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I am a retardedly big Tetris fan. Tetris DS remains one of my most played DS games to date. This is the flash game to end all flash games, the most hard-core casual game ever created, the Alpha and the Omega: Tetris Friends. A free online Flash portal with six different game modes:

- Marathon: Clear 15 levels. Instead of it being a flat number of lines to complete for each level, the number increases as you go up in level.
- Sprint: Clear 40 lines as fast as you can.
- Survival: Survive 20 levels. It looks like this adds crazy modifiers, like invisible blocks and shifting pieces.
- Ultra: Score as many points as you can in 2 minutes, like Pac-Man CE or Geometry Wars 2 Deadline Mode.
- Sprint 5P: Play Sprint mode against four other players.
- Battle 2P: Play head-to-head against another player, clear lines to send junk blocks over to their screen.

It's using the current Tetris rule set, so there's a hold block and, yes, there is infinite spin. The default controls are a little odd but apparently you can customize them for any keyboard settings you want, plus there's very Castle Crashers-looking avatars, credits you earn by playing to pimp out your tetriminoes, etc.

Things are still in beta and I think it just launched today, but I'll be checking this out. Give it a whirl! (Or should I say "spin" olololol.)

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    i beat tetris's marathon mode on the DS recently. i was pretty proud.

    what a wonderful game.

    apparently tetris was basically taken whole cloth from a russian boardgame, and there was some trouble getting it approved because of this?

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