Seeking an artist for work on an upcoming Xbox 360 Community Games title.

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Hey, all. (I hope I'm not breaking forum rules, here.)

I'm currently in search of an artist for my upcoming Xbox 360 title on the Community Games platform. It's all 2-D work; I need about 20 background works at 1280x720 resolution, and 12 character works at 300x500 resolution. Each of the character works will require a few minor variations in facial expression, or possibly posture in a few cases.

I'm looking for a distinct visual style, maybe a sketchy/brushed look or watercolor. Really, anything but generic anime. While I will be providing loose descriptions of what I need, the specifics of design will be left to you. I don't have a huge budget, but this will be a paid job, and I'll try to keep the rates competitive. If you're interested, please submit a PM to me containing at least one prior character work and one prior environment. Thank you.

Edit: A little more info on the game: it's a combination of a rhythm game and an RPG, which is a little weird, yes. If you'd like, you can view a trailer/walkthrough here: And no, it won't be called Beatdown.

Thanks for your time!

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    I will let you know that you are indeed breaking the rules.

    I just if I was concerned about the rules, I would have read them before posting.

    They are right here:

    The specific part you want is:
    10 ) Do Not Ask for Art in a New Thread
    Do not start new threads to ask for free art, tattoo designs, Websites, etc. If you wish to commission paid work, ask in the CHAT or Questions/Discussion thread.

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