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[Phalla]Suikoden: Front Gate, Game Over. Neverending Circle Party!

LeknaatLeknaat Registered User
edited April 2009 in Critical Failures
Also, it would be nice if you could include your role PM in any communications with me. Spoiler it if you want.

In the beginning, there was Darkness.
Darkness lived alone, until it shed a single Tear.
From this tear were born two brothers, Sword and Shield.
Sword claimed the ability to cut anything.
Shield claimed the ability to protect against any harm.
So, the two brothers fought.
Sword cut Shield apart.
Shield demolished Sword.

Fragments of Sword fell and became the sky.
Fragments of Shield became the earth.
The sparks caused by the battle became the stars.
The 27 jewels that had adorned Sword and Shield became the 27 True Runes.

Thus the world was set into motion.


This is a Phalla designed around the world of Suikoden. Perhaps some would call it, Suikoden Phallactorial. But that is stretching things pretty thin.

The setting will draw on all of the games in the series, barring Suikoden Tactics, and Tierkreis (Save for one possible exception). What is included is entirely up to my discretion.

All 27 True Runes will be present. Which means I am making stuff up.


If you are wondering who Phalla is, and why we are playing his game, I suggest you read this post.

The game will start, most likely, some time Friday, with the first day ending at 11:59EST Saturday night.

The game will be spread across two separate threads.

I will make a concentrated effort to make the game somewhat easy to follow, despite the number of participants.
Happen to have an inactivity policy ready for us, Frosteey? Starting this on a vacation weekend has me a tad worried.

Two posts and a vote per day. Two consecutive infractions or three overall will drastically improve the chances of something terrible happening to you.


The game will feature HP, and some stats and stuff. I will PM each player every game day, providing all relevant information pertaining to status and inventory.

No previous knowledge of Suikoden or any other subject is required. This is a knowledge-free zone.


Voting a player to death shall be done in Bold Red. Retractions are not necessary. Votes in edited posts will not be counted.

Vote for a player to control the Gate Rune in Bold Mediumturquoise.

Issue public challenges and public protection in Bold Yellow

Players in this thread should PM all orders to Leknaat.

Let's Explain-Losing:

Losing is every simple. For instance, there is the Beast Rune, and there is the Circle Rune. These Runes, and their corresponding factions, are bad news.

If either of these factions manages to control a gate (Outnumber or equal non-members, with no members of opposing 'mafia' faction present), then they win. More importantly, you probably lose.

Seeing the complete obliteration of your faction is another form of pitiable failure. There are many potential possibilities which could lead to such an event, but I'll leave those to your imagination.

Let's Explain-Gates:

Each day, the populace of each thread will vote in mediumturquoise to elect one amongst them to step up and control their half of the Gate Rune.

This player will then include in their private orders no less than 5, and no more than 10 names to force out of their territory into the dreadful land of the other gate.

In addition to whatever benefits whatever groups may find in gathering or dispersing in and around the gates, the Gate Transfer Pool also provides another vehicle towards swift and utter destruction.

The players who are transferred will, each day, and by private ballot, vote for one amongst themselves to be lost forever to the space between this thread and the next. Perhaps a lively game of Magic or Warhammer. But more likely, just regular death.

There may be other means to transfer between gates, and other effects, whether grand or mundane, that come along with it.

To get things rolling, the first player with 10 votes in each thread will gain control of tonight's transfer.

Let's explain-Dueling

Every day, you may challenge another player to a duel, or choose to protect another player in their duel. Both of these actions can be done publicly or privately.

They're done publicly in yellow, like I'll duel Ardor for dropping out of the game! or, Just wait a minute, Ardor's pretty swell, so I'll defend him!

These actions can't be retracted. And each player can only be challenged once a day, so once your favorite punching bag has his name down in yellow, you've lost your chance. As a special incentive to do the honorable thing, both of these actions will provide the writer with a +2 Power bonus in battle (more on that later).

Private protection will not reveal the protector, but privately attacking someone in the night might reveal your identity if your speed is lower than your opponent's.

Being challenged only once per day applies to private challenges, as well. If two players privately challenge the same target, the one with the higher Speed will get first crack.

You can only issue an order to protect a player, or challenge a player. But, while you can't challenge someone and protect someone on the same night, somebody else can challenge you even if you are protecting another player. This is, under normal circumstances, the only way to fight in more than one duel in a single night.

Since you won't know if you're going to be privately challenged, every player will be required to send in their duel orders every day (or at least one saying "just use these for every day").


