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Pure Adrenaline Wrestling - (IC): Impulse up



  • astrobstrdastrobstrd So full of mercy... Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    The Guvna and Cletus Jefferson

    To: 4-way Participants, Sean Masaki

    Dave Robinson: Minutes away from now, we will see what may be the biggest mismatch on our card tonight, the young and talented analytical prodigy, Sean Masaki will wage war against a decidedly un-athletic and seemingly injured, Cletus Jefferson.

    Cary Gray: This is a miscarriage of justice Dave. Cletus won't even have the Guvna to restrain him from getting too violent.

    DR: Will you please stop? Masaki has promised that he will simply teach Jefferson his lesson tonight and I, for one, cannot wait. Hopefully Jefferson will have to get his jaw wired shut.

    CG: Cletus Jefferson simply likes to exercise his freedom of speech. The Guvna is a big believer in free speech rights.

    DR: Right, the guy who hasn't said a word since hes been in PAW? We go backstage now to Alison Rose with an exclusive pre-match interview with The Guvna and Cletus Jefferson.

    [Backstage. Alison Rose stands next to "The Cabinet" and The Guvna. The Guvna is dressed in his signature "suit" spandex and is wailing away at a body bag being held with one hand by The Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff reels with each hit. The Secretary of Defense is sitting in his wheelchair by a door into the hallway. Cletus Jefferson is leering at Alison and is dressed in his singlet].

    AR: Mr. Jefferson, the executive branch of Parts Unknown is involved in two huge matches tonight. How is your team staying focused?

    CJ: Well Ms. Rose, let me just say once again that I may not agree with many things that that weasel Hayers has done with this company, but hiring you was a stroke of genius. [he licks his lips] You know, an executtive position might open up for someone like you well do you take diction. Heh heh.

    AR: Uh...I'm happy where I am, thank you, but as for your focus?

    CJ: Focus? Look at that man back there, he is nothing but focus. A defining characteristic of the best politicians and the best wrestlers is the ability to face several challenges at once, and make no mistake, we are the best. We have the best training facilities that "stimulus" money can buy and this man here knows more about the workings of that ring and the human body than Stirling Davis knows about how to be in the right place at the right time.

    AR: What about the other opponents in The Guvna's match tonight, The Reaper and The Hammer?

    CJ: Well, to train for this match, The Guvna has been watching a lot of scary movies. And we noticed something...the monsters always lose in the end. We also have been working out an economic policy for Parts Unknown. And we noticed something else...the politicians always win in the end. You can't stop us. A little boy and two circus freaks? Please, The Guvna's had mall openings that were harder.

    AR: And your match?

    CJ: Well, other than my obvious physique and skills, I also know the rules much better than that little tech support goon...

    [The Secretary of Defense whispers, "Boss, he's here..."]

    The Guvna stops pounding the bag and moves to the door. Cletus grabs his cane and smiles at Alison..."Speaking of which..."

    Sean Masaki walks by the cracked door and the Guvna bursts out of it. He catches the surprised Masaki with a flurry of punches. Masaki reels, but starts fighting back, staggering The Guvna with an uppercut. Before he can capitalize or get away, Cletus cracks him in the back of the knees with his cane. Sean falls to the floor, while The Guvna regroups. The Guvna grasps Masaki under his arm and throws him into the wall! Cletus Jefferson cracks him three times in the legs with his cane as Alison stands stunned.

    Cletus grabs the microphone from Ms. Rose.

    CJ: As I was saying...I know the rules. Masaki, when they call your name, you have 2 minutes to answer the bell or the match is forfeit. Rule 227.4. You stay out of our business, son, or I'll teach you the rest of the rule book, one at a time.

    Jefferson hits Masaki's leg again for good measure, leaving the young man crumpled on the floor. The executive branch walks away from the carnage they created as Alison begins calling for help.

    astrobstrd on
  • ManikManik Registered User
    edited February 2009
    From Manik
    To All... and that includes Mike"The Hammer" Johnson and James "Roadster" McNeil.
    Enjoy :)

    Manik on
    Wins 1 Losses 2
  • mjn6172mjn6172 Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    To: Manik
    From: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson
    Re: Next Week

    Mike Johnson is stopped backstage near the ramp leading to the ring, watching Manik's latest promo. He laughs, then shakes his head.

    Hammer: You couldn't leave well enough alone, could you Manik. The Main Man? More like the head chump. You may have been a pretty big fish back in the day, but we both know that was because you never faced down a REAL man like me. Fine, you want me, you got me. After I WIN the Lady Luck Championship tonight, you'll be my first title defense next week at Impulse!

    The crowd goes wild at the news, but The Hammer keeps on talking like he can't even hear them.

    Hammer: Watch REAL close tonight, Manik. You'll see how a REAL man takes care of his business. Tonight I win the title, but next week The Hammer falls on YOU!

    The Hammer cocks his head as "The Final Countdown" begins to play.

    Hammer: Now if you'll excuse me, that's my cue to go whip a little ass.

    mjn6172 on
  • MahoshonenMahoshonen Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    To: Participants of tonight's newcomer match and other n'er-do-wells
    Re: Tonights match and afterwards
    Lane Richmonds is standing outside the door of the unknown combatant in the 4-way newcomer match. He appears a little akward, as he's basically about to interview a talking door.

    Lane Richmonds: Dave, I'm standing outside the locker of tonight's mystery performer. Um...sir how should I address you?

    There is no response

    LR: Hello?

    LR: Is this a good time?

    LR: Well it seems that-

    The voice: RICHMONDS!

    Lane jumps backs from the high volume and slips and falls. He's clutches his ear.

    LR: Son of a bitch!

    TV: You're lucky Lane. You heard that from behind a door...I think I'll stop playing with the volume on this. Oh and you can call me Mr. Guy for now.

    Lane gets back up and brushes himself out

    LR: Mr. Guy, there's a lot of speculation on your identity. Can you give the audience at home a clue as to who you are?

    Mr. Guy: Well, Way back I used to work for one of tonights stars. He and I have some things to straighten out, but tonight, I wish the bastard the best of luck.

    LR: Mr. Guy, any thoughts on tonights match up.

    MG: Well I would have preferred this to stay one-on-one. The more douches in the ring, the messier the whole thing gets. I assume Mr. Hayers knows what he's doing booking 3 different 4-way matches for tonight. [the crowd pops] Still, the match is no-DQ, and I always like an excuse to play cricket with someone's head. As for my opponents, The Captain looks like he's trying to channel Jim Hellwig. I recommend he sniff some face paint to help him get in the mood. I also hear a brainbuster helps, so I'll give you a few tonight. Just don't send a thank you card. I usually toss those.

    Mr. JR Dallas...I'm not sure I understood his promo. Did you Richmonds?

    LR: Well there is, um, speculation about JR's goals.

    MG: I take that as a no. All I caught was "Don't Mess With Texas". All I can say is that I already messed with Texas, and Texas gave me her number.

    That Leaves Jake Powers. When I was young, I used to watch you wrestle. Those were classic matches. While it's good to see you back in the ring, I'm sorry to hear your family life has come apart. Perhaps, after the match, after I'm done beating the snot out of you, after making the big splash entrance Mr. Hayers was so giddy about when I signed, you and I can go to a little bar I discovered in Vegas the last time I was here.

    LR: Any thoughts on the other matches tonight.

    MG: I like this Manik guy. Not afraid to run his mouth off. A guy looking to pick a fight is my kind of guy. Tell you what: you do what you have to do with regards to Mr. Roadster. The next Impulse after tonight, you and me can meet in PAW's first cage match! [massive pop from crowd]

    LR: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson already challenged Manik.

    MG: He did? That son of a Shockmaster! Then two weeks from now, Manik and me in a steel cage. The only other guy I have to comment on is The Reaper. He's keeping a guy in a casket and feeding him? My question is: how does he use the bathroom? That casket's gotta smell! Speaking of which, I really need to shower. Time for you to piss of Lane.

    Behind the door a shower can be heard. The camera cuts back to Dave and Cary.

    Mahoshonen on
  • JaysonFourJaysonFour Classy Monster Kitteh Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    From: Sean Masaki
    To: Cletus Jefferson, The Guvna, All
    Re: Moving Along

    He'd just been on his way to get a cup of coffee. Then suddenly, he was face-to-chest with a familiar face- the Guvna, who had proceeded to start slugging him. He'd knocked the big idjit away, but then a smack to the back of his knees stalled him enough to let the Guvna recover and throw him into the wall, dropping him like Gamestop had PlayStation 1 games. Then something hit his legs once, twice, three times. Through the pain, Sean opened his eyes. Of course.

    "As I was saying...I know the rules. Masaki, when they call your name, you have 2 minutes to answer the bell or the match is forfeit. Rule 227.4. You stay out of our business, son, or I'll teach you the rest of the rule book, one at a time."

    Then Cletus had hit his leg with that cane again, and the whole group had walked off, leaving him crumpled on the floor with Alison yelling for help.

    As the medics came and surrounded him, attending to his legs, already swelling up with bruises and screaming with pain.

    It was almost too much for him. The biggest night of his young career so far, and a fat guy in a singlet a size too small for him was going to ruin it? He tried to stand up, but fell back down to a seated position as the pain was so much.

    "Sean, you're going to have to forfeit. You can't walk. It's for the best."

    He didn't know who said that, but his mind went back to the two lines in his entrance music that he had chosen to start it on:

    When all you got to keep is strong, move along, move along like I know you do...

    He just had to get to his feet. He braced his back against the wall and used the less-damaged leg to push him self up. He heard the medics trying to get him to go back down, but he motioned them away. He wasn't going to let some overstuffed campaign manager in a singlet one size too small for him do this on his first pay-per-view event. His family was there, in the audience. Hell, his sister Michelle was even thinking of applying to PAW for a roster slot. There was too much riding on this for him to back down now.

    ...and even when your hope is gone, move along, move along just to make it through...

    He got up, locked his legs, and grinned through the pain. He wasn't going to let this stop him.

    "...I'm going through with the match. I owe too many people too much respect for a fat little weasel like Cletus to give up now. I can collapse after the match. He'll still get the lesson, and just the lesson, though. The greatest blow I can give a guy like Cletus... is to not act like him. Beat him clean, and he won't have a leg to stand on."

    Slowly walking along, then speeding up to a normal walk, he smiled and thanked Alison, and the medics, and walked torwards the ring entrance for his match. Even though he was gritting his teeth the entire way.

    Old Cletus was going to learn just how much moving along he was capable of.

    JaysonFour on
  • manaleak34manaleak34 Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    The Reaper
    Entrance into the 4-way title match.
    Dave: Well ladies and gentlemen talk about an exciting match we have coming up next a fatal four way for the "Lady Luck" champion featuring The Gunva, Mike Johnson, The Reaper, and Stirling Davis.
    Cary: A things have been building up to this match for quite a while, The Gunva's and The Hammer's rivalry ever since the Battle Royal. Reaper defeating Stirling and Hammer beating Reaper just last week, I'm not sure who's going to win it but I have a feeling that Stirling won't be holding that title for much longer with those three powerhouses in the ring with him.
    D :I'm hesitant to count him out just yet but he certainly will have a full plate to deal with here at Critical Threat from the Pure Adrenaline Wrestling.

    The area lights suddenly darken with the only illumination focused on the entrance stage as the theme for The Reaper begins to blare on the sound system

    D : Looks like we have our first superstar now heading to the ring, The Reaper!
    C: Jeez, did he just get here? Nobody's seen him all night till now.
    D : I'm sure he's kept to him self and focused on tonight's match.
    C: Why would he bother? Isn't him winning supposed to be his desnity or master's will or some weird thing?

    The Reaper now stands at the top of the ramp menacingly, once the song reaches it's peak he throws out his arms shooting up huge columns of flames around him in an impressive pyrotechnic performance getting a big pop from the crowd. However he stays at the top of the ramp taking a short look behind him as if waiting for someone.
    After a moment two men dressed in large heavy black cloaks making them look like cultists walk onto the stage pushing something along with them; a casket.

    D : Oh my god! That's the Fundamentalist in that casket! What's he bringing it out for?
    C: Probably gonna give him a ring side seat to the match. Maybe Reaper can answer Mr. Guy's question tells us about how he takes care of waste needs.
    D : That might be a little too much information there Cary.

    The Reaper and his followers continue down to the ring side with the majority of the crowd booing the entrance. A good eye can notice that The Reaper's forehead is covered by dry blood, most likely due to the match with The Hammer last week, for whatever reason he's decided not to clean it. Once the group reaches the edge of the ring Reaper gives a quick motion and the cultist continue to push the casket to the far side of the ring next to the announcing table while The Fundamentalist gives muted protest inside. One of the cultist hands a mic to the Reaper now inside the ring, their job finished they begin to leave up the ramp as The Reaper begins to speak.

    So here we, right back where it all started. The events which have built up to tonight night where destiny will be determined for all four of us. The Gunva, The Hammer, Stirling Davis, and myself. I have learned first hand the skill and power that these men have, that each are worthy to stand within this ring.
    However their struggle will soon be proved to be unsuccessful. They will find that nothing they can give be it strength, politics, or skill will prevent them from facing their destiny. As for me, tonight I will shall obtain the... PAW Will of Fate title

    C: What the hell is he talking about?
    D : I think it's what he plans on calling the title.
    C:Can he even do something like that?

    The Reaper:I want to also give a small thanks to The Hammer for last week. I must admit I had lost sight of the limitations of the body which I now possess. He slowly wipes some of the blood from his forehead staring at it fascinated. Now I know exactly what I'm capable of, and it is plenty to handle you or anyone else in the PAW.

    Oh, and don't worry about my quest tonight. He looks over to the Fundamentalist's casket He's simply here to watch and find out just how much power my master provides me. He will not be interfering.

    Now then, He looks out to the entrance stage let me show you all that power.He tosses the mic outside the ring, ready for the next wrestler to enter.

    manaleak34 on
  • WilDPanthA05WilDPanthA05 Registered User
    edited February 2009
    From: "The Punisher" Paul Jameson
    To: #1 Contender Participants

    The crowd is sitting on the edges of their seats as the first ever PAW PPV, Critical Threat, rages on around them. Men and women alike, one in the squared circle, put their bodies and souls on the line in order to inch closer to the coveted prize of being the next PAW Heavyweight Champion. The crowd, packed in so tight that even standing room is tough to come by, senses the tension and aggression by each of the wrestlers and feeds off of it as they cheer so loud it’s impossible to have a conversation. As soon as one of the undercard matches ends, the lights flicker and fade out and all eyes focus on the gigantic television above the entrance way.

    To everyone’s surprise, Paul Jameson is on the screen but looking none too pleased. The scene is that of the PAW locker room, only now it’s empty. As everyone has seen before, he’s outfitted with his warm-up gear and ear buds protruding from his hoodie. This time though, the buds are in, as if he’s too focused on something to acknowledge anything around him. His face is that of granite as he peers into the crowd, seemingly scanning everyone for someone he lost. He pulls the microphone to his mouth and a hush rolls over everyone in attendance.

    Paul Jameson: There’s no funny business tonight, it’s time to dig deep. First though, congratulations Andrea … you outlasted the both of us last week and for that you deserve to be in the Main Event tonight. Just you wait though, because we aren’t through yet.

    America, I think you know me by now. You know that tonight, in that ring, I realize that it’s going to be a battle for my life, physically and professionally. I’m going up against 3 of the strongest competitors that we have here in the PAW. Have I been training, studying, and practicing since I found out about this match … you’re damn right I have!

    As usual, the crowd gets behind Paul Jameson, but he powers right through their cheers.

    Paul Jameson: I’ve been doing my best so far in the PAW and there’s no reason why The Punisher won’t come out on top tonight. I’m going to out-wrestle, out-smart, and out-maneuver every competitor in the ring and one of them are going to tap tonight. I had a slip up last week, but tonight is my night. Tonight is going to be where I prove once and for all that “The Punisher” Paul Jameson is here to stay. Tonight is going to be a night to remember America, because IT’S MY TIME TO SHINE … AND YOUR TIME TO FEEL PAIN AT THE HANDS OF THE PUNISHER!

    The crowd erupts into cheers as Paul Jameson starts to walk away, but he stops and stares back into the camera. Now, eyes are ablaze as he finishes.

    Paul Jameson: And Roadster, what you did earlier was one of the most cowardly acts I’ve ever seen. You think you can go around and attack anyone you want now? Listen here, you lost … deal with it. Do you think the rules don’t apply to you? Well later on tonight, maybe I won’t remember the rules while you’re locked in the “Dead Eye” and I hear you cry in pain as I destroy your legs and back. People like you are the reason why I’m here … you’re pathetic and you’re going down!

    WilDPanthA05 on
  • LibrarianThorneLibrarianThorne Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    TO: "Punisher" Paul Jameson
    FROM: James "Roadster" McNeil
    PJ: “... You're pathetic and you're going down!”

    [Roadster laughs at the clip of Punisher Paul Jameson. He's seated in his locker room, watching footage of the pay-per-view. He holds a remote casually in his right hand, before aiming it at the small television. He presses a button, and the footage onscreen rewinds.]

    PJ: “... You're pathetic and you're going down!”

    [Roadster pauses the footage, then looks directly at the camera. An intensity burns in his eyes, something strange and unfamiliar lurking behind even that.]

    JM: “Really, Paul? I'm pathetic, all of a sudden? That's a hell of a thing to say, because last I checked it wasn't you fighting six people at once. Last I checked, it wasn't you trying to do anything about Show and Andrea Hill taking the title. It took both of them to take me out of contention tonight, Paul, which is more than I can say for a punk like you.”

    [Roadster stands, and starts walking around the room. There are photos of his seminal matches in Japan, of failed gimmicks in the southern territories, and of every title match he's ever had. Fifteen title matches, no victories anywhere in the world.]

    JM: “None of you have any idea what a title match means to me. I've worked my ass off, year in and out. I've been broken and bled almost anywhere that has a ring. Not once have I ever held gold, nor ever has it been 'round my waist. The hell with you, Jameson! Seven years I've fought and it's my damn time, it's my road to end. You ain't doin' it tonight, not no way in hell are you getting past me. Tonight, the ring is mine and mine alone. I am Pure Adrenaline Wrestling's critical threat, and don't you forget it!”

    LibrarianThorne on
  • ReynoldsReynolds Raving Rabbit Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    "The Archer" Robin Adams
    To : Louann McCoy; "The Punisher" Paul Jameson; James "Roadster" McNeil
    A quick montage of events at the PPV so far play. A few words from Louann's story, with a frozen shot of her sad smile. Roadster's new attitude...highlighted by his vicious attack. The clips end with Punisher and Roadster's exchange of words, the footage fading out to a shot of the Archer lacing up his boots. As the sound switches over, the crowd is heard roaring.

    "Things have sure changed in just a few hours." He's frowning, considering tonight's events. Adams looks from his boot to the camera, before returning to readying himself. "When I got here, I figured we'd have a good, clean match. Now everything's turned upside-down."

    Robin stands up, adjusting his hoodie as he looks between the camera and the door, off-screen. "Well I'm not gonna get all somber. I'm disappointed that this probably won't go as professionally as I hoped, but that's not going to change my outlook." The Archer's thoughtful grimace lightens into a smile, as he continues. "Paul, you shouldn't be making threats. Didn't your parents teach you any better? If you're gonna do something, then make a promise, not a threat. Don't waste time telling Roadster what he's done is wrong...just get in the ring and show him."

