Voting Thread: Brackets 5 & 6



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    NinjaSquirrelNinjaSquirrel Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 5
    A - Shiva - Nazi has been taken down by some pretty weak dudes before.
    B - Green Goblin - Originals are almost always better than knock offs.
    C - Mastermind - Can turn all of Purple's commands back against him.
    D - Gentleman Ghost - A man is just too dumb. As soon as I can find it even slightly reasonable I'm voting this guy out though. Fuck intangibility.

    Bracket 6
    A - Bullseye - Some orifice is getting crammed with something and Blob goes down.
    B - Grodd - At least as strong and smarter.
    C - Omega Red - Grundy has been taken down by Batman and the Green Arrow. He has been affected by chemicals before so I'm sure Omega's will do some damage.
    D - Deathstroke - Slight advantage with the field. And will probably manage to get the drop on Taskmaster. This fight pretty much comes down to who gets hit first loses.

    NinjaSquirrel on
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    WearingglassesWearingglasses Of the friendly neighborhood variety Registered User regular
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    robosagogo wrote:
    Fight 5

    A- Lady Shiva: With all the Superman analogues running around the DCU, every villain is at least a little prepared to fight the invulnerability/strength/speed combination of abilities. Shiva, moreso than anyone else, will have a sound strategy just for such a fight.

    And it's Captain Nazi, who has already been beaten by two non-metas. He doesn't have a chance against the strongest non-meta fighter in the world.

    B- Green Goblin: Rather than being a mere mercenary, Norman will kill you and then knock up your girlfriend. Hobgoblin's screwed.

    C- Mastermind: Cast an illusion to change Purple Man's commands and the people under his command will hear "Shoot Purple Man," and do just that.

    D- Gentleman Ghost: Creel's only good for smashing, and smashing isn't a sound strategy for fighting a ghost.

    Fight 6

    A- Bullseye: The environment is clearly suited for him. Tons of tiny items designed to capitalize on Blob's vulnerabilities and no way for Blob to even catch the speedier Bullseye.

    B- Grodd: Both are super-strong, but super-strong means more for a gorilla than it does for a street thug. Tombstone isn't invulnerable either. His skin may be tough, but shattering his bones should be no problem.

    C- Grundy: Red is reliant on powers that'll have no effect on an undead plant. Before he can design a new strategy, a big chalky hand is wrapped around his head.

    D- Taskmaster: Evil Batman needs time to prepare, especially for an opponent as versatile as this.

    Agree with everything, especially bolded parts.

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    FuruFuru Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 5
    A. Lady Shiva - the deadliest non-powered person in the DCU versus some jackass who got beat by Catman and killed by Jason Todd. Really?
    B. Green Goblin - Nobody does it better than Norman.
    C. Mastermind - No amount of hypnotalk is going to help when Mastermind can redirect anything Purple Man throws out.
    D. Gentleman Ghost - Creel is as dumb as a sack of rocks and Gentleman Ghost is a ghost who is classy.

    Bracket 6
    A. Bullseye - pencils in the eyes! Staples in the throat!
    B. Grodd - Much smarter and stronger than Tombstone. I'll take a big ape who goes toe to toe with Flash and the JLA over a thug who gets dropped by Daredevil on a semiregular basis.
    C. Grundy - Big plant zombie renders most of Red's powers useless and the ones that work aren't going to nearly do enough.
    D. Deathstroke - Tactical mastermind who can adapt to anything versus the ultimate emulator. Tough call but in the end Deathstroke has a better track record.

    Furu on
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    MunchMunch Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 5
    A- Captain Nazi. Dude fought Black Adam. That's tough. If Shiva could get the drop on him she might be able to pull a Catman, but in a one on one I don't think Nazi will be dropping his guard.
    B- Green Goblin. The healing factor gives him a slight edge on Hobby, along with his greater experience.
    C- Purple Man. He looks kind of cool I guess. I don't really know shit about either of these guys, but mind control seems better than illusions, and Purple Man did wreck some shit in 1602.
    D- Gentleman Ghost. I think GG can bide him time until Absorbing Man, who isn't all that bright, screws up and gives him an opening.

    Bracket 6
    A- Bullseye. Blob still has his weak points, and Bullseye won't even need to get close to him to hit them.
    B- Grodd. Grodd's probably about even in physical strength with Tombstone, and he's smarter, so I think he'll have a small edge that will give him the win.
    C- Omega Red. Given his greater agility, I think he'll dance out of Grundy's reach in the open coliseum, and slowly whip the big guy apart with his tentacles.
    D- Taskmaster. All he has to do is not die until Slade can't think of any more ways to throw a punch. Plus, given his ability to mimic Spider-Man's gymnastics, Captain America's fighting style, and pretty much any weapon or skill he needs, Taskmaster can't lose. Remember, whenever Slade isn't winning retarded fights against the Justice League, he's boasting about beating up teenagers.

