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Editing my OP title

LockedOnTargetLockedOnTarget Registered User regular
So I started a new OP for the PA E-fed I'm running in Critical Failures. But I can't figure out how to change the title. I'll need to do this when shows are posted, deadlines come up, etc. I've seen OP titles changed all the time but I don't seem to be able to do it myself.

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  • JC of DIJC of DI I think we're fucked up. I know I am.Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    If you double click the blue area around your title when viewing the forum itself, it will allow you to change the title right there.

    I think there may be another way, but the way I just mentioned is simple enough.

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  • LockedOnTargetLockedOnTarget Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    Thanks, that's exactly what I wanted to know.

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  • freakish lightfreakish light Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    The other way is to Go Advanced when you're editing the OP.

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