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Voting Thread: Brackets 3 & 4



  • Caveman PawsCaveman Paws Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 3:

    Apocalypse: One of the biggest badasses to grace the Marvel Universe with his evil presance. Bottom Line: Apocalypse is fit and thus survives.

    Ultron: His name alone should be reason enough to win, throw in all his uber intelligence and armor/force fields and blasters and he's "got 'er done!"

    Psycho Pirate: Fuck bees indeed! Being stung by bee's sucks but I would think that having your emotions toyed with would be far,far worse and easily give PP the edge.

    Mist: I have no clue who she is but Sandman has been wearing the same retarded green stripy sweater for how long now? Yeah he's done. Oh and Mist is keen and smarter than Sandy is anyday.

    Bracket 4:

    Sabertooth: Probably one of the scariest S.O.B's running around the MU today. If he can give Wolver"I kill everything"ine decades of ass kickings he can take Rhino easily.

    Xorn: He can just describe his history and thus drive his enemies into coma's due to it's total lack of logic. Plus he controls metal, his enemy here is made out of the shit so...

    Despero: I feel a little insulted that I even have to -vote- for this match.

    Spiral: She has alot of tricks up her sleeve, plus she can easily distract light by bending over and shaking what her momma gave her... in fact I think I was just distracted thinking about that! :oops:

    Caveman Paws on
  • Eliot DuboisEliot Dubois Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 3:


    Ultron:Blasting away at a distance.

    Psycho Pirate:Would ruin Bee Nazi's shit, crying in the corner.

    Mist:Hotter than Sandman

    Bracket 4:

    Sabertooth:Rhino is something of a joke.

    Xorn:Much as I hate to, he's gonna beat the metal man.

    Despero:Is a bad, three eyed man.

    Dr. Light:Is an evil Shade, of much raping. Knowing Megaman can never hurt either. :roll:

    Eliot Dubois on
  • FierceDeity666FierceDeity666 Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    A: Apocalypse. He was a total puss in MSHvsSF, but he's enough to beat someone who got beat up by the FUCKING SUPERFRIENDS.
    B: Ultron: BLOWEEEEE
    C: Psycho Pirate: His name is SO AWESOME. Also, he's dapper and Swarm doesn't wear pants and has no real power. Should have kept Kroenen, THAT'D be fun to see.
    D: Teddy Roosevelt: BULLY

    A: Sabretooth: BIRDIE!
    B: Xorneto: CRUNCHY!
    C: Despero: MEATY!
    D: Spiral:
    [spoiler:edf7c50dc9]SHUN GOKU SATSU[/spoiler:edf7c50dc9]

    FierceDeity666 on
  • The_LightbringerThe_Lightbringer Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 3
    Fight 1 - Apocolypse
    -He's like Giganta only stronger
    Fight 2 - Ultron
    -Adamantium punch and super intelligence aside, Ultron could feasibly do nothing but wait for angstrom levy to de from starvation or dehydration
    Fight 3 - Pirate
    -I seriously think he can make swarm commit suicide
    -Unless he's allergic to bee stings or 80 years old, it's not that likely pirate will die from even several dozen bee stings
    Fight 4 - Mist
    -Well firstly, Sandman's an idiot and has been beaten by fire hoses and vacuum cleaners
    -Secondly, Mist is really, really smart from what I've seen
    -Third, she can turn into a form of water and dillute sandman

    Bracket 4
    Fight A - Sabertooth
    -Rhino's dumb
    -Adamantium skeleton and claws and super regen means that Rhino would be hard pressed to hurt him
    Fight B - Xorn
    -Come on
    -I mean... come on
    Fight C - Despero
    -One has to wonder who the fuck ever though that a super villain with STILTS AS THEIR SUPER POWER was EVER a good idea
    Fight D - Dr.Light
    -I'm more inclined to Dr.Light since his attacks would be instantaneous and blinding as well as hurt like fuck but...
    -Are we talking about new insane psychopathic Dr.Light or old LOL LIGHT THEMED TRAPS Dr.Light?

    The_Lightbringer on
  • ArcibiArcibi Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Blackjack wrote:
    -SPI- wrote:
    Match 3
    A. Apocalypse : Bigger, stronger, and more versatile. Plus several thousand years of experience.
    B. Ultron BRRRZAAAP! Also possibly PEW PEW PEW.
    C. Swarm Nazi made of bees? I don't see how PP can beat that.
    D. Mist Not a fucking moron like sandman.

    Match 4
    A. Sabretooth Adamantium and not being quite as stupid puts him ahead.
    B. Xorn Poor titanium man.
    C. Despero Stilt man is great, but he doesn't get to win. Ever.
    D. Spiral Teleport, magic, decapitate.

    Pretty much what he said.

    Same here, except for match 4B

    A pity vote goes to Titanium Man because I nominated him :(

    Arcibi on
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  • SeptusSeptus Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 3
    A - Apocalypse - He's strong,l invincible, and a shapeshifter, he beats the big chick.
    B - Ultron - The environment's limitation against Angstrom's teleportation lets Ultron win.
    C - Swarm - I just like that he's made of bees.
    D - Sandman - I can't really think of how either will hurt the other(tranqing him won't work if he's in sand form), but I like sandman better.

