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Hi all,

so, I have only recently played 4e, but did a lot of DMing in the past. I'd like to run a game again: I have it plotted out over 4-6 adventures (but will probably change my mind on at least one), and the only thing holding me back is maps. The encounters may not be fully balanced yet, but I figure I can learn that as we go through, as long as the first 3 aren't likely to result in "everyone dies".

The one real issue though is mapping. I have a "generic" setting, one major city, one dwarven fortress, one abandoned keep, a small farming village, a trade outpost, & a small sea port. I'm an awful artist but have drawn out each map on paper.

How do I make this on the computer? I have photoshop/illustrator & am good with these tools, but I don't have the ability to draw well. Are there pre-existing "graphics" I can get from somewhere? Even better would be a map-making program.

Any suggestions appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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