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The country music thread. (Youtube heavy)

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So this is a thread for the appreciation of country music. Alternately it's a chance to display your awesome condescending, threadshitting skills.

So maybe you like traditional country. Like so.

Eh? Eh?

Ahh, Patsy Cline

Or how about the 60's and 70's classics?

How about this?

Poor mama.

Maybe you like 80's and early 90's country before it started turning into pop music.
Maybe there's even a song about that!

Oh hey, liike this one.

Oh, Randy

Maybe you like the recent stuff that's still country and not some pukey pop shit.

Fuckin Youtube

Seriously. Fuck youtube

Maybe you're a terrible person and you like shit like Rascall Flatts and Sugarland.
I'm not fucking posting that shit.

Maybe you like a little rock in your country? Or some outlaw country?

Do you see what you're maing me do?

Robert Earl Keen. Hell yeah.

Maybe I'm going to put a few more videos up because I couldn't narrow the list down.

Awwww sad song

This was the best goddamned movie.
So what's up folks? Let's talk country.

Right now I'm stuck on Eric Church. I was quite amused when he was opening for Rascall Flats on their "Me and My Gang Tour" and he got kicked off the tour for, I shit you not, running over on a set and crossing a line painted on the stage that indicated how close you could be to the audiance. So he started the "Me and Myself Tour" that was just him showing up at bars.

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