed, strikes, and a lot of off-the-ropes moves to take his opponents off balance until he can hit the big moves. He rarely, if ever, goes for submissions other than the occasional hold on the legs. One of his strategies when fighting large opponents is to take out their legs first, so he might lock in a half-crab or something, but usually he'll use strikes and leg drops and such. When fighting in any kind of weapons match, Zack takes a page out of Jackie Chan's book and juggles/throws things with his feet, uses tables like a shield, dodges around/through ladders and just in general has a very unorthodox and comical style of weapons fighting. Zack strikes dominantly with his left hand, which he has wrapped up in black athletic tape from his palm to his elbow, and he is quite fond of chops/forearm strikes/elbow strikes (as can be seen by his 'Jaa Smash', his homage to Tony Jaa), however he doesn't fight in a rigid martial arts style like a lot of Japanese wrestlers do. He is very loose with his moves and somewhat hard to predict. He's beginning to gain a reputation for a) the impressive height of his jumps and b) his intense resiliency. He is able to take a lot of sick bumps/power moves and still keep going.

    "The Archer" Robin Adams - REYNOLDS
    Name: "The Archer" Robin Adams
    Height: Midweight
    Height : 6'2"
    Weight : 239 lbs.
    Alignment : Face
    Theme Song : "Princes of the Universe" by Queen
    Age : 24 (originally, 26 next appearance, probably 28-30 now)
    Birthplace : Bow, New Hampshire
    Style : High Flyer/Technical
    Favorite Moves : Bridged German suplex, any splash, chop
    Quote : "Right on target."
    Signature moves: Bullseye - springboard flying clothesline; Quiverplex - fisherman's suplex
    Finisher: Bow and Arrow Stretch - horizontal abdominal stretch with knee in back of opponent;
    Ring Attire: Long, purple tights with a yellow arrow down one leg, and ARCHER down the other. Yellow boots with purple trim and laces, similarly colored elbow and knee pads.
    Entrance Attire: Hooded sweatshirt with his colors and symbol on the back, an archery target with an 'A' in the middle.

    History : Robin grew up watching and loving wrestling. All the classics :
    Flair, Sting, Luger, Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Flyin' Brian Pillman, etc. He
    always dreamed of a job as a wrestler, but it was mostly that : a dream. He
    was on his high school football team, and an then left home for college on a
    football scholarship. While going to school, he stumbled upon an amatuer
    wrestling league. He only watched for years, eventually meeting the
    wrestlers and striking up a friendship with a few. He thought he would lose
    touch after graduating and being drafted into the NFL. However, an injury
    ended his football career and sent him looking for a new purpose in life.
    Travelling home, he stopped to check in with his wrestling buddies. They
    convinced him to try out, and he was soon learning the ropes and travelling
    across the country. Finally, he's gained enough recognition to be drafting
    into a 'big league' wrestling federation. He feels a little out of place,
    so far only wrestling in sub-par locations. But, he certainly tries his

    This guy is the super old school face. No hidden agenda, no moral shades of gray. The only times he wound up as a heel was when he somehow wound up in an anything goes no-holds-barred federation, and he got booed for being 'boring' (which I think the GM got from one of Mick Foley's ECW storylines). Picture pre-Crow Sting. Kids wearing bright facepaint and buying plenty of merchandise.
    The Show - ANTVGM64
    Name: Upton McIntyre
    Age: 34
    In Ring Name- The Show
    Height- 6'0 MidWeight
    Signature moves- Certain Jerker - A running side kick to the jaw that he tries to get to very early in the match.
    Finisher move- The Show's Over - Double Arm DDT

    Bio: The Show was a journeyman of many federations, associates, and every other word you could possibly use to describe a wrestling territory. Once young and vigorous, he has now become cold and bitter at the company and the world that has forced him to finally return to the ring.

    The Show started out as this kind of this young run and gun kid, that joins up with his best friend Big Willie. They end up going seperate paths, Big Willie onto super-stardom (He was bigger and more star like) while The Show messed around on Indy Circuits and so and so forth. Eventually, Show gets a contract at a federation called the PJWA, where Big Willie is former World Champion and contending for the belt. They form a tag team and run the table. For years this company was all about these two. Until it's revealed that The Show's big break was due to Big Willie. The hiring of The Show was a way to apease Big Willie.

    This does not sit well with The Show, who always had a chip on his shoulder for being percieved as the less talented of the two. A feud ensues. The Show wins, but at the cost of his best friend's health. Following a big Ladder Match Big Willie is carted out of the arena and never wrestles again.

    The Show should be on top of the world. Instead, he quits. He can't take it. he vacates the belt and hops from promotion to promotion, seeking out the hardcore ones in a hope to perhaps injure himself so he'd have an excuse not to wrestle anymore.

    He captures the Hardcore title in one fed that closes literally a week after he wins. He slinks off to Japan, to Mexico, places where he can get buy on his skills and people don't recognize him as the guy who crippled his best friend because he had an ego.

    Eventually he just stops wrestling. Gone as the sun glasses the swagger and the Attitude. He's a broken man. Miserable. To top it all of it's revealed he has a bastard son he must now legally support. The Show can't stand the thought of his last, greatest, moment in pro wrestling being standing over his broken friend or capturing a second rate title in a colapsing organization. He needs to prove to his son that his dad is someone worth while. And nothing, the fans who loved then hated him, not the wrestlers who pushed him to the top then pushed him to the gutter, and not the man who sits at home barely able to walk because of him, are going to stand in his way at his final shot at glory and redemption, and the thing is, The Show doesn't know if he has it. and he hates the industry he's now trying to prove wrong.
    Sean Miasaki - JAYSONFOUR
    Name: Sean Miasaki
    In-Ring Name: Sean "The Tech" Miasaki
    Age: 26
    Birthplace: St. Petersburg, FL
    Heel/Face: prefers face, but could go either way
    Style: Technical, analytical
    Height: 6'1"
    Weight: 239 lbs.
    Division: Light Heavyweight
    Entrance Music: "Move Along", All-American Rejects

    Signature Moves: Firewall (Irish Whip into ropes, clothesline on rebound), Reboot (Dragon Wheel)
    Finishers: Blue Screen Of Death (Buzzsaw Kick), CtrlAltDel (Tigerbomb), Overheat (Sharpshooter)

    History: Sean Smith had always been asked to go out for wrestling in high school. "You've got good size, you can move pretty well, and your center of gravity is right where it should be." But Sean refused, trying to prepare himself for college, with a degree in computer technology. It went on like this until his mother married for the second time, to a man by the name of Ken Miasaki. From what Sean could gather, he worked at a place called the BodyShop- a gym, he assumed, until he tagged along on a school holiday, and found what the place really was- a training ground for future professional wrestlers. Sitting beside his father, he watched the matches, and soon found his analytical mind working hard on strategy and how a smaller opponent could have taken a larger opponent. He felt like something that had been missing his entire life- a REASON for sharpening his body- had finally appeared. Thinking quickly, he chose to begin using his stepfather's name to help stand out from the crowd.

    Junior year, he went out for wrestling, and the team did okay- a few trophies here and there, but no state titles. At eighteen, he graduated, signing up that fall for the BodyShop's entry-level classes. It was there he found out playing by the book could get you seriously hurt. With his stepfather out of town, another instructor paired Sean with a senior student, one that had a streak of cruelty in him. As Sean went for an opening, the other competitor suddenly dodged out of the way, leaped up, then stomped on the back of Sean's right leg, resulting in a sickening 'crack'. Sean's lower leg had broken clean in half.

    Being out of action brought a new problem for Sean- the medical bills drained his parents' savings, and so he was forced to seek employment. He found it at a local computer repair service, jokingly named the Nerd Herd. With his many hours of studying, he quickly gained employment, and soon was making enough to cover tuition at the BodyShop after his leg healed.

    It took a few more years, but as Sean was finishing up at the BodyShop, word came of a new franchise that was starting up, looking for fresh, young talent. Sean applied, and was asked to come out to Las Vegas, for the premiere of a show by the name of Impulse.

    Appearance: His wrestling attire consists of an old Nerd Herd lab coat, covering trunks and boots of green spandex with gold and silver accents meant to resemble the wiring of a computer's motherboard. He's got brown hair and blue eyes.

    Personality: Outside of a match, Sean is fairly easygoing. He's also fairly quiet- most of the time he realizes that saying something stupid could make you look bad. Or get your head beat in. He's an unfortunate sucker for a pretty face- he just never learned some roses are all thorns.

    In match, however, he's quiet and analytical, focusing on what he has to do and how he's going to deal with it.

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    Mike "The Hammer" Johnson - MJN6172
    Real Name: Michael Johnson
    Ring Name: The Hammer
    Height: 6’9”
    Weight: 475 pounds
    Age: 37

    Finisher: The Hammer Fall – Diving Fist to the opponents head off of the top rope.

    Signature Moves: Bear Hug, Head butt, and Gorilla Press.

    Entrance Music: Europe - The Final Countdown

    Appearance: An enormous man, his head is shaved but he sports a thick black beard. He wrestles wearing a deep purple spandex unitard with no sleeves. The Hammer usually wears a gold-colored jacket to the ring with a four-leaf clover design on the back (his lucky jacket.) Outside of the ring he usually wears fairly simple clothes (blue jeans and work shirts.) He claims to have the biggest arms in North America, a claim that is frequently disputed.

    The Story:

    Michael Johnson was always the biggest kid his age, starting when he was born at a whopping 13 pounds 7 ounces. He grew up in Central Florida, the youngest son in a cattle-farming family. As the youngest son he was constantly trying to prove himself and show that he could keep up with his older brothers.

    Despite a promising High School football career, Michael never went to college. After graduating High School (a fact that he is VERY proud of), Michael joined a traveling carnival as a sideshow strongman. He earned the nickname “The Hammer” after breaking a bull’s neck with a single blow in a show of strength.

    The carnival was also his first exposure to wrestling. At first he merely watched from the sidelines, but he was eventually asked to join in due to his enormous size and strength. He was billed as the carnivals unbeatable champion, an unstoppable Goliath who beat all challengers.

    Eventually Michael caught the eye of a local wrestling promoter and was hired to work for IPW. He spent the next few years working for various independent wrestling promotions throughout the South (and some in Puerto Rico and Mexico as well.) Generally The Hammer was billed as a Monster, unstoppable heel only to eventually lose to the promotions champion. He held several minor titles but was never the world champion, a fact that infuriates him.

    After a short run in OVW, The Hammer spent a year wrestling in Japan for Pro-Wrestling NOAH. There he finally found his niche as a hardcore wrestler, delighting in his strength and his ability to make his opponents truly suffer. His run as the Openweight Hardcore Champion brought him to the attention of Pure Adrenaline Wrestling, which he sees as his chance to finally make it big.

    Johnny Steele - KRATALIGHTBLADE
    Appearance- He's black haired, green eyed. He wears jeans, almost all the time, and green shirts are preferred with brown or black vests, if he can't get ahold of a leather jacket. Black shitkicker boots in the ring, sneakers out. No piercings or tats.

    In Ring Name- Johnny Steele

    Ring Music- "It's My Life" by Bon Jovi

    Height/Weight- Midweight

    Face/Heel- Johnny is, personality-wise, technically a Face, but he's got an attitude that might make him seem a tad Heelish. You'll see what I mean.

    Signature moves- The Meet My Steele (An Evenflow DDT), The Steele Takedown (Basicaly a running Spear), The Ringer (A series of lightning-quick jabs and punches to the face, boxing-style)

    Finisher move- The Steelefist Tango (While opponent is standing, do a running Shining Wizard to take them to the ground, then whle they're getting up, a soccer-style kick to the gut. Step back, wait for them to stand, and just as they get up, launch into a flurry of street-style punches and elbows, culminating in a jaw-shattering spinning backfist.)

    Boris Nikitin
    AKA The Siberian Grizzly, AKA The One Man Riot
    6'2", 275lbs
    Vladivostok, Russia
    Black hair, grey eyes
    Age 30

    Signature Moves: Russian Leg Sweep, Face-Fisted (Lou Thezz Press), Hangover (Brainbuster), Figure-4 leglock, Grizzly Love (Bearhug)
    Finisher 1: Kamchatka's Fury (a Russian Neckbreaker-I saw the move on WWF No Mercy but I don't know any superstar that actually does this move
    Finisher 2: Crazy Ivan (a 360-spinning pile driver)
    Intro Music: Indestructable by Disturbed

    Boris Nikitin is a pale, stocky man from Russia's far east. He's kept mum on what he did before turning to professional wrestling. By the time he did appear on the indy scene, Boris was already sporting permanent scars on his hairy, muscled chest and was missing his left eye. The combination of an eye patch and a full beard and mustache have led some to comment that he looks like a combination of Commander Riker and Big Boss.

    Boris went through several wrestling gimmicks, including one with Cletus Jefferson. As his english impoved, Boris started to wrestle under his own name. Eventually he signed with the WWE. He started as a nefarious russian commando but his gimmick evolved so that by the time he became a midcarder, it could be described best as "Steve Austin off of Elise Island". He wears black tights and boots with elbow pads. On his left thigh is stylized picture of a bear's head, and on the back of his tights is his last name spelled out in Russian.

    Boris rocketed to wrestling fame by helping to organize Wrestle Aid, a multi brand event held to support cancer research. Boris pulled a major coup by getting Dwayne Johnson and several other retired stars to perform at Wrestle Aid. Boris then promoted the event through a series of Youtube videos. The event was a major success, raising over a billion dollars.

    Though he demonstrated his ability to draw large crowds, the WWE has so far been unsure on how to use a star that wasn't created by them. So far, he lacks a major story angle leading into Wrestlemania, and rumors that contract negotiations have stalled are prevelant in internet chat rooms. Perhaps Boris is looking for a change in scenery...

    Boris fights with a combination of punches and kicks with power holds, using technical moves to mix it up. He likes to fight as rough as the rules permit; he borders on heelish dirty fighting but doesn't cross it. If he gets DQ'd, or if he's in a really bad mood, he'll just pound the crap out of his opponent, often with a foreign object. In one instance he went beserk and Crazy Ivan'd everyone in and around the ring-his opponents, his partner, the ref, the ringside cameramen, and the announcers. But, according to one colleage, "despite all that, he's a really nice guy"

    Edward "The Captain" Jones
    Edward "The Captain" Jones
    6'0", 250lbs
    Edmonton, Canada
    Brown Hair, Blue Eyes
    Age 33


    Signature Moves: Captain's Orders - Irish Whip the opponent into the ropes and spearing into them as they come back to The Captain.

    Finisher: The Captain Crunch - Vertical Suplex, but instead of dropping cleanly, the Captain overbalances doing almost as much damage to himself as to the opponent. This is often followed by the Captain crawling over to his opponent and applying a cover for the count out.

    Intro Music: Ambush by Sepultura ("When you go down, you go down fighting!)

    The Captain is an ego maniacal professional wrestler hailing from the snowy heart of Canada. Convinced that he is the biggest Wrestling Superstar in the world, he is oblivious to the fact that he has little fan support and has never progressed past Midcarder status in his home Country.

    Thinking of himself as a technical Wrestler, he tries to pull off some of the more difficult moves but often botches them up. Because of this The Captain has become used to taking big bumps, and as such has a reputation for being unbreakable. This however is his only virtue, as his technical skills leave a lot to be desired.

    Known for his bright orange tights and his long brown hair The Captain cuts a flamboyant presence in the ring, but that is as far as it goes. His career highlights before moving to PAW were defeating "Deadman" Paul Derny in the Nova Scotia Action Wrestling Heavyweight title fight two years ago, but since then he has been bouncing around between promotions.

    Is now the start of a great comeback for The Captain?

    JR Dallas
    Ring Name: JR Dallas
    Height/Weight: 6'3" 285lbs
    Theme Song: Theme from Dalllas (Which was a TV Show with the dad from Step by Step on it)

    The story: JR is a rich oil man from TEXAS (which is the best state if you ask him or me, don't mess with it. That is why i always gets WRESTLEMANIA~! (caus it the best ) And one day he goes to a wrestling show and had really good seats like almost in the front row cause he is rich and famus in dallas for being so rich and everyone like him so that maybe he will give them some money and he has like 3 girlfriends like Hug Hefenr but he not old he's strong and tuff and good in bec and that's why they all like JR. And so he watchd the show and it was pretty good evne had a 4 **** match on it but JR think it was only ***1/2 star because he has hi standards and it not hardcore enough. So asrftr the show JR was leaving it and somebody shot him!!!!! Right in the face!!! And he got hurt by being shot and he has to go to the hospital and now he has a scar on his face and so his girlfriends dump him cause he now is only thinking about revenge and not thinking about doing them any more not even 2 tims a day, so they dump him and they go and dated ARod because he was the next most famous player in Dallas (cause he play for the TEXAS rangers then, (the baseball team not the cops, cause why would there be a famous cop on the texas rangers that girls would like besides for Walker but he is not real realy he is Chuck Norris who is tough and hardcore like JR but he is old and has oldfashoned morsals like your mom and so he doen't want to do three girls at the same time and so only one of JRs girlfriends went to him and they are now married, and she always think he is almsot as good as JR and the other two went to ARod but now we know he was on STEROIDS then so his weenie was all shrivled up so he couldn't make them have happyes! Hahahahah And so Now JR is gets out of the Hospital and he is all 100 focused on getting back at the one who shot him but he doen't no who it was that shot him, so he does the only thing he can do, he traisn and becomes a wrestler and not just any wrestler but the best at it . JR becomes to Wrestling like a tree to water. He joins a bunch of feds like AHW (cause he trying to get into the Colo but Josh say he not ready yet,) but thne AHW close and Nick Blake say he still not good enough so he join some other feds I can't remember but some were the AEW NIWW WEWF WIWF FFW CWG and then he become the vice prez of the RGEHR with his partner Joe Titus who he form the rWo with Real World Order for life but then he leavred that and Start his own fed the Extreme AssPounding Fed and was the champ of it but nobody join it so it close.

    JR has many many firends who have come his way cause he rich and famous wrestler and oil man most importantly are his firend Drew Billings who is is friend and who JR try to teach to be a better wrestler but he is learning to slowly and still hasn't won 1 match or done much hardcore. Then there is Brittany who is JR's hot nurse and girlfriend and she helps him with all his hardcore injuries. JR also teaches Brittany about hardcore... but the other kind of hardcore (hahahaha if you know what I mean hahah) and she love JR and he think she is great, but he still looking for to more girffriends or maybe even 3 cause thats how JR roles. Always he is looking for the one who shot him and he will keep going until he shooter checks them all... even u if yyou get in his way!!! So don't mess with Texas or fear JR Dallas!!

    Finisher: Shooter Check - JR Grab him like he is going to hit him with the Rick Bottom aka the Booend when Booker T dos it but he is not him and that is not what he does he instead hooks him with it and then he is able to look at him and he gets really scard of him and then he knows if he is the one that did it and then he goes and hit him with his other arm and knocks him the damn out!

    Signature Moves: Moon over Dallas (JR hit him in the corner then smash him with his but) Dallas Cowboy (JR hit him in the corner then do bronco buster on him (not gay) J.R.mbar - same as a reguallr arm bar but whne JR dos it you call it a JRmbar. Sometimes gus are so pussie of JR they even tap out to this if he let them.

    Handler : Alex Blais
    Wrestler's Name : Manik
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight: 247 lbs.
    Signature moves : "Can Opener"(450 Driving Elbow), "Head Hunter"(Emerald Fusion/Brainbuster)
    Finishing move : "X-Bomb" (Two handed elevated chokehold turning into a Samoan neckbreaker)

    Entrance Theme: "I AM HATED" by Slipknot

    Past nicknames : The hunter, The Human Machine Gun, The SWF Assassin, the GWL Assassin, The Main Man
    Past accomplishements : SWF Overseas Champion (7 years), First Ever 2 times SWF Supreme Champion (having held every titles)

    Draven "The Northern Wolf"
    Your Name: David Freitas
    Your E-Mail:

    Wrestlers Name: Draven "The Northern Wolf"
    Height: 6'3
    Weight: 255
    Hometown: Vale da Amoreira, Portugal
    Entrance Theme: "Inferno" By Graeme Revell
    Aligment Tweener
    Pic Base: Crow Sting
    Type / Style: Technical/Submissionist

    Top Ten Wrestling Moves: Russian LegSweep, German Suplex, Belly-to-Belly Suplex, Snap Suplex, Vertical Suplex, FaceBuster, Inverted DDT, Swinging NeckBreaker, One Handed BullDog, Tornado DDT.
    Submission(s): Boston Crab, Dragon Clutch, Camel Clutch
    Finisher 1: WolfShade (Modified Crippler Crossface)
    Finisher 2: Full Moon (4x German Suplex)
    Trademark Move 1: Rampage (Spear)
    Trademark Move 2: WolfStrike (Running high angle corner body splash)

    Entrance: "Inferno" by Graeme Revell Blasts on the speakers as on the Screen videos of wolves in frozen hills start showing up, Draven slowly walks down the ramp, he looks around as he makes his way down the ramp, enters the ring.

    Past Accomplishments: SWF European Champion 2 times, SWF World Heavyweight Champion, NXWF Street Fighter Champion, NXWF Tag Team Champion, NXWF US Champion, NXWF TV Champion, GWL Annhilitator Champion

    "The Massacre" Jake Powers
    Name: "The Massacre" Jake Powers
    In Ring Name- Massacre, Jake, Jake Powers, Powers
    Height- Heavyweight. 6'3" 250lbs
    Face/Heel-Tweener with Face tendencies
    Signature moves- Oblivion: Double elbow drop, Meltdown: Snap Double Underhook DDT
    Finisher move- Fading Fast: Double Underhook Piledriver

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    PAW Impulse - Feb. 3rd, San Jose CA

    The Reaper is in the ring, standing and waiting after cutting his pre-match promo. "Stronger" hits the speakers, and the crowd boos.

    DR: Wait...Andrea Hill? She's not allowed in this match!

    Out from the back comes...Devin Duncan. Andrea shoves him through the curtain. Devin seems reluctant, but Andrea yells at him and gives him another push. He falls and rolls halfway down the ramp, as Andrea storms off to the back. Devin collects himself at the base of the ring, and looks up and the unmoving man inside. He cowers at ringside, as John "The Bomb" Bowski makes his way down the ramp. Bowski pushes Devin out of his way and gets in the ring, showing no fear. He walks right up to Reaper and gets in his face.

    CG: Bowski's a way is he backing down from The Reaper. Reaper thinks he's scary, Dave...but I bet Bowski has seen things that would give him nightmares!

    Next up is Sean Miasaki, who enters the ring and begins to prepare himself in one of the corners, following him is Mike "The Hammer" Johnson...the massive freak of a man, and the biggest wrestler on the PAW roster. He grabs Devin from behind and rolls him into the ring. Devin backs up into the corner and begs him off. The Hammer bends down and grabs him by the hair, raising his fist to threaten the poor guy. But the Guvna's music hits next! Accompanied by Cletus Jefferson, he shakes hands with the fans on the way down to the ring. Hammer's attention is immediately drawn to him...he lets go of Devin and glares a hole through The Guvna. The two come face-to-face in the ring...and they start to brawl! Beside them, so do Reaper and Bowski!

    CG: Hey, not everyone is here yet!

    DR: Looks like this match is starting anyway, Cary!

    The fans erupt as the action starts to heat up. The four men trade punches, back and forth. Miasaki bides his time, and just watches. Duncan is still too panicked to do anything useful. Finally, Eddie Swan enters the arena, to a chorus of boos. He runs down the ramp to the ring...and doesn't get in. He bides his time on the outside as the brawl continues. Bowski hits a hard haymaker to the side of Reaper's skull, knocking the undead man down to the canvas. Miasaki comes up from behind him, and tries to push him over the top rope! But Bowski hangs on, barely allowing Sean to get him off his feet. As they struggle with each other...the Reaper stands up...and Swan grabs his ankle from outside the ring and pulls back, tripping Reaper and making him crash face-first into the mat! Eddie finally slides into the ring. Hammer backs Reaper into the corner with a few well-placed punches, and tries to lift the ruler of Parts Unknown up and over. But they, too, are locked in a struggle. Eddie stomps down on the top of Reaper's head a couple of times, keeping him grounded.

    DR: Well, his methods might not be the most honorable, but I have to give Eddie Swan credit...they work!

    CG: Just goes to show that size isn't everything, Dave.

    DR: Exactly. When you're in the ring with so many larger opponents, you need to play it smart, and pick your spots. But the real question is: can he get these guys over the top rope?

    CG: No, the REAL question is: what the hell is Duncan doing?

    Devin Duncan is wrapped up in a ball, sitting in the corner, too scared to go after anyone. Guvna wins the brawl with Hammer and staggers him into the corner. He grabs both of Hammer's legs and lifts them up to send him over the top rope. But Mike wraps his ankles around the ropes. Guvna keeps trying to push him over, and Hammer starts to rain down blows on the top of his head. Bowski slugs Miasaki, who stumbles back into the waiting arms of Eddie Swan. Swan holds Miasaki and says something to Bowski, motioning for the double-team. Bowski uses the ropes for momentum and charges, but at the last second, Sean breaks free and moves out of the way...and Bowski clotheslines Swan to the ground! Meanwhile, Guvna and Hammer are still struggling with each other in the corner. Hammer kicks up and hits Guvna in the face, then runs and gives him a hard shoulder tackle, taking him down. He turns his attention to the Reaper, who's just gotten back to his feet. He grabs Reaper and Gorilla Presses him up, showing amazing stength! He carries Reaper to the edge of the ring...

    DR: My God! He's going to toss him right over!

    CG: Reaper's not a small man, Dave! Amazing!

    He fully extends his arms up, and goes to throw Reaper Reaper squirms out of his grip and lands behind him! Before Hammer can react, Reaper and Bowski each grab a leg from behind and lift him up! Hammer is over the top rope, hanging upside down and holding on for dear life! Miasaki approaches them to help out, but is tackled by Swan from behind! The two start to brawl...and Guvna is slowly getting to his feet, Cletus cheering him on at ringside. Guvna looks over at the five men across the ring...ten over at Devin Duncan in the corner...and grins an evil, sadistic grin. He walks over to Devin, and grabs the terrified young man by the hair. He lifts Devin up to his chest as if he was going for a front powerslam...then spins around and runs right at Eddie and Sean! He collides into both men, using Devin's own body as a weapon! Swan and Miasaki are floored!

    CG: Did he...did he just clothesline them with another man's torso?

    DR: ...I guess so?

    Bowski and Reaper let go of Hammer and turn to meet this new threat...and Guvna LAUNCHES Devin right at them! They're flattened by the grossly overweight flying fatty! Guvna lets loose a primal scream, and as Hammer re-enters the ring off the apron, he lifts Duncan back up. He tosses Devin at Hammer...and Hammer catches him! He stumbles back...then lunges and throws Duncan back at Guvna...and Guvna catches him!

