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Invincible good...yes?

the_Willardthe_Willard Registered User regular
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Stone me if you will, but i have to admit i don't really read comics. Nothing against the medium, i love it to be honest, i just don't have room (or money) for another hobby. So i come to the experts to get some opinion on Invincible. Mostly i hear that it is "teh shit" (misspelling intentional) but since i, again, don't really read comics (i have read Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, the first 50 or so issues of Spawn and, obviously, Invincible) so while i tend to agree, i have no real basis for comparison.

And while you're giving your opinion, or telling me what a jackass i am, does anyone know what the deal is with Invincible: Ultimate Collection 4? I have the first 3 and was going to try and pick up reading it regularly but the lone comic shop here sucks pretty hard. they were supposed to order it for me (i think i was a "folder" customer for that right?) but just...i don't even know. Anyway, yeah, UC4. Amazon has it listed as coming out Feb 4, 2009 but doesn't have any for sale and says: "Sign up to be notified when this item becomes available." And everywhere else i've seen has it as a preorder with "release date unknown" wtf mate, dubbya tee eff?

The Neverhood is what TRULY started my gaming addiction, therefore respect is due.
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    ServoServo Registered User, ClubPA regular
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    you've already read it. at this point it doesn't matter if we think it's good. it only matters that you think it's good.

    and pretty much everyone here thinks it's pretty good at least.

    and also there's a thread for this, and i believe there is an invincible thread somewhere too but i am far too lazy to find it.

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