    Bracket 4
    A - Sabertooth - He can cut through the Rhino, he's really agile and can heal any hits he takes, and he's far more experienced.
    B - Xorneto - Magneto vs. metal...
    C - Despero - It's stiltman...
    D- Spiral - They both seem to be quite powerful, but she'd be able to track him while invisible, probably from out of sight where he can't see her, and take away his powers, if not just hinder him long enough to teleport plus stab him. Also, I like her style better.

    Septus on
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  • Kshah777Kshah777 Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 3:
    A: Apocalypse- Only the strong survive.
    B: Ultron- C'mon. He's ULTRON.
    C: Swarm- I'm covered in BEES AAAAHKHKHJDNK
    D: Mist- Water dilution, boobs FTW.

    Bracket 4:
    A:Sabretooth- healing factor and claws put him above him opponent
    B:Xorn-eto- why do people made of metal even attempt to fight him?
    C: Despero- Wow, 290 feet tall? Really? That's impressive. Oop, you're dead now.
    D: Spiral- Magic teleport ninja wheeeee

    Kshah777 on
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  • RonnieWooWoo!RonnieWooWoo! Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 3:
    A: Apocalypse- He pounds the crap out of her while singing that "Anything you can do, I can do better..." song.

    B: Ultron- I'm sorry, that guy does NOT look like he could take even one shot from Ultron.

    C: Swarm- I'm going to assume Nazi Bees can't be mindfucked.

    D: Sandman - He can't be hurt by guns, and he doesn't breathe. Unless he's REALLY stupid, he gets the win here.

    Bracket 4:
    A:Sabretooth- As much as I hate voting for people that suck, the adamantium and healing factor give him the win.

    B:Xorneto- Holy crap this would get ugly.

    C: Despero- I'm fairly certain Despero would rip off one of his stilt-legs and beat him to death with it.

    D: Spiral- Depower. Teleport. Shank.

    RonnieWooWoo! on
  • MonkeydryeMonkeydrye Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 3

    A: Giganta - While Pocy can alter his molocules, I feel like Giganta would just have more experience fighting as a huge strong person.
    B: Ultron - Just too powerful for Levy...which sucks...coulda been cool fights with him.
    C: Psycho Pirate - Swarm is a humans thoughts controlling Pirate can change his emotions.
    D: Sandman - Mist has an edge in smarts, but has no prep time. I think he eventually clocks her.

    Bracket 4

    A: Sabretooth - Too fast and too good a fighter. Now, if he didn't have the stupid Adamantium, Rhino kicks his butt.
    B: Xorn - Uh, DUH
    C: Despero - VERY powerful. His mind power alone beat Stilt man...and most of the other people in this fight.
    D: Spiral - Man this one was tough. But I think it comes down to her magic giving her enough utility to eventually get to the bad Doctor.

    Monkeydrye on
  • FiarynFiaryn Omnicidal Madman Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 3:
    A: Apocalypse- Everything she can do he can do better. Waaay better.
    B: Ultron- It's Ultron. Lawlz.
    C: Psycho Pirate- He's a HUMAN MIND still, with EMOTIONS, Psycho Pirate ftw.
    D: Sandman- She's had no time to prepare and think this guy through, guns and intangibility aren't going to help her forever.

    Bracket 4:
    A:Sabretooth- Rhino gots the brawn, but Sabretooth gots the Adamantium and the healing factor. Everyone knows that makes you unkillable! *looks to Wolverine and his nuke*
    B:Xorn-eto- Yeeeaaaah...
    C: Despero- I'm so sorry Stiltsy. :(
    D: Doctor Light- HIS POWERS FUNCTION AT THE SPEED OF THOUGHT! He has too many insta-kills that would work on Spiral for her NOT to be fucked.

    Fiaryn on
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  • voodoosporkvoodoospork Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 3
    Match A - Apocalypse - cause he can just get that one inch taller in every regard.
    MAtch B - Ultron - Ultron's a beast. Er, well...
    Match C - Swarm - It pains me to vote for Swarm. THE PAIN!
    Match D - Sandman - This was sort of a toss-up. Sandman's got more bang for his buck, though.

    Bracket 4
    Match A - Sabretooth - Even rhinos have throats!
    MAtch B - Xorn - hahahaha.
    Match C - Despero - If only Stilt man could go 291 feet. Such a shame...
    Match D - Spiral - Spiral for Shade 2006

    That just about covers it.

    voodoospork on
  • Doctor DoomDoctor Doom Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Apocalypse, Ultron, Swarm, Mist, Sabretooth, Xorn, Despero, and Spiral have advanced. The bracket has been updated.

    Doctor Doom on
  • skippydumptruckskippydumptruck begin again Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    swarm/mist and sabertooth/xorn are going to go quickly.

    skippydumptruck on
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