    CG: This is the most messed-up game of catch I've ever seen. I think Duncan is CRYING, Dave.

    DR: What freakish strength from both of these men!

    Guvna smiles, and charges for another Devin-assisted clothesline. But Swan and Miasaki both leap up and hit perfect drop kicks to the back of Devin Duncan! Guvna stumbles back a few steps...and Reaper runs straight at him, connecting with a huge big boot directly to the face! Guvna falls back...and is squashed as Duncan falls with him! Bowski pulls Duncan, and together with Miasaki, Swan, and Reaper, they all bring him up over the top rope...and dump him dow to the floor! Devin Duncan is eliminated!

    CG: Well...there goes MY pick.

    DR: ...Really?

    CG: ...No.

    Suddenly, Hammer runs up from behind the four men, and uses both arms to give both Bowski and Miasaki a Northern Lariat...sending them both over the top! But they both land on the apron, saving themselves! Swan drops the big man down to a knee with a chop block, and Reaper hits a big boot once again, sending Hammer down. Miasaki and Bowski move to get bac in the ring...Cletus is behind them! He pulls them both down by the legs off the apron! They both hit the floor...John Bowski and Sean Miasaki are eliminated!

    DR: Are you kidding me?! Why is Jefferson even out here?!

    CG: Hey...he didn't break any rules, Dave.

    DR: I don't believe this...Bowski and Miasaki deserved a fair chance! Cletus had no right getting involved! What a piece of garbage!

    CG: No right? It's his right as The Guvna's manager and political partner! If you don't want to cause an international incident, stop slandering the foreign dignitaries!

    The two of them argue with the ref, but the elimination is official. Back in the ring, Swan directs Reaper over to continue double-teaming Hammer. They drag the big man over to the ropes, and Swan tells Reaper to lift him up. Reaper does so...and Swan kicks him low! The crowd boos...and Eddie throws Reaper over the ropes...Reaper hits the floor and is out!

    DR: Does ANYONE in this thing play fair?

    CG: Hey...battle royals are no DQ, Dave. That IS playing fair!

    Eddie smirks, looking proud of himself. So proud that he doesn't notice The Guvna getting to his feet, and coming up behind him. Suddenly, he's lifted up onto Guvna's shoulders...his arms flailing...and he's sent over the top with the Landslide! Eddie Swan is out!

    DR: Ha! Got what he deserved!

    CG: Hey, I like Swan, but he stopped paying attention for one moment and it cost him.

    DR: Oh God...I just realized who's left...

    The Guvna turns around and comes face to face with The Hammer.

    CG: Oh yeah...this is gonna be good.

    The two come to blows in an epic fistfight. Back and forth, back and forth, they clobber each other with lefts and rights. Neither man relents. Hammer with a headbutt! Guvna returns with one of his own! Now they're trading headbutts! Both men are getting groggy. Hammer wraps his arms around Guvna and locks in a bearhug! He squeezes hard, trying to crush his opponent with all his might. Guvna just keeps headbutting him in the face. He hits one to the bridge of the nose! Hammer lets go and stumbles back, blood oozing from his nose. Guvna charges him...back body drop from Hammer! Guvna goes up and over the ropes! But no! He manages to land on the apron, saving himself! Hammer spins around to face him, and Guvna grabs him. He's going for a vertical suplex to the outside of the ring! He lifts Hammer up overhead...but Hammer turns himself around in midair and lands on the apron beside him. They exchange blows. Guvna hits Hammer! Hammer hits Guvna! Guvna nearly falls, but claps his hand on the rope! He comes back with another headbutt to the face. Now Hammer is teetering on the edge!

    DR: Who's going to win this clash of the giants! One false step and it's over for one of these men!

    Hammer moves to hit Guvna again...and Cletus is below him, with a hold on his leg! Hammer tries to shake him off, but can't break the grip! Guvna tackles him! Both men come crashing down off the apron, right on top of Cletus Jefferson! All three hit the floor! The fans all stand on their feet, trying to get a better view. The refs crowd around the scene...

    DR: Both men are out!

    CG: So who won?!

    The camera pans down to the pile of bodies on the floor. A foot is draped over the body of Cletus Jefferson...Hammer's right foot! The ref calls for the bell...Mike Johnson wins!

    DR: Both feet didn't hit the floor! The Hammer is your winner!

    CG: about a lucky break!

    DR: This means that later on tonight...Mike Johnson gets a shot at the Lady Luck Championship! He couldn't have asked for a better debut!

    The ref raises Johnson's hand...Hammer looks proud of himself. Guvna is up...and he tackles Hammer from behind!

    DR: What the hell?! The match is over!

    CG: Guvna doesn't look too happy, Dave!

    With Cletus yelling encouragement, Guvna grabs Hammer by the head, and tosses him nose-first into the ring post! Hammer falls down, his hands clasped across his face, screaming in pain. Guvna just looks down at him with a sick smile, then calmly waves to the booing crowd. Cletus looks proud of him. The two walk up the ramp, smiling, as someone runs down to help Johnson.

    DR: What a sore loser! That was completely uncalled for!

    CG: Oh boo hoo. Poor guy...gets a title shot on his very first night. Excuse me while I cry for him.

    DR: As inexcusable as the Guvna's actions're right on one thing. Tonight Mike "The Hammer" Johnson is going for the gold! But that nose may be broken, Cary...which may hurt his chances at getting past Stirling Davis!

    CG: I doubt it...Davis is a paper champ, and after seeing Hammer in action...I have no doubt he's not making it past his first defense.

    "Princes Of The Universe" by Queen plays, and out comes "The Archer" Robin Adams. Most of the fans cheer as he makes his way down the ring, especially the kids and women. Following him is Andrea Hill, accompanies by her agent Julia Strand and a chorus of boos, cat calls, and insulting chants. Andrea rolls her eyes and ignores them. Julia seems quite cheerful, though. Andrea gets on the apron, then flips into the ring, playing to the crowd and inciting even more disdain from the fans. Julia stays at ringside, and eyes up Archer. She likes what she sees.

    DR: Well...assuming Archer isn't the type to take a bribe...tonight will be Andrea's proper debut.

    CG: More's our first time seeing this Julia lady at ringside. And DAMN...I think I'm in love, Dave.

    DR: Try not to slobber all over your suit, can't afford to spend another 20 bucks replacing it!

    CG: Oh come on, Dave, like you aren't thinking the same thing.

    DR: She's a beautiful woman, sure...but try to remain professional!

    CG: God, you just suck the fun out of everything, Dave!

    DR: Can we get back to the match, please? It's about to start!

    The ref calls for the bell. Adams offers his hand to Andrea...and she just slaps it away. Boos come from everywhere in the crowd. Andrea tells Adams to bring it on. He lifts his arms up to lock up with her...and she slugs him across the face! Adams reels back, then looks back at Andrea to see her egging him on. She tells him to hit her. But Adams doesn't look like he wants to. So she slugs him again, yelling "COME ON! HIT ME!". The fans BEG him to do it...but he won't.

    CG: What an idiot...

    DR: Idiot? He's a true gentleman!

    CG: This is a FIGHT. Andrea is a FIGHTER. She signed on for this...and Adams is insulting her by treating her like this!

    DR: Well, I can't say I'd be comfortable hitting a lady either, Cary.

    CG: That's the thing! She's not a "lady"...she's a competitor! I'm not saying he should punch Julia in the nose...but Andrea came here to compete!

    Andrea's getting mad. She swings at him again...and he ducks underneath the blow, comes up behind her, and gets her in a backslide! 1...2...Andrea kicks out! Andrea swings a big roundhouse kick straight at his face, and again he ducks, this time rolling her up with a school boy! 1...2...kickout! Adams backs up into the ropes, and as he rebounds, Andrea jumps up with a dropkick...but Adams catches her by the legs, lets her drop down, then flips over her into a jacknife pin!! Andrea lifts her shoulder up just in time. Both get to their feet, and face off.

    DR: Well, he may not be willing to hit her...but there are other ways to win!

    CG: Pfft...coward.

    Andrea gets in Archer's face, chewing him out and questioning his manhood. She slaps him, the sound echoing throughout the arena. Robin looks into her eyes, and tells her straight-up that he's not goin to hit her. She rears back to slap him across the face one more time...and he catches her amr and wrenches it around. Andrea bites her lip as her arm is twisted. She runs to the nearby corner and runs up the ropes, backflipping over Adams and landing on her feet, reversing the pressure. Now it's her turn...she wrenches The Archer's arm around. But he rolls through, and then trips her lep up, making her fall to the mat face-down. He rolls onto her back and grabs her arm with one hand, putting her in a hammerlock. Andrea winces and struggles, but Adams uses his superior strength to keep her grounded. He reaches back with his free arm and pulls back on her leg, stretching her in two places at once. Andrea grimaces and closes her eyes, trying to ignore the pain. The ref asks her if she wants to give up, but she gives him a defiant "no!" Archer lets go of her arm, and wraps his arm around her head instead. He positions his knees on her back, then starts to roll over...

    DR: This could be it already! He's trying to lock in the Bow & Arrow!

    Archer rolls onto his back, lifting Andrea up into the air with his knees jammed in her back. But she shakes her leg free from his grip...and rolls backwards, landing on her feet near his head! Archer sits up, but Andrea hits him in the back of the head with a hard dropkick! He collapses and she covers him! 1...2...kickout! Archer starts to get to his feet...Andrea run to the ropes, leaps up, and srpingboards off, connecting with a stiff diving kick to the face! He goes back down, and Andrea stands up at his side...and she hits a beautiful twisting moonsault press! The crowd is amazed at her agility, as she hooks the leg!! Archer just barely gets the shoulder up!

    CG: wow! That was amazing! She did that just from standing!

    DR: That's the gymnast background coming through, Cary! She may be the single most acrobatic wrestler on the roster!

    Andrea drops her thick across Robin's neck, and goes for another cover...but again only gets a two-count. She gets back up, and again stands at his side, turning her back towards him. She plays to the crowd, and takes a bow, showing off. Then she leaps up...standing moonsault! Archer gets the knees up! Andrea drives her own gut right into his knees...and as she's hunched over, Adams reaches up and pulls her down into a small package! 1...2...NO! Andrea kicks out in the nick of time!

    DR: That was a close one! Andrea wasted too much time, and allowed The Archer to recover!

    CG: It's only a matter of time, Dave...Andrea has this well in hand.

    Hill rolls on the mat, clutching her ribs. Adams stands up, and looks down at her, and when he sees her in pain, he seems to feel sorry for her. He covers her again, hooking both legs...but she kicks out. He lifts her gently as he can...and gets her position for the Quiverplex! He lifts her up...and hits it! He bridges it into a pin! 1...2...3! No! Andrea kicks out again! Julia at ringside looked like she was about to have a heart attack!

    CG: Man...this is one tough chick, Dave. That was one of Archer's best moves!

    DR: But I noticed he didn't go after the hurt ribs. I think he's going easy on her...

    CG: Oh please. Stop making excuses. Archer just isn't good enough to put Andrea away.

    Julia is screaming at Andrea, telling her to get up. Archer leans down and once again goes to apply the Bow & Arrow...

    CG: See? He was working the back with the Quiverplex, to soften her up! Not holding back at all!

    Andrea kicks her leg up an strikes him in the side of the head! Archer stumbles back, and Andrea rolls to her feet. She charges him...and hits a jumping, spinning kick to the head! Archer goes down! Andrea bolts to the corner and climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle! The fans boo as she stands up and raises her arms into the air!

    DR: This could be the Phoenix Splash! One of the most death-defying moves in all of pro wrestling!

    She leaps high into the air...twisting her body around as she performs the Phoenix Splash...flying down to the mat...and Archer moves! Andrea crashes and burns! Andrea screams in pain, holding her ribs in agony.

    CG: Ugh...that looked...really painful...

    Archer drags himself across the ring, still lightheaded from the blows he took...and drapes his arm over Andrea's chest. The ref counts......1......2......NO! Andrea rolls over onto her stomach!

    DR: Unbelievable! I'm surprised at how much punishment this young woman can take!

    CG: See why Archer shouldn't have been holding back? She'll outlast him. She can take anything he'll throw at her!

    Suddenly, the whole arena starts to boo...Dorian Starr is making his way down the ramp, with a camera in his hand and a smile across his face.

    DR: What the hell is HE doing here?!

    CG: Hey, he's the man in charge of the new mag...I'm sure he's just here to take some photos, Dave!

    Adams uses the middle rope to pull himself to his feet...still shaking the cobwebs out of his head. Dorian stands ouside the ring, directly in front of him, and beside Julia. He lifts the camera up, and takes a picture...and the bright flash blinds Adams! He stumbles back...Andrea rolls him up! The ref counts! 1......2......3! The bell rings...Andrea Hill wins!

    DR: Oh COME ON!

    Julia is ecstatic. She hops up and down, clapping her hands. The fans throw their garbage into the ring, pelting Andrea and Dorian. Starr just keeps on smiling, and backs away towards the ramp. Julia helps Andrea out of the ring, and then raises her hand up in victory. Andrea is favoring her ribs, but that doesn't stop her from soaking up all the glory with a proud smirk on her face. Adams in the ring is still a little dazed from the light of the flash, but he slowly lifts himself up. He looks over at Andrea and Julia as they leave...Julia blows him a kiss...while he stares a hole through the both of them. He shakes his head and rolls out of the ring, taking his leave...and shaking the hands of some fans as he walks to the back.

    DR: What a farce! Dorian Starr just screwed The Archer big time!

    CG: What are you talking about? He took a PICTURE. It's not Andrea's fault if his attention span can't handle a little flash from a camera. he dropped his guard and Andrea capitalized. End of story.

    DR: He's just an honorable man wanting an honorable match! What's wrong with that?

    CG: Like Julia said...his is a dying breed. maybe now he'll pack his bags and move on with his life...because he obviously can't cut it in PAW. He's outclassed by the stars of Dorian Starr and Andrea Hill!

    DR: *sigh*...Well...look like Andrea moves on in the tournament. But we've got four more quarter-final matches to go!

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    It’s ‘The Canadian Dragon’ Connor McKenzie and The Show squaring off now, circling the ring as they try to feel each other out. They act at the same time, locking up and struggling back and forth for a few moments before Show gains the upper hand and whips Connor in to the ropes. He goes for a clothesline, but Connor ducks, rebounds again, and hits Show with a dropkick just as Show turns around. The crowd pops, and Connor keeps up his momentum by hitting the ropes again. He jumps over Show, rebounds, and goes for a clothesline but Show cleanly counters it right into a hip toss. Connor rolls to his feet and runs right into a lockup. There’s another struggle. Show gets Connor in a rear waistlock, but Connor fights out with elbows to the side of the head and goes for his own rear waistlock. Connor tries a release german suplex, but Show flips in the air and lands on his feet. Connor spins around only to be floored by an STO. Show goes for the pin. 1…2…Kickout!

    DR: Some great back and forth action so far!

    CG: Yeah, the Show is really impressive!

    DR: What about Dragon?

    CG: ...Meh.

    Show sneers and picks Connor up by the hair. The crowd starts chanting ‘Dragon! Dragon! Dragon!’. Show hammers Connor with a few body blows and staggers him with a right hook to the face. Connor is dazed. Show sees the opportunity and seizes it. He goes for that running side kick… no! Connor counters out of nowhere into a Dragon whip! The crowd pops huge and Connor gets his second wind. As Show scrambles to his feet, Connor hits some stiff kicks to the stomach and back. The sound of the impact is enough to make anyone cringe. He floors Show with a few forearms to the back and locks in a Boston crab. The referee checks Show, who refuses to tap and instead inches his way to the ropes. Connor tries to pull him back to the center of the ring, but Show uses all the power in his legs to throw Connor forwards and break the hold.

    DR: I thought it was overright there! A terstament to the Show's toughness!

    CG: Dragon just simply can't put him away...he's out of his league.

    DR: Out of his league?! He's been going move-for-move with the Show this entire match!

    Both men pull themselves up with the ropes. The crowd’s still cheering wildly for Connor, urging him on. There’s a tense moment where both competitors stare each other down from opposite sides of the ring… and then they charge at each other and a brawl ensues. They go shot for shot, brutal lefts and rights connecting one after the other. Connor finally breaks the chain by blocking one of Show’s punches, twisting his arm back into a hammerlock. He lands a few more forearms, still working on the veteran’s back. Show doesn’t go down. He counters with elbows, but Connor refuses to let go. So Show improvises and nails Connor in the groin with a blind back kick. Connor drops to the mat and the crowd lays into Show with boos. He doesn’t give a shit what they have to say. He lands some stomps on Connor, still writhing on the mat. The ref admonishes Show, but Show doesn’t hear any of it. He just acquaints Connor’s head with his boot. Once Connor stops moving, Show steps back, smirking. The crowd’s absolutely livid.

    CG: How can the fans treat The Show like this? It's a travesty!

    DR: Maybe if he actually showed some respect for his opponent and the sport, he'd get some back!

    CG: He DOES respect the sport! But if you're asking him to respect this scrub, then you're asking too much!

    But then it happens—Connor kips up! He’s back from the dead, and the crowd’s just roaring, ready to tear the roof off the place. Show goes wide-eyed for a second until Connor charges him. They lock up and Connor lands a suplex. Show is slow to get to his feet where he’s greeted by a couple knees to the torso and another suplex. Connor’s on fire! He climbs to the top rope as Show groggily gets up, somehow. Missile dropki—NO! Show steps out of the way and Connor eats mat. Show capitalizes instantly. He picks Connor up by the hair, lands a few punches and whips him into the ropes. He lands a massive powerslam on the rebound and picks Connor up once more. He whips him to the ropes, but Connor hooks his arms on the top rope and stops. He’s still in this! He stares Show down, then charges, looking for a running tackle… but WHAM! SHOW’S OVER! Show counters that attempted tackle right into his finisher and goes for the pin. 1…2…3. That’s it.

    CG: Good night! And good riddance!

    DR: Dragon put up an amazing fight! But once again, the wily veteran is able to perservere!

    Punisher makes his way out first, to the sounds of Breaking Benjamin's "Dance With The Devil" The fans are behind him, mostly. Though some still seem a little spooked by his last promo. He's followed by Dorian Starr...who might be getting the most crowd heat so far tonight. He has his camera in hand, and takes photos of the arena on his way to the ring. He sets the camera down on the timekeeper's table, and steps into the ring. The ref checks both men for foriegn objects, as the entrance music fades.

    DR: not the first time we've seen Dorian Starr tonight...earlier he helped Andrea Hill advance in the tournament. But will he move on as well?

    CG: I keep telling you, Dave...all he did was take a picture. There was no foul play!

    DR: Come on, Cary...we all saw Dorian last week...he breaks every rule in the book, when he can get away with it!

    CG: Nothing wrong with using the rules to your advantage! Dorian's a smart wrestler, which is why he's my early pick for the first PAW Champ!

    The bell rings, and the two men approach each other. They trash talk a little...and then break out into a fistfight! They trade punches back and forth...and r gets the upper hand! He backs Starr into the corner, and then irish whips him to the opposite end! He follows up up with a running clothesline into the corner, then a bulldog, taking Starr down to the mat! He makes the cover...1...2...kickout! Both men rise up...and Punisher with a quick snapmare, following it up with a stiff kick to the back! Another cover...1...2...Starr kicks out once more. He drops an elbow across the throat...then another...then a thrid! Another cover!! Dorian kicks out again!

    CG: Obviously, he's not even close to being worn down enough! I don't know why Punisher even bothered going for the pin!

    DR: It'sone of the best things you can do in the ring, Cary...ALWAYS go for the win. Even if your opponent kicks force him to use that energy!

    CG: Well...I'm sure Dorian has plenty left in the tank...

    He lifts Starr back up...and Dorian pokes him in the eye! The ref gets in his face...but Starr ignores him. Dorian approaches Punisher, who's temporarily blinded, and gives him an insulting slap across the back of the head. Punisher swings wildly, hoping to connect, but he misses completely. Starr chuckles to himself, and grabs a fistful of hair. He bends Punisher's face over the top rope...and scrapes his eyes across them! The ref starts a five-count...1...2...3...4...Dorian stops, avoiding the DQ. Roadster elbows behind him blindly, but only softly connects with Dorian, not enough to do real damage. Star drops down and trips him with a drop toehold, then puts on a headlock. He claws the eyes! Another five-count...1...2...3...4...and again he lets go right before five! He rolls Roadster over and hooks the leg...1...2...kickout!.

    DR: And here we go again! Is there no rule Starr won't break?!

    CG: Hey, he has until five! As long as he breaks before then, technically, he's following the rules!

    DR: *sigh*...

    Starr rolls under the ring, and grabs his camera. He brings it in with him...but the ref snatches it out of his hands! Starr argues, but the ref doesn't listen, and walks over to the timekeeper to hand it to him. Starr smiles and while the ref's back is turned, and pulls the pad off the nearest turnbuckle...his plan all along. He yanks Punisher back up, and leads him over to the corner. He lifts Paul's head, and drives him down face-first into the exposed! Jameson blocks it with his hands! He elbows Dorian in the side of the head, causing the photographer to stumble back! Jameson blinks his eyes a few times, still having trouble then he charges Starr! Starr pulls the ref in front of him...and Jameson smashes into the official! Before Jamseon even knows what's going on, Starr kicks him low, and he goes down! Starr rolls out of the ring, and grabs his camera back! He gets back in, and snaps a shot of Punisher...the flash blinding him further!

    DR: Not again! This is hiw he helped Andrea secure her victory! Someone take that damn camera away from him!

    CG: Hey, no way are they gonna wreck the new magazine by disabling the star photogrpaher!

    Punisher dizzy, unable to see. He gets to his feet, and Dorian Starr measures him up. From the back, it's The Archer, Robin Adams! Starr doesn't see him! Adams goes to check on the ref. Punisher is up...and Dorian runs and clocks him over the head with the camera! Jameson goes down...and the bell rings! Starr spins find the ref staring right at him! Robin Adams stands outside the ring a smile on his face. The ref motions to the ring announcer...

    DR: Archer revived the ref in time! He saw the whole thing!

    CG: There was nothing to see! Don't do this, you idiot!

    RING ANNOUNCER: Ladies and Gentlemen...the referee has disqualified Dorian Starr! Therefore, your winner, "The Punisher" Paul Jameson!

    CG: Dorian Starr was screwed!

    DR: Nonsense! It was the only right call!

    Starr can't believe it. He yells at the ref, but the ref just points at the broken camera in his hands...the decision stands! Dorian Starr is out of the tournament! He slams the camera down in frustration, and leaves the ring. He gives Adams the look of murder as he walks up the ramp...but the Archer can't help but have a smug grin on his face. He gets in the ring, and helps the Punisher back up, explaining what happened. Punisher has his hand raised...and he rubs his eyes...still trying to get his vision completely back. Adams helps him out of the ring, and the fans cheer for Punisher, as we go back to the announce table.

    CG: I can't believe you're supporting this, Dave! that official should be fired on the spot!

    DR: What?! Dorian blatantly brought a foriegn object into the ring! He deserved what he got!

    CG: Robin Adams had no business out here! I hope he...and that referee...get the verbal beating they deserve in the first edition of the PAW Magazine!

    DR: I'm sure they will, Cary. But no verbal beating is going to change the fact that Paul Jameson is going to the semi-finals!

    Zack Hunter enters the arena first, his brother Shane at his side. Follwing him is Louann McCoy, making her official first appearance in the wrestling ring. The crowd gives both of them lots of love...but Zack seems a little on edge. The ref begins to check them over, and Louann flashes Zack a smile.

    CG: He looks kinda...nervous.

    DR: From what I understand...Zack didn't realizehe was fighting a woman tonight until the last minute...

    CG: So what's the big deal? I don't get these guys...first Archer, now Hunter. It's a wrestling match! Zack should just be grateful he's actually against someone he outweighs!

    DR: Well...Zack's a young man...I guess he's just never had to deal with this sort of thing before.

    CG: Well, he's gonna have to get over it! I doubt Louann's going to be pulling any punches, if what we saw from Andrea ealier shows us anything about the women of PAW!

    Lou and Zack meet up in the middle of the ring, and the ref calls for the bell. Louann offers to shake his hand, and Zack does so, though a little reluctantly. The fans appluad the show of good sportsmanship. They lock up. Zack pulls Lou down into a side headlock, but she quickly turns it around and gets behind him, applying a hammerlock. Zack breaks free of her grip and flows behind her with a rear wasitlock, wrapping his arms around her torso. Suddenly, he backs off, blushing. Lou turns around and looks at him with a raised eyebrow.

    CG: ...I think Zack just copped a feel! Nice!

    DR: I don't think he meant to, Cary...

    Zack is kind of freaking out a little bit, and Shane hops up onto the apron to talk with him. Lou patiently waits for him to collect himself, chuckling. Finally, Zack looks ready again. Lou invites him in for another tie-up. They do so, and this time, Lou gets Zack in a headlock. And Zack's pressed up against her chest. Zack starts flailing his arms, and pulls himself away...his face is beet red. Louann is laughing pretty hard now. Shane facepalms outside the ring.

    CG: Oh for God's sake...

    DR: I get the feeling Louann did that on purpose this time. I think she's toying with the poor boy.

    CG: Well, if she is, the mind games are definately working.

    Zack is leaning over the ropes talking with Shane again, but this time Louann doesn't wait for him. She comes up behind him with an O'Connor roll! 1...2...Zack kicks out! Both roll to their feet, and Louann hits a low kick to the leg...followed by a middle kick to the chest, then another low kick...another high kick! The kick combo staggers Zack, and Louann pulls him down into position for a vertical suplex. She lifts him...and gets him up! But he flips around in midair, landing on his feet! She spins to face him, and he cocks back his hand to strike her...but stops himself! The delay is enough time for Lou to nail him with a roundhouse kick to the head! Zack falls, and Lou is right on him for the cover! 1...2...kickout!

    CG: Man...this kid just can't get his wits about him. McCoy's kinda...kicking his ass.

    DR: Well, as we saw last week, Hunter can pull out the victory at any don't count him out yet!

    CG: Well he's gonna have to get over himself and actually go for some real offense if he wants to stand a chance.

    Lou waits for Zack to get to his feet, then hits anotherlow kick to the back of the knee. Hunter's knee buckles. Lou aims another kick to the head...but Zack backs outof the way! Louann spins around, and Zack leaps up and scores with a dropkick to the chest! He immediately covers her...1...2...kickout! Both are up, Lou charges Zack...he gives her a snap armdrag! She's back up...and back down with another armdrag! Again Lou bounds back up to her feet...and Zack trips her up with a drop toe hold! He floats over and pits her in a side headlock on the ground. Lou tries to force her way out but can't quite do it, so she tries to stand up. She gets to her feet, but Zack keeps the hold on her. She elbows him in the gut, and lifts him up into the air with a backdrop...but he twists around in midair and counters it into a sunset flip! 1...2...Lou kicks out!

    DR: Close one! Zack is inally mounting some offense, and now Lou's the one caught off-guard!

