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The Indie Comics Thread: ♪Let's Get Digital, Let's Get Into Digital!♪



  • PhillisherePhillishere Registered User regular
    Amigu wrote: »
    Amazing. I feel like I should read it just to know what people are into.

    The most interesting thing about Archie, to me, is that it is a view into a parallel world where the major comics publishers never abandoned the newsstand/retail markets. Archie is, at best, a relic brand that still sells at the same level as Marvel and DC top titles simply because the digests are beside the cash register in half the grocery stores and pharmacies in America. They still have to deal with swallowing a good amount of returns, as that link mentions, but their sales are strong enough to handle it.

    Imagine the sales if you could buy Batman and Avengers digests in the same way.

  • AmiguAmigu Registered User regular
    Yeah it's interesting. One of my friends actually made a big sum of money selling books published particularly for the cash register/grocery store market. People just tend to do
    more impulse buys in that environment than in a book store.

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