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Winamp Woes

AmaranthAmaranth Registered User regular
I'm a man who likes to have his taskbar on the side of his screen. This allows me to have Winamp in auto-hide mode on the bottom of the screen, so I can mouse over it as needed. Unfortunately, when I accidentaly move over it, it'll pop up and I have to shift the mouse out of the way and wait for the program to go back down. To solve this, I've used the Windowshade mode as necessary - drop it down to just a toolbar for the most part, and press the windowshade mode to bring it back up to a full window when needed to select new songs in my media library or whathave you.

Unfortunately, I've noticed that when I resize the window to maximum via Windowshade it will resize all my current and future windows to fit the small gap between maximised Winamp and the top of my monitor. This is particularly annoying if I have multiple instant messenger windows open, as I then have to resize them all...

Is there any way to stop Winamp from doing this?

Amaranth on


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    SeguerSeguer of the Void Sydney, AustraliaRegistered User regular
    edited February 2009
    Right click -> Window Settings -> Docked Toolbar -> Try random settings

    Winamp sounds like it is docking, and when it shows itself its telling Windows "hey! the desktop is now THIS | | small"

    Seguer on
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