    CG: Eh...we'll see if he can keep it up...

    Both are up...Lou irish whips Zack into the corner, and runs in after him...but Zack leaps up and lands on the top rope...Whisper in the Wind! Lou steps back and grabs his feet! Zack crashes to the ground, and Lou goes for a figure four leglock! But as she turns to apply it, Zack pushes her away with his free leg. Lou falls back against the ropes, and Zack bounces up to his feet...Lou comes at him and hits a big spinning side kick to the face! Zack twirls around from the impact, and Lou grabs him in a rear waistlock...German supl-NO! Zack backflips above her head...and lands up on top of the nearby turnbuckle! The crowd pops huge, and Zack leaps off, connecting with a diving cross-body! ...But Lou rolls with the impact, into a pinning combination! 1......2......2.9! Zack rolls through, pinning Lou's shoulders down! ......1......2......3! Lou kicks out...but the ref's hand comes down first! He calls for the bell, Zack pulls out the win!

    DR: Out of nowhere! once again, Zack turns the tide with a last-second reversal!

    CG: I call bad officiating! Lou kicked out!

    DR: Not quite soon enough, though, Cary!

    Lou sits up, quite shocked that Zack managed to catch her with that. The Hunter brothers celebrate in the ring again, much like last week. Lou walks over to Zack and shakes his hand, and congradulates him with a smile. She leaves the ring to let him have his moment. The fans give them both love.

    DR: Gracious in defeat...Louann put on a good showing here tonight. There's no doubt in my mind she'll be a force to be reckoned with here in PAW.

    CG: I can't believe the little twerp has made it this far...ugh.

    DR: It was a fast-paced match with a lot of quick came down to a fraction of a second. I'm looking forward to a rematch down the line! But for now, Zack Hunter will join four others in the tournament semi-finals!

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    Roadster makes his way to the ring, riding his chopper, but this time not accompanied by his Hell's Angels companions. Right after him is Ken Yoshiro. The fans give tem both respect, and they shake hands in the middle of the ring. The ref signals for the bell, and the clock is now running.

    DR: This should be an interesting one, Cary...Roadster is a bruider in his own right...but Yoshiro is a mountain of a man. I can't help but feel this one's going to be short and brutal.

    CG: Just the way I like it! Here'shoping they kill each other!

    Right out of the gate, Yoshiro comes charging at Roadster full-tilt, using a series of sumo thrusts to back McNeil up into the corner. He hits a few more thrusts to the gut, stunning James, and then backs away a few steps. He runs in, intending to squash his opponent between his body and the turnbuckles, but luckily, Roadster moves out of the way. Ken smashes himself into the post, and stumbles backwards. Roadster hits the ropes, and runs into him with a big shoulder block...but Yoshiro shrugs it off! He smiles and points towards the ropes, challenging Roadster to try again. Roadster hits the ropes...another shoulder block...and Yoshiro refuses to go down. The fans chant "OME MORE TIME! ONE MORE TIME!" and Yoshiro welcomes McNeil to give it a shot. Roadster smiles and nods, and backs away. Yoshiro plants himself to the ground, sumo style. Roadster runs the ropes one more time...and Ken rushes him and takes him down with his own shoulder tackle! Roadster goes down!

    CG: Hey! That's dirty pool! He ricked Roadster!

    DR: A little game of one-upsmanship goes south for James McNeil!

    The crowd boos Yoshiro a little bit, and he gives them a shrug and a "What?" look. Smirking, he backs away, and lets Roadster get up. McNeil smiles, and the two do a little friendly trash-talking. Yoshiro swings at Roadster, but Jams ducks the blow, and then nails a nice 3-punch combo to the jaw, staggering the sumo. McNeil tries to irish whip him...but Yoshiro blocks it, and then tosses James to the ropes instead. On the rebound, Ken drops down to give him a back body drop, but Roadster sees it coming, and kicks him in the face...follwing it up with a big jumping clothesline that finally takes the big man off his feet! Roadster drops a big elbow, and then covers him with a lateral press...1...2...Ken powers out of the pin, tossing oadster up and away! oth men crawl back up, with Roadster beating Yoshiro to the punch. He runs and hits a big boot to the face, but Yoshiro keeps his footing. McNeil runs back at him with anoher jumping clothesline...but Yoshiro catches him in midair and slams him down! He covers! 1...2...James lifts his shoulder up!

    CG: Man...James is a big guy and all...but this Yoshiro guy is just too overwhelming!

    DR: You've got that right, Cary! There's no way Roadster is going to match his power and size!

    Yoshiro brings Roadster to his feet...but James rams his shoulder into his big sumo gut! He hits a bunch of quick, hard body blows, knocking the wind out of Yoshiro's sails! Ken doubles james knees him in the face! He hits more punches, this time to the side of the head...left, right, left, right! Yoshiro is dazed! Roadster runs to the opposite end of the ring, rebounds, and charges straight at him...Head-On Collision! ...Yoshiro moves! ...and Roadster collides with the ref! The referee is knocked OUT!

    CG: Disqualify him! DISQUALIFY HIM!

    DR: Who?! The ref is out cold!

    Roadster looks dwn at the ref in shock for a moment, before turning around...right into the Two Cuts! Ken hits his combo hard and true, and McNeil is down for the count!

    CG: Damn it! It should be over! But...there's no ref!

    DR: Wait...who's that?

    The fans all boo in unison, as Riktor Drake jumps over the guardrail after coming in through the crowd...with a steel chair in hand!

    DR: Riktor Drake! Oh no...after what happened last week...

    Drake neaks up behind Ken...and then yells his name. Yoshiro turns around just in time to get bashed over the head with the chair! He drops to one knee. Drake lifts the chair...and does it again! The fans are enraged, and Yoshiro drops to the ground, completely out of it! Riktor sees the ref start to he bails out of the ring, crouching down low, out of sight. The ref is up, still a little out of it. He sees both men on the ground, and starts a ten-count. 1......2......3......4......5......6......7......

    DR: No! It can't end like this!

    CG: What happens if there's a draw?!

    DR: I...I don't know!

    ...8! Roadster's awake! He sees Yoshiro down beside him, and crawls over to him! ...9! Roadster drapes his arm over Ken's limp body! The ref makes the count! 1...2...3! James McNeil wins!

    DR: Well...looks like Roadster wins...

    CG: You call that a win?

    DR:, not really. I doubt he wanted to advance like that.

    CG: Serves Yoshiro right! Come on, Dave...he did it to Riktor first! Drake was only getting payback! Ken had it coming!

    DR: I suppose, but...this just doesn't feel right.

    Roadster gets up to his feet, his music playing. The ref raises his hand, but McNeil pulls it away when he sees Yoshiro's face, soaked in blood. Out of the corner of his eye, he sees Drake slinking away, and in his head, puts two and two together. With a look of regret, he tries to wake Yoshiro up, wiping the blood from his face. Ken comes back to life, and Roadster helps him up. he says a few words to Ken, then asks the ring announcer for his mic. He takes it, and speaks to Yoshiro.

    JRM: Ken...Ken...I'm sorry, man. I didn't wan't to win like that. I had no idea that snake got involved until it was over...I'm sorry.

    Yoshiro seems mad, but not at Roadster. He wipes some of the blood from his face and stares at it in his hands.

    JRM: You put up one hell of a let me try and make it up to you. Let me help you get your revenge. Be my partner next week, when I take on Riktor and all those other punks. What do you say?

    Yoshiro only needs a moment to think about it...he grabs the mic.

    KY: You and me against the world? Hell yeah. Let's do this.

    The crowd goes wild, and the two men raise each other's hands up high. Ken's music plays, and they leave the ring.

    DR: What a bombshell! Roadster has chosen his first partner for the big 6 on 6 tag match next week! But who else will join him against six of the best athletes PAW has to offer?

    CG: Assuming anyone else WANTS to team with him.

    DR: It's time for the main event! Stirling Davis makes his first defense-

    CG: -Of the title he never won.

    DR: Err...makes his first defense of the Lady Luck Championship, as he takes on the man who won the battle royal earlier tonight...Mike "The Hammer" Johnson!

    Mike "The Hammer" Johnson makes his way out to the ring. His nose looks pretty mangled from the savage attack from ealier in the night...but the bleeding has stopped, ad he seems to pay it no mind. The fans give him their disapproval, as the massive man steps over the ropes into the ring, and quiety waits for his opponent.

    DR: Here's Mike Johnson...and he looks like he's in a foul mood, Cary.

    CG: Wouldn't you be? That nose could be broken! Not a good thing to have to deal with going into a big title match!

    DR: Well, injury or not, this is his chance to make an he'll have to just deal with it.

    Grinspoon's "Lost Control" blares over the soundsystem, and to a welcoming crowd, the Lady Luck Champion, Stirling Davis appears on the ramp! The lovely Tanya is at his side, holding his titl belt. He gives her a kiss, then the title belt over a shoulder on too, and heads down the ramp. Before getting in the ring, he shouts his trademark "OZZY OZZY OZZY!" to the crowd, then gets in the ring.

    CG: Look at him...what a showoff. Pandering to the fans like one is buying it, Davis!

    DR: Sounds to me like a LOT of people are buying it...

    The ref holds the belt up into the air, presenting it to the crowd, and to the wrestlers. Both men look up at it with desire. The ref hands it down to the timekeeper.

    DR: And there it is...the Lady Luck belt! This will be the first title match in PAW history!

    CG: And hopefully, the first title CHANGE.

    The bell rings, and the two men stare at each other from across the ring. They move in, and come face to face. Of more accurately, face to chest. Not backing down, Stirling raises his arm to the sky and yells "OZZY OZZY OZZY!" and the crowd chants back "OI OI OI!" Hammer is not amused. He shoves avis, violently. So Davis shoves him right back! Hammer swings at his head...Stirling dodges it, and hits a jab to the bridge of the nose! Then another! Then another! Blood starts to seep out of The Hammer's nose already, filling him with rage. Hammer screams and swings with a huge haymaker, but Davis avoids the clumsy blow with no effort...and hits another jab combo to the face! Hammer swings again, and this time Davis ducks it and runs to the ropes behind him. He rebounds, but on the return Hammer tosses him up into the air with a flapjack! But Davis counters this with a big dropkick to the face! Hammer goes down! Davis covers! 1...2...kickout! hammer sits up, so Davis runs at him with a running kick...again to the face! Blood spurts out all over the mat, and Davis covers him again!! Another kickout!

    DR: Wow, I'm surprised with Davis. I figured he would try to keep his distance, but he's taking it right to Johnson! Smart move going right after the injured nose!

    CG: Cheap tactics, that's all I can say...

    Davis backs away to the corner as Hammer makes his way to his feet. He hops up onto the second turnbuckle, then leaps off with a diving cross body! But Hammer catches him...fallaway slam! Davis flies across the ring, crashing to the mat below. Hammer walks over to him and makes the cover...1...2...shoulder up! Hammer yanks him up, and body slams him back down. Another cover...and another kickout at two! Hammer pulls him up again...and locks in a bearhug! He tries to squeeze the life out of Davis, putting intense pressure on the ribs of the Lady Luck Champion. Stirling tires to punch up at his foe, but Hammer moves his head back out of range. He squeezes even tighter, causing Davis to scream in pain.

    CG: It's got to be over soon...Stirling's gonna leave here broken in half if he doesn't tap out!

    DR: I have to's looking pretty dire for the champ!

    Davis is stuck in the hold...but absoultely refuses to give up. Tanya stands at ringside, worried for her man. She starts slapping the ring apron, getting the crowd to clap in unison. Davis hears them...and somehow, it lights a fire under his ass. He jams his fists into Hammer's sides. Hammer winces over, taken off-guard...and Davis punches up at the nose, nailing him righ on target! Hammer drops him, clutching his face. Blood is dripping down everywhere! Davis runs and hits a dropkick to the knee, and then as he slides down on the landing, hits an uppercut right to the face one more time. Hammer falls back into the corner. Davis runs forward and hits a body splash in the corner. Then he puts Hammer in a side headlock, and sits up on the top rope...

    DR: Here it comes, the tornado DDT! Hammer's already lost an awful amount of hard blow to the head may do the trick!

    Davis leaps off the post and spins around...Howzat! But no! Hammer's too strong, and he blocks the DDT! He lifts Davis back up, and tosses him forward across the ring! Davis lands hard, back-first. He rolls on the ground, clutching his back...and this time, it's Hammer climbing the corner post! He looks down at Davis and smiles...leaping off with the Hammer Fall! Davis lifts his feet up...and Hammer falls face-first into his boots! Hammer goes down, blood flying...and Davis covers him quickly, while he's stunned! 1...2...3! Davis retains!

    DR: Davis retains! Hammer made on mistake, and Davis took advantage!

    CG: Took advantage is right! The only reason Hammer isn't champ right now, is because he had to wrestle injured! He deserves a remath, because he's clearly the better man!

    DR: Well, I don't know about that, but...oh no!

    As Davis is getting his hand raised...the Guvna ambsuhes him from behind! He clubs Davis across the back, and then lifts him up onto his shoulders...LANDSLIDE! The fans boo as Cletus Jefferson cheers him on at ringside...the two having appeared from the back when no one was paying attention. Cletus snatches the belt from the timekeeper and slides it into the ring. Guvna picks it up...and slams it into Hammer's face! Hammer and Davis are both out cold! Celtus joins The Guvna in the ring...and the monster politician raises the belt high above his head, and with a viscious scream, stands over the two fallen wrestlers. Tanya is trying to help Davis, as medical personel run down the ramp. Guvna smiles, and drops the belt to the ground...pointing down at it before he turns to leave. He gets out of the ring, and walks up the ramp as his music plays...waving to the his adoring public. The medics start to assist Hammer and Davis, as the camera cuts back to the announce table.

    DR: What was that about! Guvna had his chance and lost it! He had no reason to brutally attack these two men, right after a greuling match!

    CG: He's making a statement, Dave! He's coming for that belt, and he doesn't care who stands in his way!

    DR: What's next for Stirling Davis and the Lady Luck championship? It doesn't look like Hammer and The Guvna intend on backing out of the race anytime soon! But that's all the time we have this week! Thank you for tuning in to PAW IMPULSE! We'll be back next week with a HUGE 6 on 6 tag team match...and more great matches, that will give you the best wrestlin action in the world today!

    Davis is helped out of the ring, leaning on Tanya and one of the medics. He takes his belt, and slings it over his shoulder. The fans give him a standing ovation, and the last image is of Mike "The Hammer" Johnson...looking down at the blood on his hands...then at Davis, walking up the ramp...and smiling.

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    Last night saw the explosive second round in the PAW Championship tournament! Four men and one woman advanced to the semi finals: Andrea Hill, Zack Hunter, Paul Jameson, The Roadster, and The Show. Two weeks from now, in Los Angeles, these five will clash in the semi-final round to determine who will go on to main event PAW's first ever pay-per-view: Critical Threat!

    But before Los Angeles, PAW makes it's debut in Anaheim, and in the main event, PAW will present an epic six on six tag team match that could change the landscape of the title tournament dramatically! The Roadster has challenged six of PAW's toughest and best: Andrea Hill, John "The Bomb" Bowski, The Show, Riktor Drake, Mike Gideon, & Eddie Swan! But that's not all! He's offered to put his spot in the tournament on the line! Roadster has to find himself five partners...and if ANYONE on his team loses the match...he is OUT of the tournament! Plus, if a member of the opposing team wins the match, he will take Roadster's spot as his own!

    The Roadster has already chosen Ken Yoshiro to fight at his side. Which four others will make up his team? We've been told he plans to announce the rest of his team as the next edition of Impulse opens, next week! And what about the other team? Andrea Hill and The Show are still in the they have reason to fight? What did The Reaper do to the Fundamentalist, Mike Gideon...will he able to make the match? And will these six be able to get along...especially with such a prize on the line...especially when they have everything to gain and nothing to lose? It may prove to be the most exciting, most action-packed match PAW brings you yet! Don't miss this historic bout, next week!

    Plus: Last night, Stirling Davis shocked the world when he beat the massive behemoth, Mike Johnson, to retain his Lady Luck Championship in the first ever PAW title defense! But The Guvna interjected himself, laying out both men after the match. Between the controversial ending to the battle royal, The Hammer's injury, and The Guvna's viscious attacks, things look like they could get messy! PAW officials have decided that due to the nature of the way the battle royal finished, a definate #1 contender needs to be decided! Next week, on Impulse, it will be The Guvna vs. Mike "The Hammer" Johnson! But don't think Davis will be getting off easy! In a non-title match, Stirling Davis will face off against The Reaper! A win for the Reaper here will no doubt put him right into contention for the Lady Luck strap!

    Two weeks ago, Johnny Steele played a prank on the whole locker room...and all the fans in the arena! He's proven himself to be an annoyance backstage...but now, he'll have to prove himself in the ring, when he faces Sean Miasaki! Will the debuting upstart be able to get past the Firewall?

    But Steele won't be the only man making his PAW debut! Alcander Ravios missed his first match with Louann McCoy, for unknown reasons. But PAW has recieved word he is ready to compete. But he'll face quite the test in his first night wrestling on Impulse...he'll face "The Archer" Robin Adams!

    Feburary 10th, 2009...Give In To IMPULSE!

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    FROM: James "Roadster" McNeil
    TO: All
    [A wide camera shot opens of the Anaheim arena, with fans packed to the rim. Overhead lights begin flashing as the opening chords of Ace of Spades fills the arena, with the crowd rising and cheering. Soon after, Roadster comes roaring out of the entrance on his motorcycle, the throaty growl of the engine nearly deafening those at ringside. He parks the bike at the edge of the ring, his music still filling the arena, and climbs to the top of a turnbuckle raising his right hand in a clenched fist. The camera closes in on his face as he looks out on the crowd, his face framed by his blonde hair. The camera follows as he steps down and catches a microphone, with the music winding down.]

    JM: Hello, Anaheim!

    [The crowd cheers, and Roadster takes in the applause.]

    JM: Last week, I threw down a gauntlet to the worst scum in Pure Adrenaline Wrestling. John Bowski, Andrea Hill, The Show, Riktor Drake, Eddie Swan, and Mike “Fundamentalist” Gideon.

    [On the Adrenatron, footage of last week's challenge plays. It then abruptly cuts to Jimmy Hayers announcing that Roadster needs five teammates. The camera cuts back to Roadster's expression, now somewhat more solemn.]

    JM: I thought I could take them all on myself, but if last week taught me anything, it's that you can't have enough friends in this business. You may already know my first partner...

    [Adrenatron cuts in again, this time of Roadster announcing Ken Yoshiro as his tag-team partner.]

    JM: Now, by my count, that leaves me four more spots. I know there's been people talking all week, speculation about who I'd choose. Well, it's time to do just that. The first is Louann McCoy.

    [Cheers again fill the arena as the crowd reacts to the mention of the popular Louann.

    JM: She's a strong woman, and she wants a piece of Riktor Drake's hide. That's enough for me, but on top of that she's proved she can hang with the best in the ring, and that's damned important. The second is “Punisher” Paul Jameson.

    [A curious mix of boos and cheers greet the announcement. Roadster waves his hand at the crowd, beckoning silence]

    JM: I know, I know. Last week I said he didn't have what it takes, but part of being a man is knowing when you're wrong and I was wrong about the Punisher. He's got a fire and a drive in him I didn't see before, and he's welcome at my side. Speaking of fire, my next partner will be Zack Hunter!

    [Cheers meet the announcement, a couple of twenty-something girls in the front row prominently wave Zack Hunter signs, and Roadster nods at them.]

    JM: Zack brings a whole lot of speed to the team, and a style that blows me away week after week. The kid's got heart and skill to spare, and I sure as hell don't want to be on the other side of the ring from him. The last member of my team is...

    [He looks around the crowd, the camera following his eyes. He looks unsure for a moment, before gathering his thoughts and continuing.]

    JM: Connor Mackenzie!

    [Chants of “dragon” come in from the right half of the arena, but Roadster motions them to quiet.]

    JM: I saw his match with Show last week, and I don't know if I could've done any better. The kid has moves better than half the locker room and, if I'm being honest, better than mine! It takes a hell of a wrestler to take on The Show like he did last week and I'm thinking he'll come out ahead in the rematch.

    [ Roadster faces the main entrance ramp as he continues.]

    JM: This won't be easy, not even with an even fight. We're taking on six of the best wrestlers in the business today and I have no damn idea who'll win.

    [ Then, he walks around the ring, looking at the crowd as he continues, the camera following over his shoulder as he walks.]

    JM: Win or lose, though, we're gonna teach these bastards a lesson tonight! We'll teach them what it means to be performers, what it means to be wrestlers, and what it means to be a part of Pure Adrenaline Wrestling!

    [Ace of Spades begins playing as the crowd cheers. Roadster hops on his motorcycle and drives up the ramp. The camera pans to Cary Gray and Dave Robertson.]

    CG: Can you believe that?
    DR: What an explosive match tonight is going to be! “Roadster” McNeil, “Canadian Dragon” Mackenzie, Louann McCoy, Ken Yoshiro, Zack Hunter, and Paul Jameson! Only in the PAW could you find talent like that!
    CG: And only in the PAW can you see talent like that lose! Do you think they stand a chance against Andrea Hill's fitness? Or the Show's experience? Come on, Dave, this match is all about who gets Roadster's spot in the tournament!
    DR: We'll see, Cary, but Roadster has himself a formidable team. The question is, will they say yes to his offer?

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  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
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    The Guvna and Cletus Jefferson

    To: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson and Stirling Davis

    DR: Welcome to Pure Adrenaline Wrestling folks! What an amazing night we have in store for you, live from beautiful Anaheim, California!

    CG: Speaking of amazing nights, what about the carnage left in the ring last night by "The Most Elected Superstar in Sports Entertainment"?

    DR: Did you really just call The Guvna that? It was horrible to see such a great title defense ruined by poor sportsmanship. Stirling Davis overcame all odds and defeated perhaps the most terrifying man we have on the roster.

    [footage of last week's match shows, Hammer's devestating bear-hug--Davis gets his leg up to block the Hammer Fall--1,2,3. Then the beat-down of both men by The Guvna]

    CG: And why did The Hammer lose? Because of the aftermath of that Battle Royale and once again...The Guvna. I'm telling you, Hammer is just as incredible of an athlete as The Guvna, but he doesn't have veteran insight that Cletus Jefferson brings to The Guvna's corner.

    DR: If by "veteran insight", you mean blatant cheating. Before you go singing The Guvna's praises, remember just who actually WON that battle royale.

    CG: He didn't look like a winner to me.

    DR: Well, there is no doubt that Mike Johnson's injured nose was a key factor in his match for the gold...Let's go to footage from after last week's show. The Guvna and Cletus Jefferson spoke with our own Lane Richmond backstage.

    [footage from last week airs--Lane approaches Cletus and The Guvna stepping into a limosine.]

    LR: Cletus! A moment of your time. Can you explain your client's actions tonight?

    [The Guvna gets in, while Cletus Jefferson lingers in the door.]

    CJ: First of all, it's "Mistah Jefferson" to you, you hack. And we don't answer to anyone but the registered voters of Parts Unknown.

    LR: Why did you attack The Hammer and Davis though? You lost that Battle Royale!

    CJ: Did we? Maybe you haven't heard, but there is a number one contender match already signed for Anaheim, [crowd cheers] the armpit of California [boos]. A healthy competitive Guvna will square off against a man with a broken face--though trust me Hammer, it's an improvement. And Hammer, you think my client is a "monster"? He is something worse...he's a politician! You ask these fans who they fear more, the boogeyman under the bed or the taxman at their door -- the imaginary threat or the very real one. Then on to that Mickey Mouse of a champion, Stirling Davis. You better take a lot of pictures of you with that title, so when your kids and grandkids ask their broken wreck of a grandpa if he is lying about ever bein' worth a damn, you'll have something to show them.

    [A noise is heard off camera and Stirling Davis comes running towards the limo. Jefferson ducks inside and the car speeds off before Davis can get there...The camera returns to Dave and Cary]

    DR: Wow! A number one contender's match tonight! What an announcement!

    CG: That is why Jefferson is a genius. Make an impact here and you reap the rewards.

    DR: Speaking of "Reap", will Stirling Davis be in one piece tonight after he faces The Reaper? We still don't know what happened to Mike Gideon...hold on, I just received an announcement from the back...The Guvna has challenged Mike Johnson to a hardcore match tonight! That can't be right, that is Johnson's most dangerous environment!

    CG: It seems like suicide, but maybe Cletus Jefferson has some more tricks up his sleeve.

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  • molefacemoleface Registered User regular
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    From: Stirling Davis
    To: The Guvna/Cletus Jefferson, Mike "The Hammer" Johnson, The Reaper
    The scene opens up in a locker room of the arena in Anaheim, CA. Stirling Davis is sitting on a chair, leaning forward with his head down. Tanya is standing behind him massaging his shoulders and back. After about 10 seconds of massaging she stops, grabs a white towel from behind her and places it around the back of Stirlings neck. Stirling then sits up, stretches and lets out a relieving ‘ahhhh’.

    Stirling Davis: Ahhh! Thanks for that love. That feels a lot better. Would you be a doll and grab me some water?

    Tanya: Of course! Won’t be long

    Tanya exits the screen to get some water. Stirling turns to face the camera.

    Stirling Davis: I consider myself to be a pretty tolerant guy. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt and I like to give people second chances when they make a mistake. I like to see past people’s misgivings and flaws in their personalities. No ones perfect and I understand that. But I’ve not been in the PAW more than a few weeks and I have already found one man I CAN’T STAND! Cletus Jefferson, I’m talking about you. The actions of you and your mate, The Guvna, last week on Impulse were bloody disgusting. First you have Guvna attack Mike ‘The Hammer’ Johnson after the bell and turn him into a bleeding mess, then you have The Guv jump both Mike and myself after our match. That’s not cool mate, not cool at all. See back home in Aussie we grow up learning about things like respect and integrity. Clearly you aren’t taught those things in ‘parts unknown’. You boys have a lesson to learn and I’m just the bloke who will teach you.

    Hammer, I ain’t got nothing bad to say about you mate. You deserved the title shot based on your performance in the battle royale. Then you came out and competed like a man despite what The Guvna did to you earlier that night. I got nothing but respect for you mate, and I hope you get the revenge you deserve in your number one contenders match against Guv.

    Cletus, Guvna, both of you should also hope that Hammer gets his revenge on you tonight. Because if he doesn’t and you somehow become number one contender, you end up in the ring with me. I can tell ya mate, the last thing you want to do is end up in the ring with a Redback. Especially one that’s pissed off.

    Tanya walks back into the room with a bottle of water. She hands it to Stirling who thanks her. He opens the bottle and takes a drink. He sets the bottle on the ground before continuing on.

