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Social Entropy++: AWESOME POST in "What do you want to do with your life, SE++?", by

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Forum: Social Entropy++
Post: What do you want to do with your life, SE++?
Posted by: spono

Original Content:
Iroh wrote: »
fshavlak wrote: »
My life goal is to by "Dr. <name>." Also to build a robotic army and take over the world.

Two birds with one stone: Going for my Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, focusing on dynamic systems control (robots!) next Fall. In with funding at Cornell and UIUC, waiting to hear from Stanford. Odds are I'll wind up in Ithaca, learning how to build my minions. Also how to be Dr. <name>.
Robotics in an ME curriculum? That is pretty odd unless you're talking about old-school hydraulic models.

yeah that sounds like more of a EE area

or maybe you plan on making steampunk robots


and further:
spono wrote: »
More than meets the WHOO WHOOOO

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