    Munch on
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    TofenheimerTofenheimer Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    OllieQBD wrote:
    Match 5:

    A.Lady Shiva: Shiva 10 kunai in the Nazi's eyes, if Catman can do I assume someone that is consider one of the top martial artist in DC could do it with ease

    B.Hobgoblin: Green Goblin is all tricky and crazy, but Hobs gets down to buisness faster, his whole thing is he's norm without the obessesion, not as wacky brain smarts, but I imagine he also won't have a lot of elaborate things to tell Norman has he skewers him

    C. Mastermind: Just can't vote for a rapist, of any kind, plus Mastermind is soooo much smarter than Kilgrave and stylish to boot

    D. Gentleman Ghost: So much smarter than Absorbing Man, love his power set, look and demeanor

    Match 6:
    A.Bullseye: Eyes, Ears, Mouth, all chocked filled with anything and everything that Lester can get his hands on

    B. Grodd: Flash villians get auto votes from me

    C. Solomon Grundy: Guy could probably tear Omega Red in two

    D. Taskmaster: one of my favorite villains of all time, one of my picks to go really far, guy has it all, is super fast, and if Captain America can take Deathstroke I assume Taskmaster will have no problem putting Slade down either.
    I agree with everything here.
    Yes, even Hobgoblin.

    Tofenheimer on
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    ExcessiveKnifeExcessiveKnife Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    A- Shiva: Because being a d**n Nazi is a handicap in and of itself.
    B- Green Goblin: Because I am not dumb enough to go against Norman Osborne
    C- Mastermind: Purple can tell them to shoot "over there", but Mastermind can show them what "there" really means.
    D- Gentleman Ghost: The intangibility thing is pretty harsh, combined with the higher I.Q. and better "breeding", whatever the f**k that means...

    A- Bullseye: Because Blob is going to end up with the entire writing utensil aisle in his eyes, 3 bags of rubberbands in his lungs, and a flattop scanner somewhere unmentionable...
    B- Tombstone: The lack of mental power is quite the drawback for Grodd, but the fight will be close.
    C- Solomon Grundy: Will break Omega Red, and then loot his pants.
    D-Taskmaster: To get the weapon he wants, Slade will have to search the Batcave, while Taskmaster's gauntlet gives it to him RIGHT THE F**K NOW.

    ExcessiveKnife on
    The mad beeper is on the loose!
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    Mai-KeroMai-Kero Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Fight 5
    A - Shiva: She hates Illinois nazis.
    B - Green Goblin: Green is better!
    C - Mastermind: Way powerful
    D - Gentleman Ghost: If he can take the JSA, he can take this douchebag.

    Fight 6
    A - Bullseye: Read his five issue mini and you'll realize no one else in this tournament stands a chance.
    B - Grodd: Pew pew pew monkeys
    C - Solomon Grundy: Solly doesn't lose to communism, I'm sorry.
    D - Taskmaster: As awesome as Deathstroke is, Taskmaster is the best hand to hand combat guy in the history of ever and he's also very good at everything else thanks to his magic abilities of being a badass.

    Mai-Kero on
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    RaptoriaRaptoria Registered User regular
    edited November 2006
    Bracket 5

    Match A: Lady Shiva - Nazi captains are SO 1940's
    Match B: Green Goblin - He did it first, and he did it best.
    Match C: Mastermind - Really don't know any of them.
    Match D: Gentleman Ghost - can't imagine beating a ghost by absorbing stuff

    Bracket 6

    Match A: Bullseye - Blob had a pretty decent chance against any other villain, but this is just a bad draw.
    Match B: Grodd - even without his psychic powers Grodd's too much for Tombstone.
    Match C: Omega Red - Red could still use his tentacles as whips or something. Cut that Grundy tree thing zombie into pieces!
    Match D: Taskmaster - Anything Deathstroke can do, Taskmaster can do better! he watches deathstroke use one of the Bat-toys and he knows how to use them. Just has to avoid the initial attack.

    Raptoria on
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    Doctor DoomDoctor Doom Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Lady Shiva, Green Goblin, Mastermind, Gentleman Ghost, Bullseye, Grodd, Grundy, and Taskmaster have advanced.

    The bracket has been updated.

    Doctor Doom on
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