    At the reminder of that, the crowd lets out a few boos, while Adams shakes his head. The frown returns for a moment. "I don't like to go back on anything I say, McNeil. And, earlier tonight, I was telling Alison how I respected you, and your effort." He jabs his finger towards the camera. "Don't make me have to take that back, Roadster."

    The Archer calms again, managing another of his trademark smiles. "So, let's put everything aside and have a good match. Concentrate on the moment, give the fans what they want to see, and work our asses off. I'll be right on target, just like always...and I'd be pretty disappointed if you guys picked tonight to be off your game."

    Adams steps past the camera, off-screen, as the view swivels to follow him. As the door closes shut behind the Archer, the first wrestler's theme begins to play. The crowd pops as the feed shifts from his departure to the first entrant.

    Reynolds on
  • LockedOnTargetLockedOnTarget Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    PAW Presents Critical Threat, on Pay-Per-View

    JR Dallas vs. The Captain vs. "The Massacre" Jake Powers vs. ???
    DR: Welcome everyone to PAW: Critical Threat! Pure Adrenaline Wrestling brings you it's first ever pay-per-view event, live from Las Vegas!

    CG: And we have quite a show for you all tonight...three championships are on the line!

    DR: That's right, Cary! Not only will the Lady Luck Championship be decided in a four-man elimination match, but we will crown our first ever World Champion...AND our first Tag Team Champions!

    CG: Plus, four of the top PAW athletes will compete for the right to challenge for the World Title at a later date! Not to mention...Cletus Jefferson will completely humiliate Sean Masaki!

    DR: But right now...It's time for PAW's new arrivals to show their stuff, as they face each other in a fatal four-way matchup.

    CG: And as a special's now no DQ! For some of these guys...their first match might also be the one that puts them on the injured list!

    DR: I'll pretend you didn't sound so happy saying that, Cary.

    The wrestlers make their way out to the ring. First out is The Captain, entering to "Ambush". The fans don't seem sure what to make of him yet. He bounces down the ramp, appealing to a crowd full of mostly apathetic people. He doesn't seem to notice, however, and acts like he's in the main event, getting the loudest pop ofthe evening. Following him is JR Dallas, coming out to...the theme from "Dallas". The fans seem a to how to react. JR gets in the ring, and faces off with The Captain...asking him the important question..."did YOU shoot JR?"

    Next out is "The Massacre" James Powers. The fans seem to give him a decent ovation as the veteran of the business comes out to his music. he slaps a few hands with some nearby fans as he walks down the ramp, then gets in the ring...and suddenly, JR and The Captain start to brawl! Apparently, The Captain didn't like being accused! Massacre's music is cut, and Powers backs away, as the two men trade blows.

    CG: Hey, this match isn't starting yet! We still need to see who the mystery man is! They need to wait a sec...

    "I Am Hated" by Slipknot hits the soundsystem, and out walks...Manik? The other new arrival to PAW walks down the ramp, still dazed from his backstage encounter with Roadster...dressed in his ring gear!

    CG: Wait...THIS guy is the "huge new signing"? What a letdown! I was hoping we wouldn't have to see his smug face tonight!

    DR: I don't think so, Cary! Remember...Manik said he was allowed by PAW management to enter himself into a match looks like this bunch has gone from four to five!

    CG: But then...WHO is the fifth man?

    The ref is trying to pull Captain and Dallas apart, as Manik steps into the ring. He and Massacre atare each other down...and it looks like the two are about to start a fight of their own. Suddenly, "Indestructable" by Disturbed plays...and the fans go wild as a familiar face steps out onto the entrance ramp, a liquer flask in hand!

    CG: Oh my God, that's...

    DR: Boris Nikitin! Former WWE star...and the famous organizer of Wrestle Aid! I don't believe it! PAW has signed Boris Nikitin!

    CG: THAT is a signing that lives up to the hype!

    Boris walks down the ramp...just as JR and Captain pounce on each other again! he steps onto the apron, and throws his now empty flash out into the crowd. The fans cheer as he steps between the ropes...and Powers and Manik jump him! They beat down Boris, dropping the Russian star to his knees! The ref sees he can't control the chaos anymore, so he calls for the bell...this match is starting!

    Manik and Massacre lay to boots to Boris, as the other two are still rolling around the mat, practically catfighting. Suddenly, Boris screams out in rage, and throws both men off of him! He stands up, and charges them both, sending them over the ropes and to the outside with clotheslines from each powerful arm! He walks over to Captain and JR, and grabs both men by the hair, yanking them up. He drives their heads into each other, in a meeting of the minds! Both men go down, and Boris lets out a primal scream to the delight of the crowd. Just then, Manik and Massacre grab his legs from outsde, and they both pull, tripping him up! Boris falls flat on his face! They drag him to the outside...and now none of the five men are in the ring! All four men focus on Boris, stomping down on his back, head, and neck! Manik walks away...and goes and finds himself a steel chair by the timekeeper's table! He tosses it into the rng, then begins digging under the apron. He pulls out a table! The fans cheer, as Manik slides it under the bottom rope, into the ring! Massacre sees what's going on, though, and he rolls into the ring first, and quickly grabs the chair. Manik rolls into the ring...and is met with a hard chair shot upside the head! His eyes glaze over, and he collapses!

    Massacre goes over to the table and drags it to the corner. He begins to lean it up against the post, as Manik is down and out on the mat behind him. JR and Captain are still beating down on Boris...but Captain jumps JR from behind! He clubs Dallas over the back of the head, sending the Texas native down! Captain mounts JR's back, and starts raining down blows. But he doesn't see Boris behind him...rising to his feet. Tired of being beat down by everyone else, Boris flies into a rage! He grabs a nearby cameraman...and sicks him across the jaw! The poor, innocent employee goes down...and Boris picks up the camera! He runs at Captain...and bashes it over his skull! Captain goes down...and the camera is ruined! Boris picks up JR, and rolls him into the ring...just as powers is placing a dazed Manik across the table in the corner. A split-screen replay pops up, showing the view of the camera as it flies into the back of Captain's head...and then goes static.

    Massacre picks up the chair, and swings at Boris...but the big Russian ducks, and then as they spin to face each other, Boris punches the chair back in his face! Boris is the only man still standing! He pulls JR to his feet...and Dallas pokes his finger in Boris' good eye! Boris yelps out in shock, cupping his hand over his eye as he lets go of JR. Dallas stands up...and grabs his eyepatch. He pulls it back, and lets go...SNAP! Right into Boris' other eye! Nikitin stumbles around, blinded, as JR admires his handiwork! But The Captain comes at him hard and from behind! He drops down and low blows JR, Chyna-style! Dallas double over, clutching his nutsack, and Captain pulls him into position for a vertical suplex...The Captain Crunch! But Captain overbalances and hurts himself, too! He staggers to his feet...and Manik is standing right behind him! He puts his hands around Captain's throat...X-Bomb!

    Boris can't see...but he hears what's going on! he charges Manik with a huge tackle...and Manik sidesteps and drop toesholds him...right into the table in the corner! Boris collapses into a pile of wood and twisted metal! Manik stumbles forward...and Massacre is behind him with the chair! He bashes it over the back of Manik's head, leaving a huge dent in the steel! Manik goes down, and rolls out of the ring, clutching his head! Massacre looks around, to see everyone down...except for JR Dallas, who's making his way back up! Massacre boots him in the gut, and hooks the arms...Fading Fast! JR's head is spiked into the ground! Massacre rolls him over, and hooks the leg for the cover...1...2...3! James powers wins!

    James's music plays, and the ref holds his hand up...and Boris ambushes him from behind, trembling with rage! He grabs Powers and gives him Kamchaka's Fury! A mixed chorus of cheers and boos fill the arena as Boris stands over the four fllen men...and then lets out one more primal scream! He leaves the carnage in the ring, and heads up the ramp, satisfied.

    DR: Well...despite, Boris Nikitin's objections...tonight, your winner is "The Massacre" James Powers!

    CG: The way I see it, the only winner here is the only man walking away under his own power!

    DR: Yes, it can't be denied...Boris Nikitin is now a part of PAW...and he's sure to make an impact! But one has to wonder how Manik would have done if it wasn't for the Roadster's assault on him tonight!

    CG: All Roadster give was give him an excuse...he's still be a loser, either way.

    DR: And a good showing from JR Dallas and The Captain as well! These five men have shown us that PAW will continue to sign the best of the best!

    Cletus Jefferson vs. Sean Masaki
    "Hail to the Chief" plays over the speakers...but there's no sign of The's Cletus Jefferson, alone. The fans boo as he walks down to the ring in his less-than-complimentary wrestling gear. He looks a little nervous...but tries to hide it with a cocky smirk. He gets in the ring, and stretches himself on the ropes.

    Sean Masaki's music plays. and...he doesn't come out! There's no sign of him...and the music dies down. Cletus smiles, and the fans boo. He turns to the ref...and orders him to award him the win by forfiet!

    DR: Oh no! Masaki must still be hurt after that viscious attack earlier tonight!

    CG:'s his own fault for getting in Jefferson's business! He's just scared of another ass-whooping!

    DR: Scared? Of THIS goon? Guvna and anyone else under Cletus' employ is baned from ringside...there's nothing to be scared about!

    CG: Please...Cletus' knowledge and history in the business is enough to give any man goosebumps!

    DR: looks like the ref isn't going to wait much longer...

    Cletus is in the ref's face...demanding he be announced as the winner! The ref tries to argue with him, wanting to allow Sean more time...but Cletus threatens him with a bunch of legal jargon. The ref sighs, and walks over to the edge of the ring to tell the ring announcer his decision...and "Move Along" starts to play again! The fans cheer...and Sean Masaki limps out from the back! Cletus' jaw drops...and Masaki glares down at him, slowly walking down the ramp, favoring his leg the whole way. Cletus starts yelling at the ref again...but the ref syas Masaki made it out on time...this match is on! Celtus shakes his head, yelling "no!" Masaki enters the ring! His musi dies down...and the ref calls for the bell!

    Masaki advances towards Jefferson, who backs intot he corner, begging him off. Masaki cocks his right arm up to strike him...the fans BEGGING him to punch Cletus' lights out. He looks down at the small little man...and backs off. The fans boo...but Masaki still backs away, to the middle of the ring. Cletus eyes him up...not sure what to make of this...and then Masaki leans forward...and offers to give him a free headlock! Cletus doesn't look like he trusts him...but Masaki assures him, the offer is for real. Nervously, Cletus inches closer and closer to him...and then slaps on a side headlock, squeezing as tight as he can! ...Masaki doesn't seem to feel a thing. He doesn't even struggle...he just rolls his eyes. He grabs Cletus, and lifts him up for a backdrop! ...and then gently places him on the top turnbuckle, and backs away. The fans laugh at Jefferson, as Masaki smiles up at him, treating him like he's no threat at all. Cletus hops down, back tot he mat, and looks annoyed and humiliated. Sean just shrugs, and stands there...inviting Cletus to make his next move.

    Cletus lunges at him...and drops down with a single-leg takedown! Well...that was the plan. He hugs his arms around Masaki's legs, but...Masaki isn't moving an inch. Cletus tries to yank him down and trip him...but nope, no dice. Masaki chuckles a little bit, amused. Cletus slams his hands down on the canvas and gets back to his feet, getting in Sean's face. Sean shrugs again, and mouths a few wods to Cletus that seem to tick him off even more. The fans just keep laughing at poor Cletus.

    Jefferson turns to to the ref to inform him of something...when he was down there...he saw an illegal object tucked into Sean's kneepad! The fans boo, as the ref questions Sean about it. Masaki denies it, but Cletus demands the ref check the pad. The ref drops to a knee to inspect it...and Cletus reaches down into his tights, pulling outa set of brass knuckles! He puts it on his right hand, and as the ref is finished checking, he swings with a big punch to Sean's face!

    Cletus' fist strikes...nothing. Sean catches it in midair, blocking the blow. The two men stand there...Sean now clasping Cletus' arm. He looks down at the brass knucks, and then shakes his head at Cletus. He lets go...then takes Jefferson down with a double-leg takedown! In a flash he locks it on...the Overheat! Cletus squrims around...and then taps immediately! Sean Masaki wins!

    The fans cheer as "Move Along" plays over the speakers...signaling the end of the shortest match in PAW history! Masaki lets go of the hold as soon as it's over, and Cletus wiggles like a worm out of the ring, collapsing to the floor. Masaki watches him, and laughs a little bit, and the ref raises his arm. Cletus scurries up the ramp, clutching his back in intense pain, as the fans heckle him. Masaki limps over to the corner, then climbs up to the middle rope, playing to the crowd.

    DR: And Sean Masaki wins with The Overheat, and sends Cletus Jefferson packing!

    CG: Damn it, Cletus deserves better than this! Masaki's a loose cannon...picking on poor, defenseless non-wrestlers!

    DR: I thought Cletus was to be feared, Cary?

    CG: ...Ugh...just shut up, Dave...

    DR: And this chapter of Sean Masaki's career comes to a he takes care of Jefferson with an undisputed win! What's next for "The Tech"? Only time will tell!

    Lady Luck Championship Elimination Match: Stirling Davis(c) vs. The Guvna vs. The Reaper vs. Mike "The Hammer" Johnson
    The Reaper is already waiting in the ring, following his promo.

    "Lost Control" by Grinspoon hits, and the Lady Luck Champion, Stirling Davis, comes out on the stage! The fans cheer for him, yelling "OI OI OI!" back at him as he yells his trademark "OZZY OZZY OZZY!". Suddenly, Mike "The Hammer" Johnson runs out from the back...and he has Gladys in hand! He comes up behind Davis on the ramp...and bashes him over the head with the barbed-wire bat! Davis goes down...and Hammer stands over him, the entire arena booing the monster. He lifts Gladys over his head...and sends it down across Stirling's forehead as hard as he can! Davis is gushing blood...his skin cut open by the shards of wire! "Hail to the Cheif" plays, and out comes The Guvna! Guvna walks down the ramp towards the other two, waving to the fans as he does so. He stands beside Hammer, and looks down at Davis. He smiles a creepy grin, and together, the two big men lift Davis up, and roll him into the ring. They get in the ring...and seem to be working together! They stomp down on the limp body of the Lady Luck champ, a sadistic smirk on Hammer's face.

    The Reaper just stands back, and watches. Neither helping nor hindering the two monsters. The ref has no choice...he calls for the bell. Hammer deadlifts Davis up, and helps Guvna lift him onto his shoulders. Guvna drives him down with The Landslide! he covers the unmoving champion! Reaper and Hammer stand back, and the ref counts! 1...2...3! Stirling Davis has been eliminated! We're going to have a new champion!

    Some officials help Davis out of the ring, as Guvna and Hammer look at each other and smile. Suddenly, Reaper explodes out of the corner! He runs with a big clotheline, and takes down Guvna! he ducks a blow thrown by Hammer, and responds with a few hard shots of his own, rocking the largest wrestler in PAW! He punches away and backs Hammer into the corner. Hammer is up, and he charges at him! But Reaper sidesteps him, and grabs him by the head, shoving him into Guvna and making him body splash the ruler of Parts Unknown! Guvna slumps, sitting down in the corner, and Hammer stumbles backwards. Reaper backs up against the ropes, and comes off with a big boot to the Hammer's skull! Johnson goes down! Reaper turns and drives his knee into the side of Guvna's head! He pulls Guvna and makes the cover...1...2...Hammer breaks it up! He's trying to keep Guvna in the match!

    Reaper turns around and stands just in time to be met with a big headbutt from the Hammer. Reaper staggers back, and falls down onto his read end, losing his balance. Guvna is up, and he runs and kicks Reaper in the back of the head with the Veto! Reaper grunts in pain, as the smack from the kick echos throughout the building. Hammer lifts him up and pulls him into position for a vertical suplex. Guvna joins him, and together, they give Reaper a double suplex! Reaper is slmmed into the mat, and both men cover him at the same time!! Reaper lifts his shoulder up! They pull Reaper up to his feet...and Hammer puts him in the bearhug! Reaper moans in paid as Johnson squeezes on his ribcage! Guvna stands back, waving to the booing crowd. Reaper can't escape...but he refuses to give in! He smashes his forehead into Hammer's nose! But Hammer doesn't let go! He does so again...and blood starts to squirt down Hammer's face! Hammer's grip loosens, and Reaper drops down tot he mat! Guvna charges him with a big boot...but Reaper ducks! Guvna boots Hammer right in the face! Blood flies everywhere as The Hammer is toppled! Guvna looks down at him in shock for a moment, then turns around...Reaper nails him with the Kiss of Death! He covers The! Guvna barely kicks out!

    Reaper gets to his feet...and signals for the chokeslam! Guvna slowly stands up...and as soon as he's up, Reaper grabs him by the throat! Can he lift such a huge man? He does! He lifts Guvna up, and...Hammer from behind with a chop block to the knee! Reaper falls to one knee, dropping Guvna, who lands on his feet. Guvna pulls Reaper up onto his shoulder...Landslide! Reaper is driven into the mat! Guvna covers him! 1...2...3! Reaper is eliminated!

    Guvna stands up...and comes face to face with Mike Johnson. The two look into each others' eyes for what feels like forever...and they both smile. Hammer throws a right...Guvna hits him back with one of his own! Hammer strikes him again...and another blow back from The Guvna! They trade punches, back and forth, neither man relenting! They both hit opposite ropes, and come back with shoulder tackles...neither man budges an inch! Blood is dripping down Hammer's face. Guvna swings right for the nose...but Hammer blocks him! He nails Guvna in the face with a crushing fist, then another...then another! Guvna is backed into the corner. Hammer lifts him up, and plces him on the top turnbuckle. He steps up to the middle rope, and hooks Guvna for a superplex!

    Guvna reaches out and claws at Hammer's nose! Hammer scream in pain, letting go of his opponent and clutching his face! Guvna grabs him...and puts him position for a superplex of his to the outside of the ring! The crowd gasps as Guvna lifts Hammer up...Johnson blocks it! Guvna tries again...and again, it's blocked! Hammer headbutts Guvna in the face, HARD...and now Guvna's nose is bleeding! Hammer hooks him...superplex! Both men crash to the mat! The fans both big men lay on the ground, completely out of it!

    The ref starts a ten count...1....2....3....4....5...neither man is moving! ...6...7...Hammer begins to stir...8...Hammer rolls over onto his stomach...9...Hammer quickly yanks himself up to one foot, right before ten, stopping the count! He looks overs at The Guvna, still down on the mat...and then walks back over to the corner, and slowly climbs back to the top. He looks down at The Guvna, licking the blood off his lips...and smiles. He jumps off...The Hammer Falls! Guvna lifts his legs up! Hammer falls face-first into his! Hammer saw it coming! He lands on his feet, grabs Guvna by the legs, andleans forward in a folding press! The ref counts! 1...2......3! Guvna raises his shoulder...but not in time! The ref calls for the bell...the winner...and new PAW Lady Luck Champion...Mike "The Hammer" Johnson!

    CG: Yes! Finally, the uncrowned champ becomes...uh...the crowned champ!

    DR: It's a great night for Mike Johnson...we have a new Lady Luck Champion!

    CG: And it's about time! I've been waiting for that idiot Davis to lose the strap ever since I stepped in the booth, Dave!

    DR: Bu the way he lost it...that doesn't set right with me! Guvna and Hammer took advantage of him...and now not only did he lose his title...he may be seriously hurt!