    Stirling Davis:
    Enough about those jokers. Tonight I have a match against The Reaper. It may not be a title match, but this match is still very important to me. It’s the match where I finally prove to the naysayers that I am the real deal. Last week people were saying that I am a paper champion, that I got handed the title for free, that I didn’t deserve it and that I would never be able to defend it. This week people have been saying that my defense of the title didn’t really count because it was against an injured man. But tonight I go against The Reaper, a man who is vicious, a man who is relentless, and most importantly, a man who is fit and healthy. Tonight I will erase all doubt from people’s minds. They will know that I am a real competitor and a real champion. Tonight is the night the haters eat their words. Heck, I may even make Cary Gray speechless, a task harder than any title defense.

    Stirling takes another drink of water.

    Stirling Davis: Reaper, bring your a-game tonight, because you are going to need it. Guvna, you better pray that the beatdown you receive tonight at the hands of The Hammer is quick and painless. Hammer, kick Guvs ass!

    Stirling gets up and walks out of sight as the screen fades to black.

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    From: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson
    To: The Guvna/Cletus Jefferson
    R.e.: Tonight's match.

    The lights go dim as the Adrenatron lights up to show Alison Rose backstage, racing after The Hammer who appears to have just arrived in the Anaheim Arena.

    AR: Mr. Johnson? Mr. Johnson! Could we have a quick word with you please? I’d like to talk to you about tonight’s match with The Guvna!

    The Hammer comes to a stop and turns around to face Alison. Although he’s healed some from last week, his face is still a gruesome sight with his swollen nose and two black eyes. He glares at Alison and then begins to speak in a low, gravelly voice.

    Hammer: Who in the hell are you? I thought Little Boy Lane did all of the interviews around here?

    Alison is clearly taken aback by his appearance, but she smiles professionally and carries on with the interview.

    AR: I’m Alison Rose, Mr. Johnson. Lane and I split the backstage duties to add a little variety to the show. Frankly, after last week, I think he’s a little scared of you. He begged me to try and interview you tonight.

    The Hammer grins, showing several missing teeth as he does so. He appears to be sizing her up and likes what he sees.

    Hammer: As well he should be, interrupting me like that just before a match. He’s lucky I didn’t break him in half for my own amusement. And please, call me Hammer; Mr. Johnson makes me sound like some grizzled old geezer.

    AR: All right Mr., um I mean Hammer. I just wanted to get your comments about last weeks match and how you feel about Cletus Jefferson’s change to tonight’s match.

    The Hammer stops leering at Alison as his eyes narrow dangerously.

    Hammer: What change to tonight’s match? What are you talking about?

    AR: We just received word at the start of the show that Cletus Jefferson had the match changed to a hardcore match tonight.

    The Hammer looks stunned for a moment, and then begins to grin. The grin leads to chuckling, slow at first but picking up speed until he’s howling with mad laughter, doubled over and wiping the tears from his eyes.

    AR: Mr. Johnson, are you all right? Do you need a few moments to yourself?

    Hammer wipes his eyes and straightens up.

    Hammer: I’m sorry Ms. Rose, it’s just . . . it’s just SO FUNNY! The Guvna is actually challenging me to a hardcore match? He (heh heh) He honestly thinks he can beat ME in a no holds barred hardcore contest? Does that idiotic hick not know who I AM? Maybe I should show him my video.

    AR: You actually have a video?

    Hammer: Grinning evilly. Why yes, yes I do. I made it myself, a collection of some of the worst things I did to other people while I was wrestling in NOAH. I find it . . . soothing to relive some of those memories. Hammer looks Alison up and down again. Maybe I could show it to you sometime, my pretty. I might be able to arrange a private viewing if you want to see what a real man is capable of. He leers at her.

    AR: Ummm, no thank you Mr. Johnson. I don’t think that would be entirely appropriate. I take it that you like the idea of a hardcore match then?

    Hammer: Like it? I LOVE IT! I can’t wait to get my hands around that backstabbing blowhard and start squeezing again. A look of sheer ecstasy passes over The Hammers face. I just hope I have time to make another Gladys before the match starts.

    AR: Make another what?

    Hammer: Another Gladys. Gladys was my old barbed wire covered bat that I loved to use back in NOAH. The sky marshal on the plane back to America took her away from me. He said it was too dangerous to travel with, and he wouldn’t give her back, so now I have to make another one for my special, special match tonight. God’s, I’m going to have so much FUN tonight! Only two weeks here and I already get a chance to cut loose and show the little people back home how I REALLY fight.

    AR: But what about Cletus, the Guvna’s campaign manager? Aren’t you concerned that he’ll try to interfere?

    Hammer: Oh make no mistake; I’m fully aware that this is going to be a handicap match. Still, Cornball Cletus is nothing, an insignificant insect to be flicked lightly out of my path if he tries to bother me. The Guvna’s going to be the real meat here.

    The Hammer begins to grin evilly again, and a gleam appears in his eyes.

    Hammer: You’re going to have to be punished for what you did to me last week Guvna. You’re starting to show a little viciousness, but not nearly enough. Not if you’re going to be all the monster you can be, boy. You may have broken my nose, but you didn’t finish me off. Now I’m going to have to teach you about following through. Tonight, Guvna, is the night I’m going to break you. I’m going to tear you apart one piece at a time until I hear you SCREAMING for mercy. Tonight, The Hammer falls on YOU, to show you why you can’t EVER leave an opponent capable of revenge!

    Beg me, Guvna. Beg me for a normal match and I might leave you capable of crawling back home tonight. Otherwise, when I get my arms around you, you’ll just be begging for the sweet release of death. I’m The Hammer, and tonight I come for you!

    The Hammer turns without another word and starts striding away.

    AR: Wait, Mr. Johnson, I didn’t get to talk to you about Stirling yet!

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    To: All
    RE: Making a special appearance

    Panning across the front of the Honda Center the logo for PAW Impulse shows in the corner along with the date for the night’s showing. Fading inside we see the crowd cheering as they can see themselves on the Adrenatron as the camera pans about then cuts to show the announcers Dave Robertson and Cary Gray sitting at their announcing position.

    Dave Robertson: Welcome back to Impulse. Earlier on today the camera’s caught up with one of our superstars as they made an appearance for a special group that we would like to say hello to tonight.

    Cary Gray: You have to admit that Mr.Hayes has to have class in suggesting one of our superstars do this. I wonder which one he sent?

    DR: You never stop do you Cary?

    The screen of the Adrenatron fades to black then shows a picture of being outside of what appears to be a hospital. A few seconds later we see a man wearing a red and white hoodie, jeans and sneakers appearing from off-screen and looking back over his shoulder. The crowd inside the arena starts cheering as they recognize the face of “The Canadian Dragon” Connor Mackenzie.

    Cary: Oh god, not him. We’re trying to inspire people aren’t we? Not have them thing we don’t care by sending a loser.

    Dave: Cary, Connor Mackenzie has been one of the most vocal names as far as doing this. I’m sure he’s a fine person to have representing PAW there even given his results last week. The man has a heart which is more then I can say for some of the athletes we have in the back.

    Cary: We should’ve sent someone like Andrea Hill or Dorian Starr. They’re both people I can look up to. Successful, and hey, Dorian could even take some pictures.

    Dave: Well, let’s see if they volunteer the next time it comes up, Cary. It was a little short notice after all but I’m sure many of the PAW superstars would do this just the same if they could.

    The scene plays out with Connor waving to the camera then as he addresses the crowd even though this was from earlier.

    Connor: Hello Anaheim! As you can see, I’m here at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County today and thought I would pop in to see some of the kids that are here fighting even harder then we, the superstars of PAW do. Come on, let’s go check it out.

    The camera follows Connor inside as he signs in at the front desk and starts walking towards the elevator. The camera cuts to a scene of a group of children in their early teens as well as some younger in a play room filled with toys, tables and games all about. Some of the children visibly look tired from their respective illnesses and some even have IV’s or are in wheelchairs. The camera turns to the door as Connor walks in through the door and the children clap and cheer with smiling faces. Connor himself smiles brightly. The video shows clips of him drawing and colouring with some smaller children, playing a game on a wii with some pre-teens, as well as sitting at another child’s bedside reading to them as they have tubes coming out of their nose and look on at the wrestler happily. Many of the children themselves are shown in slow motion parts smiling, laughing or giving high fives.

    The end of the video shows him hugging the various children shown and waving a goodbye before showing him as he walks out the front door of the hospital much later as the sun is lower in the sky.

    Cary: Alright, maybe he isn’t all bad.

    Dave: A touching scene there today at the Children’s hospital, Cary. I’m sure there will be many more to come from all of our superstars. We’ll be right back folks and continue with tonight’s rundown of the card.

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    Sean Masaki
    To: All
    Re: Flickering

    "Look, I KNOW I lost that match. When I get my hands on that fat little campaign manager, I'm going to make him see more than fifty goddamn stars. Don't lecture me on what I need to do. Your career was over years ago."

    Sean listens quietly as the other voice on the phone starts getting louder.

    "What? Oh, yeah. That's why Roadster picked Gator Girl, Sumo Man, Jameson, Speedy Gonzales, and Dragon Boy. Over me. Because I've lost the last two matches I've been in. Apparently I don't have what it takes to be with the 'big boys'. Hell, I wrestled most of them. I would have WON that match. I SHOULD have won it. But apparently, doing things 'your way' isn't really what it takes anymore."

    A stream of loud, angry talking bursts out of the phone. Sean looks to be getting more irritated, more angry, until...

    "Look, Dad, don't you dare lecture me on what I should and shouldn't do. I go my own way. I don't really care any more. I have a match up against Johnny Steele tonight. But if that's all the people think they'll see of me, well..."

    He closes the phone and spikes it against the concrete floor of the locker room floor, sending pieces dancing all over the ground, then turns and leaves the room, hitting the lights as he leaves.

    "...then I guess I'll juse have to show them."

    Sean leaves the room, and the camera focuses on the guts of the cell phone- somehow, the battery pack and insides have remained attached to the screen, and it just continues to flicker as the camera goes black.

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    John Bowski
    To: All
    Re: Scum

    Setting: Back Stage Interview with Alison Rose. Bowski is dressed in jeans with a black shirt. The shirt has the words "Table for Two?" on the front in white and a picture of Bowski hitting a modified shock and Awe on a wrestler though a table beneath it.

    Alison: I'm back stage with John Bowski for his reaction to the gauntlet being thrown down by the Roadster. Mr. Bowski

    Bowski: John Ms. Rose you can call me John, I haven't been Mr. Bowski since I left the service.

    Alison: I'm sorry John, Roadster is putting his tournament slot on the line against you and 5 other competitors. How do you prepare for a match like that?

    Bowski: By training Ms. Rose.

    Rose waits a bit to see if Bowski was going to continue, and then moves along a little flustered by his short answer.

    Alison: John, how do you feel that Roadster personally called you out as "Scum" in PAW when setting up this match?

    Bowski: I'm a little hurt by the accusation to tell you the truth Alison. Roadster has a problem with the way his match with Yoshiro ended? Take it up with Riktor, I really don't see what the rest of my team has done to be labeled Scum. I'm a former solider, Show's a veteran wrestler, Andrea Hill is doing her best to help get this country into shape a noble if futile goal considering she can't even get Duncan to stop eating donuts, Mike Gideon's just a religious man and Eddie Swan is an opportunist.

    What makes us any more scummy than a man who embraces the Hells Angels? People in glass houses Mr. McNeil.

    Alison: If you win you'll be put back into the tournament possibly facing your partner and a man who already beat you once in the Show, how does that make you feel John? Do you think Show could turn on you to stop the rematch?

    Bowski: If I win? When I win Alison. And I'm not worried about a rematch, and I don't think The Show is either, certainly not enough to cost himself a victory.

    Alison: Back to the last impulse, you and Sean Masaki were eliminated by Cletus Jefferson in the battle royale costing you the chance of competing for the lady luck title. Are there any hard feelings between you and Mr. Jefferson?

    Bowski: Hard feelings? Certainly not, Mr. Jefferson utilized the no DQ aspect of the match to his advantage and made sure the Guvna wouldn't have to worry about me or Masaki. It's certainly a shame he felt the need to interject himself, but there are no hard feelings on my end of things. And I'm sure Sean feels the same, we certainly have no plans to interfere in the Guvnas match.

    Alison: Forgive me John, but I don't believe you.

    Bowski: Alison you wound me, this interview is over.

    Bowski walks off while Alison shrugs to the camera.

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    A Starr Is Reborn
    To: The 6 vs. 6 participants

    The camera cuts to one of the many locker rooms, where Dorian Starr is going through his locker. The fans boo as his image appears on the screen. His head turns as he hears a gentle knock on the door.

    DS: Come in...

    The door opens...and in walks the delectable Julia Strand. A mix of cheers from the younger male fans, and boos from everyone else, accompany her entrance into the room. Starr sizes her up a little bit, liking what he sees.

    DS: Well what do I owe the pleasure, Ms. Strand?

    Julia smiles at him, placing her hands on her hips.

    JS: What do you think, Mr. Starr? I'm here for my photo.

    DS: Oh yes, of course...

    Starr turns back to his locker, and digs through his bag...pulling out a picture of "The Archer" Robin Adams, taken during his match with Andrea Hill. He hands it to Julia, who grins like a kid on Christmas morning.

    JS: Mmmmm...nice work.

    She drops it into her purse.

    DS: You know...if you're really that desperate for something to keep you company on all these long, lonely nights on the road away from home...I can help you in other ways...

    Julia smirks, tilting her head at him.

    JS: Maybe another time, darling. You've done enough for me, right now.

    DS: You don't know what you're missing, babe...there are more things I can do for a pretty girl like you than make them look good on film.

    JS: I'm sure, dear, I'm sure...

    DS: least pay me what I'm owed. I did what you wanted. My check, please? I have a broken camera to replace.

    Starr holds out his hand. Julia gently places her own hand in his, and softly pushes it away.

    JS: Money? Oh, Dorian...I have a much better gift to give.

    DS: Oh really now?

    JS: Yes, really! See...last week...I saw what happened. You got caught in the act...and lost yourself your spot in this little tournament...

    DS: Yeah. Thanks to your little crush. You going somewhere with this? Or just rubbing it in?

    JS: Well, would you like the chance to win your spot back?

    Dorian looks intrigued.

    DS: ...Go on.

    JS: Let's face it...the personification of client, Andrea Hill...she's already going to the semi-finals. She's already a lock to win the PAW Championship. Quite frankly, this little 6 on 6 tag match? It's a waste of her time and energy. She has nothing to gain...and is putting her own safety at risk playing McNeil's little game. So on behalf of my client...I'm here to offer you her spot in the match. You win, and you're back in business!

    Star smiles back at her, and nods his head.

    DS: A chance to take that moronic biker down a peg, AND another shot at the strap? I accept! Give Ms. Hill the night off...and make sure she starts preparing for our match at Critical Threat!

    JS: Will do, darling...will do. Good luck, Mr. Starr.

    Julia waves to him, then turns to leave. Starr's eyes drift towards her backside as she walks out the door. After she's gone, he chuckles to himself, then goes back into his locker.

    DS: Looks like I'll need this tonight after all.

    He pulls out his wrestling gear, and the scene fades.

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    The Reaper
    PAW Website- The Reaper's video address nicknamed as "Reaper's Corner" by the fans. (Occurs before the show)
    To: Stirling Davis, The Roadster.
    "Luck" and other plans.
    As the movie begins the viewers can only see a black screen with The Reaper's theme playing quietly in the background. When it reaches it first chorus the screen suddenly explodes with light as two thick flames are lit on top of pillars mirroring Reaper's ring entrances. It is revealed that the camera is within Reaper's 'room'. Once again the Reaper is sitting at his odd table this time covered with papers instead of candles with the pillars standing behind him each with a torch at its top. The viewers can spot what seems to be pictures of both Eddie Swan and Mike Gideon sitting along the papers. The Swan picture seems to be Dorian Starr's work but Gideon's is one the viewers have not seen before. The Reaper waits a few moments until the music fades out and he begins to speak.

    Is there such a thing as luck? I ask this because on the next Impulse I am going to be facing Stirling Davis, current holder of the..."Lady Luck" title. Many say that Davis has not proven that he deserves this title and that he achieved it through chance. To suggest that Davis both obtained and held this belt through circumstances of luck is a impressive display of ignorance which seems to be common here within the PAW.

    My children, it was not by luck but by fate that Davis holds this title tonight. There is no such thing as 'luck' in the world we live in, only an inescapable destiny we all must face.
    He pauses for a moment.
    If you happen to be listening Davis I'm sure these words give you pride and hope, that you were meant to hold this title. However it is not to be. There is only one destiny for Stirling Davis when we face each other in the ring, his defeat, and very soon the title he holds will belong to me. Heh, of course by then it will be called something very different.

    As for Roadster and his match, from my understanding he has no desire to have me on his team. I don't care what the Roadster wants. I have my own plans concerning the fighters he is facing, specifically Eddie Swan and I will not compromise with any mortal regarding them. So to anyone who ends up on the Roadsters team. Do not dare get in my way. Otherwise you will find out what happened to Mike Gideon and what's going to happen to both Stirling Davis and Eddie Swan in Anaheim.

    The video fades out as Reaper's theme starts up at normal volume ending on the PAW symbol with "Next Show: Anaheim CA Feburary 10th."

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    From: The Show
    To: Tag Match Participates

    Title: To hit a woman.

    The show sits, as always, on a couch facing a television monitor. On the monitor is highlights of the episode of WWE raw where Stone Cold Steve Austin mercilessly beat Lita with a chair.

    It's a question alright. Kind of important too. Would I hit a woman? It's funny, because, you know, women for years and years and years have always wanted to be treated as equals. As one of the guys, just because I'm tits and a face doesn't mean I'm less of a person. Yet, why is it then, hitting you is some kind of crime? I suppose it could be because women are just physically weaker then men.

    I'm sure you're asking yourself, why this misogynistic tirade? Why would I go on and on and on and on about hitting a woman, about how if I got a woman with a stiff right hand, or even worse, a kick to the jaw, they'd be out like a light?

    Because it's true. Don't you see? This match is in the bag, plain and simple. It's logic. The strategy is clear as day. The right thing is to a hit a woman. In the interest of the match. In the interest of winning. The spirit of competition right? If I refuse to hit you, doesn't that mean I place a woman on some sort pedestal that is equal parts elevating and damning? This is special! Well I guess that means she's not equal. There's two sides to equal, sometimes your more than, other times your not.

    Example, in pornography women are more than equal. They are paid three times as much as men, it's a fact. Example, Nursing, female nurses are paid far higher wages than women, in fact, it's a law. Example: In a purely physical sense, men are stronger. Women aren't equal, it's a fact.

    So I guess there's the advantage then. Like an old school Rasslin promo, HOW are my team mates and I gonna win the match at the next big event Mean Gene? HOW am I going to stand victorious with pride and joy in the THOUSANDS of fans in attendance? HOW am I going to show the WORLD that you can't back down from any challenge, big or small, no matter how hard or painful?

    By hitting a woman.

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  • LockedOnTargetLockedOnTarget Registered User regular
    edited February 2009 - New Front Page Article
    To: Tournament Participants, 6 vs. 6 Tag Participants

    After two exciting rounds in the tournament to decide the first ever PAW World Champion, the field has been narrowed down to five! PAW is proud to announce the quarter-final matchups that will decide which two competitors will go on to PAW Critical Threat:

    Triple Threat - "The Punisher" Paul Jameson vs. Zack Hunter vs. Andrea Hill

    James "Roadster" McNeil vs. The Show

    These two contests will take place on Feb. 17th, in Los Angeles CA. But one of these five might not make it to LA! James McNeil is putting his shot on the line in our main event in Anaheim on Feburary 10th! Dorian Starr, John "The Bomb" Bowski, Riktor Drake, The Fundamentalist, and Eddie Swan all have a chance to win his place in the tournament, changing the landscape of the quarter-finals and beyond!

    But one other man has a chance to win the Roadster's slot...The Show! But he's already in the quarter-finals! So the PAW staff have come to a decision. Should The Show win on Feb. 10th, he will recieve a free pass into the finals, and a guarenteed spot in the World Championship match at Critical Threat!

    All of this comes to a head on Feb. 24th, as we're back in Vegas for PAW's debut on pay-per-view. Tickets are still on sale for this historic event! Don't miss the next few weeks of amazing action!

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    From: Connor Mackenzie
    To: Participants in the 6 vs 6 tag match
    RE: Are you ready?

    Dave Robertson: We’re back at the Honda Center in Anaheim, California and what a night we have lined up, Cary.

    Cary Gray: I guess Dave. I’m a little disappointed that we aren’t going to be seeing Andrea Hill or her manager Julia Strand in action tonight though from what I hear but I guess there’s always next week.

    DR: Let’s try to maintain some focus here Cary.

    The screen changes, showing all of the competitors performing various poses before being frozen and showing how the teams stack up for the 6-man tag match for that night as Dave lists them off.

    DR: Where else but PAW are we going to see a spectacular match like this. We’ve heard from quite a few of the competitors tonight but I’m being told that our own Alison Rose is backstage with another participant now. Alison?

    The camera cuts to a scene backstage as Alison is standing outside a locker room, in fact the home team locker room for the Anaheim Ducks as their logo can be seen on the wall behind her. Smiling at the camera she nods politely at Dave’s intro.

    AR: That’s right Dave. I’ve managed to track down one of our superstars here as he wanted to say a special hello to some of his fellow brethren of the north as some would say.

    A mixture of cat calls, cheers and claps are heard as she pauses, looking to do doorway as the wrestler she was waiting for can be seen making an exit and pausing as he realizes that he’s in front of the camera, being caught off guard a bit by the sight of Alison and the camera. The wrestler offers a charming smile to Alison then as she looks to him.

    AR: Mr. Mackenzie, if I could just say that it was a rather nice thing to see you make an appearance earlier on in the show at the Children’s Hospital of Orange County. But I’m afraid I’m here to talk about other matters.

    The crowd cheers, most vocally from the right side of the arena like it did earlier when Roadster spoke of the same man now on camera.

    AR: What are your thoughts on the outcome of your match last week and going up against the man that cost you your spot in the championship tournament again this week in the main event? Of course, I’m speaking about The Show.

    The crowd can be heard booing as The Show is mentioned

    Connor: First off Ms. Rose, please call me Connor. Calling me Mr. Mackenzie makes me want to look over my shoulder for my father. Secondly…I’ll admit it, I’m disappointed. Mostly in myself and the outcome of my match last week with The Show especially in front of all of the fans. Some things went my way, some things didn’t and in the end I telegraphed what I was doing and The Show took advantage of it. Some of his tactics might not have been what I would have wanted to see but I can’t blame them on the outcome.

    AR: So, you take responsibility for your loss at the hands of The Show? That’s a rather bold statement considering the company you keep with the other wrestlers.

    Connor: You would think that, but, after hearing what The Roadster had to say this evening and the support I’ve had from the fans, especially here in Anaheim…

    The crowd cheers more as they are referred to by Connor, as well as supporting Roadster.

    Connor: But, before we continue this interview Alison. You need to change.

    Alison of course looks at him with an expression of absolute shock and a bit of insult as he takes the microphone from her and holds something up that is folded that she hesitantly takes. Connor meanwhile moves in front of the camera, not allowing anyone to see her as he looks to address it directly with mic in hand.

    Connor: Now then, while she’s making herself more presentable to the people of Anaheim, I’ll say this. Yes, tonight I will be facing the man that cost me my chance at the PAW championship, but I can assure you that I have learned from whatever mistakes were made and am more then willing to have him try to pull it off again. As for his associates; The Bomb; The Fundamentalist; The Amateur; The Machine; and everyone’s personal favourite The Prancing, posing, prima donna herself. Oh wait, that’s right it’s star that’s in there now. Guess I don’t need to change that last one after all.

    The crowd roars, most laughing and applauding as Connor takes a step away from the camera to show Alison still working on putting on what he gave her.

    Connor: I’d offer a hand…oh what the hell.

    Connor brings his hands up to pull the shirt down, revealing it to be an Anaheim jersey. Alison’s head popping out as Connor looks her up and down for a moment then hands her back the mic. Her hair a bit messed up from a bit of static buildup.

    Connor: Now then, all of you. Know this, I, The Canadian Dragon give my notice and guarantee to-night. Not one, two, three, four or five but all six of you are going to experience what it is like to be in the ring with me. It is an experience never repeated, often attempted to be imitated but never, ever duplicated and I will tell you now that I am not in a good mood and you can have The Show to thank for it. As for my “team” tonight, I have to say that I am proud to stand in the corner with all of them. They are all the best this business has to offer and when all is said and done I will do everything in my power to ensure that The Roadster keeps his spot in the tournament. Even if it means me calling in a favour from one of my friends right here.

    Pointing to the Anaheim logo on Alison’s shirt Connor looks to her, then turns around and walks back into the dressing room to her stunned silence.

    Connor: Keep the jersey by the way!

    The crowd gives one more shout before the screen fades to black.

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    From: "The Punisher" Paul Jameson"
    To: Participants in the 6 vs. 6 tag match, "The Archer" Robin Adams, Dorian Starr, Zack Hunter
    The camera comes to life with a view of the announce table. The fans are going crazy behind our wrestling tour guides. One large, overweight man is clutching a sign that reads "I voted for the Guvna!" People are pushing to get on camera and to just touch the announcers, as if they were rock stars at a sold out show.

    Dave Robertson: Welcome back to Impulse everyone; we are getting word from the back that "The Punisher" Paul Jameson is back with …

    Cary interrupts Dave, something to which Dave seems to expect now by the look on his face.

    Cary Gray: Oh God, we have to put up with him already? He's not even scheduled to say anything till later in the show! I didn't think I'd have to use my puke bag till then.

    Dave Robertson: Enough Cary, geez. After his win in the last round of the tournament and the brutal 6 on 6 tag match tonight, Paul Jameson must have a lot on his mind. Alison Rose is standing by …

    As Dave sends the feed to Alison in the back, Cary's head drops into his hands and he shakes it back and forth. Dave looks over at Cary and rolls his eyes as the camera pitches to the back. Alison Rose is standing in front of the men's locker room with Paul Jameson. Jameson is already dressed in his tights and has a black t-shirt on. The crowd pops as "The Punisher" comes into view. The jeers are noticeably less than in prior weeks.

    Alison Rose: I bet you have a lot running through your mind right now … uh, Mr. Jameson?

    Unlike the last time the crowd saw Paul Jameson, he is now flashing a smile and seems to be laid-back. He seems to exude excitement and curiosity, as if he were a young boy on Christmas day. He looks right at Alison now …

    Paul Jameson: Please Alison, just Paul.

    He turns around and focuses on the camera now, leveling his gaze into it.

    Paul Jameson: I'd be lying to everyone here if I didn't say that last week was one of the better experiences that I have had in the ring. Not only did I get to advance in the tournament, but I got to finally shut up one of the biggest loud mouths we have here in the PAW!

    The crowd comes to life again as it seems each of them recall the match with Dorian Starr from the previous week. After saying this, Jameson steals a glance at Alison Rose, but then quickly focuses back on his weekly chat with the wrestling public.

