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XBox 360 issues

MundaneSoulMundaneSoul fight fighterDaehan MingukRegistered User regular
edited April 2009 in Games and Technology
So I've been having some pretty annoying issues with my 360. It seems to be having difficulty loading audio, and occasionally just loading in general. In a lot of games it will come to a screeching halt when the game tries to load certain audio (usually voice) files, then start spinning the disc again and I'll finally get the audio 10-30 seconds after I was supposed to. Background music will often cut out momentarily while the 360 struggles to keep it going. Also, every once in a while I get a "disc is unreadable" error when this happens and it can't get going again.

Is there a solution to this that doesn't involve having it fixed/replaced? And if not, what are my options?

Thanks all.

MundaneSoul on


  • greeblegreeble Registered User regular
    edited April 2009
    Try a cleaning disc, perhaps its just a dirty lens. (either that or your dvd drive is dying)

    greeble on
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  • mspencermspencer Registered User regular
    edited April 2009
    Yeah, if a cleaning disk doesn't fix the problem, and next chance you get you buy a factory new disk, handle it very carefully when inserting it into the 360, and after a couple days of playing (never removing that disk from the drive) you still have read errors, your 360 is due for a vacation in Microsoft's luxurious Mexican repair facility. It'll come back refreshed and happy.

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