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Anyone have any experience with CSP?

AddaAdda LondonRegistered User regular
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I never thought to look this up for some stupid reason until today but am fairly sure I have dermatillomania or compulsive skin picking disorder.

I used to bite my nails when I was younger and got myself to stop but for years I have picked at skin/blemishes on my back/shoulders and face. I know that my twin brother does the same but we dont discuss it and just figured it was 'one of those things'.

Now I really need to get this to stop as it's not healthy and I have some scarring on my face and shoulders as a result.

I'd really like to avoid any medication so I'm thinking it is just a matter of willpower to sort it out, unfortunately it's somthing that I often do without really realising I'm doing it or just spacing out a bit.

I want to know more PA people on Twitter.
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    HypatiaHypatia Registered User regular
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    Try taking up a hobby that keeps your hands busy like knitting, origami, crochet, etc.

    If every time you start ripping at yourself and notice you pick up a crochet hook and start crocheting, you'll eventually decrease the number of times that you do it as an idle animation (geek term, yeah yeah). For times that you'd normally do it and can't keep your hands busy, make sure that the area you'd normally rip at is covered making it harder to get to.

    Also, if you tend to do any of it while you're sleeping as well, try putting socks on your hands when you go to sleep. If you take the socks off while you're sleeping you can get more extreme and duct tape the socks so they're harder to get off.

    Another thing, don't let your hands be idle and empty if you can help it. If you can get anything into them like a sock to yank at and idly play with, a piece of paper to rip at, a rubberband to stretch, it will help.

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