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A Camera Swap

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Background isn't particularly important - this is merely a question of the viability of a proposed goods swap. A fellow I've never met in person and do not know well is interested in swapping a camera I am considering buying (1DMkII) for one of his (5D). Problem: He lives in Vancouver, I live in Winnipeg, so a local meet is out of the question. The goods in question are worth ~$1500 a camera, so somehow making the deal secure is very important.

Which leads to the question: If I wanted to proceed with this swap, is there a safe way of doing it? An escrow service seems like the kind of business that was created for precisely this situation, but finding a reputable one is damn near impossible. I unfortunately have no relatives in the area. Are there any options I'm missing, or is this plan dead in the water until roundtrip plane tickets to Vancouver magically fall from the sky?

Thanks H/A - you've never led me astray before.

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