Help me to comic (Kinda new styleish? Some more different inking?)



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    Cristoval wrote: »
    I'd say work on your hands as they are the easiest part to get lazy with when drawing multiple panels. Cutting off the panel at waist level is a good way to work around this if you insist on laziness, or even keeping the characters hands in their pockets. While also cliche, is still the better option.

    This is terrible advice. I'd rather see backwards claw hands than hands-in-pocket syndrome. Or an awkwardly cropped panel. Or a character with his arms folded and one leg up, leaning against a wall.

    Just draw your fucking hands. Anything else is unacceptable.

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    Yeah, don't cut off people at the wrists or ankles. It makes it uncomfortable for the viewer, consciously or not.

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