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Games and Technology: AWESOME POST in "Metal Gear Raiden? See Page 85 (Previously the MGS4 Thre

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Discussing what would happen if a metal gear game took place before MGS3 and featured the cobra unit.
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Post: Metal Gear Raiden? See Page 85 (Previously the MGS4 Thread)
Posted by: never die

Original Content:
Igort wrote: »
yalborap wrote: »
Behemoth wrote: »
Archonex wrote: »
agoaj wrote: »
It can be a year or so before Ocelot gets born. And the COBRAs would probably be a little less crazy.

Back when the Pain was just the Itch.

And the Fury was just the Mildly Annoyed.

And The Fear was just The Panic.

And The Sorrow was just The Kinda Down.

And The End was just The Middle.

And the Boss was just Assistant to the Regional Manager.

And the Joy was just The Pleased.

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