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Trying to Fix My Computer

VerdianVerdian Registered User regular
So I recently shipped a computer over seas, and naturally it broke. I am in the process of attempting to fix it, and could really use some advice. I have never built a computer before, so I am learning as I go by reading manuals and websites. Apologies if I get some terms wrong.

While the package was in transit, the CPU fan broke loose and pulled out the processor, destroying both. The rattled around inside for a while, no doubt, but there was no other visible damage (no loose pieces of motherboard or broken wires or cards out of sockets). I recently replaced the fan and processor, as well as some ram (it was just so cheap...). I had some problems getting the fan in place, which required me to pull it off the processor after I applied the contact gel, which I understand is a big no-no. I am hoping that did not do any damage, though.

So! I thought I was all set. I turned on my computer, the the fans (all of them, including the graphics card one) sprang to life, the various lights turned on.... and then after five seconds everything shut off. Darn. I found I could keep it running by powering on and holding the reset button in, but nothing shows up on the monitor. I rechecked all the connections. Everything was in.

The question is, what would cause a computer to not boot up properly? If anyone could suggest possible solutions or causes, I would appreciate it. I am hoping I do not have to replace the motherboard or power supply, as as I mentioned early, I am new at this. But it is not looking good.

Thanks a lot.

Verdian on


  • bigwahbigwah Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    Find the manual for the motherboard and look at the error codes. Some do them with audible beeps, some do them with lights. Should tell you where its failing at.

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  • CronusCronus Registered User regular
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    bigwah is right, the motherboard may be indicating what the problem is. It sounds like it may also be the powersupply. It's difficult to tell without knowing more info, but it sounds like the power supply. Post what the motherboard is telling you and if that's not obvious or it says everything is fine we can go from there.

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  • ACSISACSIS Registered User regular
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    Explain... destroyed processor? Missing pins? Some of them in the socket of the motherboard maybe?
    Also: The Fan has to be shut tight on the processor.
    Also: Sometimes an OS boots not up if you changed major hardware parts (CPU), can you run the BIOS without crashing?

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  • VerdianVerdian Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    Sorry it took me so long to get back to you all, and thanks for the replies.

    The processor is destroyed as in lots of bent pins. But none of them broke off. The fan is tightly on the processor, perhaps too tight... It was a pain to get in. I am worried I did not use enough contact gel. How would that effect things? I am also not entirely sure how to run bios if I cannot get anything to display on the screen...

    I found my manual, and my computer indicates problems with beeps... which is unfortunate, as none sound when I start it up.

    I am not sure the power source is the problem, as power seems to be going places and I can keep it running by holding the reset button.

    Any other suggestions?

    Verdian on
  • TK-42-1TK-42-1 Registered User regular
    edited March 2009
    is it posting? like does bios come up and do a memtest and all that or does it just stay black?

    a good place to start is to remove all your cards and put them in one by one and see if it posts.

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