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Laptop woes

AwkAwk Registered User regular
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Ive had my laptop for a few years now. Its a Compaq Presario V6000. Its had a pretty terrible battery, not being able to hold a charge longer than about 10 minutes, less as of late. Now today I noticed that when unplugging the power cord from the laptop, it turns off the laptop immediately. It needs the cord to turn back on. Is it safe to say the reason it does this is because the battery is toast?

Also, if I leave the laptop on a flat surface, it will turn off due to overheating. Anyone know tips to keep the laptop cooled?

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  • XantusXantus Registered User regular
    edited April 2009
    yeah it's likely a dead battery.

    before you sink any money into it I'd warn you... I work in a repair shop, and we see so many 3-4 year old HP/Compaq v2000-v6000-v9000s that come in with dead motherboards. running fine and then pop, they just stop turning on. it's ~$400 repair when it's out of warranty.

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