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Help me get a new credit card!

TofystedethTofystedeth Registered User regular
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So, thanks to that Heartland info breach in January my bank canceled my debit card to issue a new one, which hasn't arrived yet. Apparently the company that makes them is overwhelmed with orders right now. Big Surprise.

So in the mean time, I started using my credit card more. This caused Citi to think something suspicious was going on, despite most of the locations it was used being places I've used it before. I had to call in twice to confirm several payments on my account to get them unlock it, and now they've issued a new one to kill the old one. Which also hasn't reached. Then I find out, that Citi, which in the first round of bank issues several months ago was still doing ok, is now definitely not ok. So I'm the market for a new credit card company.

Who's good anymore? I don't need a super compelling feature set as I usually don't use them terribly often in favor of using money that actually exists, but things like temporary card numbers for online purchases would certainly be neat. A bank that is not currently going under would be great.

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