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  • CronusCronus Registered User regular
    edited September 2009
    Thursday tour was short, but fun. Next year will have to have even more awesome packed into the time before the pre-pax dinner. It was great seeing the CCST roll up too.

    Cronus on
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  • MetaverseNomadMetaverseNomad Registered User regular
    edited September 2009
    Pika, you are so awesome! :P

    Everyone else, you are all so awesome too! Thank you all for everything, it was such a fantastic trip! And thanks the most to eye-shuh who got us the coolest ride in all of Seattle! Did you see the faces of the people on all those Ducks that passed? I did; pure jealousy.

    Hope you all had a great time, I'll post the pics when I have two seconds to put together! :D

    You all rock!

    MetaverseNomad on
  • DMmagicDMmagic Registered User regular
    edited September 2009
    Pictures, you say?

    PAX 2009 Collection on Flickr.

    Also, if you all have pictures online, please post a link in the photo thread so we can keep that updated :-) Thanks!

    DMmagic on
  • Rogue_hunterRogue_hunter Registered User regular
    edited September 2009
    Even though I was only there for Thursday, thanks for the fun!

    Rogue_hunter on
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