    Paul Jameson: Starr, did you think I was kidding when I said that you deceit would catch up to you? Did you think I was kidding when I said that we have rules for a reason? What you think is your greatest strength, turned out to be your greatest downfall. There's no one to blame but the person you see looking back at you in the mirror. I know your kind though, you can't accept that you were the only person who screwed up your shot. Who are you going to blame for this loss Starr? The refs? Me? "The Archer?"

    The crowd pops again as Paul Jameson mentions "The Archer" Robin Adams.

    Paul Jameson: Speaking of "The Archer," all I have to say is thank you. I was a pretty big fan of you on the indy circuit while I was growing up. My dad …

    As he says this, a side of Paul Jameson comes out that takes the crowd by surprise. He seems to lose his smile and grow visibly upset. He continues on through the pain.

    Paul Jameson: He uh … he talked about you early on and you are definitely someone that I respect.

    Paul Jameson gets back into a groove now, his smile creeping back across his face.

    Paul Jameson: Needless to say, it's a shame that there aren't more people around here like you, if you ever
    need a hand, you just let me know. Speaking of hand though, let's talk about our 6 on 6 tag match tonight! You have Ken Yoshiro …

    The crowd gets renewed energy as Paul Jameson rattles off the names of everyone fighting later on tonight. Cheers and boos are equally distributed to the respective teams.

    Paul Jameson: First things first … "Roadster" … I'm glad you came to your senses. Your tournament and title shot are on the line, and you can guarantee that there is absolutely no way I'm going to screw that up for you. Like you said before, it's time to show who the real class of the PAW is. You don't have anything to worry about; you're going to be fighting for your title hopes next week on Impulse.

    Alison Rose: Do you think your team has a chance against the likes of Drake and Starr? You have already fought both of them, how do you see this match ending tonight?

    Paul Jameson: Listen Alison, while they both possess certain skills, they are no match for the team that the "Roadster" has put together. Who is going to match the awesome size of Ken Yoshiro? What about the technical expertise of "The Canadian Dragon" and the "Roadster" himself? And what about the speed of Louann McCoy and Zack Hunter? Tonight is going to be a night where we show the PAW locker room exactly how tough it is when you are on the wrong side of the tracks!

    Alison Rose: Paul, you mentioned Zack Hunter. It was announced just a short while ago that he will be a part of the three way dance to get to Critical Failure, are you going to be able to co-exist to get through this match?

    Paul Jameson: As far as I'm concerned Zack, our match at Impulse next week is just that … it's next week. Tonight we have to focus on our commitment to the "Roadster," trust me, you will have no problems from my end. We need to work together tonight. After tonight, then we can prepare for our match, but there are more important things right now. I have to run though, thank you for this opportunity …

    As Paul Jameson turns to leave, he looks at Alison Rose and winks. Again, Alison looks puzzled as Jameson leaves, but this time the crowd sees a smile slowly creep across her face as we are greeted with a view of Robertson and Gray.

    Cary Gray: Is that finally over? Could he have said any less in a longer period of time?

    Dave Robertson: Settle down Cary, settle down. Tonight should be a night to remember folks, we have two superstar teams battling head to head with a lot at stake! We'll be right back!

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  • ANTVGM64ANTVGM64 Registered User regular
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    To: 6 v 6 people
    From: The Show

    Re: Kayfabe.

    The Show sits staring directly into the camera

    The very real fact of the matter is that I'm pathetic. So are the fans, so are my opponents. May I go Meta for a moment? Everyone who watches wrestling knows what goes on. Everyone who watches wrestling knows there's scripted drama, and some of the most vicious matches in the history of the business have been wrestled between people who may generally like each other, heartbreak and triumph is written on the page for us to read and you watch. It's no secret that some guy in the back room decides who wins and who loses these matches. Guys stomp their foot and yell real hard when they want to pretend they're hitting someone. It's a game, a ruse, fake, second cousin to Harvey The Rabbit.

    Yet we come out here and talk about how we're going to beat our opponent. Why we're the better athlete, why a power bomb with a special name attached to it is so much more devastating then one without. How a leg drop might as well be an H-bomb if you're wearing yellow tights and a bandanna.

    So let's see Connor McKenzie, and John Bowski and Lou-ann McCoy come out to this very ring and say how they're going to BEAT me. Let them come out here and pretend this promo never happened. Every single fan in this ARENA knows the decisions are made in the back and like good little puppets we dance to the strings they pull.

    Let anyone come out here and deny the fact that the reason they're where they are isn't due to how big of a kiss ass, or brown noser, or draw, they are. Why do you think I'm still here? Why do you think I'm undefeated? I'm the draw. I'm the guy people pay to see.

    I got the gimmick, ring veteran struggling with age in the face of one last chance at the top. I have the catchy name, catchy finisher, I do the hardcore stuff, and I put on a show. Boy do I put on a show. Turn off your TV right now. Go ahead, turn it off. You can't. You know that as sick or twisted as I may be, you can't take your eyes off me, Just like the greats. The Hogans, the Savages, the HBKs. Why would I lose? You don't think this promotion wants me to succeed? I'm the biggest draw they got. I've wrestled LEGENDARY matches across the country. That big gold belt is going to be around my waist.

    My opponents in the six man tag are posers and fakes. Everyone in this promotion is a poser and a fake. We got a guy who calls himself the Canadian Dragon? What the hell is a Canadian Dragon? You wonder why you lost? God is there anything more bad ass than a Dragon that tries to sell you software solutions?

    The company has me in a joke of a match against a Daisy Duke Clone, a Hardy Boyz, some guy who sounds like he wants to be just like Rocky Miavia when he first started, and a biker? You fans care about this <bleep>(shit)? Well let me tell you! there's a guy whose into motorcycles in the ring, I bet he's awesome!

    The fact of the matter is, the reason I win is because I am the best. Not only as a draw, as a money earner, as an interview and an investment, I bring the goods. I am the performer, I come to this ring and every day I do what I need to do and then some, I head line the show. I steal the show.

    I am, The Show.

    ANTVGM64 on
  • lonelyahavalonelyahava Call me Ahava ~~She/Her~~ Move to New ZealandRegistered User regular
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    From: Louann McCoy
    To: The Show; all
    Re: STFU, in a nice way
    Louann is sitting in her locker room, when the television there flickers to life with The Show's latest promo. Louann looks up from the floor where she's sitting next to Louise, running her fingers down the Gator's back. She listens politely, and shakes her head at a few points, closing her eyes towards the end, a sad smile coming over her lips towards the end.

    She rested her back against the large comfy chair that was in her locker room and she leaned her head backwards against the cushion and lets out a small sigh.

    It's always sucha shame to see somebody once so great become so bittah. Ah remember watching ya, Show, back when Ah was a little girl. Ah remember knowin that it was all fake and prearranged, but Ah also remembah not carin two flyin squirrels.

    You were the favorite in mah house, well you were mah favorite. Mah brothers liked the other one. Yer friend. Whatever his name was. But when we rassled, Ah always wanted ta be you.

    And Ah always won.

    Fast-forward a few years. Ah followed inta your footsteps, got mahself into the rasslin business. Ended up in Indianapolis. Met a fella rassler, fell in love, got married, and then he died. A rasslin accident. Ah ran away, Ah hid myself from everything and everybody that had anything to do with rasslin or any memories of it.

    Sound familiar, Show?

    But, just like you, Ah began to miss it. The cheerin, the booin. The adrenaline rush ya get when ya go flyin off those ropes and head towards yer opponent. It gets inta yer blood and ya just cain't forget it. And nothin else, nothin else feels the same. Ya just gotta get back inta it.

    So Ah ended up here, just like you. Tryin ta get mah life back on track, tryin ta get mahself back inta the game. Ya think that yer just a man who had a rough life handed to him? That yer the only one that's got the right to feel old and to complain and be bitter? Ya don't even know, do ya Show?

    You just keep on talking that talk, that nobody knows the troubles you seen, and maybe some of these other kids in this company will feel sorry fer ya. But Ah don't. Ah been there, staring down to the empty bottom of that bottle, wonderin' if'n Ah'll ever crawl back out again. Only difference is, you caused yers. Mine. Mine was an accident.

    But ya know what, Show?

    Ain't none of these people give a rats ass what yer problems are, or mine. Ain't none of these people wanna hear you tell 'em that what we do is just a play. They know. They don't care. So no. Ah ain't gonna sit here and talk all big and bad 'bout how Ah might be just a woman, but Ah'm gonna take down the big man. Ah'm gonna show those guys out there that Ah can beat them to a bloody pulp.

    Ah ain't gonna sit here and talk 'bout how yer gonna go down. We both know that if'n it's meant ta be, that's how it'll be. Ah ain't gonna come out to the ring, take a microphone in mah hand and pump mahself up as the end all be all of womens rasslin. Or rasslin in general.

    Ah'm gonna train. Ah'm gonna sleep. And Ah'm gonna go out there and give those fans the best damned show that Ah can. That's all that Ah can do. That's all that any of us can do.

    Now. That bein said.

    Ah'm lookin damned forward ta pinning ya to the mat, and hearin that 1,2,3 and the bell ring. Cause you ain't the only one with problems. You ain't the only one with baggage. You ain't the only one with somethin ta prove. But yer the only one that's makin em an issue fer everybody else.

    See ya in the ring, Show.

    Louann turns away from the camera and back to petting Louise when a voice comes off the camera and she smiles, leaning her head back and starting to laugh.

    Whaddya mean how do Ah feel about bein on a team with Zack Hunter? He's a good kid. He put up with a hella lot from me. And he pinned me. Fair and square. What else ya want from that? If the kid has a problem with being on a team with me, he'll letcha know, Ah'm sure. But if he's a good boy, Ah just might put him inna headlock again.

    Somethin' tells me he enjoyed that.

    Louann shook her head again and stood up, walking from the sitting area and towards the shower, Louise following her.

    Thus endeth the interview.

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    From: Sean Masaki
    To: All
    Re: Interview

    Sean stepped into the hallway, a dark look on his face. He nearly ran face-first into Alison Rose, and her roving cameraman.

    "Sean, a few minutes of your time?"

    He gave her a small smile.

    "Sure. Just make it quick- you know, places to go, people to see, egos to be deflated, right?"

    "Well... you've lost two in a row. How does that feel?"

    The losing streak. Of course.

    "How do you think I like it? Losing two in a row, reading every smartass comment on the PAW forums on how someone should go see if Tekno Team 2000 or other castoffs from other federations are availible. Hearing about it everywhere. I just guess Johnny better watch himself in the ring tonight. Looks like he's going to be the one Overheating tonight."

    "Okay... what about the six-man tag match? Even though you weren't picked, do you have any thoughts...?"

    Sean sighed.

    "Well, if Roadster wants to choose the others, well, how comfortable would YOU feel, running an unknown program? It could be the best thing since the Macintosh, or it could be a load of malware that completely screws you over. How much does Roadster really trust those team members? They aren't fighting for pride, they've got grudges. Can Roadster really trust those five to put the lid on their personal vendettas for him and him alone? I'd be a bit leery. But, like I said, I'm even. Now, if you'll excuse me..."

    Sean pushes past the camera guy, and bends down to grab a CD case that falls out of his pocket.

    The camera holds on Sean as he walks down the hall and around a corner.

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    From: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson
    To: The Guvna/Cletus Jefferson, also Stirling Davis
    Re: Scars, Tonight's number 1 contenders match, next week.

    The lights go dim as the Adrenatron lights up. A nervous-looking Lane Richmond is apparently exploring the bowels of the arena, looking for Mike Johnson. He hears what appears to be humming coming from somewhere ahead and motions the cameraman to follow him. As they round a corner into a large, low-ceilinged room they find The Hammer with his back turned towards them, humming a tune to himself.

    Lane: Mr. Johnson, we’re sorry to interrupt you sir. Could I please just have a few minutes of your time? I’d like to ask you some questions about your upcoming match with The Guvna.

    The Hammer freezes at the sound of Lane’s voice, then slowly turns around scowling. His black eyes and swollen nose make him look even more imposing than usual, and Lane takes a hasty step back.

    Hammer: Are you lost again, Little Boy Lane? Did you think that because I let you leave in one piece last week that I might tolerate your presence here again? You start running now, and you tell the boss that if he wants me to be interviewed he had best send the pretty one down here to talk to me.

    Lane: Please, sir, I just want to ask how you’re preparing for tonight’s match, especially after the injuries you suffered last week at the hands of <urk>

    The Hammer takes a step forward and grabs Lane by the throat with one meaty hand, but then his expression softens as he begins to chuckle. Still holding Lane by the neck, he begins to speak.

    Hammer: My “injuries?” A couple of black eyes and a broken nose and you’re talking about my “injuries?” Heh, let me show you some real injuries.

    He releases Lane to point at a long, curved scar over his right ear.

    Hammer: You see this? Neopunk did this to me over in Japan. He pulled out a switchblade and tried to take my ear as a trophy. I snapped the blade off once I caught hold of his hand, and then I broke his wrist to teach him some manners. I won the fight, but it took 27 stitches to close my head back up.

    He turns around and points out two long, glossy scars along his back.

    Hammer: Do you want to know where these came from? I got tangled up in the ropes fighting JayCee Junior in a Ring of Fire match. I nearly got cooked alive, but in the end The Hammer fell on him and he went down like all the rest.

    The Hammer points out a set of slashes that run down his left arm.

    Hammer: These were from some gimmick match where I wrestled a Tiger. A real, honest-to-God Tiger in the wrestling ring. I actually lost that one, but that’s not what’s important right now. Every scar on my body is a testament to some crazy freak that thought they could beat me, and most of those matches ended with their crushed bodies lying on the ground and my hand raised in victory. Do you honestly think a little thing like a broken nose will even slow me down?

    Lane looks horrified after hearing the stories, but he also looks like he doesn’t want to offend The Hammer.

    Lane: Ummm, well sir, I guess not, but . . .

    Hammer: You’re damned right it won’t. As bad as I look I’ve had a lot worse done to me and I’ve always come back swinging. Besides, after hunting around down here for a while I was able to make me a new Gladys.

    The Hammer grins evilly as he reaches behind himself and pulls out a nasty looking baseball bat that’s been covered in barbed wire. The Hammer cradles it in his arms like he would a child, and he’s almost glowing when looks back up at Lane.

    Hammer: She may not be the original, but Gladys II is just as pretty and just as mean as her older sister was. Tonight, we’re going to teach The Guvna an important lesson. If you’re going to be a monster you can’t leave survivors behind you. All that does is make them crazier, angrier, and likely to do ANYTHING in order to avenge themselves.

    I’ll show you what a real monster is capable of tonight. I’ll show you why you SHOULD be afraid of the things that go bump in the night, Mr. Political Boogeyman. Tonight you’re going to see the type of monster that has made generations of children afraid of the dark. You can bring cornball Cletus with you; I’ll bring Gladys. We’ll see which one is more useful at the end of the night when I’m standing over your broken, bloodied body laughing at what I’ve done to you.

    Lane: That brings me to my next question Mr. Johnson, what about Stirl <URK>

    The Hammer catches Lane by the throat again, never taking his eyes off of the camera. Lane starts to turn red as The Hammer continues to speak.

    Hammer: Didn’t your mama teach you any manners boy? Don’t you know enough not to interrupt when your elders are speaking? WELL?

    Lane starts turning purple but manages to nod his head. The Hammer grunts and releases his hold, at which point Lane falls to his knees gasping for air.

    Hammer: I’ve got one thing to say to our little Golden Boy, Stirling Davis. “Good Job.” I could claim that I was injured, I could whine and moan and say all sorts of things to cover myself but the truth is that you beat me fair and square. You took advantage of a chink in my defenses and managed to pin me right in the middle of the ring. I never would have thought that you had it in you to be so ruthless, but you caught me off guard and you won. Savor your victory boy, because next week I’m going to be all healed up when I face you again for that pretty little Lady Luck Belt. Savor your sweet victory kid, it’s the last time you’ll ever pin me. Now that I know what you’re capable of, I’ll be prepared for it.

    The Hammer turns back to Lane with a mad gleam in his eyes.

    Hammer: Start running, Little Laney. If I can still see you when I get to five you’re going to be Gladys’s first victim.

    Lane struggles to his feet, turns, and flees down the hallway. The last sound we hear is The Hammer reaching four, and then laughing.

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    Zack Hunter
    to: everyone in the tag match
    re: the tag match, and also being pretty awesome

    I felt the break and roll of the nexus...

    The thundering bass immediately brings the crowd to their feet as the two young guns of PAW, Zack and Shane Hunter, run down the ramp slapping hands and pointing out into the sea of faces. Zack slides under the bottom rope and Shane leaps over the top, and they criss-cross the ring to make flat footed jumps up to the top turnbuckle. The crowd eats it all up. Handmade bristol board signs proclaim their love for the brothers, and a section of fans at ringside all sport poor mimics of Zack’s arm tape.

    “And the crowd is going absolutely ballistic for these two young gentlemen right here,” Dave Robertson comments before being abruptly cut off by his broadcast partner.

    “Gentlemen? Are you kidding? Did you see the way that punk Zack manhandled Louann last week!? And to think what he’ll do in the triple threat next week! Poor Andrea Hill had better watch out!”

    “I’m not sure what matches you’ve been watching, Cary, but Zack Hunter has been nothing but a stellar and respectful competitor. I predict great things to come in this young man’s future.”

    “Yeah, well, your predictions suck.”

    While Zack continues to play to the crowd, exuding natural charisma, his older brother acquires a microphone. Moments later the lights come back up and the music dies. Zack remains perched on the top rope, watching his brother.

    “ANAHEIM!” Shane bellows for a cheap pop, “How’re you all doing out there!?”

    The crowd roars, easily swayed. Zack nods as he surveys the mass of humanity out there, looking satisfied.

    “Tonight’s a big night, let me tell you. A hardcore match for the number one contender to the Lady Luck championship? Madness! The Lady Luck champion, Stirling Davis, against the Reaper? Mind-boggling! But the big one, the main event, the match you all game out here to see,” he points out at the crowd and sweeps his arms and his eyes across the whole arena, “the 6 on 6 tag team match with Roadster’s tournament spot on the line. And that? That, my friends, is going to be mayhem. Pure and unadulterated chaos! But if there’s any one person Roadster should have on his team, it’s this crazy bastard right here.”

    Shane points backwards over his shoulder and Zack poses on the turnbuckle. The crowd pops, predictably.

    “Trust me, ladies and gents, you haven’t even seen half of what my brother can do, or half of what he’s willing to do. Roadster’s opponents tonight, heh, they have no idea what they’re really up against.”

    Shane passes off the mic to his brother, who remains seated on the top turnbuckle. The sea of humanity roars for him, and he’s obviously taken aback by the sheer number of people waiting to hear him speak. He cracks a charismatic grin.

    “It’s going to be mayhem in this ring tonight, but that’s just the way I like it. I’m a man of mayhem. When all those bodies inevitably rush the ring and all hell breaks loose, you’ll see me right there in the thick of it. Roadster, buddy, you can count on me in this match. Punisher, we might have a career-defining match next week, but tonight we’re on the same team. I’ve got your back if you’ve got mine, man. The other team, they might all be good... But to beat us, you’ve gotta be better than just good.”

    “What a cocky little punk,” Cary mutters.

    “So watch this match closely—everyone out here, everyone in the back, everyone tuning in—and you’ll get to see just what a real man of mayhem can do.”

    On that note, Zack lowers the microphone. The music kicks in again, and everyone can feel the thumping bassline of Summertime in the Void right in their chests. Zack hops down off the top turnbuckle and he and his brother make their exits, playing to the crowd all the way to the back.

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    Do... Re.... Mi... Ti... La...
    Do... Re... Mi... So... Fa.... Do... Re.... Do...
    Forget it...
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    Louann McCoy
    To: All interested/Zack Hunter
    Re: Life is never simple
    VOG: Present
    VOG: Once again, the lady of the hour, resting in the large armchair in her locker room. While the facilities here within this arena in Anaheim are proper enough, they do not compare to the facilities at the home arena in Indianapolis from where she came. But an armchair is provided, as are books and a hot pot of tea. At this moment, the heroine is curled up with a mug of that tea, chamomile for its soothing properties, and her phone. Silence please as we perform that most time-honored tradition of all voyeurs and reporters. Eavesdropping.

    Lou: Yeah, I know Annie. They kid is just too cute for his own good. Yeah, he's gotta brother. No, Annie! Ah am not going to introduce you! They're just kids! Annie!! How the hell am Ah supposed to know if he's right or left? No! He grabbed me! Apparently he liked what he felt. Well you saw how red he got! Ah dunno, Ah'll ask him.Well, yer asking me, why shouldn't Ah ask him? Fine. Ah won't ask the little boy how well he's hung. No, Annie, Ah am not gonna sneak into his locker room while he's taking a shower. No, Annie, Ah am not gonna put a camera on Louise and send her in there either. Ya need ta find yerself a man, Sis. Ya need ta get laid. You've been talkin about nothing else but the boys' dick since we got on the phone! No! Ah'm hanging up now! Damn girl. No, Ah don't know when or if we're gonna be coming that way. It's not like Ah make the decisions on where we go from week to week. Eventually Ah'm sure that we'll make our way towards Indy. Of course Ah'll come see you! Ah can't believe you even had to ask. Alright, Annie. Ah've still gota match tonight. Ah should at least get a shower and some workout in. Ah miss you too. Give him a kiss fer me. Ah love you, Sis. Bye.

    VOG: And so, the conversation of love and support from one mourning wife to another comes to an end. The heroine proceeds to stand from her chair, finishing the comforting mug of tea and wiping the tears from her eyes. Are they tears of laughter, brought on from a raucous conversation with a beloved sister on the possible endowments of a fellow wrestler? Are they tears of homesickness, caused from a realization that she might now return home anytime soon? Or are they tears of sorrow, knowing that even a sister's love will never replace that which she lost?

    Lou: You are by far the most depressing voice in my head ever.

    VOG: Well if you are not going to explain to those watching what is going on in that blonde head of yours, I have to do the work.

    Lou: You wanna do some work for me? Go find out which side the Hunter boys dress on. If'n ya can't do that, then go away so Ah can take mah shower.

    VOG: I will join you.

    Lou: The hell you will! S'bad enough Ah have to listen to you narrate my life outside the shower, Ah sure as hell ain't gonna listen to you narrate me shaving mah legs!

    VOG: They are very shapely legs.

    Lou: Why thank you. Now. Shoo!

    VOG: And so, once again, our heroine slams the door to the showers. And once again, you and I are left outside to wonder, just what the shower tile sees. To ponder the age old question that plagues all the minds of those who have any interest at all. The question that men have always asked, and will always ask. Is she a natural blonde?

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    From: The Show
    To: 6v6 tag team, Zach Hunter, Louann Mcoy
    Subject: Peanut Butter

    The Show sits on a couch, the TV in the background is off.

    When I was in 2nd grade there was a kid in my class. Matt. He was allergic to peanut butter. He would break out in hives. I thought he meant the kind of hives bee's come out. So we traded snack one day, I gave him my peanut butter cookies, and it was over before he knew it.

    Matt died that day and I didn't have friends for a very long time. I found Wrestling, I found creativity, I found maturity at a very young age. My parents told everyone I didn't know any better. My parents told everyone I was just being a kid.

    But I knew. I knew what was going to happen. I wanted to see bee hives pop out of Matt's face.

    Louann McCoy you say you grew up watching me, I was your favorite. I've grown old and bitter. “Ah've become a shadow of the man ah once was.” Do you know who my idols were? Dynamite Kid, Bret Hart, The British Bulldog. They're all dead crippled or useless now. Don't you see? I've seen the people I model myself after get destroyed by this business.

    It takes a twisted person to survive this business. You don't believe me? Your husband DIED due to Pro Wrestling and yet you carry on, because you don't know anything else to do. You can't get up and get a job at the sizzler, or at Hooters, this is in your BLOOD like some sort of drug. Go look at the people who “Got Out” of the business. Old, tired men who talk about the good ole days with a twinkle in their eye and a sadness in their walk.

    You tell me I'm old and bitter? It's better old and bitter than dead. I said it takes a twisted person to survive this business. Mine was that I killed someone when I was all of 7 years old. You're twisted because the very thing that killed your husband is the very thing that you live for. And you wonder why I complain? Because no one is listening.

    I think we're going to be more alike than your think, and when your looks fade, and your southern drawl grows harsh and your swinging hips grow wide, You'll be sitting in a locker room just like this one. Wondering what you did wrong? How you got into this business, this company, this position. You can't leave. It's what you live for. But what you live for is sure as hell going to kill you.

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    FROM: James "Roadster" McNeil / Andrea Hill
    Re: Andrea backing out of the tag match.
    [Scene opens, showing Dave Robertson and Cary Gray seated behind the announcer's table, the fans behind them screaming and waving signs.]
    DR: Welcome back to Anaheim, California and this week's episode of Pure Adrenaline Wrestling's Impulse!
    [A producer hands Cary a sheet of paper. Cary looks down, reading it, and then back at the camera/]
    CG: It looks like Alison Rose has a backstage interview with Roadster! As if he didn't have a big enough ego already...
    DR: Oh lay off, Cary.

    [Scene cuts from the announcers and opens backstage, with Roadster standing next to Alison Rose. He has one hand against the doorway of his locker room, and appears relaxed.]
    AR: So, Roadster, you seem pretty relaxed tonight. That's... weird, don't you think?
    JM: Why should I be worried?
    AR: Well, you've got a 6 on 6 match tonight with your shot at the PAW title on the line. Almost anyone else would be, well, worried.
    JM: Good thing I'm not anyone else, then.

    [Roadster looks down into Alison's eyes.]
    JM: I might've had something to worry about when this was a handicap match. I might've had something to worry about when my only partner was Ken Yoshiro. With the team I'm working with tonight, I just plain don't think losing is in the cards.
    [Alison cocks an eyebrow at Roadster.]
    AR: Really? So Dorian Starr's substitution into the match doesn't concern you?
    [Roadster's eyes widen.]
    JM: What?
    AR: I assumed you knew...
    JM: Let's just go ahead and assume I didn't.
    AR: Andrea Hill has withdrawn from the 6-man tag tonight, and Dorian Starr has taken her place.
    JM: What?!

    [Fans cheer as Roadster storms off. Alison looks, then motions for the camera to follow him. Roadster passes backstage crew, clearly angry and moving rapidly. People too slow to get out of the way are pushed aside as he zeroes in on Andrea Hill's locker room. He breathes heavily, looking at the door, before rearing back and, with one kick, knocking the door off its hinges and into the locker room. He points inside.]

    JM: I knew you were arrogant. I knew you were stupid, and I knew you had no respect. I didn't think you were a coward!

    [Roadster enters, the camera following behind. As camera moves into room, Andrea Hill and her agent Julia Strand turn to face Roadster, caught off guard by his sudden entry. ]

    AH: What the hell?!

