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Artist's Corner: AWESOME POST in "Quick question about a PA artistic phenominon I've

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Original Context:
Ogopogo wrote: »
I don't mean to criticize, as I think PA is indeed the slice of fresh warm roast beef between the cold crusty slices of bread I call life, but what's the deal with the teeth being drawn these days?

Tycho and Gabe are starting to look progressively like beavers... What with the sloping and gently rolling hills of their teeth one begs the question: "What's the deal with the teeth being drawn these days?"

Just a curiosity. Feel free to comment if you'd like... Or troll... or flame. Whatever strikes your fancy.

[FF] Ogo out.
Forum: Artist's Corner
Post: Quick question about a PA artistic phenominon I've started noticing.
Posted by: DMAC


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