    CG: Good strategy by those two, if I do say so myself! Working together, they were able to take Reaper out of the equation! But only one man could bring the title home. And tonight...that man was The Hammer!

    The Hammer rolls out of the ring, and snatches the title off of the timekeeper's table. Guvna stands in the ring, scowling, as Hammer hoists it up in the air, celebrating his victory. He wipes the blood from his nose...and smears it over the title. Hammer laughs, and throws it over his massive shoulder. He turns to leave...leaving The Guvna alone...who is definately not all smiles and waves anymore. The Reaper seems to have mysteriously dissapeared. The fans boo as Hammer heads tot he back, and we cut to the announcer's table.

    DR: Well...we can only hope Stirling Davis is okay...there's no doubt that as soon as he's ready for action again...he'll want a piece of Mike Johnson...and a shot at reclaiming his title!

    CG: HIS title? No, it's The Hammer's title now! And Davis will have to get in line...because I know Hammer's going to take on all comers!

    DR: And from the way things were going earlier sounds like he'll be making his first defense against the newcomer, Manik!

    CG: Hmmph...if Manik can even walk after taking so many shots to the head...

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    PAW Tag Team Championship: The Hunter Brothers(Zack and Shane) vs. John "The Bomb" Bowski and "The Canadian Dragon" Connor Mackenzie
    DR: And it's time to find out which two men will hold the PAW World Tag Team Championships for the first time! Will it be the popular Hunter brothers...or the mismatched duo of Dragon and The Bomb?

    CG: The Bomb is going to carry Dragon to victory tonight, Dave...I have no doubt he will Shock and Awe us all!

    DR: ...That was terrible, Cary.

    CG: Oh, like you could do better...besides...nothing is as corny as this Zack hunter kid. I can't wait to see him taken down like the punk he is...

    Zack and Shane Hunter are out first, to the joy of all the female fans in the crowd. They come down to the ring to a very nice reaction. Following them is John Bowski and Connor Mackenzie, who come out together. The fans cheer for Dragon...but Bowski gets a bit of a mixed reaction. The two teams are in the ring...and the ref holds the brand new PAW tag team championships into the air. All four men look at the gold with desire as the ref shows them off to them, and to the fans. He hands them to the timekeeper, then instructs the two teams to choose who starts. After a moment of discussion, Mackenzie and the newly-debuting Shane Hunter begin in the ring. The ref calls for the bell.

    The two men tie up, and for a few moments, they quickly trade some basic wrestling holds, back and forth. Neither man really seems to come out on top. Finally, Dragon slips behind Shane with a rear waistlock. But Shane drops down and snapmares him to the mat! He throws on a seated sleeper hold. Dragon quickly stands up, then drops down and gives Shane a chinbreaker, escaping the hold! Shane stumbles back, right into his corner, and Zack tags in! He rushes Dragon and nails him with a flying forearm! Then he runs and does the same to Bomb on the apron! Bowski gets angry, and tries to get in the ring...but the ref is there to stop him! With the ref distracted, Shane gets back in the ring, and the two together whip Dragon into their corner. Shane whips Zack towards him, and the younger Hunter hits a flying splash on Dragon, sandwiching him between his body and the post! Dragon falls down into a seated position, and Zack grabs the middle ropes, and uses them to lift himself up. Shane runs forward...and at the same time, Zack hits a slingshot dropkick to the face, and Shane hits a basement dropkick to the torso! The ref turns as Zack gets back on the apron, and Shane pulls Dragon out a little bit and makes the cover! 1...2...Dragon kicks out!

    Shane slaps hands with Zack, tagging his younger brother in. Zack brings Dragon up, and whips him to the ropes. But Dragon leaps up, and suddenly springboards off the middle ropes, twisting around in midair and hitting a missile dropkick! Zack goes down, and Dragon tags in Bowski! Zack gets up in time to spin and walk right into a huge spinebuster! Bowski covers him...1...2...broke up by Shane! Shane dashes back towards the apron...but Bowski follows him! He tries to grab Shane and pull him back in the ring...and Zack catches him with a schoolboy from behind! 1...2...kickout! The momentum of the kickut sends Zack to the ropes. Bowski sits up as Zack rebounds...and dives over John's head, giving him a blockbuster! Bowski's down, and Zack covers, another kickout! Zack tags in Shane, who slingshots over the top rope and lands a body splash! He stays on for the cover, while Zack stands there to keep Dragon from interfering! 1...2...Bowski throws him off with incredible strength...right into Zack! Brother collides with brother as both Hunters go down...and Bowski lunges forward and tags Dragon back in!

    Dragon leap up to the top of the turnbuckle, and as Shane Hunter stands up, he leaps at him...Dragonrana! Shane's shoulders are down! 1...2...Zack breaks it up! Bowski grabs Zack with both arms...and lifts him up for the Shock & Awe! But Zack squirms out of his grip, and lands behind The Bomb...and gives him a neckbreaker! The Bomb is down, Zack gets up...Dragon takes him down with a leg lariat! Shane's on the apron! He leaps up, and springboards off the top rope! He comes at Dragon with a diving hurracanrana...but Connor ducks...and Shane lands on Bowski's shoulders! Dragon jumps up, and gives Shane a double-knee backbreaker...just as Bowski gives him a powerbomb! Shane is broken in half! Dragon covers him! 1...Zack dives to save him...2...Bowski cuts him off...3! That's it! The match is over...Connor Mackenzie and John Bowski have won!

    DR: And we have out first tag champions! The Bomb and The Canadian Dragon! NAFWA wins gold!

    CG: Well...good for Bowski! Let's just hope Dragon doesn't weigh him down...

    DR: Congradulations to the PAW World Tag Team Champions! What a great showing by both teams!

    The four men shake hands...and then the Hunters leave the ring...letting Bowski and Mackenzie have their moment in the sun. The ref hands them the shiny new belts, and raises both their hands, to cheers from the crowd. The champs give each other a high five, then leave with their new gold...their music playing.

    Four-Corners Match - Winner Recieves A World Title Shot: Louann McCoy vs. "The Archer" Robin Adams vs. James "Roadster" McNeil vs. "The Punisher" Paul Jameson
    DR: All we'll see who goes on to challenge the first PAW World Champion! It's Archer vs. McCoy vs. Punisher vs. Roadster...this should be a good one!

    CG: While I'm not a big fan of most of these guys...I have to admit thy've all made their mark...any of them could win tonight. But my money is on Roadster...who seems to be showing a new killer instinct. I think the new James McNeil may have what it takes!

    DR: Maybe...but with his new attitude, he's not making many friends, either! One's gotta wonder if he's made himself a target tonight!

    Roadster is out a bit more of a mixed reaction than we're used to. Unlike usual, he doesn't come out on his bike. He just walks to the ring with an intense focus. Following him is Louann McCoy...the southern belle that always gets love from the crowd. Right after her is Robin Adams, who gets an equal pop, as he calmly heads down the ramp. Finally, Paul Jameson is out, and he, too, is a fan favorite. As he walks down the ramp, he keeps his eyes on Roadster. All four get in the ring, and the fan come alie with cheers and chants directed at every single one of them. The ref gathers them together, and goes over the rules.

    DR: Wow...even the fans don't know who to support here...four amazing wrestlers competing for the right to challenge for the top prize in the game! This should be good!

    Roadster tells the referee that he demands he is one of the two starting wrestlers. The other three look at each other for a moment, as McNeil stands in the center of the ring with a scowl on his face. Punisher glares at him, and tells the other two he wants to start, as well. Louann seems to accept this, and calmly walks over to her corner. Archer looks the two men over for a moment, then nods, and he too takes up position in a corner. The ref calls for the bell, and Roadster and Punisher begin to circle the ring.

    The two men lock up, and briefly struggle for control...before Roadster gets sick of it and slugs Punisher across the face! Jameson stumbles back a step, rubbing his cheek. He looks back at Roaqdster, who challenges him to come at him, a determined look on his face. Jameson moves in and swings with a right of his own, but Roadster blocks it, and strikes back. Again, Punisher staggers back. Roadster pursues him this time, clubbing him across the back, leading him into the corner. With Jameson trapped in the corner, Roadster bends down and drives his shoulder into the gut once...twice...three times. With Punisher gasping for air, Roadster irish whips him across the ring, sending him into the opposite corner, hard. Roadster charges him...Jameson lifts his boot up! McNeil runs face-first into his foot. Spinning around from the impact, Roadster clutches his nose. Punisher runs forward, and takes him down with a bulldog! He rolls him over and goes for the cover, 1...2...kickout! Punisher brings him up and wrenches the arm around, pulling him over to Arher's corner. He tags in Robin Adams, who comes into the ring and takes the arm for himself. He wrenches it around again, causing Roadster to drop down to one knee, grimacing in pain. Adams yanks him back up to standing position...then hits a single-arm DDT! Adams rolls him over and covers him...1...2...kickout! Archer gets up, and looks over to see Louann asking for a tag. He nods, and reaches out to tag her. The two switch places, and Lou walks over to Roadster, who's just getting to his feet. She hits a hard, stiff kick to his side, striking him right on the arm. She does it again, harder this time! Grabbing the arm, she twists it around behind his back in a hammerlock position, then sweeps the leg with an STO! Roadster is thrown down to the mat, on top of his own arm! Now Louann goes for the cover...1...2...another kickout!

    Lou reaches out and tags in Punisher. The two swap places, and Punsiher quickly drops a knee over Roadster's hurting arm. He stays on the mat, and bends the arm up...crowbar submission hold! Roadster grits his teeth, intense pain shooting up his arm. The ref asks him if he gives up, bu he shaks his head no...trying to power his way out. Archer drops off the apron and walks around the ring...and grabs Roadster's foot, placing it on the bottom rope! The ref tells Jameson to break the hold, pointing it out. Paul complies, and shoots a look down at Archer. Adams just smiles and shrugs, and Punisher smirks back at him. Archer turns to head back to his corner...and suddenly, Louann slaps Punisher across the back! Before he even notices, McCoy launches herself over the top rope and plants him with a facebuster! She turns to Roadster, grabbing the arm...and rolls him up with a magistral cradle! The ref begins to count...1...Archer notices and moves to get in the ring...2...he's going to be too late...kickout! Adams is on his hands and knees in the ring, and he breathes a sigh of relief. Archer gets back in his corner, and Punisher rolls under the bottom rope to do the same.

    Louann pulls Roadster back up to his feet, once again holding onto his arm. She leans forward, giving him an, he blocks it! He slips his arm under her armpit, and lifts her up with amazing strength...half-nelson suplex! Louann is dropped right on her head! Roadster gets to his feet, and looks over to see Archer offering a tag. Roadster walks over to him...and punches him in the face! Archer, caught off-guard, topples to the floor! McNeil drops down and covers McCoy! 1...2...she kicks out! Frustrated, Roadster lifts her up and shoves her into the corner, and starts nails her with body shots. Archer, a little ticked off now, jumps back onto the apron, and in a flash, blind tags Lou and gets in the ring, pushing Roadster away from her. Roadster glares at Adams, who's yelling at him about the cheap shot...and then he throws another blow, connecting with Archer's jaw. Archer stumbles back into the corner...and Roadster charges! Running shoulder tackle...Adams moves! McNeil drives himself shoulder-first into the bare post! Archer quickly pulls him out, and hooks his leg with one arm, and uses his other to once again wraps Roadster's arm behind his back in a hammerlock. He lifts...hammerlock Quiverplex! He bridges for a pin! 1...2...Louann dives forward and breaks up the pin! Lou nails Archer across the back of the head with a stiff kick as he stands! Lou steps back onto the apron, reaches and tags Archer across the shoulder,t hen gets back in the ring! She covers Roadster...1...2...he kicks out!

    Lou pulls Roadster up, and sends him to the ropes with an irish whip. he reverses it into a whip of his own! She rebounds...and Punisher blind tags her! Roadster catches Lou with a huge powerslam! He stays on for the cover...but the ref is trying to tell him...she's not the legal man! Roadster stands up and yells at the referee, and Jameson comes up from behind...he grabs Roadster and runs forward, tossing him shoulder-first into the corner post one more time! Roadster screams out in pain! Jameson lifts him up...and places him on the top turnbuckle, his back facing the ring! He climbs up to join him...and gets him in position for a super backdrop! But Roadster comes back alive! He throws an elbow back, hitting Punisher in the face! He does it again...and Puninsher crashes to the mat! He rolls away, stunned...and Louann is up! Sheruns and leaps up, hitting a dropkick to Roadster's back! Roadster slumps forward, still sitting up top! Lou climbs up to the top rope...and puts him in a rear waistlock. She going for a top-rope Sweet Tea! Suddenly, Archer leans forward and tags Punisher, who's laying on the mat right by him! He charges towards the corner, and leaps onto the second rope, putting a rear waistlock on Louann! He gives her a german suplex...just as she gives Roadster one of her own! McNeil and McCoy are both thrown from the top, and driven down onto their heads! Archer is up! He shoves Lou out of the ring with his feet, and then pulls Roadster to the middle of the ring...and locks on a cross armbreaker! Roadster screams in pain...Archer's going to pull the arm right out of it's socket!

    Suddenly, Paul Jameson comes flying off the top rope! Elbow drop stright to the Archer's heart! The hold is broken! Punisher quickly gets back on the apron, and tags himself in by slapping the chest of the downed Archer! He grabs Roadster by both legs...and signals for the Dead Eye! Roadster reaches up and pulls him down into a small package! 1...2......3! Roadster caught him! Roadster wins!

    DR: Out of nowhere!

    CG: Holy crap...I thought McNeil was done!

    Roadster's music starts to play...and Archer and Lou look up from outside the ring, just as surprised as anyone. They both look dissapointed, as does Punisher, who's in shock that he got caught. He glares at Roadster...who's just getting to his feet, cluching his arm in pain...and almost looks little disgusted. But he doesn't argue, the loss was fair and square. He gets out of the ring, and follows the others up the ramp. Roadster, smiling, gets his hand raised, to mostly cheers from the crowd. He looks into the camera, and makes a motion across his waist...signifying that the belt will soon be his.

    DR: Well...once again, Roadster takes a beating and still pulls through...I think he may be the single toughest man in PAW, Cary.

    CG: The luckiest man in PAW, more like it! There were times in that match where each of the others had it won! If it wasn't for them interfering with each other...Roadster wouldn't have gotten this far!

    DR: Maybe, maybe not...the only thing we can be sure of is James McNeil is the new number one contender to the PAW World Championship! Which means he'll either be facing The Show, or Andrea Hill...two people he is no stranger to!

    CG: And two people that won't have any trouble taking care of him for good!

    DR: A great effort from Louann, Archer, and Jameson tonight...there's no doubt these three will be in the running for that World title for a long time to come. But for now...the Roadster is in the lead!

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    PAW World Championship Tournament Final: Andrea Hill vs. The Show
    DR: It's time!

    CG: ...Vader time?

    DR: ...No.

    CG: Damn...

    DR: It's time to crown the first ever PAW Champion! The Show battles Andrea Hill!

    CG: Man...I don't even know who to cheer for!

    DR: Well, there's no doubt about it...they're two of the best in PAW...which means two of the best in the world!

    CG: Show has the experience edge by far...Andrea's just a 21 year old kid! But Andrea's in her prime physical condition! Show may not be able to keep up! For the first time, I'm truly on the edge of my seat!

    DR: Who will take home the prize? The veteran or the young upstart? Well, we're about to find out!

    "Stronger" by Kanye West plays over the speakers...and purpleand silver fireworks explode at the top of the stage! The fans pop for the display...but the cheers soon turn to boos as Andrea Hill walks down the ramp, with Julia Strand at her side. She's practically bouncing to the ring, pumped up and anxious to fight...chugging from an energy drink. She hops up onto the apron, and as Julia stays at ringside, she gets in the ring.

    Next out is The Show, who gets just as much hate from the fans as Andrea did. He slowly walks down the ramp, his music playing...a serious, confident look on his face. He glares up at Andrea, locking eyes with her...but his expression doesn't change. Without much fanfare, he gets into the ring...and begins to prepare himself...never taking his eyes off the woman in the opposite corner. The ref begins to check them the music and the crowd quiet down.

    The bell rings, and the two competitors both get into a ready stance, eyeing each other up. Show inches forward...and when he gets close, steps in to lock up with Andrea...but she quickly sidesteps him, staying out of his grasp. Andrea lunges at him, but Show turns to face her in she backs off. Andrea kicks out, aiming for the leg, but Show pulls back, dodging the blow. They lock eyes, and for a few moments, neither makes a move. In a flash, Andrea suddenly charges him! Show reflexively bends down for a back body drop. Andrea stops in her tracks and kicks up at his face. But Show catches her by the leg! Andrea hops on one foot for second or two, then goes for an enziguri...but Show ducks! Andrea falls face-first to the mat...and Show, still holding her other leg, bends down and throws on a STF! Andrea squirms, but Show is too powerful for her...she was suckered right in! Show smiles, and pulls back on her neck. In desperation, Andrea throws a back elbow and nails him in the side of the head. Show slumps back, letting go of Andrea's head...and Andrea kicks up with her free leg, jamming the sole of her boot right in the side of the face! Show falls down beside her...and they both quickly roll away from each other, getting to their feet and facing off across the ring.

    Suddenly, Ace of Spades hits the speakers! The fans cheer for the theme music of James "Roadster" McNeil! Andrea and the Show to look to the entrance, searching for McNeil, but he's nowhere to be found. The ref tries to get the pair of wrestlers back to the fight, but both are circling the ring, nervously looking around at the crowd.

    Leaping from behind the barrier, steel chair in hand, comes Roadster! Fans cheer as he slides into the ring, but the cheers are suddenly cut off as Roadster nails the referee with the chair! The referee drops, unconscious, to the mat and Hill and the Show charge Roadster. A thunderous chair shot rings out as Hill's face is met with the folding chair, but Show uses the woman's distraction to slide in a kick at Roadster's knee! Roadster buckles, dropping to one knee, but hits show with a vicious low blow! Both championship competitors are down, but Roadster limps over to Hill first.

    Grabbing her by the hair, he appears to mouth something to her, before laying in with a crippling short stomach punch. She doubles over, but Roadster's not done! He lifts her into the air, then drops her onto his knee with a painful backbreaker. Hill is down, screaming, but Roadster grabs her again, this time by the shoulder. He stands her up, then clutches one of her legs and lifts her up into a military press! He stands, holding the first PAW female competitor for the world title above his head for what seems like long moments, sweat pouring down his face. He walks over to the ropes, and throws Andrea Hill over! Hill hits the crowd separators, landing squarely on her back and not moving.

    But The Show is up! He comes at Roadster from behind, turning the big man around and nailing him with a series of punches! Roadster is driven into a corner, feeling the fury of Show's intense punches, but he suddenly dodges out of the way and grabs Show by the hair! He pulls Show's head back, and then rams it into a turnbuckle! Show is stunned, but Roadster drops to one knee, the exertion clearly taking its toll, but he refuses to quit. He stands up and, just as Show turns, grabs the man by the throat. The Show's eyes widen as Roadster glares at him, then lifts him up and chokeslams him into the mat! But he doesn't let go of the Show's throat! With his free hand, he makes a hand gesture, raising his index finger and saying, “one”. Then, he lifts the Show up again, seating the dazed veteran on top of the turnbuckle, then turning and following with another chokeslam! Still, he holds onto the Show's throat, but Roadster is breathing hard. He moves his free hand over, raising his index and middle fingers. He looks at Show, and mouths “two”, before standing up again! The battered Show little able to resist, Roadster hits the ropes and Cross Country Ride! Andrea Hill is down! The Show is down! The ref is down!