    [ Camera follows Julia as she storms over to Roadster and slaps him across the face. He barely even seems to feel it, looking down at the shorter woman and cocking an eyebrow at her. She jams her finger in his chest, raising her voice.]

    JS: How dare you?! My client is no coward! You have no business harassing her, McNeil! I...

    [Camera zooms in on Andrea as she steps in between them, lightly pushing Julia away. McNeil waves at her, mockingly, as Andrea moves Julia out of the way.]

    AH: I'll handle this one, Julia.

    [Andrea gets in Roadster's face, but neither of them seem the least bit intimidated.]

    AH: Yeah, I pulled out of your stupid little match! You wanna know why? Because it does NOTHING for me! I'm here to COMPETE, got it?! And I'm already IN the tournament, hot shot...theres NOTHING you can offer me...NOTHING that this match will do to help my career! Oh boo hoo, you're all bent out of shape because I don't respect the fans. Well that's too ****ing bad! I don't give a damn what they think...and I certainly don't give a damn what YOU think! And I'm not putting myself in a pointless match just so you can stroke your ego!

    [She shoves him, forcing him to take a step back. He rolls his head as he glares down at her.]

    AH: Don't like it? Kiss my ass! I have a match that actually MEANS something next week, and I'm saving myself for that! I'm not risking my health and my future on your self-rightous little crusade! So unless you can give me a good reason why I should care what YOU want, get lost!

    [The two glare at each other for a few, agonizingly long moments. Roadster smiles, and nods.]

    JM: All right...I'll give you a reason to care...

    [Suddenly, he lunges forward and grabs Andrea by the throat! She grabs his forearm with both hands, but still he lifts he up into the air, and chokeslams her through a bench next to the wall! Andrea immediately screams in pain on impact, and rolls on the ground, clutching her back, a few tears streaming down her face, wood splinters surrounding her. Julia gasps in shock before running over to Roadster. A crack echoes throughout the room as she slaps him across the face again and again barely doing anything. She goes for another slap, but now Roadster appears angry. He catches her wrist and twists it, causing her to wince and stumble in pain. Leaning his head in, he speaks to her.]

    JM: This ain't a business for the delicate or the preening! This is Pure Adrenaline Wrestling, and Andrea's getting involved in this whether she likes it or not!

    [Roadster rears back his free hand, and then gives Julia a slap of his own. Julia slams into the ground. She doesn't move...possibly knocked out cold. Andrea's down beside her, still in a monumental amount of pain. Roadster leaves the two women there, exiting the room and slamming the door behind him.]

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    Louann McCoy
    To: Show
    Re: Stu who?
    Louann comes out of the shower, wrapped in her white towel, her blonde hair wet and slick down her back as the television pops up with the Show's latest spot. She stands there, her hair dripping water down to the floor, splashing and causing a pool to form.

    As the Show mentions her husband dying, Louann turns from the television, hiding her face from the camera as the Show continues talking. She shakes her head and settles onto the armchair again, curling her knees to her chest and listening to what the Show has to say.

    Her face seems to register the truth of what he says, but at the same time, there is the acceptance there. The acceptance that Show has yet to find for himself. As the television flickered off, Louann still hadn't moved from the chair, the soft fabric soaking up the water from her hair as she stared at the blank television screen for moment after moment after the promo was finished. Her voice was strained as she sat there, barely audible over the camera's microphone.

    You don't know what yer talking about, Show. Ah'm listening to ya more than ya realize. But there's more to me than even you seem to have picked up on. Maybe after the match....

    Louann shook her head and stood up quickly, wiping at her face again and heading towards the shower area again, her voice catching in her throat as she disappears into the bathroom once more.

    Leave a girl alone, Stu.

    The door slammed shut, even as the voice off the camera asked Louann just who in the hell 'Stu' was.

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    The Guvna and Cletus Jefferson

    To: The Hammer, Stirling Davis

    Jimmy Hayers is in the ring, microphone in hand.

    JH: How are you doing Anaheim! [Loud cheers] I don't want to be like a certain owner...out here every week stealing the spotlight, but I just had to show my respect to two men who showed a lot of balls in tonight's main events. Roadster, I had to stop you from committing suicide out here, but it took guts to volunteer to fight for your principles like that and to put your money where your mouth is. That is gutsy all right, but when I hired you, I knew what kind of a man you were, so it was shocking, but not surprising. The other man I wish to salute for his courage The Guvna [boos]. Now hold on, I didn't say I like him, but he sent me this letter today which I will read in a moment a demanded a hardcore match against The Hammer [boos and cheers mix together]. That takes some courage...I've talked with the censors and the sponsers and they are worried it will be too much for TV, The Hammer is brutal...They are worried about C4...Barbed Wire...Flaming Tables...and Guvna I'd be worried too, because the censors and the sponsers aren't going to stop this match from happening.

    DR: Could that have been The Guvna's reasoning? I want to hear what is in that letter.

    CG: Did you just ask if The Guvna had reasoning? I can't wait for this match though...staple and thumb tacks...Gladys....
    DR: It should be quite a sight. I would like to warn our viewers with children, this match will probably be too much for them.

    CG: No let them watch. It will teach them a valuable lesson.

    DR: Which is?

    CG: Stay away from The Hammer!

    [Jimmy Hayers starts to read the letter...]

    JH: From the office of The Guvna...ahem...Friends and constituents, when challenges arise and threaten us and our great nation, they often seem impossible to overcome. It would have been easy to go for the easy route against Mr. Mike Johnson. To challenge him to a show of strength, endurance, attractiveness, charisma, or intelligence...all areas where his deficits are apparent to all, but what does this prove? People will say that he was out of his environment...and his environment is the garbage. So I did what any great politician would do...and attacked his strength. When I take that scrap of prestige away from Mike Johnson, show that where he thought he was invincible, he was quite mortal, he will have nothing. This is not an easy task, but my friends Parts Unknown will prevail, we must prevail, I will prevail. Signed The Guvna.

    CG: Sounds confident...maybe he has a plan after all...

    DR: Or that yahoo Cletus Jefferson does...[Dixieland Jazz fills the arena...the crowd starts to boo. Cletus Jefferson, surrounded by security guards, makes his way to the ring]

    CJ: All right Hayers, what's the meaning of this? What's this about a hardcore match? You need to cancel it right now or I'll sue you into the'll have to bunk up with one of these welfare queen fans.

    JH: Sorry Cletus, the contract is signed and this match is happening. I thought you might be out here at some point...that's why I had the boys in back record this earlier.

    [The Adrenatron shows The Guvna in a plush office. He is smiling and signs and stamps the contract for his match. He then signs and stamps another piece of paper...and eats it.]

    CJ: I need to verify the legality of that need to delay this match...[Hayers is stone-faced]...please? I can pay you...

    JH: No this match is happening, and I welcome you to watch it at ringside...I'm sure The Hammer will want Gladys to give you a little kiss. [Hayers leaves...Jefferson follows after him, at one point dropping to his knees]

    DR: Wow...I guess there is dissension in the ranks. Or The Guvna makes his own decisions and Jefferson is just along for the ride.

    CG: I don't know Dave. I've seen Jefferson at work, we may have this match cancelled, yet.

    DR: I don't think so Cary. Hayers won't budge on something this huge. Tonight will be epic.

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    PAW Impulse - Feb. 10th, Anaheim CA

    Sean Masaki vs. Johnny Steele
    The crowd is milling around and conversing with one another when “It’s My Life” by Bon Jovi roars through the PAW speakers. Everyone hurriedly gets back to their seats to see Sean Miasaki make his entrance into the PAW arena.

    DR: Welcome everyone to another thrilling night of Impulse, presented by Pure Adrenaline Wrestling! Tonight we are live from Anaheim, California and our show is packed with action tonight!

    CG: You better believe it, not only do we get to see a #1 Contender’s match for the Lady Luck Championship, but we also get to see a public slaughter when the team of Dorian Starr, John Bowski, The Show, Riktor Drake, Mike Gideon, and Eddie Swan destroy the crack squad of bums that “The Roadster” put together!

    DR: An interesting way of looking at it Cary, as usual. Before we get into our main event, coming down to the ring now is Johnny Steele.

    Steele walks to the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd, his music blaring. There is no overt cheering or jeering that is discernable. Once he gets to the ring he walks up the steps, takes off his leather jacket, and hangs it on the post. As soon as he steps into the ring, “Move Along” by the All-American Rejects kicks on and the fans finally start to get moving. A loud cheer echoes throughout the arena as Sean Miasaki steps out from backstage. Donned in his lab coat, he walks down to the ring with determination on his face. As he makes it to ringside he leaves the coat by the floor next to the ring, revealing his signature green tights. He rolls under the top rope and the referee calls for the bell.

    DR: And here we go folks, our first match on Impulse tonight is going to be Johnny Steele and Sean Miasaki.

    With the ringing of the bell, both wrestlers circle each other, never breaking eye contact. After completing one circle around the ring, Steele makes his move and comes after Miasaki with a big right hand. Miasaki ducks, Steele turns back around and is met with a boot in the mid section. Miasaki continues the assault with right hands, backing Steele into a corner. Miasaki goes for an irish whip, but it is reversed by Steele sending Miasaki clear across the ring. Steele charges in behind and Miasaki, grabbing onto the ropes, leaps over Steele. As Steele turns around, Miasaki lands a standing drop kick that sends Steele backward into the corner.

    DR: What a flurry to start off this match Cary; look at the quickness that “The Tech” is displaying right now!

    CG: Don’t worry, it won’t last long.

    With Steele reeling in the corner, Miasaki takes advantage and climbs onto the second rope, delivering right handed blows to the head. The crowd counts along with the punches … as he reaches six though, Steele seems to gain some strength and picks up Miasaki by the legs. A look of surprise flashes across Miasaki’s face as Steele slams him hard onto his back. Steele wastes no time though and picks him up by the hair. Miasaki is on his feet, woozy now and Steele starts throwing quick body shots and jabs.

    CG: See Robertson, just like I said. There was no way that Miasaki could keep up that pace against Johnny Steele.

    DR: It doesn’t look good right now for Masaki, Steele just landed his patented “Ringer” and Miasaki looks like he’s in some pain.

    After the final blow connects, Steele picks him up and irish whips him into the far corner of the ring. Masaki, seemingly delirious, slowly stumbles out of the corner. Steele signals to the crowd.

    CG: It looks like he’s signaling for the “Steele Takedown,” say goodnight dork!

    Steele takes off right at Miasaki, but at the last second Miasaki sidesteps Steele, sending him crashing shoulder first into the steel post! Steele falls down, laying his head on the second turnbuckle while Masaki gets to his feet.

    DR: What a move by Masaki, which might have just turned the tide of this match!

    Masaki pulls Steele out of the corner...and gets him in position, lifting him up for the CtrlAltDel! Steele blocks it! He back body drops Masaki over his head and down to the mat! He backs way and waits for Masaki to get to his feet...Steele Takedown!

    CG: What a harsh spear! It could be over right here!

    Steele covers, and hooks the leg!! Kickout just in time! Steele yanks him up by the hair...puts him in position for a DDT...Meet My Steele! Masaki's head is driven hard into the mat! Johnny floats over to cover him! 1...2...NO! Sean kicks out again, and Steele can't believe it!

    DR: How is Masaki doing it? Steele is breaking out all his best moves!

    CG: Not all of them...there's one left!

    Steele measure Masaki as his opponent starts to slowly get to his feet. Then charges...shining wizard! Masaki catchs him with both hands, and in a lightning-quick show of strength, he pulls Steele up and sits him on the top turnbuckle! Steele is crotched, and stunned! Wasting no time, he climbs onto the second rope, hooks Steele’s arm over his head and performs a superplex sending both wrestlers crashing down in the center of the ring. Steele took the brunt of the damage, and it shows as Miasaki had to pull him to his feet again. Miasaki puts his right arm in an arm bar, wrenching repeatedly.

    DR: Miasaki, taking advantage of the costly mistake by Steele now.

    Miasaki pushes Steele back against the ropes and whips him across. Miasaki comes off the near side ropes at the same time and nails the Firewall!

    CG: Look, Steele is tiring him out, he’s getting him just where he wants him!

    DR: I hope you honestly don’t believe that Cary.

    Now, with the crowd completely energized, Miasaki gets behind Steele as he staggers to his feet. As soon as Steele turns around, a boot is firmly planted in his bread basket and Miasaki lifts him up and delivers the CtrlAltDel!

    DR: That should be it folks!

    Miasaki rolls on top of Steele, the ref flops to the ground and slams his hand down hard onto the mat … 1 ... 2 … 3! The referee jumps to his feet and raises Sean Miasaki’s arm. Miasaki quickly shakes the cobwebs out, acknowledges the fans, and then rolls out of the ring. As “Move Along” plays, he gathers his lab coat and walks to the back.

    DR: There you have it folks, a thrilling way to start off Impulse this week with Sean Miasaki getting his first win!

    CG: Well it took him long enough. He’s lucky, Johnny Steele was just about to kick it up a notch!

    DR: Well, he may have lost tonight...but Steele is welcome back in PAW any time after his performance tonight!

    Non-Title Match - Striling Davis vs. the Reaper
    Dave Robertson: And now on Impulse, we have a non title match between The Reaper and Stirling Davis.

    Cary Gray: I can’t believe Stirling signed up for this, Reaper is a monster! Anyone stepping into the ring with him is certifiable!

    Dave Robertson: He’s a fighting champion Cary, he’s not going to avoid a fight just because the Reaper is a big man.

    Cary Gray: Some fighting champion! The title isn’t even on the line!

    Dave Robertson: That’s managements decision, not Stirling's. If it was up to him he’d defend the title every night!

    The crowd comes to a silence as Reapers entrance music hits, the crowd still isn’t sure of what to make of Reaper as he confidently strides to the ring and awaits Davis.

    Dave Robertson: The Reaper looks to be in top form tonight.

    Cary Gray: Yeah that stride was textbook technical, right Dave? Sigh...

    The crowd breaks it's silence as Stirling Davis’s entrance music kicks up and the champion emerges with Tanya in tow. Stirling slaps high fives with all the fans as he makes his way to the ring, pausing briefly to size up Reaper, and then he slides into the ring.

    Cary Gray: I’ll say this of Davis, he’s got the best looking manager in PAW.

    Dave Robertson: Focus more on the competitors then their escorts Cary.

    Cary Gray: Why would I want to look at all that ugly, when there is so much beauty outside the ring!

    The ref calls for the bell and both men stare down at each other. Stirling bobs and weaves while Reaper patiently stands in one place. Stirling shouts “OZZY OZZY OZZY!” and the crowd roars back the OI OI OIs.

    Cary Gray: Showboat!

    Stirling moves in close to Reaper and they engage in a lock up. Both men try and maneuver for position, until Reaper hits a sharp knee to Stirling’s ribs. Stirling doubles over and Reaper picks him up over his shoulder before slamming him back side down over his knee.

    Dave Robertson: And Reaper hits a nasty backbreaker on Davis!

    Cary Gray: He’s got to stay away from the big man. Reaper is all power, and while Stirling is not a small guy, you can’t overpower the Reaper! It just won’t work.

    Stirling springs back up from the backbreaker and sizes up his opponent from a distance. Reaper waits patiently across the ring. Stirling bounces off the ropes and Reaper goes for a clothesline, Stirling dodges the clothesline and floats over into a Russian legsweep. Reaper and Stirling hit the mat. Stirling floats into an armbar and starts to apply pressure to Reapers right arm.

    Dave Robertson: You were saying Cary?

    Cary Gray: I’m as surprised as anyone else Dave, but we’ll have to wait and see if this is a smart move, he may have grounded the Reaper, but if you think that monster will tap…

    Just then Reaper starts to get to his feet. Stirling holds the armbar as best he can, but as Reaper gets both feet under him he breaks it. Reaper gets back to his feet slowly, shaking off the armbar. Stirling not letting up bounces off the ropes and hits a drop kick dead on knocking Reaper back down. Stirling then goes for the near turnbuckle, climbing it swiftly.

    Dave Robertson: Davis is on the top rope!

    Stirling leaps from the top and does a double leg drop to Reapers chest area. But Reaper is back up fast, Davis looks on in mild disbelief!

    Cary Gray: I told you Reaper is a monster, all Davis has done is make him angry!

    Stirling moves in close to whip the Reaper into the ropes but Reaper counters into a brutal clothesline. Picking Stirling up off the mat he slings him into the turnbuckle hard. Moving slowly Reaper hits Stirling with a back elbow in the corner. With Stirling a little dazed reaper pulls back and slams his shoulder into Stirlings mid section, he pulls back to do it again, but Stirling leaps over it and Reaper slams his shoulder into the ring pole! Stirling flips over Reaper and nails a neck breaker. The crowd cheers loud with the impact.

    Dave Robertson: Davis is building momentum with that neckbreaker!

    Cary Gray: Why don’t you have some objectivity Dave?

    Dave Robertson: I’m just calling the play by play Cary!

    Stirling brings Reaper back to his feet and hits a short elbow to his gut, doubling him over. The crowd cheers louder as Stirling bounces off the ropes, slides under Reaper, and nails the Uppercut! He brings Reaper back to his feet and whips him into the turnbuckle, lining up on the opposite side...he hits a slingshot splash on Reaper! With Reaper dazed in the turnbuckle he goes up top and locks the big man in a neckhold preparing for the Howzat. Stirling calls out to the crowd OZZY OZZY OZ… but is interrupted by Reaper grabbing him by the throat, and slamming him down from the top rope with a chokeslam! Reaper wraps up Stirlings legs as the ref counts! 1......2......3!


    Cary Gray: When Davis wakes up, he’ll be pissed he took a minute to showboat instead of finishing the match!

    Dave Robertson: Well Cary, he may have lost tonight, but he put up a great fight against a beast of an opponent. But now one has to wonder...does Reaper have claim to a title shot?

    Cary Gray: We'll see what Hammer and The Guvna have to say about that...

    Dave Robertson: Speaking of which...those two are up a hardcore match to determine the number one contender for the Lady Luck Championship!

    Hardcore Match - Mike "The Hammer" Johnson vs. The Guvna - #1 contender's match for the Lady Luck Championship

    Hammer makes his way out first, to a very mixed reaction. he has "Gladys II" in hand. Guvna comes to the ring next, accompanied not just by Cletus Jefferson, but by two huge brawlers with nametags that read ‘The Secretary of Defense’ and ‘The Chief of Staff’. Hammer’s in the ring, watching the four of them with a sneer on this face. He calls out that Cletus and Guvna are cowards, but his words are cut short when the SecDef and the Chief rush him and start beating him down. It looks like this one’s gonna be a short match. Even Cletus joins in, landing ineffective stomps and cheap shots with the gavel. Guvna takes Gladys in his hands, and with a laugh, tosses her away!

    DR: Hired goons? There's no low Cletus won't stoop to, is there!

    CG: DQ means this is pefectly legal, Dave!

    But out of the crowd come Sean Masaki and John Bowski! They hop the barricade on either side of the ring and rush the goons in a pincer move. Bowski floors the SecDef and the Chief with a double clothesline and Masaki corners Cletus. Bowski throws the goons clean out of the ring while Cletus begs for mercy from Masaki. He finds none. Masaki slaps on the sharpshooter! The crowd goes wild. Hammer gets to his feet, him Bowski preventing Guvna from coming to Cletus’s aid. Cletus taps the mat like his life depends on it and finally Masaki lets him go, kicking him under the bottom rope and right out of the ring. Bowski grabs the ring announcer's mic!

    Bowski: We just wanted to make sure this was a fair fight, Jefferson! Have a great night!

    Satisfied, Masaki and Bowski leave the scene, Cletus and his goons laid out. Now the real match can start!

    CG: How dare they assault a non-wrestler! Cletus didn't do anything!

    DR: ...We've been watching the same show, right?

    Guvna rushes Hammer with the gavel, but Hammer stops him with a hard knee to the gut. They brawl, and Hammer ends up clotheslining the political giant right over the top rope. Hammer hops out of the ring, grabbing a steel chair from the timekeeper. He rushes Guvna and smashes him right over the head. Guvna staggers, and takes another chairshot. He falls back against the barricade. Hammer’s about to smash him again when Guvna grabs a crutch from a fan at ringside and breaks it in half across Hammer’s midsection. They both stagger and drop their weapons. They exchange punches, but Guvna gets the best of Hammer and smashes his face into the ringpost. Guvna searches under the ring and emerges with a trashcan. Hammer boots it into Guvna’s face just as Guvna turns around to face him. Hammer takes the trashcan and tosses it into the ring. He grabs another couple goodies from under the ring—trashcan lid, steel chair, kendo stick—and tosses them into the ring too before hefting up the Guvna and rolling him under the bottom rope.

    CG: Here come more goodies!

    DR: it wouldn't be a hardcore match without some swag, I suppose.

    CG: I like both of these guys...but honestly...The Guvna has the will of the people behind him! Hammer can't compete with that!

    Hammer brawls to the corner with Guvna. Guvna blocks one of his punches and slams his head into the turnbuckle. Hammer bounces right back with a huge headbutt to Guvna. He lifts Guvna up and plants him backwards on the top turnbuckle, then he positions the empty garbage can underneath him. He pulls Guvna down so he’s upside down, tied up in the tree of woe but with his upper body crammed into that trash can. Hammer runs to the opposite end of the ring, rebounds off the ropes, and comes back with a huge boot to the garbage can. Guvna flails as best he can, then tumbles forwards, still stuck in the trash can. Cletus crawls to the apron, shouting at Guvna to get up. Hammer picks Guvna up and Guvna staggers a little. Cletus shouts ‘Forward!’ and Guvna runs forward, ramming Hammer with the trashcan still stuck over his head. Cletus calls out ‘Left!’ and Guvna runs right, bouncing off the ropes. ‘Other left!’ Cletus clarifies, and Guvna trashcan headbutts Hammer right in the gut. Hammer hits the mat, and Guvna finally lifts the severely damaged trashcan off, tossing it out of the ring. Cletus slides down to a sitting position on the floor, still unable to walk thanks to the sharpshooter Sean Masaki put him in. Guvna picks up a trashcan lid and wedges it in between the top and middle turnbuckles. It’s a big silver target. Guvna picks up Hammer and whips him hard into the corner. Hammer’s head makes a huge dent dead-center on that trashcan lid. The crowd lets out a collective groan. Guvna goes for the pin. 1…2…Kickout! Guvna pulls Hammer to his feet, and Hammer brawls his way to freedom. Hammer grabs a kendo stick and clocks Guvna right across the face. Guvna staggers, and Hammer grabs him in the bear hug! Guvna doesn’t struggle. Instead, he kisses Hammer on the cheek. Hammer instantly lets go and starts wiping his face. Guvna picks up the kendo stick and takes Hammer down with a shot to the knee, followed by a shot to the head. He drags Hammer to the corner and puts him up on the top rope. Guvna then climbs up, looking like he’s going to go for a superplex but Hammer starts fighting back! Cletus crawls up again, supporting himself with his arms on the apron so he can see the action. Hammer and Guvna exchange fierce blows. Guvna takes a step up, now they’re both on the top rope! How can it support that much weight? They go shot for shot for another few moments, until Hammer decides he’s had enough. He takes Guvna down with him—all the way down, to the outside, straight through the Spanish announce table! It’s hard to tell who got the worst of that one as the cameras zero in on the carnage. Guvna and Hammer are both out, shoulders down… The ref checks, and starts counting! 1......2......3! He calls for the bell!

    CG: Wait! Who won! I didn't see a cover!

    DR: I'm not sure either, Cary...can we get a replay?

    And instant replay shows up on the screen. Hammer had an arm across Guvna’s neck, and Guvna had an arm across Hammer’s chest. A double pin! We have a draw!

    CG: A draw! After all that, they TIED?!

    DR: Looks like it, Cary!

    CG: But...who gets the title shot?!

    DR: That's a good question, that only the men and women in charge can answer for us!

    The ref and staff look after the carnage, as we go to commercial...

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    6 vs. 6 Tag Team Match: James "Roadster" McNeil, Ken Yoshiro, “Canadian Dragon” Connor Mackenzie, Louann McCoy, Zack Hunter, & Paul Jameson vs. Dorian Starr, John Bowski, The Show, Riktor Drake, Mike Gideon, & Eddie Swan
    DR: It's time for our main event! James "The Roadster" McNeil is putting his tournament spot on the line in a six-on-six tag team war! This one is sure to be wild!

    CG: What a stupid move. Seriously, if ANYONE on his team loses...Roadster is out. Wha kind of a man puts something so important on the line, and makes it so he doesn't even have to lose to have it taken from him?

    DR: A confident man, Cary.

    CG: You say confident...I say stupid.

    DR: Well, here come the teams!

    The men and women who make up the Roadster's handpicked team make their way out first. Roadster on his bike...followed by the always lovely Louann McCoy...then Zack Hunter...Ken Yoshiro..."The Punisher" Paul Jameson...and finally, "The Canadian Dragon" Connor Mackenzie. All six of them gets lots of love from the fans...and they meet in the middle ofthe ring, unified and ready to work together.

    DR: What a dream team Roadster has assembled her tonight! It must have been a hard choice...aside from these five...he had plenty of others to choose from! Robin Adams...Sean Masaki...the Reaper...

    CG: Please, comes the REAL dream team!

    Dorian Starr enters first, a brand new camera in hand. Next up is Riktor Drake...who doesn't take his eyes off Yoshiro. Eddie Swan comes down with a cocky swagger. Then the Show, who eyes up Louann from ringside. John Bowski comes next, and unlike the others, gets his fair share of respect from the crowd. The five of them meet at ringside...and out of nowhere, Bowski's music is cut by the sound of a woman's voice.

    "HEY! McNeil! Darling, it's not over yet!"

    Julia Strand stands on the apron...with a very angry-looking Andrea Hill beside her. Julia holds an icepack up to her cheek, and Andrea is favoring her back.

    JS: Guess what, James? No one can find the Fundamentalist! So I'm giving you what you want! You want Andrea Hill? You're getting her! be careful what you wish for!

    Andrea storms down to the ring, grinding her teeth as she glares a hole through Roadster. Roadster seems to welcome this turn of events, though, and mockingly holds the ring ropes open for her. She gather with the rest of the team, Julia joining them as well.

    DR: So...Andrea Hill is back in the match? Whatever happened to Fundamentalist anyway?

    CG: Ask the Reaper...I hear he knows best...

    Roadster volunteers himself to be the man to start things off for his team. "This is my fight". The other five don't argue, and get on the apron in their corner. The six members of the other team discuss things amongst each other...and Bowski tells them he wants in. The all agree, and we're left with John "The Bomb" Bowski and James "Roadster" McNeil in the ring. The ref calls for the bell, and the match begins!

    DR: Looks like Roadster and Bowski will be hooking it up first in this historic match!

    CG: I don't know why Roadster is so anxious to put himself in harm's way. He originally wanted to take on all six by himself!

