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Previous PAX's (Pre-08) did not fall on Laborday Weekend. Can we please avoid having a battle royal for our attention on the busiest weekend of the year?

Seriously? Between Bum-Shoot, Burningman, vacations, family reunions, and all the crap people do on the last long weekend of Summer, I would hate to wave good bye to PAX attendance because it wants to compete for the hearts of an already Labor Day conflicted populous.

August is an Awesome month - please keep it nicely sandwiched between Defcon and Laborday.

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    Khoo has already said it will be on labor day from now on
    (the forum search is useful)
    The decision to hold PAX on Labor Day weekend going forward is threefold:

    1. Given 70% of attendees are coming in from out of town, it allows for 1 extra day of travel as opposed to rushing back on Friday night.
    2. Seattle (despite Bumbershoot being that same weekend) is actually dead in terms of out-of-town travel on Labor Day Weekend. What this means is we're able to negotiate hotel room rates at much more aggressive rate than the week before - we're literally talking a difference of hundreds of dollars for the weekend for attendees.
    3. Because most conferences/trade shows are business-to-business, we're actually able to get the space we need as opposed to being crammed in with another large show.

    Plus you say attendance would be sacraficed... Its already that way with the limited ticket sales this year. I dont think PAX is in any danger of not filling up :P

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    <MoeFwacky> besides, BigRed-Worky is right
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    What BigRed said.

    Don't bring this up again, because it's not going to change anything.

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