    Roadster stands up, and looks to the timekeeper's table. He stares at the PAW championship, and mouths one word, “Mine”. To confused cheers, he slides through the ropes and exits the ring.

    Julia runs over to Andrea, distraught. he splashes a little water in her face, waking her up. Walking her over to the ring apron, Julia pushes her back into the ring...just as the ref is beginning to stir! Andrea's back in, but doesn't seem to have the energy to get up. Show's down too! The ref looks around and sees them both down and out...and starts to count! 1...2...3...4...5...6...Show and Andrea both snap back into it! 7...They both reac up, and start pulling themselves to their feet with the middle they're up! The ref stops his count, and the two weakened warriors step forward, approaching each other...worn down by the Roadster's assault.

    Without warning, Andrea bolts towards her opponent! Show swings with a clothesline, but Andrea ducks underneath and hits the opposite ropes...coming off with a dropkick to the back of Show's knee! Show drops down to one knee...Andrea runs and hits the ropes facing him...dropkick to the face! Show goes down! Andrea hits the ropes again, cartwheels, and leaps high into the air, showing an amazing vertical leap...connecting with a moonsault! Andrea lands to the "oooh"s of the crowd, and stays on for the cover! 1...2...Show kicks out! Andrea to her feet...standing shooting star press! Another cover...1...2...kickout! She's back up...standing corkscrew press! Cover!! Show once again lifts the shoulder up! The fans...for the first time in PAW history...are actually APPLAUDING Andrea Hill, and her amazing gymnastic ability! Julia is clapping and cheering her on at ringside, a bright smile on her face. Smirking, Andrea points to the a rousing reaction from the crowd. As Show stirs, she walks over to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top, turning to face Show as he stands up...out on his feet...

    Andrea leaps off...diving hurracanrana! But Show catches her and slams her down hard with a sickening powerbomb! Andrea's head bounces off the mat, and she falls limp! Now Show's the one smiling, as he looks down at her for a few moments...she's out! He leans forward overtop of her, hooking her leg...1...2...2.9! Andrea's eyes flutter open, and she raises her shoulder up just in the nick of time! Show seems a little surprised, but he goes right back on the offensive. Still mounted on top of her, he strikes down with his fist, bashing her right in the face. Andrea is dazed and defenseless, and the shot to the jaw rocks her. Show rears his arm back, and hits her again, as hard as he can. Andrea's head falls to the ground, her eyes glazed over...a trickle of blood running down from her lip. Show hooks her leg again...1...2...kickout. how grabs her by the ponytail, and yanks her up to her feet. He walks her over to the corner, and slams her face first into the turnbuckle pad. Andrea slumps forward in the corner, out of it. Show grabs her, and lifts her up...dropping her with a snake eyes across the post. Andrea collapses to the ground, and Show is right on top of her, rolling her over for the cover. 1...2...the ref stops counting! Show looks over to see the ref pointing one thing out to him...Andrea's leg is under the bottom rope. Show drags her to the middle of the ring, and covers her again...1...2...Andrea kicks out!

    Show grabs two fistfulls of hair...ignoring the referees pleas...and lifts her head up...beofre slamming it down on the mat as hard as he can! He des it again...and again and again and again. The ref starts a five-count...1...2...3...4...finally, Show stops. Andrea's taken so many blows to the head, she's barely conscious. Again, how covers her...and again, Andrea barely lifts her shoulder before three! Despite this, Show doesn't seem frustrated. He just looks down at her, and smirks. He knows she can't take much more. He stands up...and calmly wait for her to collect herself. Andrea slowly regains a bit of her snese...and crawls onto her hands and knees. She wobbily starts to stand up...and Show lunges forward...Curtain Jerker! Show kicks Andrea right in the jaw! Blood flies from Andrea's mouth, as she falls to the mat...eyes closed. She's knocked out! Show covers her! ......1!......2!......

    ...3! NO! The shoulder comes up! Show can't believe it...and the fans are cheering! Show yanks her back, up...and hooks the arms for the Show's Over! He lifts...Andrea drops down to one knee, blocking it! She slips her arms free, grabs both his legs, and trips him...jacknife pin! 1...2...kickout! Both get up...Show hits a knee to the gut...The Show's Over! No! Andrea runs forward towards the corner, driving Show into the turnbuckles with her shoulder! Andrea steps back, slipping out of his grip...and hits a dropsault! Show stumbles forward, out of the coner...Andrea reaches up and catches him...small package!! Show rolls ever so slightly...pinning Andrea's shoulders to the mat instead! 1...2...kickout! Both get to their feet...Show with the Curtain Jerker! Andrea ducks! She sweeps the leg! Show falls back, and ndrea runs towards the nearby set of ropes. She leaps up, and springboards off...Phoenix Splash! But Show rolls out of the way! Andrea adjusts in midair, landing on her feet! Show stands up...only to be met with a leaping, spinning kick to the face! Show goes down...and rolls out of the ring! Andrea looks down at Show, who's collecting himself on the outside, and smiles. She bounces off the ropes behind her, then runs towards him...and dives over the top rope, with a senton to the outside! She connects, and both wrestlers are down!

    Andrea's up first...and she rolls Show under the bottom rope, back into the ring. She hops up onto the apron...and climbs up the turnbuckle. But Show springs to his feet, running forward and hitting a hard uppercut to the jaw! Andrea reels back...nearly falling off the post to the outside. As she sits there, dizzy, Show climbs up top himself to meet her. He grabs her...and hooks both arms...he's going for a Super Show's Over!

    Show drops back...but Andrea hangs on to the top ropes with her hands! Show loses his grip, and falls down to the mat! He's down, flat on his back...Andrea straigtens up...and dives off...Shooting Star Legdrop! It connects! he fans cheer wildly as she crawls over and makes the cover! They chant the count along with the ref!




    Andrea wins! Her music blares, and the ref raises her hand. She drops down to her knees, exausted, and still knocked loopy from all those blows to the head. Julia squeals with joy and climbs into the ring, running and practically tackling Andrea down with an exicted embrace. Julia yanks her up by the hand, and raises Andrea's arm back a mix of cheers and boos from the crowd. Show slams down on the mat, frustrated...but quickly rolls under the ropes and leaves...letting Andrea have her moment. The ref brings the PAW World Championship over to her...and hands it to Julia. Julia proudly wraps it around Andrea's waist...and the personification of perfection is tearing up! The two women hug again, and then Andrea bolts over to the turnbukle, leaping up to the top and pumping her fist into the air! She points down at the gold around her waist...yelling unintelligable things out into the sea of fans.

    DR: There you have it! Your first PAW World Champion...Andrea Hill!

    CG: The fans may not be happy...but she earned this, Dave! PAW is the new face of professional wrestling...and what a face it is!

    DR: Thank you everyone, for tuning in to PAW Critical Threat! For Cary Gray, I'm Dave Robertson! Good night everyone!

    The cameras fade Andrea and Julia join hands and raise them up in celebration one more time...and out last shot is of the PAW World Champion...

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    Last night, PAW held it's first ever pay-per-view event, Critical Threat! PAW would like to thank the fans in attendance, and all the fans watching at home, for making the show such a rousing success!

    But now, the ppv is over, and a new month of PA action begins! Next week, PAW Impulse comes to Seattle, Washington, with another amazing lineup!

    New arrival Manik has already built himself up a list of enemies, in only one night! And already, he has the new PAW Lady Luck Champion, Mike "The Hammer" Johnson, after his blood! Hammer vowed to win the title, and then put it on the line against the newcomer the following week...and his promise has come true! Next week, on Impulse, Mike Johnson will defend his newly-won title against Manik!

    But Manik isn't the only new blood in town! JR Dallas and The Captain seemed to have troule getting they're being given another chance to tear each other apart! But they won't be alone! Joining them is another newly-signed talent...Draven, The Northern Wolf! It'll be a triple-threat match!

    PAW is also happy to announce that Boris Nikitin has signed a contract, and is now part of the roster! Already Boris made his presence felt...nearly destroying four other men in his debut! But wins count the most...and Boris did not score the victory last night. Now, he'll face another heavy-hitter in singles he faces The Reaper! The Reaper is looking to get back on track after failing to aquire the Lady Luck Championship. Both men need a victory...but only one can have their hand raised!

    We have new PAW Tag Team Champions! Congradulations to John Bowski and Connor Mackenzie for defeating the Hunter Brothers in a fast-paced, hectic matchup! The only question is...who will rise up to challenge them first? For now, however, these two will see singles The Canadian Dragon takes on "The Massacre" Jake Powers...and "The Bomb" settles a little bit of unfinished business with The Guvna!

    The PAW Title Tournament has come to a close, and among 20 different wrestlers who remains. Andrea Hill is the new...and first...PAW World Champion. PAW would also like to congradulate her on her hard-earned victory last night. But there's not much time to celebrate, as she has many challengers nipping at her heels. Jams McNeil won a grueling four-corners match for the right to face her for the championship first...but there are still plenty of men and women gunning for a chance at that title. Louann McCoy, Robin Adams, and Paul Jameson all came within an inch of earning a title shot...and The Show just barely let the title slip from his grasp. Also, Sean Masaki has stated his desire to chase after the championship...and his desire to face Andrea specifically. Next week, these six people will all get a chance to prove to the fans...and to the PAW offices...just why they deserve to compete for the Championship. All six of them will compete in a six-man tag team match in Seattle, on Impulse! But there's a special one will know who's on which team until the match begins! The six will divided into teams of three at random...that will only be anounced the night of the match! PAW may be out of Vegas...but it will bring a little bit of Vegas with it, as fate will determine who stands in each corner! But that's not all! The wrestler who scares the pinfall for his or her team scores a very sweet prize. If James McNeil scores the pinfall...he no only gets to choose exactly when and where he gets his title shot...he'll also get to choose what kind of match Andrea will have to defend it in! As for any of the other five...victory next week will secure that wrestler a future World Championship match! The stakes are high, and we have no doubt the rewards will drive these six great competitors to put on the best show they can! It promises to be an amazing main event!

    Julia Strand has informed us that Andrea Hill will NOT be competing next week. She is demanding Andrea be given the proper time to recover from the harsh toll the tournament has taken on her, and has threatened PAW with legal action if management does not comply. We regret to inform you, the PAW World Champion won't be in action on Impulse. However, Julia has promised Andrea Hill will be at the show...and will address the fans and the locker room, in a special in-ring interview!

    Once again, thank you to everyone who has made this possible...and next week, don't forget to once again give in to IMPULSE!

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    From: Sean Masaki
    To: All
    Re: Keeping up

    "Mr. Masaki, the Chairman will see you now."

    Sean nodded at the secretary and walked into the office of Jimmy Hayes. Jimmy waved him to a seat as he finished up a phone conversation. Sean winced as he sat, gingerly treating his leg.

    He watched as Mr. Hayes completed his call and began shuffling through the papers in front of him.

    "Ah, Sean, good to see you. Very nice match last week, too. Have to admit, though- not that many out there with the kind of restraint you showed."

    Sean shrugged.

    "Mr. Hayes, what would it have proven to put Cletus in the hospital? That I can beat up a guy who doesn't belong in a ring? I will admit, though, that cane of his..."

    " why I've called you in here tonight."

    Mr. Hayes sighed as he found the right paper.

    "Sean, the medics took a look at your leg after the match. They've consulted with me, and... I'm thinking of scratching you from the three-on-three tag match tonight. I have a few concerns about your leg- you're favoring one over the other, and I don't want to see you go down with a leg injury that could keep you out for months."

    Sean scowled.

    "Now, let's not be hasty here. I'll let you wrestle tonight. Provided... you get clearance from a physical trainer."

    Sean's scowl deepened.

    "Great. Where am I going to find one? I can't exactly walk out and find one..."

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    From Manik
    To : Boris Nikitin, Roadster, The Hammer

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    Wins 1 Losses 2
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    JaysonFour wrote: »
    From: Sean Masaki
    To: All
    Re: Keeping up

    "Mr. Masaki, the Chairman will see you now."

    Sean nodded at the secretary and walked into the office of Jimmy Hayes. Jimmy waved him to a seat as he finished up a phone conversation. Sean winced as he sat, gingerly treating his leg.

    He watched as Mr. Hayes completed his call and began shuffling through the papers in front of him.

    "Ah, Sean, good to see you. Very nice match last week, too. Have to admit, though- not that many out there with the kind of restraint you showed."

    Sean shrugged.

    "Mr. Hayes, what would it have proven to put Cletus in the hospital? That I can beat up a guy who doesn't belong in a ring? I will admit, though, that cane of his..."

    " why I've called you in here tonight."

    Mr. Hayes sighed as he found the right paper.

    "Sean, the medics took a look at your leg after the match. They've consulted with me, and... I'm thinking of scratching you from the three-on-three tag match tonight. I have a few concerns about your leg- you're favoring one over the other, and I don't want to see you go down with a leg injury that could keep you out for months."

    Sean scowled.

    "Now, let's not be hasty here. I'll let you wrestle tonight. Provided... you get clearance from a physical trainer."

    Sean's scowl deepened.

    "Great. Where am I going to find one? I can't exactly walk out and find one..."

    Part 2

    Before Sean can even finish his sentence, he and Hayers are startled by a loud knock on the door. They turn their heads to see the sharply-dressed agent, Julia Strand, standing in the doorway.

    JS: Sorry to interrupt, gentlemen...but I couldn't help but overhear...

    She looks over at Masaki ad smiles.

    JS:'re in luck! You need a personal trainer to look you over? Why, I happen to know one who's in this very building as we speak!

    Sean look her over, and then his eyes widen as he realizes who she's talking about.

    SM: You don't mean...Andrea?

    Julia nods her head.

    JS: Of course, dear.

    She walks over to him.

    JS: Just think...who could be more qualified? A star athlete...and the PAW World Champion! Why, if you're lookingto make yourself into a championship contender...who better to make sure you're ready than the champ herself! Yes, can't go wrong with my client!

    Hayers looks over at Sean, still sitting at his desk.

    JH: I know it's a bit of a conflict of interest, Sean...but given the circumstances, and the little time you have...I'll allow this. Ms. Hill IS qualified to do the job.

    JS: Of course, there will be a reasonable fee for her services...but what's a little money when the chance at the World Championship is on the line?

    She turns and walks back towards the door, stopping herself when she gets there. She looks over her shoulder at Sean, her thick lips curled into a seductive smirk.

    JS: Think about it, Mr. know where to find us...

    She winks, waving goodbye, and then leaves the room, leaving Sean to ponder her offer.

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    The Guvna and Cletus Jefferson

    To: Connor Mackenzie, John Bowski, Boris Nikitin, The Hammer, Sean Masaki

    [As PAW returns from commercial break, Cletus Jefferson is already in the ring with a microphone. He is in his familiar white linen shirt, bow tie, and suspender. He clasps his gavel in his right hand and his microphone in his left. A smile plays across his lips as the crowd chants, "You tapped out!" The Guvna stands on the bottom rope, bouncing up and down.]

    Dave Robinson: It was a rough night for the executive branch of Parts Unknown, Cary. Maybe Jefferson and The Guvna will show a little humility tonight?

    Cary Gray: A rough night? They were cheated you mean. That match with Masaki should have never happened and The Guvna kicked out. At least we have a real Lady Luck champion now though.

    DR: The brutal double team of Stirling Davis isn't anything that this organization should be proud of Cary. I've been told by Jimmy Hayers that Davis may be on the shelf for months.

    CG: Well, if that little hottie girlfriend of his needs a shoulder to cry on...

    [Cletus begins to speak over the chants]

    CJ: Last week was an absolute travesty, but still I stand here a happy man. I'm even in Seattle, Washington, and I'm still happy.

    DR: What is he going on about?

    CG: Hush, Dave.

    CJ: My match with that weasel Masaki should have never happened. He entered the ring at 8:43 pm, two minutes and nine seconds after his name was called! I was the winner of that match! Yet, I'm still happy...

    CG: Rules are rules, Hayers should comeout here and get on his knees and apologize to Jefferson.

    DR: The ref made a call, and the right call I might add.

    [Cletus motions to The Guvna, who is moving around the ring waving to different sections of the fans]

    CJ: This political machine was also screwed by horrible officiating. [Clips play of the kick-out, right before the 3-count] It is a sham that these referees are still employed. Maybe this week, they can at least bring out their seeing-eye dogs to help them. Hammer! Enjoy your hollow victory. The Guvna pinned both the other men in that match and if you think you're going to hold onto that belt long, think again...but I'm still happy.

    DR: What is he going on about?

    CJ: I'm happy because I'm not the only one who has been treated so unfairly. No, a man I have a special history with has just joined this company, Boris Nikitin! [the crowd cheers!] A real star...and how does this company treat him? Do they give him a chance to show why he is one of the fastest rising stars in this business? No, they stick him in a throw-away curtain-jerk match where his star power put a big ol' bullseye on his head. I'm not happy that you lost as well, Nikitin! I am happy that someone might share my point of view. I know you want to make an impact here in want gold like my client here, and you won't rest until you get it. Right now, there is untapped gold here in PAW. A goody-two shoes canuck and the soldier-boy that we are going to make an example of tonight hold what could become one of the top prizes in this industry. Tag titles in a company that gives a crap about tag titles. I know we have a past, Boris, but you have to admit, the good times with me were quite good. Money...women...power...why don't you join me again, let everything else be water under the bridge. Tag champions, Boris, you and The Guvna. Nothing could take those belts from us.

    DR: An interesting offer, and no one can ever guess what the unpredicftable Nikitin, will do.

    CG: If he accepts though, can you think of a more devestating tag team?

    ["Indestructable" rips through the arena]

    DR: I guess we are going to find out!

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    Boris Nikitin
    To: The Reaper, Guvna and Cletus
    ["Indestructable" rips through the arena]

    DR: I guess we are going to find out!

    [Boris Nikitin walks to the arena in civilian clothes. He wears a pair of jeans ripped at the knees. His black shirt features a charging grizzly bear with one eye missing on the front, and his name written in russian on the back. The camera focuses on a few signs: "From Russia With Love," "One Man Riot," and "Hell of a Guy." As he gets into the ring, he hits the opposite turnbuckles and pumps his fists for the cheering crowd. Once he's done, he grabs the mike.]

    Boris Nikitin: Cletus, hearing your praises brings back memories. Only this time, my english is now good enough to understand what you are saying. I'd never thought I'd get to see you wrestle. It was truely a sight for sore eyes. [Cletus looks slightly uncomfortable as the crowd laughs at his expense] You ought to send Sean Masaki a thank you letter, cause anyone else would have smeared you onto the mat. I must admit, part of the reason I came to the PAW was that you were here too. The motive, however, is not what you may hope for.