    DR: Just goes to show the heart and determination McNeil brings to PAW!

    CG: Not to mention the stupidity! He just better be thankful Hayers made him get some help's the only way his little crusade stands a chance.

    The two lock up in the middle of the ring. Both men are nearly indentical in size and power, and they each struggle for control in the tie-up. Roadster backs Bowski in the corner, and the ref calls for the clean break...and McNeil gives it to him. Once again they lock up, struggle...and this time, Bowski backs Roadster into the corner! The ref again wants a clean break, and Bowski backs off. Thy circle the ring, measuring each other, and then tie up once more. Bowski slips behind him, and takes him down from behind, amateur-style. He floats over into a front chancery, squeezing tight around the Roadster's head. McNeil powers his way back up to his feet, then as he grabs Bowski's arm, he spins out of the headlock, wrenching the arm as he does so. He drives his elbow down into the joint, then again, dropping The Bomb down to one knee. He yanks on the arm violently, causing Bowski to grimace in pain, then pulls The Bomb towards him...short-arm clothesline! No, Bowski ducks and gets behind him, tripping Roadster with a double-leg takedown! He wraps his own legs around Roadster's in a grapevine, pulling back with a submission hold. Roadster reaches for the ropes, but can't quite make it there.

    DR: Some good, clean wrestling from these two men! But it's Bowski's superior matwork that's managed to pull ahead so far!

    Roadster's team on the apron cheer for him to get to the ropes, and the fans start clapping their hands in support. Roadster feeds off their energy, and with all his strength, pulls himself forward, dragging Bowski with him. He reaches out...and grabs the bottom rope! Bowski immediately breaks the hold, then bends down and drags Roadster by the leg towards his corner. He reaches out for a tag, and Eddie Swan slaps his hand. Eddie gets in the ring and drops an elbow down to the back of Roadster's knee, then, keeping his arm in place, wraps McNeil's leg around his arm, bending it into a submission hold of his own. Roadster grits his teeth, and again, pulls himself forward, grabbing the nearby ropes. But Eddie doesn't release the hold! The ref counts...1...2...3...4...finally, Eddie releases him. He slaps hands with Dorian Starr, tagging the former papparazzi in. Dorian goes right after the leg, wrapping it around the bottom rope and leaning back. The fans boo as the ref starts another five-count...1...2...3...4...Dorian lets go. He stomps down on the back of Roadster's knee, then tags The Show. Starr holds Roadster down, and Show comes into the ring by leaping over the ropes, and hitting a knee drop right onto McNeil's leg! James grunts in pain, rolling onto his back and clutching his leg.

    DR: Good tag team strategy on display...these six are isolating Roadster, and wearing down that leg. Not only is he taking a lot of punishment, but they're slowing him down, which will keep him from making it to his corner. Roadster needs an opening, and fast! Otherwise, this match may end before the rest of his team can even get involved!

    Show goes right back to the leg, and pulls Roadster into a half Boston Crab! The rest of McNeil's team extends their hands, yelling at Roadster to fight it, but they're all the way across the ring. Roadster grimaces in pain, once again away from the ropes. He pushes himelf up with his hands, trying to power out oft he hold, but Show hangs on. Show extends his free hand forward, and Riktor Drake tags himself in. Suddenly, Ken Yoshiro explodes out of his corner! He rushes into the ring towards Drake...and the ref steps in front of him! The fans boo as Ken is kept from Riktor, who's now entering the ring. Standing on the apron, with the ref's back turned, Andrea Hill kicks out, nailing Roadster in the side of the leg, while he's still in the hold. Roadster screams in pain...and Andrea does it again! A sick grin crosses Hill's lips, as Riktor trash talks Yoshiro, standing behind the ref.

    DR: Oh come on! One person in at a time! Riktor's the legal man, not Show or Andrea!

    CG: Hey, blame Yoshiro! he wants a piece of Drake so bad, he tried to blatantly break the rules, and now his team is suffering for it! They get what they deserve!

    Just as Yoshiro settles down, and the ref turns back towards the action, Show lets go of the hold and steps through the ropes, letting Drake pick up the pieces. He backs away a few steps, then leaps forward with a front flip legdrop, right to the back of the knee! The fans "ooh!" along with Roadster...and Drake rolls him over, hooking the leg for a cover! 1...2...kickout! Roadster rolls onto his knees and tries to quickly crawl to his corner, but Drake is right back on him, dropping down with a double axehandle to the lower back. Holding onto McNeil's injured limb, he slides out of the ring to the outside. He lifts Roadster's leg up...and slams it down on the edge of the ring, HARD! Julia at ringside, looks on in approval...and Drake does it again! the ref admonishes him, but Drake pays him no mind, rolling back into the ring and covering Roadster once more. 1...2...another kickout!

    DR: DR: I don't know how much more of this Roadster can take...I don't even know if he's going to be able to STAND after what these six have been putting him through!

    CG: It's not a matter of if he's going's who's going to finish him off, and take his spot!

    Drake pulls Roadster up by the leg...and then hits a dragon screw, twisting the limb around and sending McNeil back down to the mat! Smiling, Drake yanks him up again. He gets in position for another dragon screw...enziguri by the Roadster! His foot connects with the side of Drake's head! Both men drop down. The fans erupt as Roadster turns toward his corner. He bites his bottom lip, and lunges forward! Julia Strand jumps up onto the apron, and the ref turns to her and tells her to get down! He tags in Ken Yoshiro! Yoshiro charges at Drake...HUGE double chop takedown! Ken's pumped up, and the crowd is going wild! He hits a series of big right-handed blows to the temple of Riktor Drake...and the ref shoves himself in bewtween them! He yells at Yoshiro for not tagging in! The arena fills with boos, as the ref tells Ken to get back in his corner!

    DR: What?! He tagged in, fair and square!

    CG: He didn't see the tag, Dave! The ref has to see the tag for it to count!

    DR: Damn it! Julia was on the apron, distracting the ref!

    Andrea Hill gets in the ring, switching places with Riktor as she slaps her hands together in the air, making a sound as if they tagged. She runs towards the corner and dropkicks Paul Jameson in the face! Punisher falls off the apron, and the rest of his team tries to get in the ring! But the ref has none of it, and moves to block their entry! Andrea yanks Roadster back over to her corner, and Starr, Drake, Swan, and Show all join her. The five lay the boots to Roadster, while the ref is busy with the other team! The fans don't like it one bit!

    DR: Damn it! These five are taking every chance they can get to break the rules and keep Roadster in! This is a travesty!

    CG: ...Five?

    DR: Bowski at least has the dignity to not take part in this!

    The Bomb yells at them to stop it, and get back on the apron where they belong. As the other team calms down and gets back into their spots, Dorian slaps his hands, and the other four get back on the apron, leaving Starr with Roadster. Starr pulls Roadster to his feet and shoves him into the corner. Show and Swan hold him in place, as Starr backs away to the middle of the ring, a proud, cocky smile on his face. He points to McNeil, and charges him in the corner...spear! Northern Lights Suplex! Dorian Starr hits the Spotlight! he bridges for the pin!! Roadster lifts his shoulder up, there's still life in him! Starr tags Drake, then pulls James back up. He stands Roadster in the center of the ring, holding him in a full nelson from behind, as the ref starts a five-count for him to get out of the ring. Drake, standing on the apron, leaps up and springboards off the top rope, hitting Roadster with a picture-prefect flying dropkick! Roadster goes down, and Starr slinks back over to his corner. Drake covers! 1...2...NO! McNeil kicks out again! Andrea screams out in frustration. Drake leans over and tags in Eddie Swan. The two together, hoist Roadster back up, and they both grab him, in position for a double back drop!

    DR: Roadster can't take much more of this...he's been on the recieving end of so much punishment for almost ten minutes now. I appreciate his courage and his toughness...but a man can only take so much.

    CG: Hey, he wanted it six on one, and he's getting six on one! So don't feel sorry for James McNeil! This is exactly wat he asked for! He's the one who was stupid enough to think he could take on six of PAW's best!

    Swan and Drake with the double-team backdrop! Roadster flips around in midair and lands on his feet behind them! He stumbles back into the ropes...and rebounds with two viscious clotheslines, one for each of them! Drake gets to his feet, backed up against the ropes...Roadster charges and clotheslines him over the top rope! Riktor crashes down to the ground below! Swan lunges at him with a jumping knee...but only softly connects...the momentum sends Roadster back up against the ropes, he bounces off...Head-On Collision! Roadster dives forward, crashing into Swan's forehead with a massive headbutt! Both men are down!

    DR: This could be it! This could be the opening Roadster needs! Make the tag, McNeil!

    CG: No!

    The ref starts to count, with both men down on the mat! 1......2......3......4......5......Swan and Roadster begin to stir!......6......7......Roadster is crawling slowly towards his corner...with Swan crawling after him!......8......Roadster reaches his hand up...he's so close to Ken Yoshiro......9......he's in reach! He slaps his hand down...Drake yanks Yoshiro off the apron! Roadster's hand hits nothing but mat! Swan is on him, dragging him back across the ring!

    DR: Damn it! Once again Yoshiro is robbed of his chance to help his partner!

    Yoshiro glares over at Drake...and lets out a primal scream of rage! He runs and tackles Riktor to the ground ouside the ring! The fans go nuts, and the two are brawling on the floor! Swan tags The Show back in, and Show immediately puts Roadster back in the half Boston Crab! The ref bends down and asks Roadster if he gives up...McNeil spits in his face and screams "NO!"

    DR: What drive! What fortitude! Roadster is taking everything they throw at him, and he refuses to give in!

    Outside the ring, Drake sends Yoshiro face first into the steel steps! He chases the ring announcer away, and grabs the steel chair he was sitting on! He lifts it above his head...and slams it down on the back of Yoshiro's neck!

    CG: Oooooh! That's gotta hurt!

    DR: This isn't a hardcore match!

    CG: Hey, the ref's got more important things in the ring to worry about. Let those two settle their differences with a little old-fashioned ultraviolence!

    Roadster still refuses to give up...but the ropes are out of reach! Riktor Drake smiles, and lifts the chair up one more time. He slams it down...and hits nothing but the steps, as Yoshiro rolls out of the way! He turns towards his enemy...just as Ken winds up and punches the chair right back into his face! Riktor Drake collapses to the ground, busted open! Meanwhile, Connor Mackenzie and Zack Hunter start pounding the turnbuckle, whipping the crowd up into a frenzy. They chant for McNeil as he fights the pain in the half-crab..."ROADSTER! ROADSTER! ROADSTER!"

    DR: This is the moment of truth! Roadster's leg must be in agonizing pain! Will he give in, and lose his spot in the tournament?

    Roadster bites his lip, so hard that blood trickles down his chin. He reaches for he ropes again...but can't make it. The look in his eyes tell it all...he might not be able to take it anymore. He lifts his hand up...considering tapping out...

    CG: He's gonna do it! Show's moving on to the finals!

    Suddenly, Eddie Swan slaps Show over the shoulder! As he gets in the ring, Show lets go of the hold, and yells at the Amateur Ace. The two argue back and forth...and Show shoves him! Swan shoves him back! Starr with the blind tag to Swan now! Starr gets in the ring, and tells the other two to clear out! Dorian rolls Roadster over and covers him...and the other two yank him off! Starr rolls to his feet, and shoves them both away!

    CG: What are they doing?!

    DR: It's simple, Cray...only one man can win the match...and Roadster's spot!

    Andrea is screaming at the three of them, "JUST PIN HIM!!!" On the outside of the ring, Yoshiro and Drake continue to brawl on the floor. As the three men argue...Roadster starts crawling to his corner! Julia screams and points at him. The three look to see him almost within tagging range, and they charge! The Canadian Dragon, Louann, and Zack Hunter leap over the top rope simultaniously, meeting them all with dropkicks! the fans go wild...Roadster is about to make the tag...

    CG: No fair! they weren't legal!

    DR: They had enough! For too long, the other team hs been breaking every rule they can! It's time to turn the tables! Roadster is so close to finally tagging out of this match!

    Roadster falls forward...and his hand slaps against The Punisher's! The ref saw the tag...Roadster is finally out! Jameson is on fire! He slugs Starr! Then Show! Then Swan! Eddie and The Show roll out of the ring, and Starr stumbles back up to his feet. Punisher whips him against the ropes, and on the return takes him down with a kitchen sink! Jameson backs into the corner, and lifts himself up to the missle ropes. He dives forward...elbow drop straight to the black heart of Dorian Starr! He covers! 1...2...kickout! He backs up to the corner and climbs it again, this time to the top rope. He points down to Starr to the joy of the fans...then leaps...suddenly Starr is up...and he catches Punisher in midair with the TMZ Twist! Starr jumps forward, tagging in John Bowski! The Bomb steps into the ring, and pulls Jameson up. He hooks him for the Shock and Awe! He lifts...but Punisher slides down his back, landing on his feet. He dives towards his corner, and tags the Canadian Dragon! Dragon springboards into the ring...and takes Bowski down with a flying headscissors! Both men get back to their feet...Bowski slightly dazed. Dragon leaps up onto his shoulder...victory roll! No! Bowski blocks it, and runs him over to the corner, lifting him up and crotching him on the corner post! Bowski climbs up to the top of the turnbuckle, and hooks him for a reverse superplex! But Dragon still has life in him! He thrusts his elbow back into Bowski's face once, twice...three times! The Bomb falls down to the mat! He staggers back up...and Dragon leaps off the top, connecting with an amazing flying pele kick! Bowski crashes back down! Dragon runs back to the turnbuckle, feeding off the hype from the fans. He climbs up...and signals for the Dragonrana! As Bowski stands up, Dragon jumps...POWERBOMB! The Bomb counters the rana and drives him down into the mat! Both men collapse! the fans are going nuts, and the ref starts his ten-count! 1......2......3......4......5......

    DR: Amazing! You don't see such passion and drive anywhere but PAW! Bowski and Dragon are down...but are they out?!

    ...6......7......Bowski is up! He moves towards his corner, and tags in the Show! Show runs over to Dragon and gives him an elbow drop, cutting him off before he can reach his corner. He applies a rear waistlock and lifts Dragon up...goes for a German suplex, but it's blocked! Dragon spins around and puts on his own rear waistlock! He goes for a German of his own...but Show reaches out and grabs the ref's shirt! The ref tries to wiggle out of his grip, as Show is able to keep Dragon from lifting him by holding on! Dragon tries again...and Show shoves the ref away! The ref stumbles back and spins around, his back turned...and Show mule kicks Dragon in between the legs! Connor lets go, and Show takes a step forward, pointing to his head...bragging about how he outsmarted the kid...but Dragon is standing behind him, had no effect! He grabs Show from behind and leaps up...double knee backbreaker! Show rolls around on the ground in pain, and as Connor stands, he reaches down into his tights...and pulls out a cup! He smiles...and throws it right in Andrea's face! the fans...and Dragon...laugh as Andrea looks about ready to explode, wiping at her face with her sleeve.

    DR: Ha! Looks like Mackenzie borrowed a certain something from a certain hockey team!

    CG: Foreign object! Disqualify that man!

    Riktor and Yoshiro are fighting up on the ramp now...both men are bloodied and exhausted. he ref seems to be completely ignoring them at this point. They just won't stop fighting! They wail on each other, back and forth, back and forth! Dragon covers The Show...1...2...kickout! Dragon looks over to his corner...Louann McCoy is BEGGING for the tag! Dragon looks out into the crowd...they want to see Louann in action! He tags her in! Before Show can collect himself, she nails him with a kick to the leg! Then to the chest! And again! And again! She rears back...spin kick to the face! he's dazed...she picks him up...BODY SLAM! the fans erupt as somehow, Louann manages to pick him up and slam him down! She covers him!! Show gets the shoulder up! She's right back on him...another slam! Show counters into a small package! 1...2...NO! Louann just barely kicks out! Show dives and tags Dorian Starr! Before Louann can collect herself after being caught off-gaurd, Dorian charges her and leaps with a stiff front kick to the face! She stumbles back into the corner. Dorian smiles, and backs up...he runs at her...SPEAR! Louann moves! Dorian crashes into the post shoulder-first! Louann backs away, the fans cheering her on. She runs at him, with a spear of her own! Dorian pulls the ref out in front of him! She collides with the ref, taking him down!

    CG: OUCH! How could she! He's only doing his job!

    DR: She didn't mean to! And...oh no...

    As soon as the ref is down and out...Andrea Hill, Eddie Swan, and The Show all get in the ring. They rush towards Louann...but are met by Roadster, Punisher, and Connor! A wild six-way brawl starts, as the match totally loses control! Riktor and Yoshiro are up on the stage, still trading blows! Zack Hunter climbs up to the top rope...and he moonsaults down onto the crowd, taking all six men and women out! Hill, Dragon, Show, Punisher, Swan, and Roadster all roll out of the ring. The ref is out cold! Louann and Starr start making their way up to their feet. Bowski runs into the ring,and grabs Hunter as he's getting up. He lifts Zack up...Shock and Awe! Hunter counters it into a hurracanrana in midair! Bowski goes flying through the ropes to the outside! Zack stands up...looks out to the crowd of wrestlers outside the ring...looks out into the crowd. he fans are cheering him on...chanting his name. He runs to the opposite side of the ring, bounces offthe ropes, comes back...suicide dive! He leaps over the ropes and flies to the outside, landing on EVERYONE! A mass of bodies crumbles to the ground!

    DR: What a daredevil! Hunter put his body on the line not once, but twice! And it paid off big time!

    CG: What a lunatic!

    Julia grabs the chair that Yoshiro and Drake used earlier, and slides it in the ring! Starr picks it up, and looks down at McCoy. With a wicked grin...he raises the chair above his head...

    DR: No! Don't do it!

    Suddenly, the fans come's "The Archer" Robin Adams! he runs down the ramp, and jumps onto the apron! The chair flies out of Starr's hands, as Archer springboards and hits him with the Bullseye! Starr rolls back up...SUPERKICK from Adams! Starr goes down!

    CG: HIM AGAIN?! This match is none of his business!

    DR: For the second week in a row, The Archer has thwarted Dorian Starr!

    CG: Suspend him! SUSPEND HIM!!!

    Archer slides out of the ring an tends to the ref...and Louann is up! Starr is groggy...she nails him with the spinkick...and hits the Sweet Tea! She bridges into the pin! ...But there's no ref! Archer is desperately trying to wake him...with no luck! Out of nowhere, Eddie Swan slides back in the ring! He takes the chair...and slams it down across Louann's face! The crowd boos...and he lifts the chair up again! The rest of Louann's team is still brawling on the outside!

    DR: Oh my God! Don't do this, Swan!

    CG: Yes, DO IT! Do whatever it takes to win!

    Swan measures Louann...and the lights go out! For a few seconds, a hush falls over the crowd. The lights come back on...and The Reaper stands behind Eddie Swan! Eddie turns to face him...big boot into the chair! Swan goes down! Reaper picks him back up...and plants him with the chokeslam!

    DR: Revenge or the battle royal!

    CG: Another man who isn't in this match getting involved! How can Hayers allow this?!

    Reaper looks down at Swan, who may be KO'ed, with no emotion. He turns and leaves the ring, walking up the ramp and to the stage. He passes by Yoshiro and Drake...who are both lying on the ground, taking shots at each other with every last breath in their bodies. The men and women outside the ring start to filter back in...and Archer finally gets the ref to stir. Roadster pulls Louann over to the corner, then steps onto the apron, tags her, and steps into the ring, limping ever so slightly. At the same time, Andrea does the same with Starr. She steps into the ring, favoring her back. The two meet face-to-face in the dead center of the ring, both with a look of hatred in their eyes. Andrea rears back and slugs Roadster across the face, as hard as she can. Roadster stumbles back...then responds in kind! Andrea drops to one knee from the force of the blow. Roadster lunges forward and wraps his arm around her throat.

    DR: Roadster has Andrea! It could be over right here!

    He signals for the Cross Country Ride! But Starr clubs him from behind! Roadster is stunned...Dorian lifts him up...and hits the Defamer! Paul Jameson is back in the ring! He tackles Dorian down...and locks in the Dead Eye! Dorian flails his arms in pain! Eddie Swan is in the ring! he grabs Punisher fom behind, lifting him right out of the hold...Backdrop Driver! he stands up, playing to the crowd and celebrating...but he doesn't notice Connor Mackenzie climbing the turnbuckle behind him! Eddie turns around just in time to see Connor flying towards him...Dragonrana! Swan is flung under the bottom rope, back to the outsie. Bowski is in, and charges Dragon! he boots Connor in the gut...Shock and Awe! He goes for the cover...and the ref, who's lost all control of who's legal, starts the count! 1......2......

    CG: It's over!

    The Show boots Bowski, breaking the count! Bowski gets up and turns to face him...and Show boots his own partner! The Show's Over! show rolls him out of the ring, and covers Mackenzie! the ref makes the count...

    CG: Every man for himself!

    ...Zack hunter comes crashing down on top of Bowski with the Hunter's Chance! The count is broken! The Roadster, the Punisher, Louann, Zack, Dragon, Starr, Show, Swan, and Bowski are all down! Julia desperately tries to revive Andrea on the outside, who's clutching her back in intense pain! But all eyes turn to the stage...where Yoshiro and Drake continue to brawl! Drake has gotten the upper hand! He punches Ken in the face over and over again...and the big man backs up the edge of the stage! Another punch dazes him! Yoshiro reels back and forth on his feet, barely keeping his balance! Drake screams up at the heavens above...and charges...SPEAR OFF THE STAGE! Both men fall down, down, the stage onto the equipment below! Tables shatter, electronics flicker, and everything is destroyed! The crowd screams "HOLY SHIT! HOLY SHIT!"

    DR: We need medics! NOW!!!

    CG: My god! Their careers could be over! Did you see how far they fell?!

    DR: Riktor Drake and Ken Yoshiro have brought their bitter hatred from Japan all the way to PAW! When will it end?!

    CG: EVERYONE is down and out! This is insane!

    Dorian Starr rolls out of the ring...walks over to the timekeeper's table, and grabs his camera. But Archer cuts him off, and tries to grab it from his hands! They struggle over it, and one of them sets it off...the flash goes off right in Starr's face! Dorian stumbles back and falls back, unable to see. Archer takes the camera and throws it down to the ground, smashing it into a million pieces...AGAIN. With that, he turns to leave, his job done. Walking up the ramp, EMTs pass him, running down to help Yoshiro and Drake...who are STILL clawing at each other! Neither man can barely move, but as they lie amongst the broken wreckage, they STILL spend every waking moment trying to take each other out! the medics try to seperate and calm Andrea Hill rolls into the ring. One hand supporting her back, she looks over at Roadster, who's still recovering from the Defamer, and smiles. She pulls him out from the corner a little bit, she climbs up the turnbuckle, to the very top...

    CG: Phoenix Splash! She hits this and Roadster is finally finished!

    Andrea soars through the air with her death-defying finishing move...Roadster lifts his knees at the last second! Andrea's ribs crunch against them, and she flys backwards, crashing to the mat. Louann is getting to her feet! As is Dragon! And Zack! And Punisher! And Roadster! The five surround Andrea Hill, who's woozy as she gets to her feet. Zack and Louann look at each other andnod...and the two suddenly run to opposite ends of the ring...stereo dives to the outside! Zack takes out Show and Bowski! Louann collides with Swan and Julia! Starr can't see what's going on! Roadster grabs Andrea by the throat one last time! He lifts her up into the air...and Connor leaps up...Chokeslam/Double-knee backbreaker combo! Andrea falls to the mat, clutching her back, and Punisher turns her over into the Dead Eye! Andrea screams in pain as he wrenches on the hold, tears running down her eyes. She taps! She taps! The Roadster's team wins! The crowd is molten hot!

    CG: No! That's not fair! Andrea was hurt! Injured! it shouldn't count!

    DR: She entered the match, despite her condition, Cary! She lost this fair and square! Tonight, Punisher and his partners can go home proud!

    CG: Proud?! They have nothing to be proud of!

    DR: The Roadster took punishment from six people tonight, for over 15 minutes! He proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is one of the toughestmen in the business!

    All five standing members of the winning team stand side by side...with the ref in the middle. They all raise their arms up in victory, as the fans cheer. In the background, the medics continue to tend to Ken and Drake...who are still trying to take swings at each other, even when they're being straped into stretchers. Julia consoles a very hurt Andrea on the outside, and glares up at Roadster...if looks could kill. The other members of the losing team each collect themselves, and begin to clear out...except for Bowski, who rolls back into the ring. He offers his hand to the winners, as a sign of sportsmanship...and they all shake his hand. With that, Bowski takes his leave, as well. The winners congradulate each other, then leave the ring. Some of them go to check on Yoshiro, others make their well-deserved trip back to the locker room. The fans give everyone involved a standing "PAW" chants light up the building.

    DR: Well Cary, what an incredible match! These twelve men and women gave ther all tonight...sacrificing their bodies and their health. None of them should go home ashamed tonight. They all proved what it means to be a PAW star!

    CG: It took an unprovoked attack on Andrea Hill, and interference from Reaper AND Archer to get the job done! What a farce!

    DR: I don't think these fans will agree with you, Cary...they got exactly what was coming to was justice!

    CG: Justice? JUSTICE?! Hayers better do something about this, and do it fast!

    DR: Well, that's one thing I have to agree's obvious that things are approaching a boiling point, and ready to explode! So many issues are left unresolved! Who will go on to Critical Threat to fight for the World Championship? How wll Dorian Starr respond to Robin Adams involving himself not once, but twice in his business? When will the violent outbreaks between Ken Yoshiro and Riktor Drake come to an end? Will Andrea Hill be out for blood after what Roadster has done to her? What's going on with Louann McCoy? What's next for Connor Mackenzie and Eddie Swan, two of our most promising talents? Who's going to get the shot at the Lady Luck Championship? So many questions...hopefully we'll get some answers next week! until then...thank you all for giving in to IMPULSE! For Cary Gray, I'm Dave Robertson! Good night everyone!

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    edited February 2009 - Front Page Article(New Matches for next week and the ppv announced)
    Last night, PAW brought another night of amazing action to Anaheim, California! And now, with Critical Threat two weeks away, things are coming into focus!

    When The Roadster placed his tournament slot on the line in last night's insane 6 on 6 tag match, no one thought he would be leaving the arena still in the running to become the first ever PAW Champion. But he proved everyone wrong, as he and his team managed to come out on top! Now, next week, Feburary 17th in Los Angeles, he moves on to the semi-finals! But in his path is a veteran of the sport...The Show! The Show has proved that he's still a force to be reckoned with in professional wrestling, and in LA, looks to continue moving up the ladder towards another chance to be in the spotlight. What will happen when these two determined men face off, with a shot at the PAW title on the line?