As far as the actual duels go, there are five rounds, with each combatant choosing one of three orders each round.

I think a list would probably be simplest...

As far as attack superiority goes:


Attack-Attack-Both players take attack damage
Attack-Defend-Defender takes half damage
Attack-Desperate-Regular attacker takes double attack damage

Defend-Desperate Attack-Desperate Attacker takes double attack damage
Defend-Defend-Neither player takes damage

Desperate-Desperate-Both players take double attack damage

To get further into it...
Attack deals 10 base damage + the difference between power scores
Defend halves damage received from Attack
Desperate Attack does 2x normal Attack damage

A successful attack will not deal less than 10 damage under normal circumstances.


27power vs 1power-

Attack/Defend-1power takes (26+10)/2=18 damage.
Desperate Attack/Attack-1power takes (26+10)x2=72 damage, 27 takes none by canceling Attack.
Defend/Attack-27power takes(1-27)/2=round up to 10, damage.

: (

If you have any questions, please ask.

Oh, if you manage to kill someone, you take their stuff (runes/items).


And if you'd maybe like some help making decisions on numbers, and just to give you some perspective on what your number might actually mean...

Mean: 100.5
High: 180
Low: 40

Mean: 15.67
High: 27
Low: 1

Mean: 19.01
High: 27
Low: 1

Let's Explain-Runes:

You may cast 1 spell per day, in addition to whatever else you may want to do (dueling, using other items or daily abilities).

Casting a spell of a certain level will deplete one MP of the same level. These MP are not interchangeable in any way (no casting a level 1 spell with level 2 MP). But oh, I considered it...

There are also runes that can be activated without using any MP (Spell Level will be specifically referenced if MP is required), and runes that are always passively active.

Runes cannot be detached normally. The only way to remove a rune is to replace it with another. Once you have it detached and in your inventory, you are free to trade it as you wish. (The detached rune will become available for trade the following day, meaning no detaching, trading to another player, and having that player equip it all in the same night.)

An Empty rune slot is one that is currently unoccupied, but may be filled at your leisure. An n/a slot is n/a.

To give you an idea of the selection of runes, and thus abilities, present in this game here's a small sample (all normal runes have three spell levels, but it's a sample!)-
Fire Rune
Spell Level 1: 15 damage, 3 players
Spell Level 2: 35 damage, 2 players

Lightning Rune
Spell Level 1: 25 damage, 1 player
Spell Level 2: 30 damage, 2 players
Spell Level 3: 75 damage, 1 player

Water Rune
Spell Level 1: Heal 50 HP, 1 player
Spell Level 2: Heal 70 HP, 2 players

Fury Rune
Damage dealt in duels +50%

Violence Rune
Power +3 when HP below 50% of maximum

Confusion Corner-
Unless your alignment lists Circle or Beast Rune, or I've specifically stated otherwise, you are not going to win with either of those two factions.

And I don't care what you communicate between threads.
MrBlarney wrote: »
So this transfer thing - what's the timing of events? When will the Gate Rune keeper gain control of the Rune? When will he have to submit his transfer orders? When will the transferees be moved? If transfer is not instantaneous, what actions can transferred players perform, besides the private vote?

Controlling the rune doesn't affect anything besides controlling transfers.

Orders sent in night he is elected. Can be sent in advance official recognition of election victory.

Transfer will take place at the end of the day, after other actions. All actions will resolve normally, then the living players who get transferred will begin their ordinary lives in their new thread.

These ordinary lives will be essentially unchanged from any other player (they vote regularly and take action regularly in the move thread on day of arrival), barring the bonus vote.
Toxic Toys wrote: »
Fire Rune
Spell Level 1: 15 damage, 3 players

That uses one level 1 MP?



In the event of a tie vote, both parties will participate in a duel to the death. If more than two players are tied, contestants will be alternated between rounds. In the event that an outcome cannot be reached (all defend actions), both particpants will default to Desperate Attacks.