    For those in the audience who weren't watching the Kentucky indie wrestling scene five years ago, let me explain how I know this <fool>. Back then, I worked under the name of Vlad the Viking, and my hometown was the Fjords of Norway. Acting as my manager was good ol' Cletus, or, as he called himself then, Rasputin! [The big screen shows the old duo. Boris is wearing fur skins, boots and a viking helmet. Cletus Jefferson is dressed in monk robes and sporting an obviously fake beard. The crowd gets a good laugh at the ridiculous pair, which Boris takes in good humor.] We made quite the team, you and me. I could hardly speak english, while you didn't know a lick of russian! An old ringhand acted as our interpreter. I remember the two weeks he was out for knee surgery as the most confusing weeks of my career! But that's not what I remember the most. Nor was it the time you and I came to the ring riding a motorized longboat. No, the night that sticks with me is the night I showed up at the arena, and you weren't there. Our friend, Mr. Ringhand, couldn't tell me why you were gone, or where you were off to. But that's not all. Not only did you leave, but you took all my gear! You took my fur shirt and loincloth and put it on a lucha libre without bothering to resize them. How was I supposed to fued with guy who's gimmick was that he's from PETA if I'm not wearing furs? And you took my ram's horn! I loved using it when I came out to the ring. You took it and sold it on ebay to some plutocrat in St. Petersburg.

    [Boris glares are Cletus. Cletus visibly gulps. Finally, Boris just gives a shrug.]

    BN: But you know, five years showed that I didn't need a ram's horn to succeed in this business. I got more important things to worry about. Like tonight, I'm fighting a guy who has the distinction of being paler than me! You know Reaper, I've faced many so-called "Deaders" in the ring, and you may be big and tough and all stoic, but you feel the hurt just as badly as anyone in this business. As for your proposition, Cletus, I can see that you went through a rough night on Critical Threat, so before I answer, I'm going to politely ask: what, the hell, happened, the night you left?

    Dave Robinson: Well, it seems that there's some unresolved issues between Cletus and the Siberian Grizzly!

    Cary Gray: He doesn't seen to be that upset.

    DR: You can never tell with Boris Nikitin. His swings in temper are legendary.

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    JaysonFour wrote: »
    From: Sean Masaki
    To: All
    Re: Keeping up

    "Mr. Masaki, the Chairman will see you now."

    Sean nodded at the secretary and walked into the office of Jimmy Hayes. Jimmy waved him to a seat as he finished up a phone conversation. Sean winced as he sat, gingerly treating his leg.

    He watched as Mr. Hayes completed his call and began shuffling through the papers in front of him.

    "Ah, Sean, good to see you. Very nice match last week, too. Have to admit, though- not that many out there with the kind of restraint you showed."

    Sean shrugged.

    "Mr. Hayes, what would it have proven to put Cletus in the hospital? That I can beat up a guy who doesn't belong in a ring? I will admit, though, that cane of his..."

    " why I've called you in here tonight."

    Mr. Hayes sighed as he found the right paper.

    "Sean, the medics took a look at your leg after the match. They've consulted with me, and... I'm thinking of scratching you from the three-on-three tag match tonight. I have a few concerns about your leg- you're favoring one over the other, and I don't want to see you go down with a leg injury that could keep you out for months."

    Sean scowled.

    "Now, let's not be hasty here. I'll let you wrestle tonight. Provided... you get clearance from a physical trainer."

    Sean's scowl deepened.

    "Great. Where am I going to find one? I can't exactly walk out and find one..."

    Part 2

    Before Sean can even finish his sentence, he and Hayers are startled by a loud knock on the door. They turn their heads to see the sharply-dressed agent, Julia Strand, standing in the doorway.

    JS: Sorry to interrupt, gentlemen...but I couldn't help but overhear...

    She looks over at Masaki ad smiles.

    JS:'re in luck! You need a personal trainer to look you over? Why, I happen to know one who's in this very building as we speak!

    Sean look her over, and then his eyes widen as he realizes who she's talking about.

    SM: You don't mean...Andrea?

    Julia nods her head.

    JS: Of course, dear.

    She walks over to him.

    JS: Just think...who could be more qualified? A star athlete...and the PAW World Champion! Why, if you're lookingto make yourself into a championship contender...who better to make sure you're ready than the champ herself! Yes, can't go wrong with my client!

    Hayers looks over at Sean, still sitting at his desk.

    JH: I know it's a bit of a conflict of interest, Sean...but given the circumstances, and the little time you have...I'll allow this. Ms. Hill IS qualified to do the job.

    JS: Of course, there will be a reasonable fee for her services...but what's a little money when the chance at the World Championship is on the line?

    She turns and walks back towards the door, stopping herself when she gets there. She looks over her shoulder at Sean, her thick lips curled into a seductive smirk.

    JS: Think about it, Mr. know where to find us...

    She winks, waving goodbye, and then leaves the room, leaving Sean to ponder her offer.

    Part 3:

    As Julia left, Sean took a deep breath.

    "Well, it doesn't really look like I have much of a choice. But that's fine- if Andrea's got the skills, that's what I need. She IS champ, and you never know- if I end up as her tag partner for the night, well... that kind of clears up some of those 'conflict of interest' issues, I suppose. Well... I accept. I guess I'd better go find them."

    Sean stood up, favoring his leg again, and walked out the office door.

    Several minutes later, he was wandering backstage, looking for where he might find his new trainer. He started looking around, and eventually he found it- a locker room with a small plastic recycling bucket half-filled with energy drink cans.

    "No going back now, I guess. Here goes nothing..."

    He took a deep breath, than knocked on the door.

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    From: "The Punisher" Paul Jameson
    To: Preparation
    As the lights slowly dim in the Key Arena, the fans quickly stop their talking and intently stare at the jumbotron above the walkway. They are greeted with a glimpse of a man with his back turned to the camera, sitting down and intensly reading a web page. He looks to be in a basement somewhere; behind the computer, which is resting on a converted desk, is a weight machine where we can see dumbells being used. The man seems to be in his mid to late 50's with a horseshoe of hair on his head and sun spots where hair used to reside. As the camera zooms in, the crowd realizes it's the PAW Homepage with the newest article about the Seattle show.

    Old Man: You realize that there's 5 others in this match tonight, right?

    Grunting off-camera

    Old Man: You better bring your A-game, there is some quality in that ring.

    Heavier grunting this time as weights are clanging around. The old man scrolls to a new page entitled "The Wrasslin' Blog" and starts to read. As he continues on he shakes his head.

    Old Man: Bloggers are saying your soft, inexperienced ... after the way you handled that last match, maybe you are.

    A deep grunt this time, as if something has torn through the man working out.

    Old Man: All I'm saying is that you better get your head on straight. You have enough to worry about with this Vegas-style tag match tonight. You don't know who you can trust.

    A ripple of chatter spreads through the crowd as everyone tries to figure out who they are spying on. Just as the chatter is turning into banter amongst fans, everyone turns back to the screen to see "The Punisher" Paul Jameson sit up from the workout bench with a strained look on his face. The crowd starts to cheer as he opens his mouth.

    Paul Jameson: Look, I know what I did wrong. I wasn't calm, I was agitated and that through me off my game. The Roadster had a good match and caught me. I wasn't paying attention. I will never make that mistake again.

    Old Man: Good, you better not. You had a great first couple matches, even the triple threat before Critical Threat. That match though was a disgrace. Don't get me wrong, you started off great and kept it up, but you couldn't finish. And if you can't finish, then there's really nothing to talk about.

    Paul Jameson: I know ... I know. This is going to be different. I know I can't trust everyone out there, but there are a few people out there that won't try anything. Since Critical Threat I have watched that match at least 30 times, you have seen me amp up my workout ... I'm never going to let that happen again. In Seattle I'm going to get back to what I'm good at, and that's pure wrestling. I got too involved with what the Roadster was doing before the match and I let that affect the way I wrestled. The next time won't be the same.

    Paul Jameson lays back down and the crowd can see the bar lift again as he continues on his workout.

    Old Man: You are going up against a lot of good talent ... great talent even. You've been in the ring with most of them, but you haven't with "The Show" yet, so make sure to be on your guard. As far as I'm concerned none of them can be trusted.

    The old man scrolls down the page some more and stops on a picture. From behind, you can tell that he is shocked because he leans in closer and the closer he gets, the more the back of his neck shakes. The camera zooms in to see a picture of Paul Jameson and Alison Rose walking down a Vegas street holding hands.

    Old Man (with disgust in his voice): You know what Paul, maybe you're right and you just weren't ready. I can see that now.

    Paul Jameson (still laying down):What are you talking about?

    Old Man (still sickened): Well hey, I guess I would have been distracted too from winning an #1 Contender's slot if I had been screwing around with that backstage reporter!

    The dumbell goes flying off the screen and Paul Jameson rockets to his feet. He wheels around the make-shift desk to look at the photo on the blog. The crowd, in shock by this news, sees Jameson's hands turn into gigantic fists.

    Old Man: If you want to see what the problem is, just take a look at the screen.

    The picture is zoomed in again, and they are holding each other's hands as Paul Jameson is pointing to something in the distance. Instead of following his hand though, Alison Rose is intently gazing at him. The smile on Paul Jameson's face is unmistakable ... but it is missing from his expression right now.

    Old Man: If you want to be ANYONE in this business, you need to block out everything else and focus on that ring. You can't be out cavorting with random girl. Come on, I thought I taught you better.

    Paul Jameson (shaking his head): She wasn't the problem and she won't be a problem. Don't you worry about Alison, and don't you worry about where my head is. I'm fully prepared to go into this match and come out victorious. I am as ready as I ever have been. So for once, don't worry about me. Nothing is going to stand in my way of winning that match ... Dad.

    Another shock roars through the crowd at the realization that they just witnessed Robert "The Natural" Jameson, who hadn't previously been seen on television in over 20 years. As the lights come back up through the Key Arena, cameras catch shock and confusion on everyone's faces as the crew cuts to a commercial break.

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    The Reaper
    To ALL
    "Have you forsaken me?"
    Returning from a commercial break the audience finds themselves in the backstage of the Keyarena rushing through the hallways. It seems the cameraman is working their way to some location however they slows down for a moment as the sound of someone speaking can be heard from off screen. The camera stops and focuses on a blank door with the sound of a voice on the other side. The cameraperson slowly opens the door hoping to get a shot of whoever is inside. At first the room seems to be empty due to lights being off but camera pans left to what seems to be a small makeshift altar with a large grouping of lit candles. Facing away from the camera and kneeling is The Reaper to the crowd's surprise. Unaware of who has entered he continues to speak.

    I...would never question your judgment. For...w-whatever reason, you had chosen that would not foresee the true outcome of my conflict. I only humbly ask you my master...what you require of me to assure my victory. Do you desire me to take retribution for the actions of these mortals? Should I take personal revenge against Mike Johnson? Or should I take the championship from the arrogant Andrea Hill? I only ask for you to guide me master.

    He pauses. This is a Reaper we have not seen before, he seems more reserved than usual and genuine in his action. He does not continue to talk possibly aware of another in the room with him. It seems the cameraperson is holding their breath and standing perfectly still in order not to be spotted. However The Reaper quickly turns to the camera his face full of incredible rage.

    You dare eavesdrop on a sacred location? Reaper speaks menacingly, slowly standing up. The cameraperson decides it's time to get the hell out of there and quickly rushes out the door while The Reaper can be heard yelling behind them;


    The show then cuts back to the announcing table where Dave and Gary give their commentary on what just happened
    Cary: Reaper seems a little more emotional tonight, if that's even possible.
    Dave: Well he's going to have to get them in check because he's going to be facing Boris Nikitin
    tonight on Impulse!
    Cary: I'm not sure even Reaper's 'master' could protect him from Boris!

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    The Guvna and Cletus Jefferson

    To: Boris Nikitin, Connor Mackenzie, John "The Bomb" Bowski
    Boris asks Cletus what happened all those years ago when he was abandoned. The crowd is rabid...they know the Russian Bear could explode at any moment. Even The Guvna seems tense. He has abandoned jawing with and egging on the crowd and now stands behind Cletus staring down Nikitin.

    Cletus: I respect you Boris. I may not agree with the "above-the-board" way that you do things, but unlike a lot of these other goody-goods, you also have a real talent...and a real mean streak. Because, I respect you, I'll tell you the truth. In that fed, I was a star and you were a nobody, and I left for greener pastures...

    Boris seems on the verge of snapping...The crowd is chanting, hoping to see a beating, but Jefferson quickly interjects.

    Cletus: Hear me out, son. How many men is Ol' Cletus upfront with? You could drop me right now...start a fight with my employer here that shakes this whole arena, but what does that get us? You might get revenge, but for what? You're a star now, Boris. No, you're THE star now...and you can't say those hard times didn't shape you into the contender you are now. No doubt about it, Boris, you're a real steal, but where is the headline match you left the WWE for?

    Boris has a hard to read look on his face, he hasn't sprung yet, but he looks like a coiled spring.

    Cletus: What I propose is this...there are no real teams of high calibur in PAW at this point. With my knowledge of the business, the Ultimate Executive's raw power and savvy...and your star power and hard-fought ability, we could run the table the next Legion of Doom, Midnight Express, or something even better. I don't expect you to like me after what I did, but as a show of good faith, I have here in my hand [Cletus reaches into his jacket] a check to WrestleAid made out from The Guvna's personal account for $50,000 dollars. Tag with us just once next week and it gets signed and handed over to you...that's over ten times what both of us would have made that night in Kentucky, Boris. Let PAW throw anyone at us and you'll see that I'm right. We'll be unstoppable together, and at the next Pay-per-View we'll have every right in the world to challenge for tag gold. Let The Guvna show you what he is capable of tonight as he takes out one half of the tag champs, that Gulf War head-case, John Bowski.

    Cletus hands the mike over to Boris, and mouths "What do you say?"

    Dave Robinson and Cary Gray, cut back in, but seem uncertain as to what to think. The crowd boos, but Cletus holds up the check and the crowds reaction calms considerably.

    Dave Robinson: What will Boris do? Can he really turn down that generous contribution?

    Cary Gray: Can you imagine that Team, Dave? Two of PAWs powerhouses running rough-shod over the competition!

    Dave Robinson: But can you ever trust Jefferson not to stab you in the back. And if anyone can match the unpredictability of Nikitin, it is the Commander in Chief of Parts Unknown.

    The Guvna offers Boris his hand...

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    To: Manik and anyone else who want's the Lady Luck Championship
    From: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson
    Re: Respect and Lady Luck

    The following video was posted on PAW’s website the day after Critical Threat. It appears to have been filmed by Mike Johnson himself with a handheld camcorder. The video opens with a close-up of the Lady Luck Championship, still covered in what looks like Mike’s dried blood from the night before. Still focused on the title, we hear Mike Johnson speaking from off screen.

    Hammer: Respect. It’s never given; it’s earned. That’s what this title hunt has been about all along. Earning the respect I deserve. Showing the kid that he needed to EARN a title, not just take it as a gift from the boss. You don’t get respected by being lucky, you get it by being tougher than any other son of a bitch you fight.

    The Hammer rotates the camera so he’s staring right into from about two feet away. It’s obvious he’s holding it in his hands as he continues talking.

    Hammer: I did it Stirling. I took you out just like I promised I would. Gladys and I tore you apart and broke your dreams like the fragile little things they are. You want my respect? When you heal up and come back to us, I’ll let you try to EARN this title. In the mean time, I’m the first LEGITIMATE Lady Luck Champion that this federation has ever seen, and I intend to be the ONLY champion this belt will ever have.

    The Hammer sets the camera down on a tripod, and sits down in front of it, cradling the Lady Luck Championship belt in his hands. He stares at it as he continues to speak.

    Hammer: This isn’t the first belt I’ve held. Everyone out there knows that I was the longest reigning Openweight Hardcore Champion in Pro Wrestling NOAH when I was in Japan. This is the first AMERICAN title I’ve ever held though. The first title I’ve held in my home country. The first title where I’m not just some foreign freak who will eventually be beaten by the hometown boy to the cheers and delight of the crowd. I’m still a freak, a monster, but now I’m a monster with a pretty gold belt, a monster that’s home and at peace with himself.

    Mike looks up from the belt and stares directly into the camera. Those watching this video can see the emotion written on his face, and how much the Lady Luck Championship means to him.

    Hammer: I earned this belt. I earned it by being the biggest, nastiest monster in Pure Adrenaline Wrestling, and that will never, EVER change. Anyone out there, one or all, I’ll take on all comers and do WHATEVER’S necessary to keep my belt. I’ll beat you one on one in the middle of the ring. I’ll crush you in elimination matches. If anyone’s foolish enough to challenge me to some gimmicked hardcore fight you’ll learn just why I was so feared as the Openweight Hardcore Champion. NOTHING will ever come between Lady Luck and me again.

    Manik, I know you. I’ve heard of you over the years, you and that pathetic little Pack you used to run with. Honestly, I’m a little surprised we never met up before now, but that’s the way the business goes sometimes. You travel from one fed to another and sometimes you just don’t hook up with the opponents you want to. Still, I’ve heard a lot about you and your Pack over the years. Bunch of Kcuffing cowards the lot of you, and you the Chief Chump. Never able to face a man one on one, so you were always jumping people and gangbanging them. I’ve been looking around the arena here though, and I noticed a strange thing, big chief.

    You’re alone here.

    You’re all alone. There’s no one around here to watch your back. There’s no one here who’s going to jump me for you to make me an easy target. No one here to help you at all.

    You’re all alone.

    That makes you mine.

    The Hammer starts to grin as he stares at the camera.

    Hammer: I’m giving you a great honor next week. You’re going to be my first successful title defense. When people read about The Hammer and his unbeatable run as the Lady Luck Champion, your name is going to be first on the list of opponent’s who’ve fallen before me. My streak starts at Impulse, and it starts by going through you. Bring your A game, because you’ll need all the help you can get Chief.

    Next week The Hammer falls on you.

    The Hammer stand up and switches off the camera. The image dissolves into static before being replaced by a test pattern.

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    Boris Nikiten
    To: Guvna and Cletus, Conner Mackenzie, John "the Bomb" Bowski

    [Boris lifts up his mike, pausing momentarily as if to think about what he's about to say]

    Boris Nikitin: I give you credit, Cletus. For all the excuses you could have made, you instead went with brutal honesty. I like that. Plus you show vision. I, too, have vision. My vision is me with the big belt, currently in the hands of a woman who reminds me of my sister-in-law, except I don't have to pretend I like her. [the crowd pops at the jab at Ms. Hill]. The question is: are our visions copatible? Mabye, mabye.

    [The crowd starts to boo, as they don't like the direction this is headed]

    BN: Before I team up with anyone, I like to get to know them. [Boris walks past Cletus and comes face to face with the Guvna] Tell me about yourself, Mr. Guvna, how did you get into politics?

    Cletus Jefferson: Let me-

    BN: [to Cletus] I'M NOT TALKING TO YOU! [back to the Guvna] So are you liberal? conservative? socialist?

    [The Guvna doesn't respond]

    BN: How are you addresing the global economic crisis?

    [Still nothing from the Guvna]

    BN: What is your stance on Asskicking Proliferation?

    [The crowd pops at the phrase, while the Guvna remains mute.]

    [Boris gives up and turns back to Cletus]

    BN: Oy, you always were a fan of the quiet ones. I'll tell you what Cletus: despite ditching me at the end, you had my back for a year, and I appreciate it. Next week, I'm facing Manik in a steel cage. The week after that, I'll team up with Mr. Guvna, and we'll see if he and I can make some waves [more boos]. Until then, stay out of trouble, <you ugly son of a donkey>, and remember: I speak for myself now.

