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Anonymizer sites

TheDragonTheDragon Registered User regular
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I'm new to this and seeing how they can benefit me. Do you guys use anonymizer sites? Which do you use and why? What do you always use anonymizer sites for and what don't you use them for? Is it a bad idea to read your email/do your banking/(use whatever site that takes a username/password) with anonymizer sites since you're sending them your personal info? Can they be trusted? Can the government ask them for traffic logs and essentially nullify their usefulness to the end user? (which is to be anonymous while surfing the web)

I found this link which was a good intro to anonymizers:

I think I'm looking for a free, encrypted anonymizer. Is it really important to find a networked anonymizer, or is a single-point anonymizer acceptable?

btw I'm not interested in doing illegal things or anything, but with the sudden realization that surfing the internet isn't as anonymous as I thought and big corporations getting better at tracking surfing habits, figured this was one simple way around that.

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    ThanatosThanatos Registered User regular
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    This is specifically forbidden by the rules. I suggest you read them more closely.

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