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Looking for a paint type program for a Mac.

FloFlo Registered User regular
edited December 2006 in Help / Advice Forum
How are you guys doing today?

Well, recently I bought a Macbook and so far I'm loving it. The only thing I'm having trouble with is finding a free paint-type program to edit/create/enhance logos, photos, etc.

Currently on my PC I'm using Paint Shop Pro 7 and it's basically perfect for my needs so I'd like to find something on those lines.

I downloaded a free trial of Fireworks, and I liked it a lot, but it's kind of expensive for the registered version.

Long story short, I'm looking for paint type program for my Mac, that is either inexpensive or free.

Thanks in advance.

Flo on


  • SlungsolowSlungsolow Registered User, ClubPA regular
    edited December 2006
    Gimp should meet your needs.

    Slungsolow on
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  • vonPoonBurGervonPoonBurGer Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    Seashore is another option. It's based on the GIMP, but the front end is done entirely in Cocoa, so you don't need to install X11 to get it to work (something that is required for GIMP on OS X).

    vonPoonBurGer on
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  • AximAxim Registered User regular
    edited December 2006
    ya gimp is pretty ugly, alot of functionality, but ugly

    i'd go with seashore for sure or keep an eye on chocoflop it's a little buggy though still in alpha

    Axim on
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