    [Boris kicks Cletus in the gut and hits him with Kamchatka's Fury. He rolls out of the ring before a suprised Guvna can catch him and backs his way up the entrance ramp. The crowd is delighted, his decision to team with Guvna not withstanding]

    Dave Robinson: Well there you have it: despite his misgivings, Boris Nikitin and the Guvna will team up, to face Conner Mackenzie and John "the Bomb" Bowski. But can this pairing hold itself together?

    Cary Gray: I don't know but if it does, it'll be the most devastating team in the PAW. Those two goodie two-shoes don't stand a chance!

    Meanwhile, tonight Boris takes on the Reaper, while the Guvna faces one half of the tag team champs, John Bowski!

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    From: John Bowski
    To: Anyone unfortunate enough to watch
    Subject: Guvna? I hardly know her!

    Lane Richmond: We're back stage hoping to get an interview with one half of the new Tag Team Champions John Bowski.

    Richmond goes up to a dressing room back stage and opens the door, its all dark inside and Richmond is roughly pulled in. A minute scream can be heard as a struggle occurs, then the lights are turned on and you see John Bowski and Connor Mckenzi dressed in Black karate Gis. Bowski is standing over Connor who has Lane Richmond in a powerbomb position next to a table.

    Bowski: Put him through a table.

    Connor seems to hesitate and Bowski gets in his face.


    Connor: No Bowsksensei.

    Both Bowski and Connor start screaming and Richmond squeals like a little girl and passes out. Bowski and Connor start laughing and Bowski turns to Richmond.

    Bowski: Thanks for helping us out Lane we love that movie. Lane?

    Bowski nudges Lane with his foot and shrugs his shoulders picking up the mans mike and handing it to Connor. Connor straightens his back adjusts a nonexistant tie and starts talking in an overly fake broadcaster voice.

    Connor Richmond: John "The Bomb" Bowski, you are one of the newly minted Tag Team Champions, how does that feel?

    Bowski: Well Mr. Richmond it feels great, I came to PAW to become a champion and here I am one half of the greatest Tag Team this company has ever seen.

    Connor: Tonight you face the Guvna, how do you prepare for what will probably be a grueling match?

    Bowski: Honestly I don't know how I got into this match, I mean Chris Gregoire is a tough lady, but she has no business getting in the ring with me.

    Connor: Chris Gregoire?

    Bowski: Yeah the Governor of Washington where we are tonight.

    Connor: Ummm John you aren't facing the Governor of washington, you're facing the Guvna from parts unknown a wrestler, you wrestled him before in a battle royale, you beat up his manager Cletus Jefferson.

    Bowski: Are you sure? I mean I was reading up on her policies and everything I figured we'd have a good sit down debate. I mean I checked the line up it said "Bowski Vs Governor" I was so psyched to get my debate on.

    Connor: The only meeting of the minds going on for you tonight John is your head smacking into the Guvna.

    Bowski: Damn I should probably call kinkos then I had all these graphs and pictures lined up.

    Connor rubs a hand over his face squeezing his temples.

    Connor: Back to you guys up front.

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    From: Connor Mackenzie
    To: All, The Massacre, Andrea Hill, The Guvna, Boris Nikitin
    RE: A New Night
    Dave Robertson: Folks we are coming to you from Seattle, Washington tonight and what a night it has been so far. Right, Cary?

    Cary Gray: I guess so Dave. We’ve had the two powerhouses in The Guvna and Boris Nikitin make a tentative agreement to team up against those goody-goods in NAFWA. The new Lady Luck champion announces that he’s ready for anything and we’ve even seen the Reaper freak out. I’m just anxious to see what’s going to happen later once our –real- champion gets to speak since she won the PAW championship.

    DR: Yes, of course we have an appearance tonight by Andrea Hill who is coming off quite possibly one of the biggest wins of her career to capture the PAW championship. Plus we have what is sure to be an incredible tag team match that could either help the Roadster continue his chase for that same championship or allow someone else an opportunity to challenge at a later time. Tensions are sure to be running high.

    CG: Yeah well-

    Just as Cary is starting to speak he is interrupted by a shot of a hallway in the back. The camera moving about a bit frantically as the sight of Andrea Hill can be seen as she walks with her PAW championship belt over her shoulder. She seems oblivious to the camera so it would seem as her expression seems non-chalant. The crowd is a mix of cheers and boos for the champion as she proceeds after grabbing a bottle of water from one of the workers in the back and takes a sip. Pausing, her face seems to sour slightly as she sees something out of view of everyone until the camera turns about in the direction she’s looking. Passing through a door on his way in with a bag slung over one shoulder, a title belt over the other is Connor Mackenzie who in turn pauses and looks back at Andrea.

    Connor: Well, I suppose congratulations are in order…

    Andrea continues to look on at him before looking to her belt, her hand touching it as she shifts it as if to gloat a bit.

    Connor: I’ll be the first to admit that what you did at Critical Strike took quite a bit of guts given the state you were in. I can respect what you went through…

    The crowd continues to give a mix of boos and cheers for Andrea that can be heard by the wrestlers. Connor leans in slowly, moving only a few inches from Andrea.

    Connor: But just because I respect you and the belt…it doesn’t mean that I like you.

    Andrea’s expression remains cold and passive as she merely gives a bit of an eyeroll. The crowd would cheer even more now as Connor would grin a bit.

    Andrea: Is there anything else that you’re going to bore me with? I am a busy woman being the champion –and- still trying to help my own customers.

    Connor: Actually, yeah. Tell your manager that if she wants to send someone to do a job, don’t leave it to hired goons.

    Andrea would look to Connor then as she started past him and out of the camera’s view. Connor meanwhile would look into the camera directly as if to address the crowd and smile.

    Connor: Now that we have that unpleasantness out of the way…I shall be right out.

    The screen changes to show the arena once more, then Cary and Dave in the broadcast position.

    CG: What? He can’t just barge out here whenever he wants. There’s a schedule to keep.

    DR: Well, are you going to tell him that? He does have a belt now so I think that he could be afforded a little time if he wanted it.

    Just as Dave finishes speaking, Connor’s music starts to play to the crowd’s delight. Coming onto the ramp, Connor holds the belt on his shoulder proudly and moves to give high fives to the crowd at the ringside before climbing onto the edge of the ring. Moving through the ropes he goes to a corner and gets onto the second turnbuckle, a hand holding the belt by the strap as his free hand points to it and then out to the crowd. The crowd gives a loud pop before he hops down and takes a microphone offered to him.

    Connor: Seattle, Washington! Can you feel it Seattle? That excitement in the air? It’s all around us now. That almost intangible electricity, it’s got me anxious. Tonight I get to put all this built up energy to use when I face The Massacre. Seeing him compete in that match at Critical Strike certainly had me thinking that he’s still got quite a bit to give to you folks and hopefully tonight he won’t mind giving a bit more when we meet up. I’m looking forward to it because I can promise him I won’t be holding anything back and I hope he doesn’t either.

    The crowd continues to cheer as the camera moves to show pictures of the crowd in NAFWA shirts while others hold up signs cheering Connor on.

    Connor: As for what else I’ve heard about another new edition teaming up with that Mayor McCheese wannabe, The Guvna. Cletus seems to want to get his grubby little fingers into everything he can and frankly I can’t say I’m surprised that he’s offering money to Boris to get him to team up with his new “client”. But you know what, I’m not worried. In fact, I’m looking forward to the challenge as I’m sure that my partner is. If anything, he’ll get a bit of a bonus in being able to meet Guvna in this ring tonight and I can promise you that I will be at his side to make sure that there isn’t any sort of plans that Cletus plans on using against him and the NAFWA. So get ready folks because tonight, you’re gonna be treated to what NAFWA does best, and that’s putting on a show.

    Putting down the microphone, Connor’s music starts to play once more as he holds up the belt for the crowd then makes his way out of the ring.

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    Subject: Short and crappy
    To: well, umm, hell, I dunno.
    I can feel it welling up. I can feel the tears that stand behind my eyelids like they are some sort of dam wanting to just burst.

    Many would think that it is the stress of the life I have lived getting to me; that my family basically turning their back on me and none showing up at the pay per view. A lot would say that it’s the fact that I have lost everyone that I basically have ever loved. Just about everyone would think that. They really would.

    And they would be wrong.

    What has me so teary eyed and filled with piss is the fact that they cheered for me. Those fans…they got behind this old and broken man and roared. I never expected that my welcome back to this business would be so warm or overwhelming. I never knew that I would have or even could have been missed that much. Hell, I didn’t expect anyone outside of this business would ever remember my name.

    But what the fans did for me is something that I never could have asked for but have longed for. For so long I have wanted that and it was just a damn treat to have them all screaming.

    Mass-a-cre. Clap. Clap. Clap.

    Mass-a-cre. Clap. Clap. Clap.

    Don’t even know if I ever really heard that in the prime of my career.

    Hell, I don’t even really care that I won the match. I did what I planned to do, and that was go balls to the wall. I hit everything I planned on hitting, got hit back just as hard, and had a great time. Winning the match was just a footnote, and underscore, to the fact that people got behind my old ass.

    Guess that there might just be a little juice left in me. More than I expected, even.


    The_Massacre on
    Some of us just won't fade away --- "The Massacre" Jake Powers

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    From Manik
    To Michael The Hammer Johnson and DRAVEN as well...

    Manik on
    Wins 1 Losses 2
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    FROM: James "Roadster" McNeil
    TO: Andrea Hill/Contenders in the tag team match
    [ Footage plays from last nght's Critical Threat. Shots of Roadster in the locker room, looking longingly at the missed title opportunities that lined his wall. Slow mo shots, shown in stuttering starts, of Roadster attacking Manik. Then, match footage, Roadster taking a beating at the hands of Robin Adams, Paul Jameson, and Louann McCoy and, eventually, of his sudden victory. Then, the title match between Andrea Hill and The Show, of Roadster's brutal attack. After the shocking montage finishes, the camera cuts to a shot of Dave Robertson and Cary Gray flanked by cheering fans.]

    DR: Last night was one hell of a show from Roadster McNeil.
    CG: You know, Dave, it's not often I agree with you, but I can't dispute that. He took some of the worst punishment I've ever seen last night and he still won!
    DR: And then he interfered in the PAW title match, single-handedly demolishing both contenders and the referee! Boy I tell you Cary, I've never seen this side of James McNeil and I'm not sure I like it much.
    CG: What, now that he's not playing the goody two-shoes he's all of a sudden a bad guy? Aren't you the one always telling me not to judge books by their covers, Dave?
    DR: Yeah, well, McNeil turned a new page last night and he's the number one contender, regardless of what I think of the man personally. Now we're off to Lane Richmond with the exclusive interview.

    [ Lane Richmond and Roadster are backstage, standing in front of Roadster's locker room.]

    LR: You don't need me to tell you this, Roadster, but I don't think anyone expected what you did last night in the Critical Threat event.
    JM: You're right, Lane, I didn't need you to tell me that.

    [Lane looks frustrated at the barb, but regains his composure and continues.]

    LR: Yes, well, what did you think you were doing?
    JM: What's right and nothing less.
    LR: That's... not much of an answer, Roadster.

    [Roadster shoots a glance down at Lane, one of frustration and anger, but it's quickly masked.]

    JM: It's the answer you'll get. Manik wanted an introduction to Pure Adrenaline Wrestling, and guys like that only understand violence. So, I spoke to him in a way that he understood, and if he wants more, I'm more than happy to bring it.
    LR: And the title match?
    JM: I thought that was pretty clear, Cary. Andrea Hill won't hold on to that belt for long. It's mine, she knows it, and I'm coming for it.
    LR: Is that what last night was?
    JM: Yes. The PAW belt will be mine, and that's all there is. Until I get it, I'll be exactly as mean and ruthless as I need to be.

    [Lane Richardson seems confused, and risks a glance at the camera, before continuing.]

    LR: Right, so, moving on, you're in a tag team match tonight with the Show tonight-
    JM: Among others.
    LR: Yes, and, what do you think will happen?

    [Roadster grabs the microphone from Richmond's hand and stares into the camera. Anger burns in his eyes and he scowls as he speaks.]

    JM: I promise this: tonight's pinfall is mine. I don't give a single good goddamn who's on my team and who isn't, but I'm going to make this crystal: no one in the ring tonight is going to beat me. I will stop at nothing, understand? There are no rules and no guidelines. There will be no interference, and for the rest of you, there will be and there is no chance of winning. All roads in this federation lead to the championship, and for the five people in the ring with me tonight, their road ends here and now in Seattle!

    [Roadster throws down the mic and storms out of view of the camera. Lane sheepishly picks up the microphone, looking at Roadster's back.]

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    From: Draven "The Northern Wolf"
    To: JR Dallas, The Captain, Manik and Mike The Hammer Jonhson

    Not one of my greatest jobs but hope everyone enjoys it.

    Draven on
    'Cause Victims... Aren't we all??

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    From: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson
    To: Manik and Draven
    Re: Puppies

    The camera opens on Mike Johnson, standing alone in the Boiler Room in the bowels of the arena. The Lady Luck Championship Belt is draped over his left shoulder, and his barbed-wire bat Gladys is leaning against the wall beside him. Mike is staring off into the distance, but slowly he starts to speak.

    Hammer: Do you smell that? Do the rest of you here in the arena smell that? That’s the scent of fear. It smells like the Chief Chump is pissing himself in fear tonight. Oh sure, he’s talking a good game, but I know that scent when it reaches my nose.

    Mike turns his head and looks straight into the camera, an evil grin on his face.

    Hammer: I could say that I’d be scared too in your position, but that would be a lie. Not only are you going to have to face down the biggest, nastiest son of a bitch in PAW tonight, but one of your little puppies is sniffing around on your tail too. Another lost little pack puppy has sadly wandered into PAW looking for a home. But it’s not just any puppy is it? It’s Draven; the little puppy that ended your career a few years ago isn’t it? I wonder, how do you feel about that? How do you feel knowing that the man who retired you is still in action and still on the hunt?

    Never mind, I know the answer to that question, I can smell your fear from here. It’s making you weak, and leaving you ripe for the plucking. You may be putting up a brave front but I can taste it in the air. Look at me!

    Mike flexes, and the crowd can see both the massive muscles and the hideous scars that cover his body.

    Hammer: I didn’t lie when I said I was the biggest man in this federation. You can see that for yourself, puppy. You’re talking about holding on tight to this belt? Tonight, it’s going to be YOU that I’m squeezing tight. You won’t get the mercy of the Hammer Fall; tonight I’m going to break your back. I’m making this pledge here and now, where everyone can see it. When I win tonight, it’s going to be with the Bearhug. You’re either going to submit or you’re going to get CRUSHED puppy.

    Mike starts to turn away from the camera, but then he looks back.

    Hammer: And if your little puppy buddy Draven get’s involved out of some misguided sense of loyalty, well, Gladys would love to have someone to play with tonight too.

    The Hammer turns away, and the image once more dissolves into static.

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    By: The not masked not a phantom yet still a mystery man that only Wade will know who is
    For: Anyone that wants to read just a feeler promo for what could possibly come.
    The dark seclusion is a bitter thing, is it not? To know that you are all alone in the pit of the abyss with only a feeble attempt at clawing your way out to tide you over. It is truly a pain to come to that conclusion, but it is the only conclusion to draw. There are no other alternatives or existential remains to the world you knew. Just the darkness. Just the screams of your lungs as they try to come to terms with the abnormal reality.

    And then you fade to black. You become the abyss; whether it is a part of the muck of the basin or fecal walls. That is the choice you make to try and escape from the loneliness. Even joining the soul-less masses that have fallen before you is better than an eternity of solitude, and as you break you know that self-worth means nothing and selling away your soul was everything.

    I am no Jesus Christ. I am no savior. As well, I am not the devil; no Lucifer riding the flames.

    All that I am is the collector of those that decide they cannot last alone. I am the one that gathers their faithless souls into one group, one little selection, and crush them to my will. Break them until they mold into the image of the Devil Hound and accept his ways.

    Ahh, what a wonderful task it is to see even the strongest of wills think that they cannot be bent or misshapen enough to stray from their chosen path or wealth of ways. Love is what is felt when they even try to accomplish something that I do not allow.

    But I might just be getting ahead of myself. Maybe just a little. Why, no one even knows my name. No one even knows just who I am.

    The real question is whether I should spill the intestines of the slaughtered and let the secret slip, or just hold onto it for just a little while longer. Of that, I am not sure. I do, however, enjoy surprises. And when you have been considered a court jester at several points in your career, you know how to make a surprise…worth it.

    Then again, I hope that no one has heard of me. I hope that not a single soul here has seen what I have done in my life. It makes the quick elation of their lives disappear at such a subtle rate that my games can truly take effect. I do love my games. Especially the ones where we tend to bleed. Bloodshed lets you find out the most of your enemies. Tells you exactly what they are willing to do. When they are willing to be you, the war is won.


    “Marcus, turn the corner here. I feel that there might be something that will bring me a bit of enjoyment in the alley.”

    (The driver does not even take his eyes off of the road as he responds with a “Yes, sir”. He just stares between his hands and out the windshield making sure not to hit any of the garbage that sits on either side of the slim passage.)

    “This just seems like a good place for festering wastes of life to take a hold.”

    (He just nods to his employer. Marcus tried to pay only enough attention that he did not error in the way that he was told to go. Going deeper into the conversation than that was something that was forbidden; by himself at the very least.)

    “There, just past the dumpster. Are those shoes poking out from underneath it? Damn, their beside it. Either way, this will be a grand time.”

    (Marcus slowed as they pulled up alongside the dumpster. His eyes looked to the left and saw what his boss did. A man laid on a mattress that was covered in dirt and grime. His teeth looked as if they would fall from his mouth at any time. The most noticeable thing was how his eyes looked desperate.)

    “Stop here, Marcus.”

    (Without question, the driver stopped. His window had been down, but with a quick flick of the wrist it ascended. The passenger, however, got out from the car. With a quick, jovial step he moved around the car. His hand ran along the entire length of it before diving into a coat pocket.)

    “How sad and pathetic. To see a wretched disgrace of a man laying in his own filth on the side of a back alley. And I bet you are just jones-ing for your next hit of crack, are you not?”

    (He moved closer to the man who grew startled.)

    “No, do not worry. I am not here to harm you. Just give you a little bit to live for.”

    (From the pocket comes a gloved hand holding a small roll of fifty dollar bills. To a crack head, that is like hitting the lottery. The sheer widened eye glare shows that the drug addict will do anything for the cash.)

    “Good. You are interested, I can tell. Now, what I want you to do for this is a very simple task. I want you to take this, and just run. Run straight through the intersection and get out of my sight or I will, and I tell you I will, get this money back from your bleeding fingers.”

    (He hands the drug addict the money, and the man complies. Immediately he starts running down the long back alley towards the intersection as his redeemer turns and walks back to the car.)

    “Wait a minute and then go.”

    (After just about that the loud sound of screeching tires and the crunch of steel on steel crushes the silence. Even the bursts of horns and quick sirens take away from the solitude. The man in the back seat just smiles as Marcus pulls towards the other side of the alley.)


    The games that are played with our very existences are ones that most cannot master. They are only able to be tools used in the great orchestration of said games.

    One final thing that everyone must ask is whether they will be a tool or a master of ceremonies.

    Quickly noted is the fact that we are all tools to someone else.

    But, will you all be tools for me to utilize?

