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"Tea With the Moon" Laser Cell Print, For Sale, Maybe

FagatronFagatron Registered User
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So the economy's hit me hard and long story short I'm enlisting with the Army, but I've gotta figure out a way to stay afloat until that happens. It occurred to me that I'm sitting on this print, which I love, but it might be time to part with it if it can pay what few bills I have for the next few months. I can't find any information about what they're worth to collectors because nobody seems to be interested in selling them. So how much would this be worth to you all if I were to put it up on eBay?

For the record it's this print, number 060 out of 500.

I don't think I'd be willing to part with it for less than $500, like I said, I really do adore it. It's a wonderful piece of art in it's own right, and kind of like owning a piece of history y'know?

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