I'm going to lose a tooth.



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    Hmm I think I ought to chime in here.

    I had my top wisdom teeth pulled after only the front half of them decended and then rotted out. My bottom ones are so impacted it will take a hospital visit to get them out and a good chance of some nerve damage. As my dentist sees no need to remove them I say let the suckers stay in there.

    I have had lots of work on my mouth during times when we have had insurace. Especially since my daughter was born 7 years ago. Now I have no fear of dentists and have slept through a couple root canals. I am about to get the rest (10) of my top teeth pulled and a full upper denture, Tuesday in fact. My bottoms are stainless steel capd for the molars and cuspids with fillings in the fronts. I wish I had been smart enought to go sooner. While it may have just delayed this for a few years.

    Getting that sucker out will make you feel better. Mine do not hurt me either and I have major pieces missing from all my top teeth. The money part hurts but not as much as waking up in the night to fish pieces of teeth out of your mouth.

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