Leknaat on


  • LeknaatLeknaat Registered User
    edited April 2009
    Night 1's Dead-
    PantsB: Shigure, Furious Rune
    Stew_Stick: Lucretia, True Star Rune
    SpectralSpork: Seed, Beast Rune
    MundaneSoul: Pilika, Black Sword Rune
    Burnage: Pahn, Rune of Change
    Orange Soda: Flame Champion, Bearer of the True Fire Rune
    Andrew Ryan: Lilly Pendragon, Bearer of the Furious Rune
    lonelyahava: Tai Ho, Blue Moon Rune
    Neville: Mizuki, Blinking Rune
    CrownAxe: Hix, Rune of Vitality

    Night 2's Dead-
    Rend-Neclord, Beast Rune
    enlightenedbum-Leona-True Fire Rune
    Infidel-Wakaba-True Fire Rune
    Dee Kae-Queen-True Lightning Rune
    James-Nash Latkje-Blue Moon Rune
    Ultros64-Chaco-True Wind Rune
    Lady Eri-Agares Blight-Beast Rune
    precisionk-Caesar Silverburg-True Charm Rune-Killed by transfer vote
    Slicer-Cathari-Bearer of the True True Holy Rune-killed by transfer vote
    Elldren-Sarah-Circle Rune
    Chamberlain-Shun Min-Dragon Rune
    kuhlmeye-Fred-True Rose Rune
    crimsoncoyote-Fubar-True Fire Rune
    jdarksun-Jowy Atreides-Bearer of the Black Sword Rune
    One Tousand Dicks-Bright-Dragon Rune
    NATIK-Apple-True Rose Rune
    Jackisreal-Hugo-True Fire Rune
    Awk-Agnes-True Earth Rune
    Maximus-Richmond-Blinking Rune
    wildpanthaman857-Wendel-Bearer of the Rune of Vitality
    Variable-Schtolteheim Reinbach III-True Earth Rune

    Night 3
    Kay-Sgt. Joe, True Water Rune
    Ohtsam-Grenseal, True Water Rune
    Obbi-Gizel Godwin, Sun Rune
    JamesKeenan-Hai Yo, Bearer of the Rune of the End
    LightRider-Viktor, Bearer of the Night Rune

    Trust-Nifsara, True Charm Rune
    Thetheroo-Leon Silverburg, Sovereign Rune
    FreeAgent-Percival Fraulein, True Charm Rune
    shamus-Yam Koo, Blue Moon Rune
    Grath-Craig Laden, True Lightning Rune-Gate Transfer Vote
    Ryadic-Odessa Silverburg, Night Rune
    Daius-Sheena, True Earth Rune
    matatat-Kyle, True Rose Rune
    Zellpher-Bernadette, Furious Rune
    abotkin-Meg, Rune of Change-Loser of mortal combat in...1 round
    Ergandar-Lazlo, Bearer of the Rune of Punishment-Gate Transfer Vote
    Exarch-Ayda, True Fire Rune

    +Infidel, Wakaba? Back Gate

    Night 4's Dead
    galenblade-Huan, True Rose Rune
    Fuzzy-Kasumi, True Star Rune
    Witch Doctor, DBM-Mukumuku, True Wind Rune
    Gumpy-Isabel, Rune of Vitality
    Gosling-Borus Redrum, Blinking Rune, Killed in cage match in...4 rounds
    Bwanie-Milich Oppenheimer, Bearer of the True Rose Rune
    Shorn Scrotum Man-Joker, True Lightning Rune-Killed by Gate Transfer
    sportzboytjw-Rachel, Dragon Rune-Killed by Gate Transfer
    JaysonFour-Futch, Dragon Rune
    Warban-Kahn Marley, Rune of Vitality
    Raneados -Clive, True Wind Rune
    Raakam-Zamza, True True Holy Rune
    Element Brian-Maximillian, Night Rune
    MagicMan-Mazus, Sun Rune

    Night 5's Dead-
    Malkor-Gengen, True Earth Rune-Gate Transfer Vote
    TehSpectre-Yuber, Bearer of the Eightfold Rune
    Nocturne-Killey, Bearer of the Rune of Change
    -Gate Transfer Vote
    PsychoCucumber-Albert Silverburg, Circle Rune
    Mr. Defecation-Milia, Bearer of the Dragon Rune
    iamtheaznman-The Prince, Bearer of the Dawn Rune

    Fiaryn-Nina, True Lightning Rune
    HamHamJ-Elza, True Earth Rune
    Unearthly Stew-Valeria, True Rose Rune
    Niceguy Myeye-Miklotov, True Charm Rune
    FunkyWaltDogg-Teresa Wisemail, True True Holy Rune
    GrimmyTOA-Gadget Z, Rune of Change
    Nion-Geddoe, Bearer of the True Lightning Rune
    Nerissa-Solon Jhee, Beast Rune

    Giltanis-Shu, Bright Shield Rune
    Abysmal Lynx-Jacques, True Wind Rune
    Spectrum-Barbarossa Rugner, Bearer of the Sovereign Rune
    Oats-Roy, Rune of Punishment
    Damned Librarian-Gremio, Souleater