    The_Massacre on
    Some of us just won't fade away --- "The Massacre" Jake Powers

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    PAW Impulse: Episode 5

    Triple Threat: JR Dallas vs. The Captain vs. "the Northern Wolf" Draven
    The bell rings...and just like last week, Captain and JR go right after each other, and start to brawl. Draven stands back...allowing them to fight. They slug each other, back and forth, until R gets the upper hand and clotheslines Captain over the top rope. aptain falls to the floor, and JR turns to face Draven. He charges The Northern Wolf, but Draven quickly catches him in an armdrag, and then holding onto the arm, goes to lock in his WolfShade submission hold already! But Jr rolls through and escapes him. He backs up tot he ropes, but Captain reaches in from the outside and trips him up. JR hits the mat face-first, and Captain hops onto the apron. Draven walks over to meet him, but Captain ducks down and drives his shoulder into his gut through the ropes. Draven doubles over, and Captain leaps over the ropes with a sunset flip. But Draven holds onto the top rope to keep himself from going down to the mat! He drops down, sitting on top of Captain and pinning his shoulders to the mat! 1...2...JR runs and knees Draven in the face, breaking the count!

    JR brings Captain up and whips him to the ropes. But Captain reverses it into his own irish whip, and on the rebound, hits the Captain's Orders! He covers Dallas! 1...2...kickout! Draven sneaks up behind Captain...German Suplex! He holds the bridge, pinning Captain's shoulders to the mat! 1...2...shoulder up! Draven turns to the slowly-recovering JR and whips Dallas into the corner. He charges at JR...WolfStrike! No, JR moves! Draven drives himself into the corner! He leans back against the turnbuckle, stunned...JR runs and hits Moon OVer Dallas, the butt-butt! Draven drops to the mat in a seated position. JR runs at him again...Dallas Cowboy! Dallas rides Draven in a totally not gay way, and then stands back up out of the turnbuckle. He turns around...just in time to be taken down by a flying forearm from The Captain!

    Dallas crashes down to the mat, and Captain quickly grabs a handful of hair and lifts him back up. He whips JR to the ropes...and hits the Captain's Orders one more time! He rolls JR out of the ring, then walks over to the corner and picks up Draven. He hooks Draven in position for a siplex...and lifts him for the Captain Crunch! But Draven spins around in midair, reversing it...and dropping straight don into the WolfShade! Draven has Captain in the middle of the ring...and JR isn't around to break it up! Captain raises his hand...and he taps! The ref calls for the bell...Draven wins his debut match!

    Draven gets his hand raisesd, and then leaves for he back. Captain stands back up in the ring, favoring his arm...and JR jumps him from behind...Shooter Check! Captain is layed out on the mat. JR seems satisfied, and he leaves the other man lying there, he to heading to the back, as we go to commericals.

    "The Canadian Dragon" Connor Mackenzie vs. "the Massacre" Jake Powers
    The two men shake hands, and then lock up in the middle of the ring. They struggle with each other for control, and then start exchanging some basic wrestling holds...headlock, hammerlocks, arm wrenches. They counter each other's every move, back and forth. Massacre slips behind Dragon with a rear waistlock, and goes for a German splex...but Dragon blocks, and then with a standing switch, he gets behind Jake with a waistlock of his own. He tries for his own German, but Jake blocks his as well. Powers elbows back, hitting Dragon in the face, and then powers runs and hits the ropes. Dragon leapfrogs over him on the rebound, and Jake hits the opposite ropes. Dragon gives him a hiptoss on the return, but Jake quickly rolls back to his feet. Dragon charges, and Powers gives him his own hiptoss. Both men are back up, and they lock up in the ring again. Dragon takes jake down with a snapmare, then hits the ropes and dropkicks him in the chest. He covers Powers...1...2...kickout!

    Dragon lifts Powers back up to his feet and throws a front chancery on. He's going for a DDT! But beofre he can execute the move, Powers runs frward and drives him into the corner with his shoulder. Dragon is stunned, and Jake climbs up to the middle turnbuckle and starts to rain down punches across the head, as the crowd chants along. He hits nine blows...but as he winds up for the tenth, Dragon grabs his legs and takes him down, hopping over him with a jacknife pin! 1...2...kickout! Both men are up...Dragon pulls Powers down into a small package...1...2...kickout! Powers is up, and he swings with a clothesline...Dragon ducks and gets behind him...O'Connor Roll!, another kickout!

    Powers gets to his feet, stumbling towards the ropes. Dragon comes up from behind him and jumps up...double-knee backbreaker! Jake holds onto the ropes...and Dragon crashes to the mat! Powers quickly pulls him up, knees him in the gut...and plants him head-first into the mat with the Meltdown! Dragon is knocked loopy, and Powers rolls him over ad hooks the leg!! Dragon gets his shoulder up! Powers lifts him back up, and kicks him in the stomach. he puts Dragon in between his legs, and hooks both arms...he's going for Fading Fast! He lifts...and Dragon drops to one knee and blocks it! Mackenzie tosses him overhead with a back body drop! Both men get up, but Dragon is up first...he runs and hits a dropkick, sending Powers down!

    Dragon runs over to the turnbuckle and leaps up to the top. But Powers lunges forward, and uppercuts him in the forehead! Dragon is dazed...and Powers climbs up to the top rope to join him. He pulls Dragon into position...for Fading Fast off the top rope! He lifts...but Dragon blocks it one more time! onnor grabs both of jake's legs, and pulls back, tripping Massacre and sending him crashing down to the mat! Powers slowly gets to his feet...and Dragon stands up on the top. He leaps off...Dragonrana! He hits it! Jake's shoulders are down! 1...2...3! Dragon wins the match!

    As his music plays, Connor helps Jake up, and shakes his hand...being gracious in victory. Connor lifts his tag team title into the air to celebrate, as the show goes back to commercials.

    The Reaper vs. Boris Nikitin
    The bell rings, and Reaper charges right at Boris, peppering the Russian with blows across the face, before Nikitin was even ready. Reaper hits him several times, backing him up to the ropes. He whips Boris to the opposite side of the ring, but on the rebound, Nikitin sends him down with a shoulder block. He drops an elbow...Reaper rolls out of the way. Both men to their feet, Reaper swings with another hard punch, but this time, Boris blocks it. He hits Reaper with one of his own! He nails Reaper again and again, then a hard boot to the gut. Reaper doubles over, and Boris wraps his arms around the waist...gutwrench suplex! Reaper is down, and Boris covers him...1...2...kickout! Brosi brings him to his feet. He goes for a vertical suplex, but Reaper blocks it! Reaper jabs Boris in the gut a couple of times, then hooks him in position for his own suplex...he lifts Nikitin up...front suplex! Boris hits the mat, and Reaper rolls him over, hooking the leg. 1...2...kickout!

    Reaper pulls Boris back up to his feet, and tosses him into the corner. He nails several body shots, and then a few blows to the face, stunning the big Russian. He lifts his boot up and places it across Nikitin's throat, choking him. The ref counts...but Reaper stops before five. Reaper irish whips Boris into the opposite corner, then runs and clotheslines him against the turnbuckle!Boris staggers forward, and Reaper lifts him up...side slam! He hooks the leg...1...2...Boris lifts his shoulder! Frustrated, Reaper mounts Boris, and starts raining down blows to the side of the head. He's using closed fists! The ref starts to count to five again...1...2...3...4...5...Reaper's not stopping! The ref yells at him to stop, but Reaper's losing it! The ref grabs his arm to try and pull him off...but Reaper shoves him back! The ref stumbles back, and Reaper focuses his attention back on Boris...but it's too late! The Russian grabs him by the hair and gives him a headbutt! And then another one! Reaper rolls off of Boris, stunned. Nikitin stands up...and Reaper lunges at him with a big boot! Boris catches his leg...Leg Capture Suplex! Reaper is dumped on his head! Boris covers! Reaper kicks out!

    Boris grabs a handful of hair, bringing Reaper up...and then sends him back down with a Russian legsweep! He rolls over and covers Reaper again...1...2...kickout! He pulls Reaper up...and then lifts him into the air, and charges towards the corner! He drives Reaper's back into the turnbuckle! Boris ducks down and starts to jam his shoulder into Reaper's gut, over and over and over again! Reaper is stunned...out of breath...and Boris backs away. He charges with a big body splash...Reaper lifts his boot up! It connects with Nikitin's face...and the Russian stumbles back. Reaper bounds out of the corner...and hits with a running big boot! Boris is down...and could be out! Reaper covers! Boris still kicks out! Reaper slams his hands on the mat in frustration. He brings Boris up, and grabs him by the head...Kiss of Death! Boris falls limp to the mat! Reaper covers him one more time, hooking the leg...1...2......NO! Boris still kicks out!

    Reaper looks up to the heavens and screams, frustrated. He turns to the ref, and starts yelling at him. Growling, he pulls Boris back up. Nikitin strikes up with a few body shots as he stands...but Reaper shrugs them off and clubs him over the back. He pulls Boris fully to his feet, and wraps his hand around his neck for a chokeslam! He lifts...but Boris blocks it, staying on his feet! Boris knocks his arm away and boots him in the stomach. He brings Reaper into a piledriver position...going for crazy Ivan! But Reaper tosses him with a back body drop! Boris goes over...and reverses it into a sunset flip! Reaper's shoulder are pinned...1...2......3! Boris got him!

    Nikitin's music play, and the ref raises his hand in victory! Reaper rolls out of the ring, and he's incredibly angry! He boots the steel steps, causng them to roll out of position. He walks up the ramp, muttering something to himself, as the fans cheer for Nikitin as he celebrates in the ring.

    The Guvna vs. John "The Bomb" Bowski
    After the bell rings, both men close in on each oher, meeting face-to-face in the middle of the ring. Guvna has his trademark grin on his face, but Bowski doesn't look indimidated. The Bomb throws the first punch, rocking the bigger man! Guvna's not smiling anymore...he throws one of his own...but Bowski blocks it, and nails him again! bomb boots him in the gut, and then clubs him over the back a couple of times...then hits a big lifting knee strike to the chest! Guvna stumbles back into the corner. Bowski charges him, and hits a big corner clothesline...then whips him hard into the opposite turnbuckle, hitting a second clothesline! he pulls Guvna out of the corner...and showing impressive strength, gives the big man a scoop slam! He covers...1...2...Guvna powers out!

    Both men roll to their feet...Bowski boots Guvna in the stomach again, and places him in position for a powerbomb, pointing at the corner! But he can't lift Guvna up properly, and it's blocked! He tries again...still no good. Guvna lifts him up and tosses him overhead with a back body drop! Bowski crashes to the mat, but rolls right back up again, and charges Guvna. But Guvna ducks down and lifts him up...samoan drop! This time Bowski stays down, and Guvna rolls him over for the cover...1...2...kickout! Bowski sits up...and guva runs and boots him across the back of the head with the Veto kick! Bowskit is back down, and Guvna covers him again! 1...2...another kickout!

    Guvna pulls Bowski to his feet...and he lifts him over his shoulders for the Landslide! Bowski wiggles free...and drops down, pulling Guvna with him in a crucifix pin! 1...2...kickout! Bowski quickly stands up and after Guvna rolls onto all fours, he stiffly kicks him in the forehead! Guvna is stunned...Bowski lifts him up and hooks him for the Shock and Awe! He hoists Guvna up...and he amazingly gets the bigger man up across his soulder! He goes to drive him down, finishing the move...but Guvna breaks free of his grip, and drops down to his feet behind The Bomb...into a backslide! Bowski's shoulders are down...1...2...kickout!

    The fans two men come down the ramp...the Secretary of Defense and the Chief of Staff! As the two men in the ring both get up and start to brawl, they hop up onto the apron. The ref turns to yell at them, telling the to get down and stay out of the match. Suddenly, the boos turn to cheers...Connor Mackenzie is running to the ring! He yanks on the ankles of the two thugs, pulling them off the apron and sending them face-first onto the edge of the ring! Dragon hops up onto the apron...and he runs and dives off, with a huge cross-body, taking both of them out! Cletus, on the other side of the ring, tosses the tag team belt inside! But Bowski intercepts, and catches it out of the air! he runs...and nails Guvna in the face with the belt! Guvna crashes to the mat...and Bowski covers him...but the ref is still distracted with the three men brawling outside! Cletus reaches under the ropes...and slugs Bowski hard in the face...he's got brass knuckles on! Bowski is knocked out! Cletus slides into the ring, and with the ref's back still turned, he rollsBowski off Guvna onto his back...and then places his client on top of The Bomb! He gets out of the ring just in time for the ref to turn his attention back to the match...and he makes the count! 1...2...3! The ref calls for the bell, and declares Guvna the winner!

    Connor disposes of the two goons, and slides into the ring to help out his partner...but Guvna grabs the title belt, and hits him with it! Connor falls down to the mat, beside his partner. Guvna smiles, and looks down at the tag title in his hands. He raisesit up into the air, as the crowd boos, and then tosses it over the limp bodies of the tag champs...leaving with a very happy Cletus Jefferson.

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    PAW Lady Luck Championship: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson(c) vs. Manik
    The bell rings, and Manik dives at Hammer, instantly raining blows across the larger man's face before he has the chance to prepare himself. Manik strikes him again and again, sending the Lady Luck champ to the ropes. He irish whips, Hammer reverses it into one of his own. Manik rebounds, and Hammer flapjacks him into the air. But Manik turns himself aroun and dropkicks him in the face! Hammer stumbles back into the corner, and Manik follows him with a running clothesline! The big man is dazed, as he stumbles forward, out of the corner. Manik grabs him by the head, and plants him down with a bulldog! He rolls Johnson over for the cover...1...2...kickout!

    Manik backs away as Hammer rises to his feet. He bounces off the ropes, and leaps up with a cross body...Hammer catches him! He tosses Manik overhead with a fallaway slam! Manik hits the mat and rolls a few feet, clutching his back. Hammer covers him...1...Manik reaches out and grabs the bottom rope. Hammer stands up and kicks Manik in the lower back, causing him to roll under the bottom rope, onto the apron. Hammer, still in the ring, reaches over the top rope and yanks Manik to his feet. He hooks Manik into position...and lifts him up with a vertical suplex from the apron, over the ropes, and into the ring! Manik is down in the middle of the squared circle, and Hammer covers him, hooking the leg! 1...2...kickout! Hammer lifts him up, and then slams him back down with a front powerslam! He stays on him for another cover...1...2...kickout again!

    Hammer pulls Manik to his feet...and wraps his arms around his torso, looking to lock in the bearhug! But Manik nail him in the sides of his head with a mongolian chop. Hammer is stunned, and Manik slips out of his grasp. Hammer wildly swings with a clothesline, but Manik ducks it, slips behind Hammer...neckbreaker! The champ is down, and Manik covers him! 1...2...kickout! Manik signals that it's over, and walks over to the nearest turnbuckle, climbing it. He reaches the top, and looks down at his fallen opponent. He leaps...spinning around...and hits the Can Opener! The 450 elbow drives itself straight into the heart of the monster! Manik covers him! 1......2......NO! Hammer just raises his shoulder up in time!

    Manik sands up, and after a moment of thought, turns and walks to the corner again. He climbs up the turnbuckle, as Hammer slowly rises to his feet. Hammer stands up, dazed, not sure where he is, and Manik measures him from the top of the post. Hammer spins to face him...and Manik dives at him! Hammer catches him...bearhug! He violently swings Manik around, his massive grip squeezing away at the PAW newcomer! Manik reaches for the ropes...but he's too far away! The ref gets in his face, askin him if he wants to quit...he refuses! Hammer just locks the hold in even tighter, a sick grin on his face! Manik, in desperation, punches up at his face. Hammer akes the blows full-force...but he doesn't let go! Again the ref asks Manik if he gives in...and again, is told a defiant "no!"

    Manik, in one final desperate move, goes for the mongolian chop again. He nails it...and Hammer stumbles back, ears ringing...but he holds on. Manik reaches for the ropes again...and he grabs onto the top one! The ref tells Hammer he has to break the hold...but the champ keeps squeezing! The ref starts a five-count...1...2...3...4...5! hammer still won't let go! The ref yells at him, as Manik falls limp. The ref counts again...1...2...3...4...5...Hammer still won't let go! He just squeezes even tighter! The ref calls for the bell!

    Ring Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Mike Johnson has been disqualified! Your winner...Manik!

    Hammer drops Manik to the floor...lifeless.

    Ring Announcer: But still your Lady Luck Champion...Mike "The Hammer" Johnson!

    The fans boo as Hammer leaves the ring and snatches his belt. He backs up the ramp, smiling and laughing at the broken man in the ring, enjoying his handiwork. Some staff come to help Manik, as the cameras cut away to commercial.

    Andrea Hill addresses the PAW crowd
    "Stronger" hits the soundsystem, and the fans boo as PAW World Champion, Andrea Hill, walks out onto the stage. Julia Strand, as always is by her side, looking proud of her client. Andrea has the title belt slung over her shoulder...and as she walks down the ramp...confetti falls from the cieling. The fans continue to get on her case as she and Julia bask in their glory. julia walks up onto the apron and holds the ropes open for Andrea, who gets in the ring. She holds the belt into the air, to more Julia now has a mic, standing beside her. The music dies, and Julia speaks, her lips curved up into a wide grin.

    JS: ladies and gentlemen...I present to star client...and the first ever Pure Adrenaline Wrestling World Champion...Andrea Hill!

    Julia passes the mic to Andrea...who's also smiling brightly...and the fans boo their hearts out. Andrea scowls at them, and waits for them to calm down so she can speak. Finally, the building gets quieter, and Andrea speaks, her grin returning.

    AH: Despite what all of you disgusting, filthy people think of I now stand...World Champion! I told everyone this would happen...I told everyone I was the best! I told all of you...I told everyone in the back...I told the WORLD! But did anyone listen? all wrote me off as just another cocky upstart, running her mouth. But I told you all before Critical Threat...I speak the TRUTH...and the truth is...there is NO ONE in that locker room better than me! Not Show...not Archer...not Hunter...not Punisher...not McCoy...and ESPECIALLY not Roadster...

    The fans cheer at the mention of most of those names, but Andrea ignores them, and continues with her speech.

    AH: I PROVED I'm the est in the world by going through twenty other men and women...TWENTY! None of you can EVER doubt me again! I am Andrea Hill...The Personification of Perfection...the World Champion! And I'm going to hold onto this belt for a very...long...time. NO ONE is up to the challenge of taking me down! But tonight...we've got a bunch of guys that still follishly think they can challenge me! Well you know what? I don't CARE who wins a shot! I'm the greatest pure athlete in professional wrestling, and NONE of you are at my level!'s come to my attention that Roadster's in this match, too. And if he wins...he gets to set the terms for his title shot. Well I call bullshit on that! I'm the champ...I should be the one deciding when and where MY belt gets put on the line! So tonight...I DEMAND a spot in this match! If Roadster is being given that chance...then I want it too! Hayers...give me what I deserve...and stop showing favortism to that worthless thug!

    The fans boo her again...but those boos quickly turn to cheers as Eddie Hayers, the owner of PAW, steps onto the ramp, with his own mic in hand. He looks up at Andrea, and smiles.

    EH: Andrea...congradulations on your big title win. You truly are one of the best in this sport. But don't let that get to your head...I make the decisions here! You're still a partof MY company...don't assume you can just make any demands you want just because you carry some gold!

    The fans cheer in agreement...Julia doesn't look happy, and starts yelling at him, but no one can make out her words.

