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Problem with an iPhone jailbreak

multimoogmultimoog Registered User regular
I asked about this in H&A, but was told I'd have better luck with it here, so I'll repost:

I've followed a few online tutorials and used PwnageTool to generate a custom IPSW, but I get stuck there. Supposedly I have to go into iTunes to restore using that IPSW, but I can't figure out how. From what I can tell, you're supposed to hold option while clicking "restore" for the iPhone, but I can't click restore as the device can't be seen in my devices panel in iTunes. The problem is when I enter DFU mode on my iPhone, it disconnects the device. Anyone know how to get around this?

I'm pretty new when it comes to iPhones, and this is my first attempt at any kind of hack using... well, anything, really. If you're willing to lend a hand, please assume I don't know anything about this process, including most technical terms, because I don't. FWIW, I'm attempting the jailbreak using a 2.1 Macbook White.

The end goal is to install a modem app so I can tether my iPhone to my laptop for anywhere internet, should I need it - I read about the process here, and it was a deciding factor of buying an iPhone. It'd suck if I couldn't end up using it for one of the things that made the purchase so attractive.

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  • multimoogmultimoog Registered User regular
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    wiigirl wrote: »
    Google "Quickpwn".

    I've read a bunch of stuff that advises against QuickPwn - I'm assuming I want to keep the baseband, to facilitate further iPhone software updates (I think). I retried the process, and here's were I got to:

    I followed all the instructions using PwnageTool, up to the point where you're supposed to restore your phone with the custom IPSW package you make earlier in the process. The problem is, when I did that, I got a dialog box that said there was a problem, and I couldn't restore from that source, so I had to do a standard iTunes restore.

    Does anyone now what the problem might have been, and how I can get around it? Is it impossible to restore an iPhone with custom software without going into DFU mode (as that's where I was having difficulty, I think).

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