    Also, in our second semi-final matchup, Zack Hunter, Andrea Hill, and "The Punisher" Paul Jameson meet in a triple threat, one fall to a finish matchup! Zack proved last night he's willing to take any risk to succeed, but will the Punisher be able to keep him grounded? Then there's Andrea Hill, who's physical health is in question ater being on the recieving end of a devestating attack from James McNeil. Her injured back led to her losing the match for her team last night...will Punisher once again be able to foce her to tap out in the Dead Eye? Or can Andrea push through the pain and avoid another humiliating defeat?

    The war between Ken Yoshiro and Riktor Drake reached new heights last night, as the two men abandoned ther match and brawled through the arena for what seemed like an eternity. But then, things got horrifying, as the two toppled from the stage through the production equipment below. No one is sure what kind of shape these two are in...but PAW management has decided it's time for these two to settle it. At PAW Critical Threat, it will be Ken Yoshiro and Riktor Drake in a no holds barred, Last Man Standing match!

    Another pair of wrestlers that just can't seem to stay away from each other are Dorian Starr and "The Archer" Robin Adams. After Starr cost him his match in the title tournament two weeks ago, it seems like Adams has made it his mission to police Dorian's heavy illegal in-ring activity. Two weeks in a row, Starr's attempts to cheat his way to victory have been stopped by the fan-favorite, squeaky-clean Archer. PAW officials have decided that the budding issues between these two should be settled in the ring, and now scheduled for Critical Threat, it will be Robin Adams vs. Dorian Starr!

    But we won't have to wait until pay-per-view to see these two lock up! Now signed for Impulse next week, they'll be in action against each other in a tag team match! Last night, both Eddie Swan and Dorian Starr tried to bash Louann McCoy's brains in with a steel chair. If it weren't for the involvement of both The Archer and The Reaper, she very well may have ended up in the hospital! So next week, Louann gets her shot at revenge as she teams with Robin Adams, against the team of Starr and Swan! But that's not all! Should Ken Yoshiro and Riktor Drake be in good enough condition...they will be added to this match to make it a trios tag team event! Yoshiro will team with Archer and Louann, Drake will team with Starr and Swan!

    It seems the Lady Luck Championship has been the focal point of much controversy in PAW. With The Reaper's victory over Stirling Davis, he now has a claim to a title shot. But there is also the unsettled matter between The Guvna and Mike "The Hammer" Johnson. So who gets the shot? EVERYONE. At Critical Threat, Stirling Davis will defend his championship against the Reaper...AND The Guvna...AND The Hammer! In a four-corner survival match!

    Next week, we'll have a preview of this exciting title match when The Reaper takes on Mike Johnson! As for The Guvna...there is some unfinished business with Sean Masaki and John Bowski. Last night, Masaki placed Cletus Jerrson in his specialized version of the Sharpshooter. Now, Jefferson demands retribution. Next week, The Guvna will face Sean Masaki one on one! As for John Bowski...he and Connor Mackenzie had a brief but intense meeting in the tag match, that showed the PAW staff that there may be something special with these two! So in an attempt to capture lightning in a bottle, Bowski and The Canadian Dragon will face off, one on one!

    So remember, give in to IMPULSE, and check out another great night of PAW next Tuesday!

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    From: John Bowski
    To: Everyone
    Fan Mail

    Bowski's music kicks up and he starts his way down to the ring with a table. He's wearing his table for two shirt and a pair of blue jeans.

    Dave Robertson: Bowski isn't scheduled for a match now, what's this about?

    Cary Gray: It's called he's big, he's fairly angry looking, and he's bringing a table to ring side, do you want to stop him Dave?

    As Bowski nears the ring an obese man in a shirt that proclaims "You Suck" throws something at him and flips him off. Bowski looks at the man briefly and then slides the table into the ring and rolls under the ropes himself. He takes a moment to assemble the table in the middle and reaches over the ropes to grab a mike from ringside. The crowd is mildly curious and murmurs are heard around the arena. Bowski surveys the arena and brings the mike up to talk.

    Bowski: Good evening everyone! I just want to thank you all for your patronage tonight and if you would so allow me I'd like a moment to answer a piece of fan mail!

    Bowski reaches into his back pocket and produces a letter. He holds the mike in his right hand and the letter in his left.

    Cary Gray: If Connor Mackenzies stunts weren't bad enough now we have to watch Bowski attempt to read.

    Bowski reading aloud for everyone: Dear John, my name is Kyle I'm 8 years old and I love to watch Impulse, you are my favorite wrestler.

    Bowski: Thank you Kyle, though I'm a little concerned you are watching wrestling at your age.

    Bowski reading again: I thought you and Sean Misaki did a good thing for the Hammer as 4 on 1 is not fair.

    Bowski: Yes Kyle one should always fight fair, unless of course you're a major military power but you'll learn about that second part later in school.

    The obnoxious fan in the front row shouts something that has Bowski pause again and he continues reading.

    Bowski reading: I also liked you in the 6 man tag match and was hoping you'd win. I was sad to see the Show interrupt your pin and was wondering if you had any hard feelings?

    Bowski: Good question Kyle. No I don't have any hard feelings toward Show, clearly he has some mental issues and probably just mistook me for a member of the other team. Don't worry about him though Kyle, I'm sure in the Show universe he won the match.

    The crowd gets a chuckle at the cheap shot.

    Bowski reading: I hope you respond to my letter as I have a question. In your last interview you wore a shirt that said something about a table. I've heard of tables matches but my mommy won't tell me what one is about and how a wrestler wins one. Could you please write back and explain the point of a "tables match" Your biggest fan Kyle. PS I hope Andrea Hill is all right tell her to feel better for me. And please don't beat up Connor Mackenzie as he is also one of my favorites.

    Bowski lowers the letter and places it back in his pocket.

    Bowski: Well Kyle I'll make sure to tell Andrea you wish her the best, just as soon as her agent takes away the 3 security people from her dressing room. As far as your question about tables matches well I'll do better than tell you. I'll show you.

    Bowski points to the obnoxious man in the front row and indicates he would like him to join him in the ring.

    Bowski: Come on Sir if you would please join me in the ring, security allow the man through.

    Security allows the man over the barricade and he makes his way into the ring.

    Dave Robertson: I don't like where this is going.

    The man gets in the ring and looks and stands next to Bowski a little afraid of the clearly larger man.

    Bowski: What's your name sir?

    Fan: Tim.

    Bowski: Where are you from Tim?

    Tim: Florida.

    Bowski: Florida? Ok I'll talk a little slower for you.

    The fans chuckle at the cheap shot but Tim is clearly not amused.

    Bowski: Ok Tim to show Kyle how you win a Tables match I want you stand near this table. Go on nothing to worry about this is just a demonstration. See Kyle the object of a tables match is to put your opponent through a table, usually with a power move of some kind. Like if Tim were my opponent I'd set him up for a Shock and Awe and then put him through the table.

    Dave Robertson: No John he's just a fan you can't do this!

    Cary Gray: It's a demonstration Dave I'm learning something.

    Bowski grabs the smaller man and sets him for the Shock and Awe pulling both arms behind his back and lifting him up, intead of slamming him he returns him to his feet.

    Bowski: See if this were a match I'd have put Tim through the table and I would have been the winner. Ok Tim you can leave now thanks for being in my demonstration.

    Instead of leaving Tim says something to Bowski.

    Bowski: That's not very polite Tim my mother was a very kind woman who I loved dearly, but not in that way.

    The fans laugh again and this angers Tim and he strikes Bowski in the jaw. Bowski pulls back a bit his hands in front of his face shrugging off the blow.

    Dave Robertson: That's right John be the bigger man, just let the man go.

    Bowski lunges forward and grabs tim again, kneeing him in the gut he pulls again grabs both arms behind his back and lifts him up for the Shock and Awe. Tim's shakes his head no and Bowski holds him for a moment and then drives him through the table.

    Cary Gray: Exactly be the Bigger Man John show the smaller man why its a bad idea to piss you off. I like this I learned something Dave.

    Dave Robertson: What that Bowski is a psycho?

    Bowski picks the mike back up and points towards Tim sprawled out in the remains of the table.

    Bowski: Canadian Dragon, we have a match tonight and I want you to look at what happened to Tim very closely. See I like you Dragon, what you did for those kids was a great thing, and I wouldn't mind tagging up with you to go after the Tag team belts when that division opens up. But if you disrespect me, or don't measure up to my standards you are going to end up the same way Tim from Florida did, SHOCKED and AWWWWEEED (Bowski says Awed like speaking to a toddler who just did something precious).

    Bowski's music kicks up as he makes his way out of the ring dropping the mike, seeing emts rushing by he looks at them and shrugs on the way to the back.

    Cary Gray: Connor better watch out or he'll go from the Canadian Dragon to the Table Splat!

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    I would like some money because these are artisanal nuggets of wisdom philistine.
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    From: "The Punisher" Paul Jameson
    To: Zack Hunter and Andrea Hill
    Say Goodbye, As We Dance With The Devil Tonight …

    The crowd roars to its feet as “The Punisher” Paul Jameson comes out of the back. He walks to the top of the ramp and thrusts his right fist in the air and the crowd bursts. Paul Jameson has more of a spring in his step than normal as he slaps his fans hands on the way to the ring. He’s wearing sweats and you can see the earbuds sticking out from inside the hoodie. As he hits the bottom of the ramp, he dead sprints to the ring apron and slides under the bottom rope as if he is being chased. He then runs to the corner nearest the announce table, jumps onto the second turnbuckle, and raises his fist again. As the crowd screams for him, he lifts his left hand up and one of the engineers around the ring tosses him a microphone.

    Dave Robertson: Welcome back to the City of Angels folks, we have one of the winners of the brutal 6 on 6 tag match from last week on Impulse. What do you think of “The Punisher’s” performance Cary?

    Cary Gray: What do I think? He got his rear whooped all around the ring and then beat up on a girl. That’s what I think. He’s just like his father, and the fact that the crowd likes his guy is way beyond me. Oh … and what do you think you’re doing, remember, it’s Mr. Gray to you.

    Dave Robertson rolls his eyes as the camera focuses on Paul Jameson jumping off the turnbuckle. As the music slowly fades out, so does the crowd as if on cue.

    Paul Jameson: Tonight’s a big night for Impulse. Not only do you have a tag match that will showcase 6 of the biggest stars the PAW has to offer, but you get to see who is going to be competing at Critical Threat in Las Vegas! Touching on what happened last week, I got to team up with one of my opponents and then I got to make the other submit.

    The crowd starts chanting “Punisher … Punisher … Punisher” as they recall the 12 (wo)man tag match that left the PAW with highlights for years to come. As he continues, he gets more serious now.

    Paul Jameson: Zack Hunter, what you showed me in the ring last week was that you are one hundred percent heart. Some of the moves you pulled off were truly amazing … and your in-ring presence and instincts really helped us to secure the victory. Now though … now we are fighting for something more. This match tonight, this is going to propel someone’s career instantly into the spotlight. Are you sure that you’re ready? Can you focus? Can you dig down deep? With all those risks you take, will the next one cost you your shot? Zack, I have the utmost respect for you, but tonight we are going to find out if you can make it to the next level. I’ve been training all of my life for this moment, for this shot, and neither you nor your brother are going to get in my way of becoming the first PAW Heavyweight Champion!

    The fans explode at the mention of the unclaimed Heavyweight Championship. The PAW cameras pan the crowd as they cheer and they catch some signs that read, “I Love You Louuuu,” “The Reaper is my Father,” “Jimmy Hayers Screwed Bret!” and “It’s MY TIME to SHINE!”

    Paul Jameson: And don’t worry Andrea, I haven’t forgotten about you. You’re a scrapper, a cagy fighter that isn’t afraid to get throw down with the big boys. Now I’m definitely not in the business of EVER striking a lady.

    Paul Jameson looks concerned, pondering what his options are. He paces back and forth for a minute before becoming resolute and hardened as he looks out into everyone’s homes.

    Paul Jameson: But, as my mother says, “A gentleman never hits a lady, but if a lady hits a gentleman, then she isn’t much of a lady.”

    The crowd starts to laugh, but Jameson’s facial expression doesn’t change.

    Cary Gray: I’ve heard better jokes on popsicle sticks!

    Paul Jameson: Like I said Andrea, I won’t ever strike a woman, but striking and powerslamming are two different stories! You come down to the ring with this big posse, people waiting on you hand and foot. First, you have Julia Strand who is your … agent? What does she do for you exactly? What everyone sees though is a woman who absolutely adores you that you don’t give the time of day to. Speaking of, look what you do to Devon Duncan. He’s not your client … he’s your slave! Does that make you feel good when you see him running around outside of the ring or when he carries you down to the ring? Respect isn’t just what you have for your competitor Andrea, it’s also something you should give to the people around you … and it’s high time someone showed you how to do that!

    Paul Jameson stops mid-rant and that smile the fans have grown accustomed to wipes across his face.

    Paul Jameson: Come to think of it, both of you guys come down to the ring with all these people, what’s the point? I mean, does it really make a difference, I can’t think of one person I’d want out here. Well … maybe you …

    After finishing his odd message, he winks into the camera and his face instantly turns to stone.

    Paul Jameson
    : The two of you both are high flyers, risk takers, dare-devils. Well, it’s about time someone grounded the both of you. Andrea, you already know what it’s like to be locked in the Dead Eye … now it’s your turn Zack. Tonight I’m going to move on to Critical Threat to fight for the PAW title and nothing is going to stop me … because It’s my time to shine … and your time to feel pain at the hands of The Punisher!

    Once he completes his signature line, The Punisher darts to each corner and thrusts his right fist skyward. Upon finishing, he rolls out of the ring and gives the microphone to Dave Robertson. He then makes his way around the ring, slapping hands with some of his fans. As he reaches the bottom of the ramp he puts his ear buds and jogs to the top. Once he reaches the apex, he turns around and raises his fist again smiling as he disappears into the back.

    Dave Robertson: Well it looks like Paul Jameson is going to get ready for this match, he seems pretty prepared.

    Cary Gray: Yeah ok, if he thinks he’s going to pull the once-over on Andrea Hill again he is going to be sorely mistaken. The only reason he was able to lock her in the Dead Eye during that match was because he had another 4 people there to help him! And what was he talking about earlier? Has he already gone bonkers?

    Dave Robertson: That was weird Cary, I have no idea who he was talking to. That was pretty uncharacteristic of him.

    Cary Gray: Call the loony bin and bring the special jacket, it’s time to get this guy outta here! And that’s MR. GRAY, Dave … don’t forget how much better I am than you.

    Dave Robertson: Ugh, we’ll be right back …

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    From: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson
    To: All, but particularly The Reaper and The Guvna
    RE: Rage and revenge

    Lane Richmond and a camera crew catch up with Mike Johnson as he’s storming through the backstage area, opening doors and hunting through every nook and cranny of the arena.

    Hammer: (roaring) GUVNA! Where are you, you slimy shithole? Come out; come out, wherever you are!

    Lane Richmond: Mr. Johnson! Could we have a word with you please? I’d like to talk with you about your match tonight.

    The Hammer keeps on at the same pace, forcing Lane and the camera crew to run to keep up.

    Hammer: I don’t have time for your shit tonight kid; I’ve got business to take care of. GUVNA! Where are you, jackass? You come out and bring your little friends too!

    Lane: I take it you’re still upset about what happened last week, sir?

    Hammer: Upset? UPSET! I get upset when I can’t find a decent steak. I get UPSET when a TV show I want to watch get’s pre-empted. I fly into a MURDEROUS FUCKING RAGE when some chicken-shit little coward brings friends to a one-on-one contest. SHOW YOURSELF GUVNA; YOU’RE JUST MAKING IT WORSE!

    Lane: You’re talking about the Chief of Staff and the Secretary of Defense then?

    Hammer: No, I’m talking about the pixies on his back pocket. OF COURSE that’s who I’m talking about moron! When I get my hands on them . . . (A look of joy passes momentarily over The Hammer’s features.) When I lay hands on them I’m going to do things you’ve never even DREAMT of, much less seen.

    The Hammer looks at the camera for a moment, as if noticing it for the first time.

    Hammer: Those of you who have little children at home may want to send them to bed now; they shouldn’t have to witness what I’m going to do.

    Lane: But what about your match tonight, Mr. Johnson? How are you preparing yourself for a confrontation with an unstoppable force like The Reaper?

    Hammer: Unstoppable? Oh no, the big bad boogeyman is coming to get me, whatever shall I do?

    The Hammer stops dead in his tracks and stares at the camera. Lane almost trips as he tries to avoid running into him.

    Hammer: I’ll tell you what I’m going to do. Tonight, I’m going to make an example of The Reaper. You may have beaten the little golden boy last week, but that title is MINE! At Critical Threat I WILL take it, if I have to do it over the broken bodies of all of you. Tonight, I’m going to show the boogeyman what a REAL monster looks like! Look at this body!

    He pauses a moment so the camera can take in his scarred, hulking frame.

    Hammer: I’m the biggest, nastiest thing here in Pure Adrenaline Wrestling. Tonight, Mr. Zombie, you’re going to see what a monster can do. If I can’t lay hands on that craven giant The Guvna, I’m going to take my anger out on you! Tonight, Reaper, you’re going to pay for HIS sins. Tonight, I bury you again, and I’ll make DAMN sure you stay dead this time.

    I’m The Hammer, and tonight I fall on YOU punk! Now, if you’ll excuse me little Laney.

    The Hammer storms through a door into a private dressing room and spots the Chief of Staff leaning against a wall. Hammer immediately wraps a giant arm around his neck as the Chief squeals, and then turns back to see Lane still outside the door with a camera.

    Hammer: It’s not the main course, but at least I’ve found me a little appetizer.

    The Hammer grins as he closes the door and locks it behind him. The last things that the crowd hears are thumping noises from behind the closed door and screams from the Chief of Staff.

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    From: Connor Mackenzie
    To: The Bomb, All
    Re: Tonight

    Returning from a commercial break we see the crowd with the packed arena react once more as the Impulse theme plays on the speakers and the lights flicker around.

    Dave Robertson: Dave Robertson here, as always, with Cary Gray we are now one week away from PAW’s first momentous pay-per-view, Critical Threat. Cary, we’ve witnessed so much from these superstars already, can you imagine what is going to happen next week?

    Cary Gray: Dave, I’d be lying if I said that there’s some things that I never expected to see but more often I’ve been disappointed by some our superstars actions. I think Mr. Hayers might want to start reconsidering some of those contracts he got signed if he knows what’s good for him. Seriously, where did he find some of these people?

    DR: Always such a positive man, Cary. What about last weeks ma…wait, I’m getting a report that we have a camera crew backstage that were expecting the arrival of one of the PAW superstars. Let’s go backstage and to Connor Mackenzie!

    CG: Oh god, not this guy again. Can’t we have our camera crews go after somebody else for once? Like Andrea Hill or maybe even Julia Strand? I’m sure our viewers would be much more appreciative if we did.

    The camera switches to a long hallway in the back, a figure enters through a door at the end of it. The crowd is quiet for a moment as the screen reveals it to be Connor Mackenzie. The crowd erupts as he looks up from under the hood of his shirt and nods lightly.

    Connor: Los Angeles, Califor-ny-eh! Can you feel it in the air, that hint of excitement. It’s almost enough that you can taste it, cut it, maybe even…drive it through a table?

    The crowd gives a mixed reaction based on the events seen earlier from his opponent for the evening. Connor holds up a hand, trying to calm the viewers.

    Connor: I have to say that I was a bit taken aback myself with what The Bomb did earlier this evening. Last week he seemed, to me anyway, as a fairly honourable man and a heck of a competitor.

    As Connor walked, the cameraman would move to remain in front of him, giving a bit of a close-up on his face.

    Connor: Why he put the guy through a table is beyond me, save that maybe in the moment he got caught up, maybe he just wanted to hear the wood crack and would have done it to anyone. Hell, maybe the guy reminded him of some punk kid who used to call him bean pole in elementary school. Really, I can think of quite a few people that I would have volunteered to go through the table in place of the man earlier. Say like…Andrea Hill.

    The crowd is a mix of boos and cheers, boos at the woman and cheers at the prospect of having seen her go through a table as Connor makes hand gestures to try and illustrate his point.

    Connor: Or maybe the world’s worst kicker, The Show.

    The crowd cheers as on screen it replays the scene last week of Show kicking Connor only to receive a backcracker for his efforts.

    Connor: Hell, I wouldn’t mind seeing that loudmouth Cary Gray go through if it meant him shutting up for a few minutes. I’m sure a few of the others back here would agree with me.

    The crowd laughs then, the camera going back to the arena and zooming in on a sign that has Cary’s name then a door closing, a picture of Uncle Sam pointing, a pie, then a large hole. Connor looks rather amused as the camera goes back to him then.

    CG: Why that little…

    DR: Sounds like he struck a nerve, Cary.

    Silence follows as Connor lets out a bit of a sigh and continues on.

    Connor: For now I’ll just have to settle with those images in my imagination. But, I’d like to address something that many people have brought up. I spoke about my opponents last week but didn’t say much about the very people I wrestled with. Now, I did acknowledge that they are all hard workers, hell, some are further then I am in the championship tournament. But here’s what I have to say about them for anyone who’s dying to know. The Roadster, is by far one of the toughest son of a gun’s I have ever met after seeing the beating he took last week. Still he managed to come back and do what he does best in the end and that is kicking a lot of ass. Yoshiro, I knew of him when I went overseas but I never expected to see what he did. The man is a machine and I would hate to ever be on his bad side. Zack Hunter…

    A crowd of girls squeal quite loudly as Connor arches a brow and shakes his head, amused.

    Connor: The ladies man apparently. The guy’s got great moves and last week he more then proved why he was a part of that team. Then we had Paul Jameson, a technical wrestler who I would love to have a match with sometime. You sir, are a competitor through and through. Finally, we have Louann Mccoy….

    The crowd cheers as some people in the crowd wave plush ‘gators and hold up signs saying “Where’s my voice over guy?”

    Connor: A woman who is, as I would put it, as beautiful as she is brutal. A hell of a competitor and, like I said before, all of them are people I would accept in my corner. I wish all of them luck in their respective matches tonight. As for me, I’ve got a match to get ready for. Get ready folks, the Dragon is here and he’s ready to fly!

    With that Connor takes his leave, walking past the cameraman and into a locker room before the screen fades to black.

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    The Guvna and Cletus Jefferson

    To: The Hammer, Stirling Davis, The Reaper, John Bowski, and Sean Masaki
    [The camera opens on a shot of The Guvna. He is smiling wide, with a bandage on the top of his head. He is silhouetted against a bright blue sky. The camera zooms back to reveal that he is on a hill over-looking L.A. He is waving into the camera and then turns and waves to the city behind him. Cletus Jefferson, leaning heavily on a cane, stands beside The Guvna in shades.

    Cletus: You know Guvna, when you are up here in the hills, you almost get fooled into thinking this smoggy hell-hole is worth a damn. Then you meet the people who live here...

    [The Guvna nods silently]

    Cletus: Tonight, we face one of those two boyscouts who decided to put their noses where they didn't belong. John Bowski? You'll get yours soon enough soldier-boy...Sean Masaki? I would have taken a good hard look at The Hammer's nose before sticking yours in our business. You're feeling pretty high and mighty after last week, aren't you boy? Won your match against that foul-mouthed drunkard and then riding that high, you come out and put Ol' Cletus in your Overheat [Cletus spits out the words]. I may not be much on computin', but I know that a computer that seems top of the line one week is obsolete the next. Get ready to be the next beta-max technology boy. Show him what you're gonna do to him Guvna!

    [The Guvna bends down and picks up a PC tower. Using one arm, he hurls it like a discus off the hill, where it sails 20 to 30 feet out. It crashes on rocks below, spilling its contents.]

    Cletus: Hammer? Don't think we're done with you. Are you mad you got tricked? Are you mad that we 'cheated'? Well everything was within the rules, and when you wondering why you are eliminated first at Critical Threat, it will be within the rules as well. We know how to use the system, Mister Johnson. We ARE the system. You're a thrid party also-ran. When you're eatin' glass in a sideshow years from now, this man will be wearin' gold.

    [Guvna makes the universal "wearing a belt" motion]

    Cletus: Stirling Davis, well you just keep proving everyone right don't you? You barely beat a man we cripple for you and lose the very next week to a man in a halloween costume. 2 weeks with that belt, son. Treasure them.

    Cletus: And finally you, Reaper. Another boogey-man, huh. Congrats beating Stirling Davis. No one can say that you can't fight your way out of a paper bag any more. Are we supposed to be impressed that no one has seen Mike Gideon? I've seen you in the locker-room dead man. You sweat and you bleeeeeed...and to quote my second favorite politician, "If it bleeds, we can kill it."

    Cletus: Boys, we're coming for you, and when that belt comes home, it will STAY home.

    [Guvna screams and it echoes all through the valley]

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    From: Connor Mackenzie
    To: All, Andrea Hill, Julia Strand
    RE: Meeting the Bodyguards

    A shot of the hallway backstage is seen and the crowd begins to cheer a bit more in excitement as the camera moves to a locker room and begins to open the door only to have it open on it’s own as Connor Mackenzie appears wearing a Los Angeles King’s jersey, his ring attire and sporting the contacts that make his eyes red and take on a reptilian look. The crowd cheers more upon seeing him appear and starts to move by, obviously ready now for his match against The Bomb. Pausing, Connor looks on at a group in front of him in the hall composed of Julia Strand as well as two body guards who flank her. Connor looks to all of them, giving a menacing stare as they realize that he is there and pause from any discussion they were having.

    Connor: And here I thought Andrea was a big girl who didn’t need any help?

    Julia looks unimpressed initially as she crosses her arms across her chest. Eyeing Connor, she gives him a once over then shakes her head.

    Julia: Such wasted potential. It’s a shame I suppose that you didn’t meet someone like me when you started out, darling. Then perhaps you might have been something. What exactly I couldn’t say but I’m sure it would have involved carrying my bags or something along those li-

    Connor’s face cuts Julia off as he steps back into the view as the camera had zoomed in on her. His eyes staring wide into hers. The two bodyguards move behind their employer, crossing their arms over their chests to which Connor seems to ignore.

    Connor: Coming from a cougar with an eye for an archer I am hardly insulted.

    The crowd laughs and cheers loudly, causing Julia to give a scathing look back at Connor. She takes a breath as if trying to calm herself before narrowing her eyes.

    Julia: I am far, far from that degrading term, dear. And I’ll have you know that many would be drooling just being this close-

    Connor’s hand moves up, covering her mouth as he continues to stare. The two men start to shift a bit but the wrestler looks at both of them in a threatening manner before addressing Julia once more.

    Connor: It doesn’t count when they’re in their eighties and have a hard enough time keeping their teeth in. Now if you don’t mind, I have a match to attend to. Send my regards to Cup-Face when you see her.

    Connor’s hand lowers as Julia Strand appears to be gritting her teeth, her hands moving to either side to motion for the bodyguards to move aside and allow Connor to pass. Connor walks by to the cheer of the crowd as Julia then looks to the two men and makes a motion with her head as if to indicate something to which the two men grin and nod.

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