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Afghanistan - improvement is finally there!(if you have balls...)

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Human rights activists say it reverses many of the freedoms won by Afghan women in the seven years since the Taleban were driven from power.

They say it removes the right of women to refuse their husbands sex, unless they are ill.

Women will also need to get permission from their husbands if they want to leave their homes, unless there is an emergency.
The law covers members of Afghanistan's Shia minority, who make up 10% of the population.

It was rushed through parliament in February and was backed by influential Shia clerics and Shia political parties.

Well, there isn't much to discuss, tbh.
My opinion is pretty much in line with the "human rights activists". I don't give a fuck about religion, such a law should not exist and I'm not sure that a country's right of self-governance takes precedence. Passing something similar should result in actions more serious than "outrage".
Also, I can't find an actual translation of the law, so it is possible that the above is grossly exaggerated reporting, but we like the BBC.

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