    Night 6 Deaths-
    Keika-Graham Cray, Circle Rune
    Zandracon-Minen, Bearer of the True Star Rune
    Romantic Undead-Kiba Windamier, Beast Rune
    Loxx-Han Cunningham, Beast Rune
    Qorzm-Lymsleia Falenas, Dawn Rune
    Wildcat-Lepant, True Star Rune
    narvinye-Jeane, Bearer of the True Charm Rune
    Infidel-Wakaba, True Fire Rune
    Hylianbunny-Emily, Furious Rune
    Greeper-Flik, Night Rune
    cheez-Mathiu Silverburg, Souleater
    Varcayn-Cleo, True Water Rune
    visiblehowl-Tengaar, Rune of Vitality
    an_alt-Eilie, Blinking Rune
    Osvik-Flare, Rune of Punishment
    MrBlarney-Ted, Blue Moon Rune

    Night 7 Deaths-
    thorgot-Jillia Blight, Black Sword Rune
    The_Reflection-Stallion, True True Holy Rune
    Darian-Teo McDohl, Sovereign Rune
    Paranoia833-Ameria, True Star Rune
    Jason Todd-Sagiri, Furious Rune
    Celebrim-Lorelai, Rune of Change
    cj iwakura-Snow Vingerhut, Rune of Punishment
    Quoth-Linfa, Rune of Change
    Sepah-Alen, True Water Rune
    Cynic Jester-Carrie, Dawn Rune
    Durax-Nanami, Bright Shield Rune
    Zerinan-Bob, Blue Moon Rune
    Doxa-Humphrey Mintz, Furious Rune
    PRËTËNTIÖüS-Annallee, True Wind Rune

    Day 8 Deaths-
    Azoth-Riou, Bearer of the Bright Shield Rune
    Jobastion-Faylen, Rune of Punishment
    Ianator-Tir McDohl, Bearer of the Souleater-Gate Transfer Vote
    DevoutlyApathetic-Georg Prime, True Wind Rune
    MacGuffin-Culgan, Beast Rune
    PolloDiablo-Sierra Mikain, Bearer of the Blue Moon Rune
    Fatal3rr0r-Templeton, Circle Rune
    TheLawinator-Gabocha, True Earth Rune
    The Dagon-Oulan, True True Holy Rune[/QUOTE]

    Player list:

    Look Out it's Sabs!
    Toxic Toys

    Leknaat on
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    Frosteey wrote: »
    Obbi, go back to the Miku signature.

    But I forgot the link that was in the signature!

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  • Andrew RyanAndrew Ryan Registered User regular
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    You're going to PM 150 players every day each one with individual stats to keep track of in addition to spreadsheeting nightly actions and votes?

    god Damn.. I thought my game was tricky..


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    !Geddoe was HARDCORE.

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  • FrosteeyFrosteey Elaise 1521-2945-8940Registered User regular
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    You're going to PM 150 players every day each one with individual stats to keep track of in addition to spreadsheeting nightly actions and votes?

    god Damn.. I thought my game was tricky..


    I will be doing my best to get as many people to play as possible, but I honestly rather doubt it will even approach the triple digit mark.

    And by day 2 most of those are going to become HP=0.


    Not most.

    Frosteey on
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    Ah, there it is!

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    Thank you.

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    And yet, perhaps it was fate that brought him to this thread before you, for all these events have conspired to allow me to swoop in and !sign up for spot seven.


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    Fate? No, I blame his limey time zone.

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    I would make a FAAAAAABULOUS Necrolord.

    (Yes, I know he's not a star of destiny, but I DON'T CAAAARE!!!)

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    Hmm.....gumpy has taken my fifth sign up spot. For this, he will pay.

    I will pay you

    with the spine I rip from your back

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    Even if you kill me you still won't defeat me! Beware the Flood!

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    Gumpy wrote: »
    Hmm.....gumpy has taken my fifth sign up spot. For this, he will pay.

    I will pay you

    with the spine I rip from your back

    Stop trying to talk with an American accent, it's just awful.

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    Classic style.

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    This looks like it's going to be a logistical nightmare. I wish you the best of luck.

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    And kime's right. You are boring.

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    Setting the goals low here. Living past day...3 would be sweet.

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    Spectrum is Green! Welcome.

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    !Onward to victory!

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    wooh wooh sunshine and love in one color

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    !Finally Having Time to Commit to a Phalla, Our Hero Enters Into the Fray

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    Burnage wrote:
    FWD is very good at this game.
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    !Suikoden 3 was pretty awesome.

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