    EH: But you know what? You're right...fair is fair. And it just so happens that "The Archer" Robin Adams isn't here tonight! So...looks like we have a free spot, Miss you've got it!

    Andrea smiles and nods, Julia placing her had on her shoulder also happy with the decision.

    EH: And we've recieved word from you that Sean Masaki is cleared to compete's time to find out...who's teaming with who!

    Hayers points up to the Adrenatron, where the names of the six competitors cycle randomly at high speed. the first name stops on Andrea Hill. On the opposite side of the screen...Louann McCoy's name comes up first, placing the two women on opposing teams. Underneath Andrea's name...another one stops...The Show! The fans boos...but the boos turn to cheers as Paul Jameson's name appears below McCoy's! All eyes are on the next spot underneath Show...and it stops...on james McNeil! Andrea scowls and Julia throws a fit...and this leaves Sean Masaki on the same team as Louann and Punisher!

    EH: There you have it...your World Champion, Andrea Hill...teams up with The Show...and "Roadster" James McNeil! And they face the trip of Louann McCoy, Sean Masaki, and "The Punisher" Paul Jameson!

    Andrea does not look amused.

    EH: So let's get this show underway!

    Roadster's music begins to play...and James McNeil steps onto the stage...glaring up at Andrea. The two lock eyes from acros the building...both with icy stares that could freeze hell itself. Roadster steps down the ramp...and the show heads to the last commerical break.

    Sean Masaki, Louann McCoy, & "The Punisher" Paul Jameson vs. Andrea Hill, The Show, & James "Roadster" McNeil
    Roadster shoves his two teamates out of the way, proclaiming to the ref that he'll start. Show and Andrea glare at him...but let him have his way, each of them getting onto the apron in their corner. The three on the other team talk amongst themselves, and decide to let Jameson start. Louann and Masaki get on their part of the apron. Punisher and Roadster lock eyes, and as the bell rings, they move in, and aggressively lock up.

    They struggle for control, until Punisher is able to get behind Roadster with a hammerlock. But Roadster quickly backs him into the corner, sandwitching him in between Roadster's own body and the turnbuckles. Roadster strikes the side of his head with a back elbow, and then spins with a backfist with his other arm. Punisher ducks it, and grounds him with a double leg takedown. He goes for the Dead Eye already! Roadster reaches out and grabs the bottom rope quickly, however...before Jameson can apply the hold. Punishr backs away and allows him to get to his feet. Roadser looks over at his corner, seeing Andrea calling for the tag. He flips her off, and the World Champion scowls back at him. The two men lock up again, and Punisher works Roadster down into a headlock. Roadster tries to lift Jameson up to reverse into a backdrop...but Punisher hangs on, drops down, and gives him a headlock takedown. They land close to Jameson's corner, and while he's on the ground, still with the headlock applied, he reaches up and tags Louann. Lou slingshots over the ropes and hits a body splash on Roadster, and as Jameson rolls under the bottom rope onto the apron, she stays there for the cover...1...2...kickout!

    Lou bends down to lift Roadster up...but as he gets to his feet, he strikes her across the face. Lou is rocked by the blow, falling to one knee. Show looks over at her and smiles. Roadster backs into the ropes to rebound off them...but Show blind tags him! Roadster spins around to look at him, as he gets in the ring with the smile still on his face. Roadster gets in his Show just tells him to get lost. Suddenly, Louann comes up from behind Show! She leaps up and connects with a Roadster, as Show moves out of the way! Roadster is sent through the ropes, crashing to the outside! Show runs up behind Lou and nails her in the back of the neck with a northern lariat! McCoy goes down, clutching her neck. Show is smiling again, and as she slowly gets to her feet, he circles her like a vulture circling it's prey. She's up...Curtain Jerker! Lou takes a hard kick to the face, and collapses. Show covers her, hooking the leg...1...2...Masaki breaks up the count!

    Show glares at Sean as he goes back to his corner...noticeably limping. He turns his attention back to Lou, and pulls her up. She grabs him and drops down...chinbreaker! He staggers back...she runs and takes him down with a beautiful spinning wheel kick! She covers him! 1...2...kickout! He's back up...and she takes him back down with a leg lariat! Another cover! 1...2...another kickout! She pulls him back up...and he jabs his thumb in her eye! Lou stumbles away, cupping her face with her hands, taken by surprise. Show goes over to his corner, and reaches to tag Roadster. But Andrea slaps his hand instead, and the World Champion gets in the ring! Roadster yells somethign at her, so she turns to him and gets in his face. Smirking, she says something back to him, then flips him off like he did before...and Roadster slugs her across the jaw! Andrea drops to the ground, to the cheers from the crowd! Rubbing her jaw, Andrea looks up at him, gritting her teeth. Lou run up from behind and nails her in the small of the back with a stiff kick! Andrea stands up...and Lou nails another hard kick...right to the head! Andrea spins around from the blow, and Lou grabs her from behind...Sweet Tea! No! Andrea grabs the top rope to block it! Andrea tries to throw an elbow behind her, and Lou ducks it, and as Andrea spins back around, Lou tucks her head under Andrea's arm, and tosses her with a northern lights suplex! The champ is tossed across the ring!

    Lou goes to her corner, and tag in Sean Masaki. Andrea rolls back to her feet, and looks up at Sean. They lock eyes for a moment...then Andrea smiles. She points down at his leg, mouthing a few words. Sean looks down at the leg he's favoring, and seems to be pondering wether he should be fighting or not. He smiles, and says a few words right back to her, then assumes a fighting stance. Andrea gets ready herself...and Show tags her across the back! Andrea, surprised, turns and looks at the veteran getting in the ring. She looks pissed, but she backs off, and gets back on the apron. Her and Roadster glare at each other again. Show lunges at Masaki, and goes straight for the leg! He grabs it and pulls him down to the mat, then drops an elbow to the inside of the leg. He stands up, and stomps down several times right on the injured area, Sean grimacing in pain. Going in for the kill, Show puts on a leglock! Sean struggles, but can't power out and can't reach the ropes. But he doesn't tap.

    Suddenly, Roadster is in the ring! He runs and stomps down on the side of Show's head, breaking the hold! He yanks Show up by the hair, and tosses him out of the ring! Andrea steps into the ring, and grabs him, spinning him around. She yells at him and shoves him away. So he slugs her across the face one more time! She's stunned...and Roadster lifts her up with a gorilla press! He walks over to the edge of the ring...and tosses her out...right onto The Show! Roadster turns around to face Masaki...who's back up, and hits him with the Reboot! Roadster sits up...Blue Screen of Death! Sean Masaki covers him...but Roadster isn't the legal man! Masaki stands back up, a little annoyed, thinking he had it right there.

    Masaki back into the ropes, and rebounds...but Roadster lunges forward...Head-On Collision! Both men drop to the mat. Andrea slides back in the ring. She goes straight for Roadster! She puts the boots to her own team member, screaming at him, a look of rage in her eyes. The ref runs overt o ther, trying to get her to stop and leave the ring, and restore order. Louann gets in the ring next, moving to help her partner out...but Show is back in, steel chair in hand! Wih the ref's back turned, he slams it over Louann's head! McCoy is down and out! Show tosses the chair, and rolls her out of the ring. Andrea and Roadster are now both up, and brawling with each other! McNeil boots her in the gut, and goes for a powerbomb...but she reverses it into a hurracanrana...and sends both him and herself over the top rope, crashing the the outside! Show goes to work on Masaki, bringing him to his feet...but now Punisher is in the ring! He runs and gets Show in a double-leg takedown! Masaki and him share a look, and each man grabs a leg...they lock on a double-team Sharpshooter! Show's trapped in the middle of the ring, as Masaki and punisher wrench back on the hold as hard as they can! Punisher, Andrea, and Louann are down! Show screams in pain...and taps out! The ref calls for the bell, it's over!

    The ref walks over to Sean and Punisher. Masaki steps forward, a smile on his face. The ref raises the arm...of Paul Jameson! Sean looks shocked, but Punisher doesn't. A split-screen replay pops up...appearing on the Adrenatron as well. When Masaki backed into the ropes, right before the Head-On Collison...Punisher gave him a blind tag! He was the legal man! Masaki looks over at Jameson, who shrugs. Punisher's music plays...he has now won himself a title shot! Masaki sighs, looking a little annoyed...but he accepts the decision, and leaves the ring. Punisher celebrates in the ring, as Show rolls out and sulks his way back up the ramp. A group of medics come to check on Louann, who's still out after the chair shot. Show smirks as he walks past her, proud of his handiwork. Punisher celebrates in the ring...but at ringside, ndrea and Roadster are back at each other! The start to brawl, neither backing down as the ref pleads with them to stop! Punisher looks down at this, and shakes his a security team arrives to pull the two apart. The show fades out on the image of Paul Jameson watching the World Champion and The Roadster getting pulled away from each other, screaming and yelling threats to each other...

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    Steven Colbert
    Re: Threat Down (Boris Nikitin)
    Steven Colbert: And the number one threat to our country: BEARS!!!! On the last show of PAW Impulse, wrestling superstar 'Boris Ni-ki-tin', showed up in a promo wearing this shirt: [shot of Boris in his one-eyed bear shirt. Colbert looks disgusted]. I haven't seen something so tasteless in sports-entertainment since Mae Young exposed herself on pay per view [shot of the elderly diva]. But Boris's threatens to assault more than our sensibilities. You see, he goes by the nickname "The Siberian Grizzly". As we all know, when a professional wrestler adopts an animal totem, sooner or later he's going to bring that animal with him to matches. Jake "the Snake" Roberts had a python, CoCo Beware brought a macaw, The Rock owned a pet rock, and Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat had Smaurfoz, the Dreadwyrn [pic of Steamboat match with dragon photoshopped in]. It's only a matter of time before Boris Nikitin brings an 800 pound grizzly with him to ringside. And when he does, no wrestler will be safe! If you think wrestlers hate when scrawny managers hit them with canes, imagine how peeved they'll be when this godless killing machine rip their chests open. I don't care what kind of ratings such a bloodbath would draw, as a nation, we, can't, allow, that! For without these superstars, who will protect us from evil personal trainers [pic of Andrea Hill looking very angry]?

    We'll be right back!

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    TO : Mike "The Hammer" Johnson & Boris Nikitin
    From : Manik

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    The Guvna and Cletus Jefferson

    To: NAFWA, Boris Nikitin, any and all tag challengers

    David Robinson: Welcome back everyone to Pure Adrenaline Wrestling! Tonight, we bring Boise, Idaho the finest action in wrestling today! [The Camera pans the capacity crowd at the Qwest Arena]

    Cary Gray: There is little we agree on, but like I say every week David, you are right on this one.

    [Hail to the Chief plays in the arena. The Adrena-tron shows a new intro video for The Guvna. In it, The Guvna hits power move after power move on various opponents, but it is shot in soft-focus, giving it an "uplifting" convention video feel. The Guvna makes his way out, kissing his hands and waving. The camera focuses on an "Asskicking Proliferation!" sign in the audience with a hand-drawn Guvna and Boris beating up Cletus Jefferson. Another sign says "FIRE CLETUS!". Yet another says, "I bought Boris's horn!" Cletus and the rest of the Executive Branch head to the ring after The Guvna. Cletus is wearing the same singlet and headgear that he wore at the Pay-per-view. He jabs at the air on his way down to the ring. The Chief of Staff, a lumbering brute with close cut curly hair and a ruddy complexion is wearing torn dress pants and a "wife-beater". The Secretary of Defense, slightly smaller, with green eyes, freckles, and a tragic red buzzcut, wears a similar get-up.]

    [The Guvna grabs a mic and taps on it. The crowd, which had been booing, is silent. The Guvna looks thoughtful and begins to speak, but instead just roars, handing the mic to Cletus and mounting the turnbuckles. The CoS and SoD stand cross-armed behind Cletus.]

    Cletus: Well, well, well...Boise, Idaho...[Cletus nods off and snores loudly. The Chief of Staff gently shakes him.]...uh...what...sorry, I must have just been thinking about the most boring place on Earth.

    CG: They say that if you love life, you should move to Boise.

    DR: Why is that Cary?

    CG: Because every day feels like an eternity!

    DR: Oh, please....

    Cletus: But even a boring dump like this gets something exciting every now and then. Tonight you get to see a well oiled machine in action as The Executive Branch of Parts Unknown takes apart those NAFWA nitwits, Connor Mackenzie and John "The Bomb" Bowski!

    [More signs in the audience: A Dragon's Claw being held by a young girl with the same design painted on her face. "NAFWA's #1 Export: Tables!", featuring a broken table. A man in fatigues holding a "I came to see a real hero!" sign.]

    Cletus: My employer has already proven himself against that AWOL reject, "The Bomb". "Canadian Dragon" you had better watch out, this man will break you up like a vote of "no confidence". Heh, heh...he'll send you crying to the Queen. Tonight though, he isn't alone. In his corner, he will have the toughest tag team in Parts Unknown, The Secretary of Defense and The Chief of Staff! [Both of them make angry faces. The Chief of Staff pounds his fist into his hand, whie The Secretary of Defense pounds his chest]. And he'll have the wiliest, cagiest, and pound-for-pound best athlete this side of the

    DR: Best athlete?

    CG: Pound-for-pound, Dave. Cletus weighs in at 135 tonight.

    Cletus: We'll also be watching tonight, as Boris Nikitin, The "One Man Riot" himself sees if he can survive in a steel cage with three other men. Boris...I guess you owed me something, but you only get one freebie. If you attack me again, this check gets shredded and our deal is off [he pulls out The Guvna's check to WrestleAid], but...I don't want to dwell on the negative. Good luck in your match, tonight. Then next week, we will show them what tag-team wrestling is all about.

    DR: Absolutely disgusting, he would shred that check that would help out so many people over a petty personal vendetta.

    CG: Would you help out someone who was beating you up? If Boris won't play nice, I bet The Guvna and Cletus Jefferson could find some hard-working ladies to give that money to.

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    From : Manik
    To : Hammer, Boris, Reaper

    Subject : This is soooo a handicap match...
    The scene opens on a backstage lockerroom. As the camera approaches, a metal plate can be read on the door. "The Pack". The video feed cuts to static and comes back, the camera beng in the room. The room has a large LCD screen and two black leather couches. The leather on one of them is obviously old, torned up and patched with grey duct tape... a job oviously not done by Martha Stewart. Out of the bathroom comes Manik, apparently looking for something.

    Manik - Where the hell is it !?!

    The door behind the camera opens and Manik doesn't even look in it's direction.

    Manik - Where did you put it, man?

    Draven walks into the picture and sits on the "nice" couch...

    Draven - What are you talking about? That SWF strap again?

    Manik - Batty... Where have you put Batty?

    Draven looks around.

    Draven - I haven't seen it. You sure you brought it back from england? I don't remember seeing it since...

    Manik - Awh KCUF! The guys who put the luggage in the plane! KCUF! I'm sure they sold it on ebay!

    Draven lets out a giggle...

    Manik - What's so funny?

    Draven - Can you imagine how much he's gonna get off of it? Man, that baseball bat has bloodstains from... like... Markus, Nemesis... 'Taker... ChAoS... Carnage, Rage, Tough AsNails, Goddess... X-Cutioner, Murdock... Pitbull... Virus... Sonny Warcloud... Kona... Mr. X-treme... El Generico... Keven Steen...

    Manik throws a chair into the wall behind him in a tantrum.

    Manik - I'm being ripped off!!! What am I gonna do man?

    Draven leans forward.

    Draven - Don't worry, bro. We got this covered. It's not like that cell is being held twenty feet in the air like that time you fought Big Nasty...

    Manik - Didn't you hear?

    Draven gets a suspicious look on his face.

    Draven - what about?

    Manik - They turned it into a fatal fourway cage match... for the Lady Luck strap...

    Draven - Oooh... that hurts...

    Manik - And to make things worst... it's now me... versus Boris, Hammer AND Reaper...

    Draven tilts his head down, giggles, and looks back up at Manik.

    Draven - Dude, you... are so screwed ahahahahah!

    Manik - Kcuf you man... KCUF! The hell am I gonna do!?!

    Draven gets up and walks towards Manik who looks just like his puppy died... Draven taps Manik's shoulder...

    Draven - Win. You're going to go out there and show them... and what are you going to show them?

    Manik's face lightens up... with darkness... a sadistic grin spreading...

    Manik - Just who the kcuf is the PAW Assassin.

    Draven takes a step back...

    Draven - That's my boy...

    Manik goes back to an intensive search. Draven, surprised...

    Draven - What are you doing?

    Manik gets up from behind the couch where he was looking...

    Manik - Didn't I bring in a shovel the other day?

    And the feed goes back to static before cutting to a commercial.

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    To: Jake "The Massacre" Powers
    From: Draven "The Northern Wolf"

    Is this blood I smell?

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    'Cause Victims... Aren't we all??

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    To: Manik, The Reaper, and Boris Nikitin
    From: Mike "The Hammer" Johnson
    Subject: Tonight's match, punishing naughty puppies

    The camera opens on Mike Johnson in his usual corner of the Boiler Room. The PAW Lady Luck Title is wrapped around his waist, and he’s twirling Gladys around absent-mindedly in his left hand. He seems to be deep in thought, but slowly he focuses on the camera and begins to speak.

    Hammer: I was robbed last week. The little puppy got lucky and robbed me rightful victory. I had you locked in puppy; there was no way for you to escape, so you got off on a technicality. Don’t believe me? Well let’s watch the footage.

    The image is replaced with a replay of the end of last weeks match between Mike Johnson and Manik. The Hammer has Manik in a mighty bear hug, but after a chop to the head he’s able to finally reach the ropes. The Hammer keeps holding on as the referee tries to make him break it, and then finally calls for the bell and disqualifies The Hammer.

    Hammer: I had you right where I wanted you. There was no escaping that bear hug and you KNOW IT! If that ref wasn’t such a pussy I’d have either broken your back or made you tap out. Still, not everything’s terrible is it?

    The Hammer begins to grin evilly as he stares into the camera.

    Hammer: You didn’t learn your lesson puppy, and now you’re facing me again. This time, it’s a cage match. No rules, no disqualifications, no ref to save your ass. This time I’m going to BREAK you. I can even bring pretty little Gladys to the dance with me tonight, and no-one’s going to stop me. I’m going to discipline you tonight puppy, and Ill enjoy every . . . single . . . MINUTE of it. I’m going to prove to all of these people that I’m the biggest, nastiest monster in Pure Adrenaline Wrestling! Bring whatever toys make you feel good, you’re going to need every bit of help you can get if you’re going to survive tonight puppy.

    The Hammer goes back to looking serious.

    Hammer: As for you two other interlopers, I’ve got one piece of advice for you: stay out of my way or suffer the consequences. Reaper, boogeyman, you’ve already had your ass beaten by me TWICE! Call on whatever higher powers you want; this is the third time you’re in the ring with me. If I need to I’ll bury your zombie ass to keep you out of my way.

    Now Boris, I’ve never even heard of you before two weeks ago. Apparently you’re some kind of big deal, Commie boy. If you want to embarrass the boogeyman again I’ll give him to you, but the little lost puppy’s mine. Step in my way and I’ll kick your ass like I did your buddy The Guvna.

    The Hammer falls tonight boys, your only choice is to stay out of my way or be my next victim. Choose carefully.

    The Hammer glares into the camera as the image dissolves once more into static.

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