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Foster pup up for adoption: Nor Cal

mtsmts Dr. Robot KingRegistered User regular
edited February 2009 in Help / Advice Forum
we picked up a new foster today.

Here are some pic's of here.

She has a good sob story already. She was found by an older couple near us after they ran over her litter mate.

So far she gets along with out cats as well as a puppy can. Already loves tennis balls. we think she is 10-12 weeks old now. Based on markings etc, she is likely some sort of shepherd mix, possibly with cattle dog. we are working on getting her up to date on vaccines etc.

if anyone in norcal (specifically Davis area) is interested in a new puppy hit me up

I present Maya

mts on


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    4U2NV4U2NV Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    That pup is adorable.

    4U2NV on
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    WillethWilleth Registered User regular
    edited February 2009
    That dog is cute as fuck.

    I hope you find a home for her.

    Willeth on
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